Trademetria Review: The Trade Journal Designed for Success

Noah Zelvis - May 12, 2021

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Life has many ups and downs, and so does the stock market. It can be challenging to study trade patterns to see what’s working and what’s not, and we don’t always have the time to hunt down the details anyway.

Fortunately, there are some great tools out there that will track your trades for you, helping you to identify what you’re doing well and where there is space to improve.

Trademetria is one such site that uses trading journals and reports to help you do just that. Read on to discover what Trademetria has to offer and whether or not the service is right for you.

Trademetria Review

Trademetria Review: Overview

Trademetria started with the goal of helping novice traders find their way around online trading.

The platform was developed coming out of the 2008 financial crisis that left many people financially troubled. Since that time, Trademetria has grown into a powerful tool with stellar customer service and a tech support team that investors can use for goal tracking and trade analysis.

Trademetria Review: What Is Trademetria?

Trademetria Review

While not a stock trading company, Trademetria includes a trading journal, trade analyzer software, and a portfolio tracker. The platform lets users track every cent that they invest in the market, whether they are a stock, options, forex, or futures trader.

With a powerful trading journal tool, investors can carefully analyze trades to further develop their trading style and tweak their trade strategy. As Thiago Ghilardi puts it, understanding and learning from your trades is the way to succeed in day trading.

These features are fleshed out through three different tiers of service, each catering to a different level of trader.

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Trademetria Review: Who Founded Trademetria?

Thiago Ghilardi is a computer science major turned founder of Trademetria. Ghilardi started trading during his college days back in 2001 and quit his job after graduating to pursue trading full time.

He even moved to New York in 2006 as a prop trader to get closer to the action. In 2008, Ghilardi started his own trading firm and rode out the stock market recession.

After discovering the key to his success was in analyzing trades, he founded Trademetria. Since then, his goal has been to help traders improve their trading results by teaching them what they are doing right and wrong.

Trademetria Review: What’s Included with Trademetria?

Trademetria offers some cool features to help traders avoid pitfalls and have success in trading:

  • Trade Tracker
  • Reporting
  • Trading Journal
  • Entry and Exit Trading Points
  • Risk Management Metrics
  • Trade Simulations
  • Fundamental Research

Trademetria Review: Trade Tracker

The bread and butter of Trademetria, the trade tracker is the place for traders to view all their online trading in one convenient location.

In order to do so, investors need to use the import option to bring over trade data from their preferred trading platform. Fortunately, Trademetria is compatible with over 140 of the top trading platforms and firms.

With trading data imported, traders and investors can review trading history and fill gaps in their portfolios.

In addition, the trade tracker is the ideal place to discover the patterns that are a detriment to performance. The detailed analysis makes it clear whether a trader is letting profits run, holding on to losing stocks, or if stops are too tight.

The software also helps reveal the best trading strategies and which symbols are the biggest winners and which are constant losers. Traders can also look at their trading month at a glance to see if they are meeting goals or overtrading on a specific day of the week.

Trademetria Review: Reporting

Within the reports tab, Trademetria has a number of day trading tools that can be used to better understand how stocks are performing.

Key Metrics

Reports feature analysis tools in over 30 key metrics to analyze stocks such as win rate, maximum drawdown, gross PnL, net PnL, trade duration, and expected return.

Daily Trading Report

Within the daily trading report, investors can look back and see how trades have fared for a single trading day. A trader can view details such as total trades, win rate, average net per trade, market condition, and profit factor.

This tool helps day traders view trading performance, analyze trading habits, and plan a strategy as necessary.

Trade Calendar

The trading calendar allows an investor to see their trades through various charts and graphs. These charts show trading performance over a specific time interval versus one of several key metrics.

Trademetria Review: Trading Journal

Trademetria Review: Trading Journal

What’s a trade tracking platform without a space to record some notes? Trademetria features a trading journal where traders and investors can pen thoughts about any single trade or the overall market day.

This feature is also an area to record behaviors, ideas, thoughts, and emotions that may have played into a day’s trades. You can record anything that may be relevant later. This is a searchable feature.

It’s a breeze to use keywords to search through past notes and pull up pertinent information quickly. Entries are auto-filled with vital trade information to save time and effort.

Trademetria intentionally keeps its trading journal simple, featuring an HTML editor and some customization options. Day traders can stay organized by formatting text and embedding screenshots to any entry, making them easy to locate for future analysis.

Trade journal entries are suitable for stocks, options strategies, futures, forex, and even other markets.

Trademetria Review: Back Office Management

Trademetria has a back office reporting feature that allows firms to improve their administrative efficiency. Brokers and firm managers can use fully customizable tools to analyze reports, study trades, and sift through analytics on organizations they represent.

Trademetria Review: Entry and Exit Trading Points

Trademetria Review: Entry and Exit points

Trademetria also helps traders save time by automatically displaying entry and exit points on one minute, five minute, and daily charts.

These charts track trade entries and exit points for most futures, forex, and over 2500 US equities.

Trademetria Review: Risk Management Metrics

Trademetria Review: Risk Management Metrics

Risk management is an essential feature for anyone looking to protect their money from the markets’ potential pitfalls. Here, traders can set stops and targets for trades, and also track proximity to those markers.

The platform provides an estimation of expected risk before, during, and after an investor has placed a trade. This helps traders avoid a trade blind. Trademetria also lets users view their risk in terms of Dr. Van Tharp’s R-multiples.

If a visual format is more appealing, traders can also post this data to charts and view risk analysis from there.

Trademetria Review: Trade Simulations

Trademetria Review: Trade simulations

Another of Trademetria’s interesting features is the trade simulator. This is where a trader can go back in time and run simulations on past trades through the platform’s charting software. By studying past trading habits, users can discover ways to improve future trades.

Tools such as the PnL simulator can help swing traders locate the best conditions for trades. It’s also possible to save simulations for further exploration at another time.

Trademetria Review: Fundamental Research

A trader can do some basic research on financial data within one of 20+ world exchanges within the platform. Clicking on a stock will provide traders with the company profile, the earning dates, and the ability to track trade data through charts.

The fundamental research section functions much like screening software, serving to highlight stock opportunities that might be ripe for investment.

Trademetria Review: Customer Support

Not to be outdone in the customer service department, Trademetria has a team ready during trading hours to help users through any issue they may encounter. The company also has a YouTube channel with several videos containing information on how to get the most out of the website.

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Trademetria Review: Is Trademetria Safe?

Trademetria is a legit company that is no stranger to the financial space. Founder Thiago Ghilardi has been trading for over 20 years. Trademetria gets high marks from its members, which may speak to the quality of the service.

Although trade history is imported from brokerages and firms, not a cent of your invested money ever passes through Trademetria’s site. You can use Trademetria without having to worry about your money flowing through an additional source.

If something goes awry with your account, the company is known for having an excellent customer service team to get users back on track as quickly as possible.

Trademetria Review: Trademetria Cancellation Policy

Trademetria makes it easy to sign up without even having to use a credit card for their Free Tier service.

Once you decide to dive into one of the subscription plans, all plans must be paid for in advance.

Trademetria states it’s easy to cancel at any time. However, the platform also spells out very clearly that they offer no refunds on any of their services.

Trademetria Review: How Much Does Trademetria Cost?


Trademetria has three pricing options for traders to consider: Free, Basic, and Pro.

Trademetria Review: pricing


The Free Tier service offers a lot to traders, considering the price really is zero dollars per month.

The majority of the platform’s features are available for free, including the trade journal, key metrics, the day trade report, trade calendar, analytics, trade history section, and the ability to track deposits and withdrawals.

At this tier, the platform only allows a trader to import 30 orders a month. Anything from equities to options to futures and forex can all be brought in.

Free users are also limited to 3 real-time quotes per month and are only able to track one account.


The Basic Tier is a clear step up from the Free Tier. It offers more reports and a PnL simulator to analyze trading performance more thoroughly. This tier also introduces fundamental research, strategy rankings, and the ability to export trade data to another source.

As with the Free Tier, a day trader can still only track one account but is now able to obtain unlimited real-time quotes and import up to 100 trades per month.

Pricing details vary depending on the length of the subscription. The monthly rate is $19.95, but members can save 30% by purchasing the annual plan for $169 per year.


While the Pro Tier doesn’t add any new features, it offers the ability to import an unlimited number of trades. In addition, the Pro Tier allows users to track multiple accounts, up to 50 in total.

This plan costs $29.95 per month. As with the Basic Tier, there’s a 30% discount for signing up for a year at a time. This lowers the annual price to $249.

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Trademetria Review: Pros and Cons

It’s hard to find much fault with a journaling site that gives away many of its top tools and features for free. Take a look at the pros and cons of this service:

Trademetria Pros

  • Broker import feature for over 140 brokerages
  • Several tools for tracking trades
  • Trade journaling
  • Reporting features with several key metrics
  • Three tiers of service
  • Competitive platform pricing options
  • Pro users can track multiple accounts
  • Excellent customer support team
  • PnL Simulator

Trademetria Cons

  • No mobile app
  • Lack of trading community

Trademetria Review: Is Trademetria Right for Me?

Just about any trader may be able to benefit from what Trademetria has to offer. Their trade journal alone is one of many key features that should be in any trader’s repertoire.

If you’re a novice or part-time trader, you can get plugged into Trademetria’s free tier at no cost and start journaling your trades easily. Additional features such as reporting and trade tracking to analyze your trades only serve to sweeten the pot.

If you’re an investor with a little more experience, you’ll find the advanced features of the Basic Plan right up your alley. The PnL simulator and ability to research trades may have you rolling in dividends. Upping the import limit to 100 trades also opens up many more possibilities.

Full-time investors with more than 100 trades per month and who desire to track several accounts will be able to benefit from the Pro Tier. By going Pro, you’ll only be limited by the amount of time you have in front of the computer.

Trademetria Reviews by Members

Investors who have subscribed to Trademetria have a lot of good things to say about the platform. The service has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Capterra with many positive reviews. Here are just a few of the recent posts from the site:

Very good. Grateful for the free trial option… Everything is very intuitive, no entry barrier really. This is the only app that felt less painful than a handmade excel sheet. Most amateur users prefer excel not because its flexibility but because it starts very simple and you can make it more complicated on the go, this makes us feel safe and not too silly. Trading platforms tend to show charting and data as a sort of pseudo-science the more complicated it looks the better.

-Carlos, on Capterra

Excellent customer service, I switched from another logging software because I trade in Europe and my trading software uses a comma for decimals instead of a period. In my old logging software I had to switch comma for a period for every trade and then import – after contacting customer support they were not able to do anything. With trademetria I contacted customer support and explained the situation, the issue was fixed in 5 minutes so my import is flawless and takes seconds.

-Tim, on Capterra

I get a very clear breakdown of my trades and support is available for any help I need. They even worked with a fellow trader from Australia to make sure date formats were usable for his country. This was very nice to hear, because it means they are motivated to make changes to their software as needed to accommodate everyone and all needs.

-Dana, on Capterra

Final Review: Is Trademetria Worth It?

Trademetria was designed with the investor in mind and features several tools you can use no matter what price point you’re starting out at. The trade journal and reports make it easy to analyze stock trades. The data will help you see what you’re doing well and where your trades might need a little work.

With an impressive free entry-level tier, there seems to be no reason not to try the service. Once you outgrow the Free Tier, it’s easy to upgrade to the next level and capitalize on the other plans’ extra features.

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