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6 Ways to Use Casino Bonuses to Your Financial Advantage

6 Ways to Use Casino Bonuses to Your Financial Advantage

Signing up for a new online casino account makes even more sense when there’s an attractive bonus attached – and smart gambling on the house isn’t just about getting a few extra spins. 

Casino bonuses can be an effective way to save – and even make – money if you apply them correctly.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started with online casinos, understanding the various types of bonuses available is one of the best strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning. 

In this article, we will cover 6 strategies that everyone should know when it comes to casino bonuses and how to use them. 

1. Take advantage of sign-up bonuses 

The moment you visit any casino website, you’ll probably notice a banner advertising one of the enticing sign-up bonuses on offer. The allure of free money is a powerful marketing tool that online casinos use to attract new players, with several categories of bonuses offering different rewards.

Sign up for bonuses are one of the easiest ways to get free spins or small wagers for card games. If you like the idea of getting free spins or casino chips simply for joining a casino and creating a new account, you’ll love sign up bonuses. 

When you create your account, you’ll receive a certain amount of money in casino chips or free spins on the slots. 

Ultimately, the advantage of a sign-up bonus is that you don’t necessarily have to deposit funds in your new casino account in order to benefit. This is the main difference between the sign up and deposit bonuses which we’ll cover below.

2. Deposit bonuses: use them wisely

A deposit bonus is enabled when you make your first funds transfer after opening your casino account. Deposit bonuses usually offer players a percentage of their first deposit as a bonus. For example, an initial deposit of $500 could allow you to obtain a casino deposit bonus of $200. The actual value of the bonus differs by the casino and – like a sign-up bonus – is usually in the form of free chips. However, players must be vigilant about the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses, because many of them require you to bet a substantial amount before the bonus becomes active.

3. Always remember the wagering rate

The wagering rate associated with a deposit bonus is the amount you need to bet before the bonus is paid out. 

Taking our example above of a $500 bonus associated with a $200 deposit, the free chips seem like an excellent deal, but there are terms and conditions to consider.

  • Players should note that if the casino has a 30 times waging rate, they will need to bet a cumulative amount of $6000 before the $500 bonus is available – the amount being equal to $500 x 30. 
  • High rollers may easily be able to reach figures like these, but new players, or those who are still exploring the online casino scene, may want to proceed with caution.

A further consideration that savvy players should always bear in mind is that casino bonuses don’t necessarily apply to every game, and there may be limits on the maximum bet available. 

This means that you may need to rack up hundreds of spins or place hundreds of bets on low-stakes card games before you qualify for the bonus.

4. Understand RTP (Return to Player)

Having more money to gamble with can be a double-edged sword. If you adopt a casino strategy that increases your chances of winning in the long term, the bonuses you choose can provide you with extra betting power to maximize your winnings. 

On the other hand, if you limit your playing to exciting but potentially risky games, you may find that your bonus evaporates when you’re on a losing streak.

Choosing the right casino game will both increase your chances of winning as a long-term player and will also raise the effectiveness of your bonus money. Making the right choice is almost always a matter of understanding the RTP or return to player percentages.

5. Bonuses work best on high RTP games.

Casino games vary in terms of how much a player tends to win or lose in the long run. This is expressed by using a ratio called RTP or Return to Player.

A typical example is blackjack, which usually comes with an RTP of between 0.95 and 0.98, meaning that in the long-term players usually get back $.95-$.98 on a dollar. It’s important to note that these numbers are averages and reflect times when players win and lose respectively.

6. Treat bonuses as a long-term investment 

Casino bonuses are often seen as instant money, but smart players will treat them as surplus funds for a long-term betting strategy and not be hasty to cash them in all at once.

By using your sign-up and deposit bonuses gradually on high RTP games and avoiding the urge to bet excessive amounts just to qualify for a bonus, you’ll increase your chances of winning and avoid over-wagering. This should help to boost your chances of winning over time, and your bonuses will only magnify this trend. 

Final Thoughts 

In summary, bonuses are a legitimate and effective way of increasing your betting capital, but gamblers should see them as strategic tools and avoid the temptation to think of them as free money. 

Once you’ve understood the terms and conditions attached to bonuses, you’ll be in a better position to use them strategically as part of your overall betting strategy for long-term success at your favorite online casino. 


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