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Weiss Crypto Portfolio Review 2023

Weiss Crypto Portfolio Review 2023
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Have you found yourself on the sidelines of the crypto game? The overwhelming number of coins makes the space all but impossible to understand.

Altcoins come and go like the wind. Big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to have already had their moment in the sun.

What’s left to make money from?

Good news – Juan Villaverde estimates we’re on the cusp of the next crypto bull market. However, you shouldn’t bet the farm on just any old coin.

This Weiss Crypto Portfolio review has all the info you need about the coming boom and the steps you need to take to win big.

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What is Weiss Crypto Portfolio?

Weiss Crypto Portfolio is a premium service by Martin Weiss and Juan Villaverde of Weiss Ratings. It seeks to educate folks about the crypto market and all the opportunities within.

Most people simply aren’t knowledgeable of the crypto world beyond Bitcoin. They stay in safe waters and dare not venture out. Little do they know there’s a ton of money further out to sea.

Weiss Crypto Portfolio reveals promising altcoins and ways to get involved. The service also covers when to buy and sell for maximum profit potential.

It’s all possible thanks to two proprietary models that carefully track the market.

Let’s take a look at the gurus who made this possible.

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Who is Martin Weiss?

Who is Martin Weiss?

Martin Weiss founded Weiss Ratings more than 50 years ago and has been an integral part of its success ever since. His track record of accuracy over those five decades is hard to beat.

His love of finance and economics stems from time spent with his father at an early age. This passion led Weiss to a doctorate in economic anthropology from Columbia University in 1984.

The system he created has over 53,000 unique ratings and frequently adds new data points to the mix. As CEO, Weiss leads a team of researchers, data scientists, analysts, and computer programmers to maintain a high level of excellence.

Weiss’s independent grading system has earned high praise from The New York Times, Forbes, and several other publications. It continues to outperform similar agencies and rating systems across the board.

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Who is Juan Villaverde?

Who is Juan Villaverde?

Juan Villaverde is the brains behind the Weiss Crypto Portfolio. His mathematical algorithms with Bitcoin led to major discoveries on how the crypto market ebbs and flows.

This insight helped birth the crypto timing model Martin Weiss and team use today. It was the first crypto rating system to utilize this type of technology.

Villaverde went on to warn folks of the imminent decline of Bitcoin in 2018. He told folks to start buying Bitcoin again just three days before the coin hit rock bottom.

Today, Juan remains the lead architect of Weiss’ crypto ratings system and everything within. He’s also the editor of Weiss Crypto Portfolio and Weiss Crypto Investor.

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What is Weiss Ratings?

Weiss Ratings has a 50-year history of helping millions of people with investment advice.

The publisher has a long list of research and newsletter publications to complement its ratings system. These newsletters and services cover a myriad of topics for folks of any investment style to learn from.

Let’s be honest – companies like this one only survive 50+ years if they’re good at what they do.

Its rating system extends to nearly all U.S. stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. Weiss Ratings also has ratings for most U.S. banks, insurance companies, and a cryptocurrency division added five years ago.

Juan Villaverde and his crypto cycle analyses are among the best in the world and have only added to Weiss Ratings’ success.

What is the New Bitcoin Bull Market?

What is the New Bitcoin Bull Market?

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Bitcoin and its rise to crypto stardom. Unless you’ve been out of the loop, you’ve likely seen how stagnant it’s been since the middle of 2022.

The New Bitcoin Bull Market is sounding the alarm that Bitcoin’s about to hit rock bottom. Many folks have written the coin off completely, but Juan Villaverde says it’s about to turn around.

He’s seen the writing on the wall and is waiting for one final confirmation to back up his findings. Once it does, he’ll be screaming buy from the rooftops.

This isn’t the guru’s first rodeo. He missed Bitcoin’s last big bottom by a mere three days.

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Juan Villaverde’s Prediction For The Next Cycle

Like last time, Juan foresees a rebirth for Bitcoin on the near horizon. If Bitcoin does follow the same pattern, it will surely bring a slew of other coins up with it.

He further predicts most folks will end up caught with their pants down when the time comes.

Weiss’ ratings system worked perfectly before, and it’s likely to see a repeat performance here. You’ll need Juan’s tools to know when to move and which cryptos to snag.

He uses two proprietary models to create the full picture. Let’s look at them now.

Weiss’ Crypto Ratings Model

The Crypto Ratings Model is Juan and the team’s source for discovering the best crypto assets.

It does so by looking at how each coin was built and whether or not it’s performing in the real world. Cryptos not seeing any use aren’t worth the digital metal they’re minted on.

Finally, the model checks the crypto’s market performance. A currency can have all the potential in the world, but it means nothing if no one’s noticed it.

All cryptos pass through this test and are branded with a rating from Excellent to Very Weak. Only when all three of these boxes are checked does the crypto make the list of assets worth trading.

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Weiss’ Crypto Timing Model

Where the Crypto Ratings Model reveals which cryptos to trade, the Crypto Timing Model is all about when. It analyzes 20-day, 80-day, 320-day, and four-year cycles to decipher the best times to buy and sell.

Timing is everything when it comes to returns. Sure, you can make money on cryptos by buying and sitting on them.

The profits can be so much higher by jumping in and out at crucial times along the way. Imagine if you bought every low and sold at every high. You’d make way more money.

Juan’s cracked the code, and it’s all right here.

7 Top Cryptos for the New Bitcoin Bull Market

7 Top Cryptos for the New Bitcoin Bull Market

Villaverde hasn’t been afraid to list his favorite cryptos going into the new Bitcoin bull market. Here’s what he’s come up with:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Uniswap (UNI)

Juan likes these picks because they’re all liquid, trade easily, and above all have a good Weiss Rating. He’s betting on relative newcomers Polygon, Polkadot, and Uniswap to be the big winners this time around.

This list and Juan’s assessments could change at any time. That’s the nature of crypto.

Join Weiss Crypto Portfolio now to stay up to speed and get the full lowdown on each coin.

weiss crypto portfolio features list

What Comes With Weiss Ratings’ Crypto Portfolio?

Check out everything that comes with your Weiss Ratings Crypto Portfolio:

Premium Access To Weiss Crypto Ratings

First and foremost, a membership gets you premium access to the Weiss Crypto Ratings model. That’s every upgrade and downgrade on over 1,000 unique coins.

Each Weiss rating helps you identify which cryptos look good for investment. The model collects thousands of data points from a coin’s technology application to the latest happenings in the crypto markets before making an assessment.

It also helps reveal whether a coin has short-term potential or a shot at long-term growth.

There’s simply no better system for determining where to place your hard-earned money in this lucrative, fast-moving space.

As a premium member, you’re the absolute first to receive a new Weiss rating when it drops. It will be delivered to your inbox before the public is even aware.

One Full Year Of Trade Alerts

The bundle comes with a full year of trade alerts from Juan Villaverde himself. These trade alerts help you keep the right coins in your crypto portfolio and get rid of coins that will only weigh you down.

We’re talking precise buy signals to get in as low as possible, followed by sell instructions to maximize your profit potential. Indications come straight from Weiss’ proprietary Crypto Timing Model and its sister Crypto Ratings Model.

Juan’s already dropped his first big signal he believes is launching the next big crypto bull market. You definitely don’t want to miss out on future signals and the profits that could follow.

Protection Against Downside Risk

Cryptos move so fast it can make your head spin. What looks like a great opportunity can spin out of control before you know what’s going on.

The Weiss Ratings system is your best line of defense against such downside risk. Its Crypto Timing Model hints at coins that may be losing traction.

All you have to do is avoid cryptos with low ratings that often lead to sharp declines.

You can also regularly check the ratings on the coins in your crypto portfolio to make sure none of them have dropped into the danger zone. If they do, it’s a likely sign to bail fast.

ethereum crypto coin

$250 in Ethereum

Whether you’re new to the crypto scene or a veteran, Martin Weiss and Juan Villaverde throw in $250 worth of Ethereum just for signing up.

Historically, Ethereum’s been one of the best coins to invest in and still has plenty of room for growth. Besides, who’s going to argue against a free 250 bucks?

It’s entirely up to you if you want to keep it, sell it, or exchange it for a digital currency you feel could do even better.

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Total Transparency

Martin Weiss is taking an active role in the crypto markets right along with you. He’s putting $100,000 of his own funds into crypto and shares his trades in the members-only portal.

He’s practicing what he preaches and follows the same trading instructions you’ll receive as a subscriber. You’re made aware of his plans before he buys or sells so you can make the same moves at the same time.

I find it hard to believe that Weiss would put so much time and effort into a sinking ship. You should be able to breathe a little easier about this packing knowing he’s in the trenches with you.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds once you join the Weiss Crypto Portfolio family. You’re not out of luck though if the service ends up not being for you.

If you need to cancel, you’ll get a credit for any unused balance on your year-long subscription. You can put that credit toward any other Weiss Ratings product either now or at some point in the future.

Active subscriptions will auto-renew each year on your purchase date. You’ll receive a heads-up email in advance letting you know there’s a charge coming. Keeping your service locks you in at the same discounted rate you paid with this bundle.

Pros and Cons

Weiss Crypto Portfolio has many perks, but also a few drawbacks to consider. Check out the pros and cons below.


  • Premium access to Weiss Crypto Ratings
  • Top crypto picks for capitalizing on the “New Bitcoin Bull Market”
  • One full year of trade alerts from Juan Villaverde
  • Martin Weiss invests his own money and shares insights
  • Free $250 worth of Ethereum
  • Info on over 1,000 cryptos
  • One-on-one tech support
  • Get a 50% discount on your first year
  • Keep your discounted rate on renewal


  • Exclusive focus on cryptocurrencies
  • No community chat or forum

How Much is Weiss Crypto Portfolio?

You’d normally pay $5,000 to tap into the Weiss Crypto Portfolio. Right now, you can pick up this entire bundle for just $2,500. That’s 50% off the cover price.

At that rate, you’re paying less than $7 per day for access to a revolutionary crypto rating system.

Any one of the top-rated coins can earn that kind of cash quickly if you know when you get in and out. The Weiss Crypto Portfolio helps you do just that.

The gurus are handing you $250 worth of Ethereum at no extra cost. That alone could grow well beyond the bundle’s asking price.

Plus, you get to carry that discount over from year to year as long as you remain a member.

weiss crypto portfolio pricing

Is Weiss Crypto Portfolio Worth It?

Weiss Crypto Portfolio is well worth checking out. The $2,500 cost of entry is peanuts next to the amount you can make from even a single crypto investment.

That price gets you a front-row seat to the latest crypto ratings. Alongside a year of trade alerts, you’ll know not only which coins to pick up but when to buy and sell for maximum profit.

You’re also shielded as best as possible from the downsides of the fast-moving crypto market. After all, monumental gains are nothing next to a catastrophic loss.

What’s more, Martin Weiss steps into the ring with you. He shells out $250 worth of Ethereum to each member and invests $100,000 of his own money using the very same models found in this package.

These guys are certain the next Bitcoin bull market is right around the corner. If you’re not on the train when it departs, who’s to say how long it will be before another opportunity arises?

Subscribe to Weiss Crypto Portfolio today so you’re not left wondering what could have been.

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