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Why is Zazzle Shipping So Expensive? Find Out Now!

Zazzle is an online platform widely known for providing customized products to its customers all around the world. From personalized t-shirts to mugs, Zazzle is a hub of customization. 

The creativity and personalization options allow customers to create unique products according to their tastes and preferences. However, the shipping costs associated with these products often raise questions among customers.

Why is Zazzle shipping so expensive? In this article, we will reveal the mystery behind it and provide some tips to save on shipping costs.

Why is Zazzle Shipping So Expensive?

  • Shipping Distance and Location:

The shipping distance and location play a significant role in determining the shipping costs. Zazzle is based in California and most of its products are shipped from there. Therefore, customers located closer to California will incur lower shipping costs as compared to those living farther away. 

The shipping costs can vary depending on the distance and location of the customer. For example, customers within the United States may experience lower shipping costs compared to international customers.

  • Shipping Method and Carrier:

Zazzle offers various shipping methods to its customers such as Standard, Premium, Express, and Urgent. The shipping costs vary depending on the method selected by the customer. 

In addition, the shipping carrier also plays a role in determining the shipping costs. Zazzle uses different shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. The shipping rates of these carriers differ and hence affect the shipping costs. Customers can choose the shipping method that suits their needs and budget.

Why is Zazzle Shipping So Expensive? Detailed Analysis

  • Product Weight and Size:

The weight and size of the product also affect the shipping costs. Generally, heavier and bulkier products are more expensive to ship than smaller and lighter ones. Therefore, the shipping costs of a t-shirt will be less than that of a canvas print. 

Zazzle takes into account the weight and size of the products when determining the shipping costs. This ensures that customers are charged accordingly based on the resources required to ship their orders.

  • Customization and Personalization Options:

Zazzle’s main selling point is its customization and personalization options. However, these options can also contribute to higher shipping costs. For instance, customized products take more time and effort to produce as compared to pre-made ones. 

As a result, the shipping costs associated with such products may be higher than those of ready-made products. Zazzle takes into account the effort and resources required to customize and package each order, which may result in slightly higher shipping costs.

  • Shipping Destination and Customs Fees:

The shipping destination is also a significant factor in determining the shipping cost. Shipping to international destinations costs more than domestic shipping. In addition, customers may incur customs fees when shipping items to other countries. 

These fees are charged by the customs department and are not controlled by Zazzle. Therefore, customers should check with their country’s customs policies before placing an order. The customs fees, if applicable, are additional charges that customers need to keep in mind when considering the total cost of their order.

Comparison with Other E-commerce Platforms

Zazzle’s shipping costs may seem higher as compared to other e-commerce platforms. However, it is important to note that Zazzle specializes in customized and personalized products. 

Therefore, the production and shipping costs of these products are higher than those of regular products. In addition, Zazzle offers various shipping methods and carriers to its customers. 

Customers can choose the method that suits their needs and budget. When comparing Zazzle’s shipping costs with other e-commerce platforms, it is crucial to consider the nature of the products being shipped and the level of customization offered.

As compared to other e-commerce platforms, Zazzle’s shipping costs are competitive. For instance, Amazon charges $3.99 for its standard shipping, while Zazzle charges $6.95 for its standard shipping. 

However, Zazzle’s shipping costs may increase for customized products and international shipping. The customization and personalization options offered by Zazzle are unique and require additional resources, which may contribute to slightly higher shipping costs.

Tips to Reduce Zazzle Shipping Costs

  • Use Zazzle’s Free Shipping Offers:

Zazzle offers free shipping on orders above a certain amount. Customers can take advantage of these offers to save on shipping costs. For instance, Zazzle currently offers free shipping on orders above $35. 

Therefore, customers can place their orders when such offers are available to reduce shipping costs. Keeping an eye on Zazzle’s promotional offers and taking advantage of free shipping promotions can significantly reduce overall shipping costs.

  • Opt for Slower Shipping Methods:

Customers can opt for slower shipping methods to reduce shipping costs. The slower the shipping method, the lower the shipping costs. 

However, customers should plan their orders in advance as slower shipping methods take longer to deliver. By planning ahead and allowing for longer delivery times, customers can save on shipping costs when urgency is not a priority.

  • Combine Multiple Orders to Save on Shipping Costs:

Customers can combine multiple orders to save on shipping costs. Instead of placing separate orders, customers can buy multiple products in one order to reduce shipping costs. 

Consolidating orders can help to minimize the number of packages being shipped and potentially reduce the overall shipping costs. This option may not be feasible for customers who need urgent deliveries, but it can be an effective way to save on shipping costs for non-urgent orders.

  • Use Third-Party Shipping Services:

Customers can use third-party shipping services that offer cheaper rates than Zazzle’s shipping rates. These services may take longer to deliver, but they can significantly reduce shipping costs. 

Customers should check with their country’s policies before using such services and ensure that the services are reliable and trustworthy. Third-party shipping services can provide alternative shipping options and potentially lower costs in specific regions or for specific types of shipments. 

However, customers should exercise caution and do thorough research before choosing a third-party shipping service.

  • Order in Bulk:

Ordering products in bulk can also help to reduce shipping costs. When customers order multiple quantities of the same product, the shipping cost per item may decrease. 

Zazzle may offer bulk discounts and work with customers to provide a more cost-effective shipping solution for larger order quantities. It is worth exploring bulk ordering options for customers who plan to order a significant quantity of products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Zazzle Shipping So Slow?

Zazzle’s shipping time varies depending on the shipping method selected by the customer. The slower the shipping method, the longer the shipping time. Customers should plan their orders in advance to account for the shipping time. Zazzle strives to provide accurate shipping estimates and ensures that the products are delivered within the specified timeframe.

Can I Track My Zazzle Order?

Yes, customers can track their Zazzle orders. Zazzle provides a tracking number for each order. Customers can use this number to track their orders on the shipping carrier’s website. Tracking information allows customers to stay informed about the progress of their packages and estimate the delivery date.

How Can I Cancel My Zazzle Order?

Customers can cancel their orders by contacting Zazzle’s customer support. However, customers should note that orders cannot be canceled once they have been shipped. Timely communication with Zazzle’s customer support team is crucial to ensure that any necessary order changes or cancellations can be accommodated.

Does Zazzle Offer International Shipping?

Yes, Zazzle offers international shipping. However, customers should check with their country’s policies before placing an order as they may incur customs fees. Zazzle strives to provide seamless international shipping services, but customers should be aware of potential customs fees, import duties, or taxes that may be imposed by the recipient country’s customs department.

How Can I Contact Zazzle Customer Support?

Customers can contact Zazzle’s customer support team via email or phone. Zazzle provides its contact information on its website. In case of any queries or concerns regarding shipping costs, customers can reach out to Zazzle’s customer support for assistance. Zazzle’s customer support team is dedicated to providing prompt and helpful responses to customers’ inquiries.


Zazzle’s shipping costs may seem expensive, but they are reasonable for customized and personalized products. The shipping costs depend on various factors such as shipping distance, shipping method, product weight and size, and customization options. 

Customers can reduce shipping costs by taking advantage of free shipping offers, opting for slower shipping methods, combining multiple orders, and using third-party shipping services. 

Therefore, customers should plan their orders wisely to reduce shipping costs and enjoy their customized products. Zazzle strives to provide efficient shipping services while maintaining the integrity and quality of the products being shipped. 

By understanding the factors that contribute to shipping costs and taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities, customers can make informed decisions and manage their shipping expenses effectively.