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This Couple Went One Step Beyond a Dry Wedding, Deciding to ONLY Serve Water! Were They in the Wrong?

A soon-to-be wife caused a stir on Reddit when she said she and her husband plan on serving water as the ONLY drink option at their wedding later this year. Their reason? Well, primarily money, “We don’t want to have to pay for alcohol or soda; it is just a large added expense when we can just do filtered water for a MUCH cheaper cost,” she wrote. 

The Bride’s Reasoning

Her justification is that the wedding expense is being covered by herself, her soon-to-be husband, and her grandma, “My husband and I are paying for this all ourselves, as well as my grandma, who said she doesn’t care one way or the other on this issue.”

In her original post, she noted that the wedding would be relatively large – about 100 to 150 guests in total.

They seemed to have considered making it “child-free” but ultimately decided against it because each side of the family has many kids. However, she said that their decision not to serve alcohol at the wedding was not due to the kids who would be present, but rather because she and her fiancé don’t drink….and the additional expense, of course.

They seem to be making up for the lack of drink choices with an excellent selection of food (or trying to, at least), “So obviously, the food (which is a part my grandma is not paying for) is going to be expensive for that many people. We are having our wedding catered, so everyone will have a good choice of food to choose from, but to drink, only water will be provided.”

The Family was Not Happy to say the Least!

She said that her family was less-than-impressed with their decision, “Well when family and friends found out being got angry. Some didn’t really care, but some are really upset about it”.

Other family members made what seems like a logical suggestion – offer an cash bar so the wedding guests could purchase their own drinks. Well, they shut that idea down as well, “we could, but still, have to pay for the bartender, and we just really don’t want to bother with alcohol there.”

Credit: DepospitPhotos

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What Others Had to Say

If the bride-to-be was looking for affirmation from the comments section, she did not get it. One commenter said, “your wedding sounds boring, and I wouldn’t want to go.” Another commenter noted the impact their decision would have on the guests, “make guests feel welcome, instead of getting the sense that their presence is a financial burden.”

One commentator hit the nail on the head, “Here’s the thing about weddings, the marriage ceremony is for you and your fiancé. The wedding is for everyone you’ve invited; it’s an event you’re hosting, and not providing any drinks other than water makes you a bad host/hostess.”

Final Thoughts

This sums it up nicely – sure, a wedding day is about the husband and wife getting married, but if you did not care AT ALL about your guests, why hold a ceremony in the first place? When you decide to get married – and put on a wedding event, you are inviting guests to share your special day with you. Therefore, you should at least make them feel comfortable celebrating with you.

Not serving alcohol could perhaps be overlooked, as it can cause things (and people) to get out of hand. But, not even serving soft drinks or ANYTHING other than water just seems cheap and could easily make your guests feel unwelcome and a burden just by being there.


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