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Is Altucher’s Crypto Millionaire Blueprint A Winner?

Altucher's Crypto Millionaire Blueprint
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What would you do if you knew the best days of the cryptocurrency market were still to come? Crypto expert James Altucher anticipates a new bull market on the horizon, but is he right? I get to the bottom of his claim in this Altucher’s Crypto Millionaire Blueprint review.

James Altucher

Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is a financial guru who founded and ran a multimillion-dollar hedge fund and venture capital firm. He’s an expert in crypto technology, an angel investor, and has the ear of billionaires.

An established author, he’s penned over 20 books and has been published in The Financial Times, The New York Observer, and The Wall Street Journal.

All these mentions are great, but Altucher has already done what many of us want to – make a fortune on digital currency. In fact, he replaced millions he lost during the dot-com bomb with his crypto earnings.

Now, Altucher’s sole focus is sharing his research with the masses to help us achieve that same success.

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Altucher's crypto millionaire blueprint bundle

Altucher’s Crypto Millionaire Blueprint Review

I’ve heard “Crypto is dead!” so many times now it makes my head spin. Sure, the cryptocurrency market has been in a tailspin of late, but I find it hard to fathom that the end is nigh.

James Altucher agrees and actually believes the best is yet to come. If he’s right, many new millionaires could rise from the ashes.

There’s a tight time frame to invest, though. Let’s find out why.

New bull market coming up

The New Bull Market

The cryptocurrency market has pulled back, but what if that’s just an opportunity to buy low before digital currencies rise again? All the signs for a return to growth are there.

Bitcoin was unequivocally the top-performing investment of 2023. Even the biggest stock market gains of the year didn’t compare.

That’s just the beginning. We’re entering a new era where corporations are including certain cryptocurrencies as part of their business. Mastercard’s even launching a new card backed by crypto.

Smart money is flowing into the cryptocurrency market as we speak. Asset management firm BlackRock, which juggles more than $10 trillion, is about to launch an ETF tied to Bitcoin.

Where smart money goes, people follow. The crypto bull market is rapidly building to critical mass.

Roughly 300 million people use cryptocurrency right now, but Altucher estimates the market will really explode at the 1 billion mark. That milestone doesn’t feel far off.

What exactly does James Altucher anticipate this will mean for crypto?

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Altucher’s Crypto Prediction

Such a rise in demand for digital currencies will almost assuredly cause prices to soar higher than anything we’ve seen before. There could be an avenue for gains brewing like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Crypto and blockchain technology are taking over. Some of the coins birthed from this movement could make Bitcoin’s growth seem slow.

Because we’re still sitting in a lull, you can scoop up many of them for mere cents on the dollar. If they explode, it could be just like buying shares of Amazon or Apple when they were still baby stocks.

A $10,000 investment in Apple back in 2001 could be more than $5,000,000 today. These are the types of returns that really change lives.

Don’t believe me? It happened in the last crypto bull run back in 2020.

Solana grew from $1.84 to over $235. That’s more than 13,300% in one year.

Altucher's crypto prediction - Fantom investment returns

Fantom and Axie Infinity followed suit. Both coins shot up around 17,000%.

Axie investment returns: $1500 turned into #261,305 in under 12 months

The trick though is finding the right cryptos at the right time – and that time is now.

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How to Capitalize on Coiled Cryptos

Keep in mind, though, that the vast majority of coins will never amount to anything. Investing in them would be the same as throwing your money away.

James Altucher looks for what he calls “coiled cryptos”. These coiled cryptos have had their value pressed down and are set to spring back upward.

Many of these cryptos would net you 8X returns if they just return to the highs they had before the crash. That doesn’t even factor in additional growth potential.

One of Altucher’s favorite coiled cryptos right now is Ethereum. It’s grown 40% since he recommended it, but he’s predicting 8,788% returns in under five years.

Ethereum is just one of many coins on Altucher’s coiled cryptos list he’s sharing with all of us. You can have access to every single one if you sign up under his new service.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you receive for becoming a member.

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Coiled Cryptos To Build A Fortune: Bonus Reports with Crypto millionaire blueprint

What’s Included in Altucher’s Crypto Deal?

Here’s what you get if you take advantage of Altucher’s crypto deal.

12 Months of Altucher’s Investment Network

A subscription comes with a full year of Altucher’s Investment Network.

At its heart is a monthly newsletter Altucher uses to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency market. He includes his top crypto picks along with avenues to make money from other assets.

Outside the newsletter, you’ll get frequent updates and alerts altering you to pertinent information affecting your investments. These notifications are clutch when you can’t watch your portfolio 24/7.

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Exclusive Model Portfolio

Altucher’s coiled cryptos appear here in the model portfolio. These are the coins slated to take off during the next bull market.

He also lists all his favorite investments from non-crypto assets for you to view and partake in if you so desire. It’s updated in real-time so you’re always looking at an active snapshot.

You’ll receive an email any time Altucher makes a change, such as a buy or sell recommendation.

Quarterly Live Sessions

Every three months, Altucher sends out a private access link for an exclusive live session with him and a handful of other members. On the call, you’ll hear straight from the master his latest analysis on the cryptocurrency market and insights on where the money’s going.

With a little luck, you may be able to have some of your crypto questions answered during the chat. Few gurus allow this kind of personal access.

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FEATURED BONUS REPORT: Coiled Cryptos To Build A Fortune

This brand-new special report contains the names of nine coiled cryptos that could perfectly position you for big gains.

Each one’s been compressed from the recent crash, and their prices are super cheap at the moment. Altucher expects these coins to reach incredible heights the moment the market lets up.

After finishing this quick read, you’ll have everything you need to invest. It’s so easy you could own all of them in less than 20 minutes.

During the last bull market, Altucher turned $25,000 into $2 million in just four and a half years. This time, you’ll have the knowledge to go with him.

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The Big Book Of Crypto

The Big Book Of Crypto

New members also get to enjoy a copy of The Big Book of Crypto. I’d argue this is the ultimate guide for learning how blockchain technology and the crypto universe really work.

This is the kind of insider information I wish I had access to when I started dabbling in digital currency. If you want the best chance at getting wealthy from crypto, this is the place to look.

Inside, Altucher shares his favorite crypto tool and how to stay at the forefront of money-making investments. There’s even a section dedicated to ways you can protect every aspect of your digital life.

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Bonus Daily E-Letter Subscriptions

This deal is absolutely packed with content. It comes with free subscriptions to all three of Paradigm Press’s daily e-letters.

The publisher’s experts pen them and discuss the latest buzz surrounding investments, the economy, and finance.

Here’s the complete list of what you’ll get:

  • Altucher Confidential
  • Paradigm Pressroom’s 5 Bullets
  • Paradigm Press Concierge

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moneyback guarantee on Altucher's crypto millionaire blueprint

Altucher’s Money-Back Guarantee

James offers one of the best money-back guarantees I’ve seen for a service of this magnitude. You’ll have a full 180 days from the time you sign up to decide if the Altucher Crypto Millionaire Blueprint is for you.

If there’s anything you don’t like, reach out for a complete refund of your purchase price. Everything you’ve received up to that point is yours to keep.

Most services allow you to try things out for 30 or 90 days, if that. This speaks volumes to how much Altucher stands by his platform.

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What Do Users think of Altucher’s Crypto Blueprint?

Crypto Blueprint users seem to think really highly of the service. Based on the reviews I’ve seen, people can’t get enough of Altucher’s tips and recommendations. His recommendations have led to some big gains in short stretches of time.

Altucher's Crypto Millionaire Blueprint user reviews

What really stands out to me, though, are the comments on Altucher’s personality. People love reading his stuff because he’s engaging, witty, and smart. If I have to read another boring report again it’ll be too soon.

These reviews did come from the publisher, so take them with a grain of salt. That said, there are some great insights here.

How Much is Altucher’s Crypto Blueprint Deal?

Crypto Millionaire’s Blueprint normally costs $299 for the year. As part of this special deal, you can get the Platinum package for just $49. That’s almost 85% off the cover price!

It’s entirely possible to have all the content I covered above for just over $4 per month if you act fast. That’s a ton of value for such a low price.

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Altucher's crypto blueprint review

Is Altucher’s Crypto Blueprint Worth It?

I’ve pored over every inch of this deal, and it’s an easy one to recommend.

There’s a ton of content focused on the cryptocurrency market and coiled cryptos, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

The bonus reports and access to James Altucher himself are excellent tools for learning to win big at crypto on your own, should the need arise.

With the cost of this service so low, I can’t ever imagine having a need to jump ship. Altucher’s insights are second to none, and he’s got the wealth we all want to prove it.

Plus, the amazing money-back guarantee takes all the heat off you should you decide to try it out.

If you’ve been looking to get involved with crypto or maximize your chances of life-changing wealth, Altucher’s Crypto Blueprint is a no-brainer.

Sign up post-haste to get the most out of what’s on offer here before this deal’s gone for good.

>> That’s it for my review. Claim your 85% discount BEFORE IT’S GONE! <<


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