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Tim Sykes’ Small Cap Sniper Review: Worth It?

small cap sniper review
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Veteran trader Tim Sykes attributes much of his success to mysterious dark breakouts he uses to generate massive returns. In this Tim Sykes’ Small Cap Sniper review, I unpack how his strategy works and ways you can use it to build some wealth of your own.

Small Cap Sniper

What is Small Cap Sniper?

Small-Cap Sniper is a new service designed to help traders capitalize on the incredible potential of small-cap stocks. Tim Sykes runs the show with help from his students and the team at StockstoTrade.

The platform utilizes proprietary systems to identify what Sykes calls “dark breakouts,” under-the-radar securities that shoot up seemingly overnight.

Tim’s background in small caps perfectly fits the mold here. It’s his years of experience as a trader that allows these systems to operate so well.

Alongside the tools to locate these hidden gems, Small-Cap Sniper is full of training opportunities. Members receive access to a boot camp, videos, and insights from the master himself.

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Tim Sykes

Who is Tim Sykes?

Tim Sykes began trading as a teenager with $12,000 of bar mitzvah money. Although he initially pursued large caps, it didn’t take long for the guru to discover the power of small-cap stocks.

He stuck with trading through high school and beyond. By the time he reached college, his bank account had grown to over $1 million.

Following the trend at the time, Sykes progressed into the hedge fund industry after finishing school. He quickly became disillusioned and returned to his roots as a trader.

In his 20+ years of trading, Tim has made $7.4 million. Although set for life, the guru now makes it his life’s goal to train others to do the same.

Is Tim Sykes Legit?

Tim is indeed a legit trader, earning a seven-digit sum primarily through strategies he derived himself. He still starts each year with a small account to show the repeatability of his system.

He started teaching his system back in 2007 to a select few willing to listen. Over those last 15 years, Sykes has produced 31 millionaire students.

Today, he uses platforms like Small-Cap Sniper to reach even more people. His proprietary scanner consistently finds new opportunities, like INVO for a 139% gain and PRTY for 218% profits.

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What is Tim Sykes Small-Cap Sniping System?

Dark breakouts happen in the most remote corners of the stock market where most of us don’t even know they exist. These stocks lead to some of the biggest gains for those who happen to come across them.

Tim Sykes employs a unique strategy called the small-cap sniping system to locate them and capitalize on those quick profits. His bank account is all the proof I need.

To be clear, sniper trading won’t make you rich overnight. It’s totally possible to walk away with life-changing gains faster than ever, though, with Tim’s strategy and guidance.

Let’s see how it works.

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How Does Small Cap Sniping Work?

If you’ve ever traded before, you’ve developed quirks and idiosyncrasies that define your method. When it comes to small-cap sniping, you’ll have to forget all you’ve learned and break some rules along the way.

Fortunately, these are the types of rules you’ll want to leave behind. You don’t need a ton of money or an aggressive plan to win big here.

This is one of the first trading systems I’ve seen to focus more on science and logic, and I like it.

The beauty of small caps is that they can cause big gains quickly. A 50-cent increase on a $100 stock won’t make a dent, but that same jump on a 10-cent stock means a 500% jump.

That’s where the real money happens, if you know where to find them.

Most of us turn to the media to find these opportunities, but it’s far too late by that point. You’re effectively buying into an already inflated stock that the big winners are trying to pawn off.

You can snipe those small caps like the pros by catching breaking news before it happens with the right tools.

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Is Small-Cap Sniping Effective?

Small-cap sniping is definitely an effective trading method. Tim mentions that more than 30 traders have used his unique strategy to turn seven figures or more in profit.

That’s 30 millionaires from this one strategy! It’s likely many others have success stories to share as well.

Some of the data from past trades I’ve uncovered is staggering.

Last October, Tempest Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TPST) issued a very positive press release while trading for just 24 cents a share. Just 24 hours later, the same stock eclipsed the $11 mark.

Folks catching that breaking news as it unfolded were the ones with the chance to witness colossal gains from that quick rise. By the time most of us heard about it, it was far too late.

Other winners brought in double-digit gains with a fast turnaround. Without access to that breaking news, though, we’re simply out of luck.

All hope is not lost. Sykes provides all the tools we need and a whole bunch more in his new Small-Cap Sniper bundle.

Join me as I explore what’s inside.

>> Learn how to catch breaking news early for first mover advantage <<


What Comes with Small-Cap Sniper?

Here’s everything you get when you sign up for Small-Cap Sniper:

60 Days of Catalyst X Alerts

60 Days of Catalyst X Alerts

Catalyst X is the brains behind Sykes’s operation. This ingenious system sends out alerts every time a small cap stock is set to see a huge move.

It’s constantly scanning the internet for breaking news that could send small company share prices to new heights. Having access means you’re among the first to hear what’s going on and can capitalize on it accordingly.

With this system, gone are the days of picking up exciting snippets way after company stock has already surged. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor before most other traders even know what’s coming.

60 Days of StockstoTrade Software

As part of this deal, Sykes throws in 60 days of exclusive access to his team’s elite trading platform, StockstoTrade.

With this software, you’ll have powerful pre-built scans at your fingertips to help you dig up incredible trading opportunities. Why limit yourself to just sniping when there are so many more fish out in the pond?

You’ll also be able to view detailed intel, charts, and so much more with just the click of the mouse. If you want to go deeper, play around with every technical indicator under the sun for even more insights.

Best of all, StockstoTrade links up with every major brokerage so you can trade right from the platform.

Two-Day Small-Cap Sniper Work Shop

Small-Cap Sniper members receive a ticket to this exclusive two-day virtual boot camp. Sykes and his millionaire students walk you through all the aspects of this strategy, revealing what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.

In addition to observing how to discover dark breakouts, the team puts the plan into action. You’ll be able to watch as they trade from entry to exit without emotion, using discipline and planning to make the right moves.

There’s simply no better way to learn about how a system works than to see it first-hand. I wish more services offered workshops such as this.

Top-3 Sniper Scans

Sykes wants to remove as many variables as possible when it comes to your success with Small-Cap Sniper. He set up three custom scans to identify all the best targets for you.

These scans ignore normal setups that most traders focus on, instead zeroing in solely on the small caps with the most potential. It’s just one more way for you to find these beauties before they explode.

In all my years of trading, I couldn’t have come up with these setups on my own. This is why it’s so important to have a guru like Tim on your side.

>> Sign up now for exclusive tools and training <<

Other Exclusive Bonuses

Tim is offering these bonuses to the first people who sign up for this deal. If you act fast, you might be able to get them.

Catalyst X and Breaking News Alerts

Double-Up on Catalyst X and Breaking News Alerts

Being among the first to jump on board will get you double time with Catalyst X and the breaking news alerts needed to maximize your gains from dark breakthroughs.

Instead of 60 days, you’ll now have 120 days to be in the know about small-cap opportunities you won’t have access to any other way. There’s a lot of money you can earn with those additional two months.

Plus, Sykes bumps your StockstoTrade access up to 120 days as well. Use the pre-built or custom sniping scans to play even more trades.

One-year Subscription to Tim Sykes' School of Trading E-Letter

One-year Subscription to Tim Sykes’ School of Trading E-Letter

In addition to all the materials above, Tim includes a full year of his School of Trading digital newsletter.

This newsletter feels like you’re stepping into Sykes’s mind. It’s your ticket to learning from the inside the thought process he used to turn $12,000 into more than $7.5 million.

It’s the next best thing to sitting down with Tim. The insights you can glean could be game-changing.

He also uses this medium to share some of the hottest small caps and penny stocks currently on his radar.

Tim's trader checklist

Bonus Trader Checklist

The Trader Checklist is a two-part video series jam-packed with training from Tim Sykes himself. In all, you’re looking at more than 20 hours of content.

I highly recommend watching this from start to finish as soon as you can. During the videos, you’ll hear Tim’s top tips for risk management, patterns he loves to trade, and some of his favorite setups.

He goes on to explain the best ways to take profits and how to keep your position size in check. It could very well be everything you need to boost your wealth through small caps.

>> Access exclusive updates and trading tips now! <<

60-Day Double Your Money Guarantee on small cap sniper

60-Day Double Your Money Guarantee

In a never-before-seen twist, Sykes is offering a 60-day double-your-money guarantee on his Small-Cap Sniper service.

If you don’t make at least two times the cost of this course by the 60-day deadline, Tim will refund the entire purchase price. That’s how much he believes in the system.

There are a few qualifications. You’ll need to attend both days of the workshop, watch the full-day trading course, and make at least eight trades totaling $1,000 or more.

Here’s the crazy part—even if you do make double your money back, Sykes and his team will still refund your membership fee. In other words, you have very little to lose by signing up.

Pros and Cons of Small-Cap Sniper

Here are some of the best and worst points about Tim Sykes’ Small-Cap Sniping system.


  • Up to 120 days of Catalyst X breaking news alerts
  • Access to StockstoTrade software with custom scans
  • From the mind of veteran trader Tim Sykes
  • Two-day workshop included in the membership price
  • One year of the School of Trading newsletter
  • Bonus two-part Trader Checklist video series
  • 60-day double your money guarantee


  • Does not focus on long-term strategies
  • Requires a unique mindset to trading

>> Sign up risk-free under Tim’s 60-day moneyback guarantee <<

Small Cap Sniper Reviews by Real Users

As you can see from the reviews, users really love the two-day workshop.

It seems like that alone is worth the cost of the service to develop a winning trading strategy. One trader even went from being unprofitable to earning over $1,200 in just a few weeks.

These remarks came from Tim’s website, so do take them with a grain of salt. That said, there’s definitely a lot of material to learn from here.

How Much is Small-Cap Sniper?

Tim’s offering more than $1,500 in value among all the trading software and training stuffed into this platform. As part of this deal, you can have it all right now for just $297. That’s over 80% off the sticker price!

Not only are you getting the boot camp and video series here, you’ll also receive access to Tim’s Catalyst X and StockstoTrade software.

Don’t forget the bonuses if you’re one of the first ten people to sign up. Those individuals get double the time to receive alerts and put those custom sniping scans to good use.

>> Join now and save 80% <<

Small cap sniper review

Is Small-Cap Sniper Right for Me?

After spending some time with Small-Cap Sniper, I’m really pleased with all it has to offer.

Unlike typical services where you’re simply handed a strategy, Small-Cap Sniper takes the time to educate you on how to put it to use. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a platform with a boot camp, training videos, and a monthly newsletter to make sure you’re trading the right way.

Knowing is only half the battle, which is where the alerts and StockstoTrade access come in. If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll have those tools for a full 120 days to root out prospective stocks.

On top of all that, Sykes offers his 60-day double-your-money guarantee to remove a bunch of the risk. With it, you can basically claim your membership fee back whether you see profits or not.

If you’ve been itching to improve your trading game, Small-Cap Sniper is definitely worth a closer look. Sign up now before it’s too late to make the most of the exclusive bonus content.

>> That’s it for my review. Claim your 80% discount BEFORE IT’S GONE! <<

Tanvi Dasaur is a vibrant multi-tasker, juggling the worlds of copywriting and marketing, with a flair for sales, operations, and personal finance. Beyond her professional pursuit of deadlines, data, and trends, Tanvi is a melomaniac and savvy investor, who believes in the power of smart financial planning and long-term investing. She finds joy in the little things – playtime with her Goberian and bunnies, a well-written line, a smart investment decision, or a song that just gets her. Tanvi strongly believes that best stories are those that blend passion with purpose, and she aspires to infuse her own journey with this ethos. She is also a fervent advocate for the concept of gamifying life and approaches each day as a fresh opportunity for growth, learning, and leveling up.