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Atom Finance Review: The Best Stock Research Tool?

atom finance review
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Atom Finance is a highly rated investment app that’s built a name for itself by delivering detailed market insights. But does this platform really live up to its reputation? Follow along with our Atom Finance review to find out. 

Atom Finance Review: A Stock Market Research Tool

With its stock research options, Atom Finance offers investors a happy middle ground, as it was designed to make the same level of knowledge available to traders at a much more reasonable price.

Here are some of the tools Atom Finance provides:

  • Equity research and company comparison
  • Search investor documents and x-ray documentation
  • Stock screener and price target updates
  • Portfolio tracker and personal finance tools
  • Hub and chat features — and much more

But how does this company stack up for retail investors? Find out by reading our Atom Finance review.

Atom Finance review

Atom Finance Review: Overview

Atom Finance is an investment research platform along the lines of Benzinga and the Bloomberg Terminal.

The company started in 2018 and is based out of Brooklyn, New York, and Eric Shoykhet is its current CEO.

Atom Finance offers many of the same investment tools as other platforms but at a much lower cost.

Traders of all types will also appreciate all features and tools that Atom provides through its Premium membership.

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How Does Atom Finance Work?

Investment research is the name of the game at Atom Finance.

While trading is done on the platform itself, it makes it easy to link up and track all of your brokerage and investment accounts.

But is integration with Atom Finance safe and secure?

Integration is secure and allows the user to see each investment and brokerage account they have in one place.

Atom Finance has several institutional-quality tools available for investment research and analysis of the latest happenings on the stock market.

Individual investors use these tools to look at the latest stock news or dig deeper into company data by searching SEC filings or how a company’s stocks have been trading.

To make research as easy as possible, the service is accessible by a web browser but there are also mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

These apps allow traders to access Atom Finance’s tools and the latest stock investing information even while on the go.

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Atom Finance Features

Atom Finance offers multiple institutional-quality investing tools to help you make the best investment decisions, And its five staple features are available for use on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

These tools revolve around keeping investors informed of the latest news in real-time and a robust research platform to search SEC filings, event transcripts, and much more.

News Feed

When you log into your account, Atom Finance greets you with news about the stocks and investments in your portfolio.

The service also lets investors follow stocks and market sectors to create a customizable news feed on the platform.

The news feed does lack information from a few of the top news feeds like Benzinga and Bloomberg. 

Fortunately, Premium subscribers also receive access to price change explanations, analyst commentary, and equity search summaries.

X-Ray Document Search

Another one of Atom Finance’s tools is the x-ray document search feature.

The x-ray tool allows investors to search for company mentions across SEC filings, earnings call transcripts, and news articles.

Searches can include specific stock market terms or general company information.


The sandbox is one of Atom Finance’s research tools where investors get to play with financial models.

It’s possible to create financial models instantly and make modifications as consensus estimates change.

Financial models are built right in the platform and can be viewed without the need to export data elsewhere.

Company Data Comparison

This platform also offers up the ability to compare companies head to head and see how they stack up.

Data such as price-to-earnings ratio, revenue growth, and standing on the stock market are available at a glance.

It’s possible to compare several companies side-by-side to find patterns to invest in or pitfalls to avoid.


The portfolio tool is the ideal place to analyze investments over different brokerage accounts.

Investors do have to link the app to each different brokerage account to use this feature.

Once this is done, the investor can see all their holdings and stocks over several investment platforms in one place.

Integration is seamless, and being able to view your investment data from all investing platforms in a single hub is a huge plus.

Only Premium Members can create accounts for testing and perform fund look-throughs.

Stock Screener

Every investment research platform needs a screener, and Atom Finance does not disappoint.

Using multiple metrics, this tool makes it easy to filter down thousands of stocks from across the stock market for analysis.

Investment information can populate in real-time on the screen so that the data can be viewed and compared.

Saving this data as a hub will allow the investor to continuously monitor the information for changes that might spark investment opportunities.


The hub is the place to create watchlists to compare your favorite stocks.

Information in the hub is continuously updated in real-time, keeping traders up to date.

With these real-time updates, investors can be confident that their daily trade strategies are supported by the most current information available. 

There are dozens of metrics available for investors to compare multiple pieces of stock data with the click of a button.

It’s also possible to create stock charts for a more detailed analysis.


The chat tool lets investors connect with other investors via a computer or mobile app for collaborative purposes.

Group chats and discussion boards are available for reading over and discussing each other’s stock market tips and financial insights.

This can be a great place to catch a great stock tip or have someone provide valuable feedback on your investment strategy.

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Is Atom Finance Legit?

Atom Finance is the real deal and provides professional-level service for a minimal amount of money.

Atom Finance itself is not an investment or brokerage service — rather it is an effective tool for beginner and advanced traders to develop solid investment strategies informed by real-time updates.

Because of this, no money ever leaves your investment accounts when using this service.

Atom Finance even goes so far as to use trusted third-party software to obtain access to those other platforms.

All information stored on Atom Finance’s servers is first encrypted and anonymized before being stored.

These multiple layers of encryption and anonymization make data unidentifiable should others try to access it.

Atom Finance Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your subscription to Atom Finance, it’s no more complex than going to the website or the app.

Your membership will terminate at the end of the billing month.

This will cause you to lose access to all the extra features that the premium service offers.

How Much Does Atom Finance Cost?

Creating an Atom Finance account is quite easy.

The platform offers two tiers of service to sign up for, so you can choose the financial model that makes the most sense to you.

Atom finance costs


Atom Finance Premium Tier

Atom Finance’s Premium Tier gives full access to all the investing information across the entire site.

The Premium Tier unlocks all of the research tools, daily market briefings, analyst estimates, news, and alerts an investor can hope to get their hands on.

In addition, tools like the sandbox, x-ray document search, institutional investor holdings, and financial commentaries become available.

Signing up for the Premium Tier starts with a free 30-day trial with access to all the trading information that Atom Finance has to offer.

Continuing a Premium Tier subscription after that point will only cost $9.99 per month.

Atom Finance Review: Pros and Cons

Atom Finance appears to be quite good at what it does, especially considering most of its services are available at no cost.

Here’s where Atom Finance features shine, and also where the platform falls short:

Atom Finance Pros

  • Premium Tier is cost-effective and includes a 30-day free trial
  • Institutional-quality stock market data
  • Easy integration of brokerage accounts across different platforms
  • Forum and chat available to share ideas with other traders
  • Multiple tools for news and research
  • Customizable news feeds
  • Portfolio management and analysis

Atom Finance Cons

  • Newsfeed lacks information from sites like Bloomberg and Benzinga
  • No trading can be done on-site
  • Limited coverage on foreign stocks

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Is Atom Finance Right for Me?

It’s safe to say that Atom Finance appears to be a great tool for all but the most hard-core traders who need that extra information from the big sites like Bloomberg and Benzinga.

The service has something to offer just about every level of investor out there.

Many investors do not have the means to pay upwards of $20,000 per year to invest in a service like Bloomberg.

Atom Finance wants to make institutional-quality information available to all traders, no matter how much they currently have in their portfolio.

Creating a portfolio on Atom Finance allows an investor to watch all their investments in real-time and get the latest information on companies whose stocks they are investing or interested in.

Active traders may want to lean towards the premium plan to unlock the entire gamut of features that Atom Finance has to offer.

The professional tools offered by the premium plan at less than $10 per month should give most traders all the information they need to make smart investment decisions.

Atom Finance Reviews by Members

The consensus across the internet at this time is that Atom Finance does a fantastic job of holding its own against the big dogs without investors having to break the bank (or even open their wallets).

The few reviews they currently have on sites like Trustpilot are positive.

The platform is still new, but it’s clear they want to keep providing new tools to members, as indicated by the new Premium Tier.

Time will tell if they can keep up with other investment platforms currently out there.

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Final Review: Is Atom Finance Worth It?

For just $9.99 a month and a free trial, users should consider unlocking Atom Finance’s Premium Tier.

Being able to look through the top five holdings and only being able to view three analyst forecasts per month is not enough for the average trader.

The Premium Tier removes all the limitations on accessing the information that is crucial for any trader to get their hands on.

So should you use Atom Finance?

If you like what you’ve heard throughout our review, then you should definitely consider giving it a chance.

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