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Eric Bleeker Trend Spotter Review – Motley Fool (2024)

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The Fool is back with a new addition to its popular Rule Breakers series, and we’re putting it under the microscope to see if it lives up to the publisher’s reputation for high-quality research. Keep reading our Motley Fool Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter review to see if this new Fool service is worth your time.

motley fool rule breakers trend spotter review

What Is Motley Fool Trend Spotter?

Ruler Breakers: Trend Spotter is a research service from lead analyst Eric Bleeker.

The service focuses on leading members to potential emerging megatrends at their earliest stages.

This first-to-the-punch strategy has the potential to give members the best possible chance to capitalize on unfolding moves for maximum benefit.

As soon as you join, you can access a wealth of exclusive research from the Motley Fool, including a vast collection of stock recommendations, in-depth research reports, and much more.

It’s also backed by the first-class service and support we’ve come to expect from the Motley Fool team and its robust satisfaction guarantee.

At first glance, Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter has much to offer, but does it live up to its name?

We’ll dive deeply into the service’s features to find out.

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tom and david gardner

About Motley Fool

Motley Fool is one of the most respected publishers in the retail research arena.

Since its founding in 1999, Fool’s services have won substantial acclaim from industry pundits and members alike.

The firm began life as an investment newsletter named for a famous Shakespeare play, As You Like It, which featured a court jester known as the Fool.

The Motley Fool took the title to pay homage to Shakespeare’s Fool and emphasize its contrarian stance on the market.

The company carries on the banner to this day, speaking the truth even when the symbolic kings on Wall Street say otherwise.

Today, The Motley Fool has grown from a small niche newsletter to a global empire.

The company has several award-winning services and a wide array of specialized research offerings.

Few publishers can match Fool’s experience, expertise, and track record for success.

This is an industry-leading firm that’s been delivering high-value research to its subscribers for decades.

You don’t have to worry about anything when you’re dealing with the Motley Fool.

Its reputation for above-the-board business practices and winning research is virtually undisputed.

Reviews of Eric Bleeker

Eric Bleeker Review

Eric Bleeker is the mind behind Trend Spotter Stocks as well as the General Manager of Motley Fool.

Bleeker started working at The Fool in 2008 in the tech and telecom sector, and he’s made a name for himself as an authority for pinpointing under-the-radar stock market opportunities.

Before moving up the ladder, Bleeker was a contributor to The Fool’s blog, writing detailed analyses about upcoming tech trends.

Given his background penning analysis for innovative technologies like VR, communications, smart home integrations, and more, it’s no surprise that he was selected to spearhead the Trend Spotter service.

Eric Bleeker Reviews

Eric Bleeker is an undoubtedly popular figure in the Motley Fool Universe, but we could not find any reviews for him specifically.

That being said, there are plenty of posts on sites like Stock Gumshoe asking about his latest insights.

Now that you know more about the mind behind Motley Fool Trend Spotter, let’s dig deeper into stock trends. 

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trend spotter genesis trends

What Is the Best Stock Trend Indicator?

Motley Fool’s number one indicator for finding stock trends is if a company’s market has the characteristics of a “genesis trend”.

Fool calls early phase growth markets genesis trends, and Trend Spotter specializes in pinpointing them for its subscribers.

If you spot a genesis trend, it could signal stocks in a particular industry may see solid long-term growth.

Genesis Trends: The Internet and NVIDIA

One example of a notable genesis trend is the rise of tech stocks in the 90s.

The market saw huge gains as new growth industries like eCommerce, search engines, and data centers soared to new heights.

However, the primary engine behind the growth was something more significant, the internet! The internet was an unstoppable macro trend that sparked a wave of various new growth industries.

It had massive implications for the stock market and the global economy.

NVIDIA: The Point of Acceleration

The most exciting part about spotting a genesis trend is how quickly they can take off.

In some instances, stocks can explode to massive growth in a very short time.

For example, shares of NVIDIA broke out to massive gains in just a few years after decades of stagnant growth.

As the computing industry advanced, the market quickly realized just how valuable shares of the high-tech chipmaker could be. And a tidal wave of cash quickly poured into the stock and eclipsed the previous decade’s gains in just a few short years.

This type of extreme short-term growth is a hallmark characteristic of genesis trends, and it’s precisely the type of growth that Fool’s Trend Spotter service hopes to pinpoint for its subscribers.

trend spotter review nvda chart


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The Digital Wave

The early days of Dot-Com mania are far behind us, but Fool is working hard to uncover the next generation of genesis trends.

In fact, the latest Trend Spotter presentation revealed that Motley Fool may have already pinpointed the newest iteration.

Eric Bleeker, a Senior Technology Analyst at Motley Fool, calls it the digital wave, and it could produce the next crop of epic stock market winners.

Millions of businesses shifted operations online in 2020 and 2021 due to difficulties associated with the pandemic, and the transformation caused enormous shifts in various industries from across the economic landscape.

For example, the pandemic diverted a massive influx of demand to the eCommerce industry as millions of people were forced to stay home.

As a result, eCommerce vendors captured an unprecedented chunk of market share from brick-and-mortar retailers.

trend spotter review ecommerce chart

In just eight weeks, the eCommerce industry’s overall retail market share grew by a stunning 68.75%, and many believe the sudden shift could drive growth in the sector for years to come.

The eCommerce space is just one example of the many industries benefiting from the seismic shift in consumer behavior that resulted from the pandemic.

Additional examples include virtual healthcare, software, and others.

The Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter Stocks team believes these sudden economic changes could represent the early phases of another developing genesis trend.

It could be one of the most tremendous growth opportunities in recent memory if they’re right.

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What’s Included with Motley Fool Trend Spotter?

  • Full access to Trend Spotter for an entire year
  • Instant access to Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter’s model portfolio
  • New recommendations every month
  • Five special reports featuring distinct genesis trends
  • New Trend Spotter reports every quarter
  • Access to Motley Fool educational resources
  • Motley Fool community
  • Ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee

fool trend spotter newsletter

Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter Access

You get unrestricted access to Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter as soon as you sign up.

Simply log into the members-only section of the Fool website, and you can access everything the service has to offer.

The website combines all your membership benefits in one convenient place, including Trend Spotter research reports, stock recommendations, and much more from a well-designed, easy-to-use dashboard.

You can access Trend Spotter benefits for an entire year when you sign up for the service, and your membership also includes all the other features discussed in the following sections and more.

>> Join now for instant access to Trend Spotter research and membership benefits <<

Model Portfolio

Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter comes with a treasure trove of stock picks that you can immediately access once you join.

The portfolio includes 22 stock recommendations that take advantage of various genesis trends, along with pertinent info and research on each recommendation.

Each stock pick includes a detailed research report explaining the Fool’s reasoning behind each recommendation.

The reports also include information about potential risks so you can make an educated decision regarding each opportunity.

These stocks represent some of the top-rated opportunities resulting from Motley Fool’s extensive research into developing genesis trends.

The Trend Spotter has been developing this portfolio since February 2020, so you can rest assured that each opportunity has been thoroughly vetted and researched.

The model portfolio gives members a wide assortment of investment ideas to peruse with a total of 22 recommendations.

And the numbers could grow as time goes on and the team releases more recommendations.

Furthermore, many of the Trend Spotter stocks are exclusive to the service, and you won’t find them anywhere else in the Motley Fool universe.

This isn’t the case for every single recommendation, but it’s still a notable perk that members of other Fool services should consider.

stock ticker

New Recommendations

The Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter model portfolio is just the beginning.

Members will continue to get new stock picks for as long as they’re with the service.

According to the latest Trend Spotter presentation, the service expects to release one to three new recommendations every month.

Fool only makes recommendations when they’re worthwhile, so they don’t guarantee an exact number.

However, that’s not necessarily a negative.

It’s a clear indication that Fool is more concerned with what’s best for their members rather than maintaining a self-imposed quota.

Trend-Spotter Reports

The Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter team has identified five unfolding genesis trends that could exhibit massive gains in the near future, and they’ve put together detailed research reports examining each trend.

You can access all five of the Trend Spotter research reports when you join, and each issue also includes Fool’s “highest-conviction” stock opportunities for each trend.

The model portfolio features these high-conviction stocks as well, but the reports provide deeper insights into the underlying trends behind each recommendation.

Trend Spotter reports help members better understand the below-the-surface machinations that create the opportunities featured in the service’s stock recommendations.

>> Get unlimited access to Trend Spotter research reports when you join now <<

New Reports

The market moves fast, and new opportunities are constantly emerging.

Fortunately, Trend Spotter doesn’t leave you hanging with the first helping of five reports.

The Trend Spotter team aims to release a new research report every quarter.

At that rate, you could receive up to four additional briefs throughout your one-year membership.

Each new report will provide additional insights into recent genesis trends and other unfolding opportunities.

The regular quarterly reports provide another example of Motley Fool’s commitment to delivering value to its subscribers.

trend spotter review guarantee

Motley Fool Trend Spotter Refund Policy 

Motley Fool covers every new Trend Spotter subscription with an ironclad money-back guarantee for 30 days.

The guarantee ensures you’ll receive a fair shake if you’re not satisfied with the service.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days of your new subscription, you can contact the Fool customer support team for your membership fee back.

However, the membership-fee refund only reimburses you with credit towards other Motley Fool services.

Fool’s credit policy might seem half-hearted at first, but it’s pretty reasonable when you consider just how much you’re getting with Trend Spotter.

Your membership gives you access to tons of exclusive, high-value research right out the gate, including 22 stock picks, five research reports, and much more.

>> Take advantage of the Trend Spotter’s ironclad guarantee here <<

Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter Review: Pros and Cons

Here are the best and worst points of Motley Fool Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter:


  • 22 stock recommendations as soon as you join
  • Five research reports detailing different genesis trend
  • Features high-quality, independent research and analysis
  • Up to three new stock recommendations every month
  • New Trend Spotter research reports roughly every quarter
  • Ironclad 30-day membership-fee guarantee
  • Focuses on macro trends with high-octane growth potential
  • Backed by an excellent customer support team
  • Reputable company with transparent business practices
  • Intuitive, user-friendly website


  • May be price prohibitive for some
  • No cash refunds

trend spotter reviews

Motley Fool Trend Spotter Reviews

Motley Fool Trend Spotter is a relatively new service, so we couldn’t find any verified Trend Spotter reviews to share with you here.

However, Motley Fool has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, and there’s no reason to suspect Trend Spotter will deliver anything less.

We’ll be sure to update this section if we come across any verified Trend Spotter reviews in the future, but for now, it’s slim pickings.

How Much Does Trend Spotter Cost?

Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter is a top-tier Motley Fool service, and, as such, it carries a premium price tag to match.

A one-year membership to Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter currently costs $1,999.

trend spotter review pricing

Your average monthly cost comes in at about $167 per month at that rate.

In exchange, you get access to all the features and research outlined in this Trend Spotter review.

>> Click here to sign up for Trend Spotter now <<

Is Motley Fool Rule Breakers: Trend Spotter Worth It?

You might have a bit of sticker shock after seeing how much a Trend Spotter membership costs.

But, you get what you pay for in the research world, and this service provides top-of-the-line research and value.

You can’t compare Trend Spotter to the once-monthly research newsletters selling for dirt cheap because it’s in a different class.

Trend Spotter is miles ahead of budget research newsletters in terms of sheer volume.

The model portfolio includes nearly two dozen recommendations right from the door, plus you get up to three new stock picks every month.

At that rate, you’ll get substantially more stock picks with Trend Spotter than you would with many competitors.

More importantly, the quality of the research is unparalleled.

Fool provides an in-depth analysis of macro-trends that could bear fruit for years to come, and each research report you read will further your stock market education.

If you can afford the upfront investment, Trend Spotter is worth every penny.

However, when it comes to research, quality counts.

A subpar research service could cost you much more in the long run.

Like the old shopper’s saying goes, “buy once, cry once.”

If you want the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with Motley Fool services, and Trend Spotter is the cream of the crop.

>> That’s it for our Trend Spotter review. Join now to access the latest genesis trends and much more <<


Chris Dios is a financial journalist & entrepreneur from Central New Jersey. A number cruncher by trade, Chris studied business & accounting at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, before settling into a career covering the market. As an analyst, Chris’s primary areas of expertise include business fundamentals, technical analysis, and macroeconomics. He also has deep insights into geopolitics and international markets as a result of a longstanding obsession with history and global news. Chris takes a cautiously aggressive approach to investing, but he’s not easily swayed by hype. He prefers businesses with proven business models, wide economic moats, and strong growth prospects, however, he’s not afraid to take a chance when the odds are right. When he’s not watching the market, Chris spends most of his time raising grass-fed, open-pasture cattle on his small family ranch in Montana, and playing fetch with his cattle dogs, Ranger & Indiana.