Advantage Gold Review: Is It the Best Gold IRA?

Chris Dios - June 01, 2021

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Gold was a top-performing asset in 2020, and it could be gearing up for an even bigger run in 2021. Inflation fears are on the rise, and retirement investors are beginning to worry about their nest eggs. Our Advantage Gold review tells you if this company’s gold IRA is an excellent place to shield your money from inflation.

advantage gold review

Advantage Gold Review: Overview

Advantage Gold is a leading precious metals broker that offers a wide selection of investment options for the retail investing crowd.

The company primarily focuses on precious metals and gold IRAs. In fact, Advantage Gold prides themselves  on being the leader in precious metals IRA rollovers.

Advantage Gold’s IRA department is fully staffed with experienced professionals that can walk you through the process from beginning to end. They make it easy to get started with a gold IRA quickly.

However, the firm doesn’t stop with IRAs. They offer a wide array of services and products that cater to precious metals investors.

The metals industry has had its share of bad actors over the years, but Advantage Gold isn’t in that category.

The company gets excellent ratings from both its clients and consumer advocacy groups like the BBB, TrustPilot, and more. In fact, Advantage Gold has been rated the highest rated precious metals company in the U.S. by TrustLink five years in a row.

Those are the basics, but we’re just getting started. First off, what is a gold IRA, and how does it work?

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gold ira vs gold etf
Gold IRAs vs Gold ETFs (Courtesy

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a specialized type of individual retirement account (IRA) that specifically holds gold and other IRA-approved precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium.

These highly focused accounts offer all the same tax benefits as a traditional IRA. The only difference is you’re holding real-life physical assets instead of paper assets like stocks and bonds.

Gold is the most common metal held in these accounts, so they’re most commonly called “Gold IRAs.” However, these retirement accounts can store any combination of gold, silver, and other IRA-approved precious metals.

Gold IRAs greatly simplify the investing process and its consequent tax implications. You also get tax write-offs for your contributions, just like you would with a traditional IRA.

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With inflation skyrocketing, more and more investors are reconsidering their portfolios, and many of them are turning to gold IRAs as a potential solution.

Gold IRAs offer excellent tax benefits and give you more control of your investments. Instead of owning a bunch of securities (AKA paper promises),  you can own physical coins, bullion, and other precious metals assets.

The gold and silver in your IRA belong to you. Advantage Gold only serves as the custodian of your account and ensures your assets are safely placed in secure storage at an approved depository.

Click here to get a detailed guide to Advantage Gold’s gold IRA services.

We’ll revisit this topic later in the review. First, let’s explore some of the potential reasons that gold could blow up in the coming years.

advantage gold review inflation chart
Irresponsible government spending is creating widespread inflation, and it’s decimating the purchasing power of your dollar. (Courtesy

Is Gold a Good Play Right Now?

This is a question any investors are asking in 2021. Given the current state of the U.S. economy, it’s a reasonable question to ask.

Massive government spending, labor market shortage, wealth disparity, and other major economic issues are piling up at an alarming rate.

Worse yet, the new administration is hell-bent on more debt-fueled spending. They have a lengthy wish list of social programs that will add trillions more to the federal deficit.

Some seasoned market veterans believe we could be headed for another era of stagflation like we had in the late 70s. But, what does that mean for your investments?

advantage gold review shrinking dollar
The vanishing purchasing power of the US dollar. At this rate, an investment has to perform very well to outpace inflation. (Courtesy of

Stagflation on the Horizon?

In the 1970s, Jimmy Carter oversaw one of the worst economic events of the 20th century. The economy ran into the worst possible circumstances: inflation, stagnant business activity, and low rates.

Carter tried to combat economic weakness and employment with massive government spending. Sound familiar? Eventually, inflation overheated and went wild.

Finally, in 1979, the Federal Reserve had to step in and take control of the situation. Then Fed President Paul Volcker had to eventually hike interest rates as high as 20% by June 1981 to save the economy from inflation.

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To this day, Volcker is considered an economic hero. It’s unclear if the economy could’ve recovered without his swift and certain action. To this day, Volcker is widely regarded as the savior of the modern monetary system.

It took years to clean up the mess Carter made. Fortunately, pro-business economic policies under President Ronald Reagan, who ousted Carter after just one term, managed to right the ship.

With the new administration, it’s – in the words of famed Yankee catcher Yogi Berra – “Deja Vu all over again.” We’re beginning to see many of the same warning flags that preceded the stagflation era.

advantage gold debt chart
Gold is historically undervalued in proportion to debt levels.

Inflation Fears

When you combine rising prices, high inflation, low economic growth, and high unemployment, you have a recipe for stagflation.

Mix in low-interest rates and high levels of government debt, and you could be looking at an all-out economic catastrophe. Today, those are the very same circumstances facing the post-COVID U.S. economy.

Inflation has been soaring as of late. April’s CPI report showed a 0.9% month-over-month increase, the highest single-month jump since 1981 during the tail-end of stagflation.

Many of the world’s top economists say it’s just a blip on the radar, but basic economic concepts would say otherwise. Plus, these ‘experts’ have been wrong on plenty of occasions.

Somehow, the Fed maintains that it’s such a monetary authority that it can disregard fundamental financial concepts. From a layman’s perspective, it seems like a stunning example of hubris.

Doubling Down

Regulators aren’t taking the inflation threat seriously, and it could compound the potentially dire economic consequences even further.

Worse yet, Washington is pushing for even more spending despite the alarms. The president is currently looking at pumping another $4 trillion in cheap money into the economy, despite a struggling labor market.

It all adds up to bad news for the US dollar. If you’re parking your money in a Treasury bond or savings account, you’re actually losing money when you take inflation to account.

Clearly, investors need to approach the market differently as a result of this new development. So, what can you do with your money to ensure it grows while simultaneously protecting it from inflation?

advantage gold growth chart
Government debts continue to soar in 2021 with no sign of slowing down.

Retirement Red-Alert

If you’re retired or within ten years of your target date, you should take inflation seriously. You’re too close to the finish line to make a mistake, and you need to take action before it’s too late.

A gold IRA could cushion your portfolio and carry you through the first few years of your retirement, giving you enough time to wait for your other stocks to rebound.

Raging inflation is a threat to every dollar in your portfolio. Don’t wait until the last minute. You need to protect your assets, and a gold IRA could be an excellent option.

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Investing in Precious Metals

Precious metals are one of the oldest and most reliable inflation hedges around. Investors have been using gold and silver as a measure of inherent value for thousands of years.

In 2020, gold skyrocketed to $2,200 an ounce in the early days of the pandemic due to the prevailing economic uncertainty.

Things cooled off once the tech rally started to take route, but the drastic move proves that gold could be a top performer if the market panics again.

The way 2021 is shaping up, we could have an even more significant Black Swan event on the horizon. Many investors believe the economy is on course for an all-out disaster before the end of the year.

There’s no telling who is right and who is wrong just yet, but it pays to be ahead of the curve. Once it becomes clear where the economy is headed, you will have already lost your advantage.

Investing in precious metals could help you avoid the worst end of a currency shock, but there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

Advantage Gold precious metals IRA could be a great option if you’re bullish on these assets, but there are a lot of options out there. What makes this company a good choice?

advantage gold investment growth
An investment in gold in 1999 could’ve drastically outperformed the most popular index funds over a 15-year run. (Courtesy

Advantage Gold Reputation Review

Advantage Gold is an established presence in the precious metal industry. The Los Angeles based company first opened its doors back in 2014 with a team of experienced gold-industry insiders at the helm.

Since then, it’s become a leading player in the gold IRA industry. It’s one of the highest-rated companies in the sector, and former clients are quick to praise it for its service and support.

advantage gold awards

Reviews and Ratings

The Better Business Bureau lists Advantage Gold as an accredited business with a BBB rating of A+. BBB accreditation is a noteworthy endorsement.

Only the most reputable companies and organizations get this nod.

Advantage Gold reviews from customers are also excellent. They have a BBB rating of A+, and clients give thema 4.75 out of 5 ratings on the Better Business Bureau website.

The firm’s BBB profile shows no complaints going back over the past three years.

In today’s consumer economy, that’s a significant accomplishment. Customers quickly criticize businesses online for the smallest perceived slight, yet Advantage Gold regularly receives no complaints.

advantage gold reviews

However, the accolades don’t end there. Advantage Gold also has an excellent record on Trustpilot. Trustpilot gives the company an “excellent” rating on more than 1,000 perfect, five-star reviews.

Trustlink also gives the company a perfect 10-out-of-10 score based on more than 300 reviews. In fact, Advantage Gold has won “Best of TrustLink” awards every year since 2016.

Advantage Gold is also a mint-listed dealer of precious metal.  They’re accredited by the U.S. Mint to sell gold and silver coins, yet another testament to the business’s credibility.

advantage gold customer reviews

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Advantage Gold Management Review

Advantage Gold has two all-stars of the gold and precious metals industry at the helm: Kirill Zagalsky and Adam Baratta.

These two were Advantage Gold’s original co-founders, and they’re still leading the charge in 2021. Here’s a closer look at the two precious metals entrepreneurs.

Kirill Zagalsky Review

Before founding Advantage Gold, Kirill Zagalsky served as a senior account executive with the United States Mint-listed dealer. Safe to say, this man knows his way around the precious metals industry.

During his time at the aforementioned mint-listed dealer, Zagalsky was a gold IRA account specialist. He personally helped hundreds of clients roll over their IRA assets into gold IRAs.

Zagalsky understands physical precious metals from the market’s perspective. He wasa licensed futures broker and has been involved in gold and silver investing for a very long time.

You may recognize Zagalsky from his appearances on financial media. He appeared in an NBC feature segment called “Tumbling Stocks Trigger Rush for Gold.”

Zagalsky is a valuable member of the Advantage Gold team. His industry connections and insights into the market are an asset to the company and its clients.

Most importantly Zagalsky serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Precious Metals Retailers Association which is an industry group dedicated to protecting and promoting the integrity of the precious metals industry.

The PMRA is focused on compliance in the industry and needless to say Zagalsky’s leadership within the organization is reflected in Advantage Gold’s commitment to honest and ethical business practices and industry-leading compliance.

adam barratta review
Advantage Gold Co-Founder Adam Barratta.

Adam Baratta Review

Adam Baratta previously served as a senior account executive at a mint-listed dealer specializing in gold IRAs.

Judging from his bio, he is the move-maker in this pair.

Baratta is a very successful entrepreneur specializing in the formation, financing, and organization of seed-to-startup stage businesses.

He’s seen success in the entertainment industry as an award-winning writer, director, and producer and even founded a motion picture production company that currently has partnerships in place with the NHL and NBC Universal.

adam barratta reviews

Adding to this list of accomplishments, he has also been featured in prominent publications like Forbes, Inc. 500, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today for his multiple bestselling books, Gold Is A Better Way (2018) and The Great Devaluation (2020), with USA Today ranking him the #1 Financial Author in America.

For a limited time, Advantage Gold is offering both of Baratta’s books for free. This is no ebook either. They’ll ship you an actual hard-copy book for no charge!

As a leading expert in the field of macroeconomics and precious metals, Baratta is known for his large-scale live webinars attended by over 10,000 visitors tuning in to hear his latest research and future predictions.  Those who follow him closely know he is on record predicting the Gold Boom that followed 2018, the reversion of QE in late 2019, and even the Fed’s reaction to the Coronavirus crisis – pumping liquidity and lowering rates to near-zero.

His research is now closely followed by over 75,000 subscribers who receive his monthly Full Faith & Credit Publication.

Adam Baratta still serves on the Advantage Gold board of directors to this day, and he plays an integral role in guiding the company using his tremendous executive vision.

gold is the better way review

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Founder Report Card

Both of these guys are highly qualified executives. Together, they’ve helped hundreds of people protect their assets using gold IRAs.

They also have a squeaky-clean reputation and track record. If you still had any doubts about Advantage Gold’s credibility, its founders’ reputation should alleviate your concerns.

Overall, this team is experienced, qualified, and honest. We give this dynamic duo an A+.

Advantage Gold IRA Review

Unlike other companies who dabble in numerous ventures, Advantage Gold has one focus and one focus only: Gold IRAs.

Many precious metals brokers only offer gold IRAs as a secondary service to supplement their income. In many cases, they don’t even manage the IRAs, acting as a middleman in exchange for commission instead.

Advantage Gold is different. They’re all about gold IRAs. The company believes in its product, and it wants to help as many people take advantage of this powerful financial instrument as possible.

Since Advantage Gold’s IRAs are the company’s main entree, we’re going to switch up our format and focus mainly on this service. Let’s break it down.

advantage gold ira approved coins

Advantage Gold Precious Metals IRA

Advantage Gold’s self-directed gold IRAs are the company’s flagship service. The firm has a highly trained and educated staff standing by to help investors through the entire process.

You have several options for opening your gold IRA account. The first and most obvious option is opening a new account with a cash investment.

If you have some cash sitting on the sideline and you don’t want to shake up your existing investments, this is a good route to go.

Alternatively, you can roll over your existing IRA or 401(K) retirement accountinto a gold IRA with the help of Advantage Gold’s experienced pros. You can also opt for a combination of these two options.

The third and final option is a direct transfer or a trustee-to-trustee transaction. It involves moving your money directly from your previous account custodian to Advantage Gold.

If you’re not sure what the best option is, you should check out Advantage Gold’s complimentary gold guide here.

The gold IRAs don’t have to be an end-all investment solution either. Diversification is the name of the game. If the currency crunch comes, your Gold IRA holdings are like your insurance policy.

advantage gold guide review

Advantage Gold Review: Costs and Fees

For a full report on Advantage Gold’s fee structure and service costs, get their complimentary gold guide here.

Obviously, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to investing, and fees can vary depending on the nature and complexity of your investments.

We don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. It’s best you talk to the pros at Advantage Gold if you want more detailed information on IRA pricing.

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Advantage Gold Pros and Cons

We’re nearing the end of our Advantage Gold rundown. Here are the pros and cons that come with a Gold IRA.


  • Tax-advantaged investing in IRA-approved physical precious metals
  • Potential inflation hedge
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Secure storage in the Delaware Depository or Brink’s storage facilities
  • A fully-staffed IRA team assists you with opening/funding your account
  • Offers a free gold guide for download on their site
  • Get a hardcover copy of “Gold is the Better Way” and “The Great Devaluation” for no charge
  • Perfect 5.0 ratings on Trustpilot and Trustlink; Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Get started quickly with the First-Time Gold Investor program
  • Excellent Advantage Gold reviews from clients
  • No BBB complaints in the past 3 years
  • Choose from a wide selection of investment-grade, IRA-approved precious metals, including coins, bullion, and more.
  • Direct phone number for quick access to live support


  • No live chat feature
  • They don’t work with anything less than $10,000
  • Doesn’t deal much with collectible coins

Is Advantage Gold Right for Me?

Advantage Gold’s gold IRA could be an excellent option for a lot of investors. Here are the most obvious beneficiaries of this service.

If you’re unsure if a gold IRA is right for you, this quiz can help you figure it out.

Gold Bulls

If you’re bullish on gold, there’s no reason to leave behind the tax advantages that come with an IRA. Advantage Gold’s IRAs allow you to own physical precious metals – not promises on paper – with the same tax benefits that come with traditional retirement accounts.

Fiscal Conservatives

Debt-fueled government spending is at historical highs, and inflation is raging. With interest rates near zero, it all spells bad news for the U.S. dollar. Gold IRA can help you shield your assets in the event of a currency collapse, so you and your family’s finances remain intact.

Retirement Savers

Getting close to retirement can be stressful when there’s uncertainty in the market. Plus, bond yields are super low, and it’s hard to find decent returns on your cash anywhere. A gold IRA can protect your portfolio from a last-minute downside move that could derail your retirement. It also provides a cash cushion that will buy you time to wait for the market to recover.


Do you work overtime to prepare yourself for anything? Do you prioritize protecting your family at any cost? Storing supplies and preparing to protect your family from potential disasters is just a tiny part of the equation. You need to protect your finances too. A gold IRA could be the missing piece in your contingency plan. Protect your property, protect your family, and protect your portfolio with a Gold IRA.

First Time Gold Investor

Advantage Gold makes it easy for new investors to get started with gold. The company’s highly qualified team of IRA experts are standing by and ready to answer all your questions.

Advantage Gold believes in education first. With their extensive resources and educational materials, they can help you learn more about the ups and downs of investing in a gold IRA.

Make sure you ask about the First-Time Gold Investor program if you decide to reach out!

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advantage gold IRA approved coins

Is an Advantage Gold IRA Worth It?

An Advantage Gold IRA could be an excellent option for a lot of people.  If you’re bullish on gold or bearish on the USD, it’s definitely something you should consider.

Owning gold through an ETF isn’t the same as investing in physical metals. Funds charge fees to manage those accounts, and good luck collecting your gold if it ever came down to it.

You could always buy bullion and coins directly, but you’re foregoing tax benefits that could save you thousands of dollars over time. A gold IRA gives you the best of both worlds.

Compared to fees associated with ETFs and mutual funds, a gold IRA is a reasonable and sometimes more affordable alternative to high expense-ratio funds.

From a cost-benefit perspective, we’d say Advantage Gold’s IRAs are definitely worth it for the right people.

However, we’re not qualified to give investment advice, so you should chat with an Advantage Gold representative to learn more about it if you’re interested.

Advantage Gold Review: Final Verdict

After a thorough review of Advantage Gold, we have to say we’re impressed. This company has a fantastic track record for client satisfaction. They have hundreds of perfect five-star reviews and no complaints.

This company has an excellent service record. Plus, they have a highly educated team that exclusively handles gold IRAs. You’re in good hands when you’re dealing with Advantage Gold.

If you’re considering investing in gold or other precious metals, you should give Advantage Gold a look. They have tons of educational resources for new investors, so you can find out a lot if you’re still on the fence.

They even offer a hardcover book that they’ll ship to you for free, and all you have to do is ask for it!

Scary things are happening in the U.S. economy right now, and it’s especially troubling for close-to-retirement investors. If you’re thinking about a gold IRA, don’t wait.

Get in touch with one of their experts today for an easy, no-pressure conversation about the pros and cons of gold IRAs.

>> That’s it for our Advantage Gold review. Click here for a Free Gold Guide to learn more about these powerful financial tools <<


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