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TipRanks Review: Is This Research Platform Worth Your Time?

Jenna Gleespen - October 15, 2021

TipRanks Review
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TipRanks is a research platform and comprehensive investing tool where day traders and investors can access investment ideas. But is TipRanks worth the time and sticker price? Our TipRanks review will give you the rundown of this platform’s features so you can decide if this research tool is right for you.

TipRanks is the only platform that allows you to see the performance of anyone who provides financial advice, taking tips from tens of thousands of experts and ranking them accordingly.

The platform provides trading and investment opportunities that can help users diversify their portfolios while ensuring analysts are held accountable for their work.

TipRanks has grown a strong reputation due to its thoroughness and data, which gives investors and traders the insight to make smart trades.

Keep reading for more information on TipRanks and its platform.


TipRanks review

TipRanks Review: Overview

TipRanks was founded in Israel in 2012 by Uri Gruenbaum, a businessman with several years of investment experience, and Gilad Gat, the president and CEO of GSV Inc.

Almost immediately, TipRanks became an acclaimed company, winning a pair of awards in 2013.

The following year, Eliot Spencer, a former New York governor, became a high-profile investor in the platform.

By 2014, TipRanks launched its site, which specifically focused on analyst ratings.

How Does TipRanks Help Investors?

TipRanks allows users to: 

  • Perform comprehensive stock research, including aggregated analyst ratings
  • Get new investment ideas based on expert insights
  • See how analysts and other professionals are ranked based on their historical track records
  • Perform portfolio analysis

The platform also analyzes the top insiders and bloggers on the website.

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How Does TipRanks Work?

TipRanks is a financial accountability tool that looks at the top-performing analysts and determines how viable they are, protecting investors’ and traders’ interests and saving you hours of research.

Investors across the skill spectrum can evaluate the investment advice of Wall Street analysts.

Additionally, they can conduct equity research and formulate any investment ideas based on top-performing analysts’ advice.

The TipRanks site provides all the necessary facets to simplify trading and investing for users, helping them reach better investment decisions using its award-winning research tools.

The company also provides a wide range of simplified alternative datasets.

TipRanks transparently tracks the performance of more than 96,000 financial experts.

These experts include:

  • Wall Street analysts
  • Financial bloggers
  • Corporate Insiders
  • Hedge Funds

The data that TipRanks collects from analysts and financial experts are made public on its site so that investors can feel comfortable with what they are provided.

With the service, investors can know who to actually trust and not take stories or opinions blindly.

Is TipRanks Legit?

TipRanks has an excellent reputation thanks to the transparency the platform presents to users.

The platform provides as much information as possible to users while using high-level encryption for many of its services.

So users can feel secure when looking at information on stocks, trades, and more.

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What Features Do You Get with TipRanks?

Several features elevate TipRanks as a viable platform for users to optimize their portfolios with reliable information about the market that’s provided online.

Top Smart Score Stocks

This feature allows stock investors to find the best-performing stocks that are available on the market.

When using Top Smart Score Stocks, traders and investors can consider the timing of ratings and price gap.

TipRanks review

For traders, they can waddle on both sides of the fence, opting for short or long trades for intraday.

Meanwhile, an investor can take a position for a long-term investment based on the information they receive.

Top Smart Score Stocks allows stock investors to look at their momentum based on expert knowledge from stock market analysts.

This feature is comparable to the stock advisor dashboard on Motley Fool as well as Action Alerts Plus.

Smart Score Feature

The Smart Score feature helps users make as much sense as possible from the data that TipRanks collects.

For this feature, TipRanks compiles all its stock research and uses a Smart Score to analyze each stock, which is based on eight factors.

These factors are:

  • Wall Street analyst ratings
  • Financial blogger opinions
  • Corporate insider transactions
  • Individual investor sentiment
  • News sentiment
  • Hedge fund manager activity
  • Technicals
  • Fundamentals

Users can reference the Smart Score of a stock as a starting point before deciding whether to put in a more comprehensive research effort.

The score can also be used as a screening filter.

You can access the stocks list on this feature to find the best investing and trading candidate available.

The Smart Score ratings facilitate the Top Stocks feature, offering the kind of financial data analysis that investors and traders can rely on.

Stock Screener

With the stock screener that TipRanks offers, you can filter and search stocks based on insider signals, top analysts’ sentiments, and any viable financial indicators.

TipRanks’ screener is remarkably detailed and isn’t restricted to technical aspects either.

Additionally, it’s personalized, with a user-friendly interface that provides a full experience that investors, traders, and other interested users may find appealing.

TipRanks review

You can filter results via Smart Score, price targets, market capitalization, and consensus ratings.

The screener places great weight on overall sentiment and any material effects on any underlying stock price action.

Smart Portfolios

TipRanks users can build their portfolios, including watch lists with stocks.

The research and analytical platform will track the portfolios on behalf of its users, notifying them of any rating changes that take place over time.

Smart Portfolios provide you with a newsfeed that fills you in on news for all of your holdings.

The news is segmented into Bullish and Bearish news.

You get a lot of news items that allow you to track any headlines that affect your portfolio.

TipRanks review

Earnings Calendar

TipRanks’ Earnings Calendar is an easy-to-use tool for locating stocks with upcoming earnings dates that are recommended by top-performing sell-side analysts.

TipRanks’ algorithms follow 4,700+ Wall Street analysts and rate them using objective criteria.

This allows users to see the top stocks being recommended by the analysts with the best performance.

You can scan the calendar to get a feel for the overall market sentiment for your chosen stock.

The Earnings Calendar can narrow down your results to only the best-performing analysts, allowing you to focus on just the consensus and price targets from those that are consistently outperforming the market.

There’s even a functionality that allows you to create an earnings history graph to monitor how earnings fluctuate over a specific period.

Risk Factor Research

Risk Factor Research offers a simple yet thorough overview of the risks that companies disclose to the SEC.

This tool provides a visual aid that easily allows you to see the total number of risks reported and a breakdown according to each risk category.

These risk categories include:

  • Finance and corporate
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Production
  • Tech and innovation
  • Macro and political
  • Ability to sell

This makes it easy to discover the company’s main risk category, which is based on its own reporting.

You can also view the number of risks disclosed, recent changes (risks added or removed), number of risk changes, and more.

Dividend Calculator

The TipRanks dividend calculator is a simple tool for computing anticipated income, including reinvested dividends.

Simply type in the name of a stock you want to calculate dividends for in the search bar, and the relevant data will automatically fill itself in.

If you need to generate stock ideas, you can use the Stock Screener, Dividend Calendar, or High Dividend Stock Comparison of TipRanks to locate dividend-paying stocks.

You can also use the Dividend Calculator to perform calculations based on whatever share price, holding period, dividend yield, or other metric you select.

When you’re done inputting your criteria, you can view your end and annual returns.

Top 25 Analysts: Analyst Ratings and Wall Street Recommendations

From Wall Street research firms to top analysts, this platform lets you search through the top performers on Wall Street and every move they make, like stock recommendations for both short and long-term prospects.

TipRanks uses a very measured process to vet every candidate before eventually deciding on the top 25 analysts.

Based on the most viable analyst data available, recommendations for S&P 500, NASDAQ, and other top stocks are offered to users.

Additionally, you get advice on the best strong buy stocks.

A strong buy rating is a recommendation that an analyst makes to purchase company shares that will dramatically outperform in the short term.

This feature allows you to capitalize on analyst information by using a backdoor engineered approach.

Insider Trading

TipRanks allows you to track insider trading, offering valuable information to users.

This is valuable because insiders usually have more practical insight into how a company performs than an average investor would.

You will be informed of the source of the insider trading, whether it’s from the company owners, directors, or C-Suite members.

You can filter to review stocks bought by multiple insiders, then make more informed trading decisions based on the data you get.

TipRanks will advise you on how much such trading will affect the market, if at all.

TipRanks Review

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TipRanks Review: Does TipRanks Really Work?

TipRanks is a platform with robust and definitive performance data that does its best to take all of the legwork out of stock research.

The service is versatile with its wide-ranging news segments, quantitative and fundamental data analysis, and reviews of every analyst it comes across.

The platform is tailored to investors and traders who specialize in fundamentals.

How Much Does TipRanks Cost?

TipRanks offers three membership plans.

Keep reading our TipRanks review for more information on each one.

TipRanks Review

TipRanks Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is a free membership that contains limited access to most of the features that TipRanks provides.

You only get email alerts for up to five stocks with the free plan.

Also, you won’t be provided with any investment idealism, and customer support is only offered upon availability.

So the free plan is functional but does not add as much value to investors looking for more from this app and platform.

If you want to do some serious research on your favorite stocks, consider paid plans.

TipRanks Premium Plan

Premium Plan memberships are paid on an annual basis, which amounts to $359.

For the price of $29.95 per month, this is the most popular plan on the platform.

You get advanced access to most features and full access to TipRanks’ research tools.

Additionally, you receive email alerts for up to 30 stocks.

You can export your data using a PDF format while customer support is treated as a priority.

TipRanks markets this as its flagship product that lets investors access transparent information and various tools to generate new investment ideas.

TipRanks Ultimate Plan

Premium Plan memberships are paid on an annual basis, which amounts to $599.

For a price of $49.95 per month, users get full access to all the tools offered by the platform.

You also get unlimited email alerts, top-priority customer support and can export your data in either PDF or CSV format.

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How Secure Is TipRanks?

As mentioned, TipRanks uses strong encryption methods for all communication and customer data.

TipRanks complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and also makes sure that no credit card data or other payment information is kept on TipRanks servers.

However, while TipRanks assures that it uses the most advanced security solutions and best practices in order to keep your data confidential, you should always be aware that no company can provide a 100% guarantee for the security of its data.

TipRanks Cancellation Policy and Money-Back Guarantee

All TipRanks memberships are accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, the app offers a 7-day money-back guarantee instead. 

If you cancel the membership within the window provided, you’ll get a full refund.

You can then choose another membership if you want to scale up or down regarding features.

So if you’re a Premium user and want to switch to the Ultimate plan but have passed the refund window, you can still upgrade at any time.

This provides you with a convenient route to test the waters and build your portfolio with the tool best suited for the job.

TipRanks Pros and Cons

TipRanks Pros

Countless Opportunities – There is no shortage of recommendations, analyst ratings, portfolio information, or stock performance information on this platform.

Accountability – Every analyst, blogger, and Wall Street financial specialist is vetted so that you can trust that you have the right advice to try and diversify your portfolio.

Smart Score – This feature makes stock research significantly easier through its ratings.

Accessibility – When you’re not online to access the website, you can download the TipRanks app to follow everything going on in the financial sector and stock market. You can get the app on Google Play or for your iPhone.

TipRanks Cons

Membership Plans – Because of the payment caveat, you can’t pay for the service monthly. All payments have to be made one time each year, limiting investors and traders with tight budgets.

Technical Analysis Tools – When you review the platform, you realize it doesn’t offer many of its tools in the basic plan.

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TipRanks Customer Reviews

“I love it because I’m very visual. So, when I see it, the picture becomes clear for me. When top analysts are bullish, I can simply read their rationale, and it is an influencer in my decision-making.” 

Julie C. California

Another TipRanks review reads:

“Prior To TipRanks, I wasn’t able to weed out the poor performing analysts from the superior ones. Now, that work has been done for me.” 

– Dennis M., North Carolina

TipRanks Final Review: Is TipRanks Right for Me?

For strong investment advice and easy research, TipRanks may just be the platform you’re looking for.

It has grown a reputation that has attracted the attention of the biggest banks and even the Nasdaq.

The platform’s analyst ratings, search filters, and tool variety make it a logical option for investors and traders looking to bump up their experience level.

Plus, you can use the money-back guarantee if you want to go from Basic to Premium or Premium to Ultimate during a 30-day window.

Keep in mind, though, that the app has a 7-day money-back guarantee instead of 30.

All in all, TipRanks has something for everyone and gives you insight that platforms of its ilk don’t offer.


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Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.