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Biden’s Online Speech Control Efforts Spark Greater Concerns In Light Of The Durham Report

Special Counsel John Durham’s inquiry into the FBI’s dissemination of false information regarding Russia and former President Trump nears its completion, prompting scrutiny of President Biden’s persistent endeavors to regulate online speech.

Concerns arise as executive offices like the failed Disinformation Governance Board and the newly established Foreign Malign Influence Center (FMIC) emerge, raising questions about the administration’s focus on exerting control rather than safeguarding Americans’ civil liberties.

Uncertainties over Biden’s Oversight Raise Alarms, Constitutional Rights at Risk?

Growing uncertainties over the Biden administration’s expanding oversight and regulation, including the surveillance regime, raise alarms about the potential erosion of constitutional rights and the emergence of a two-tiered justice system. 

The administration’s censorship tendencies have been evident in suppressing stories like the Hunter Biden laptop saga and dismissing the Covid-19 lab leak theory, prompting concerns about government interference in shaping public narratives.

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Biden’s Control Efforts Threaten Constitutional Freedoms and Trust in Institutions

In the face of the Biden administration’s attempts to determine the legitimacy of American speech, many express alarm over the potential loss of trust in institutions and the erosion of prosperity. 

The danger lies in the emergence of a two-tiered justice system, where the party in power enjoys preferential treatment, raising concerns about fairness and equal treatment under the law.

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Censorship Extends to Stories Inconvenient to the Administration

Instances of the administration’s censorial instincts have become increasingly apparent, particularly when stories clash with its agenda. 

Examples such as defacing cities or intimidating Supreme Court Justices often go unchecked when aligned with the administration’s goals. 

Notably, the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the subsequent shift in public perception of the Covid-19 lab leak theory underscores the administration’s involvement in shaping and burying narratives.

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Upholding First Amendment Rights through Legal Challenges

Seeking to protect First Amendment rights, organizations like NetChoice have taken legal action against state laws criminalizing “inappropriate” online speech. 

Notable victories have highlighted the importance of preserving free speech and preventing government control over expression. Legal remedies and court interventions are crucial in upholding citizens’ rights.

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Market Competition as a Regulator of Business Practices

Harnessing the power of the free market, consumer choices become a driving force in holding businesses accountable for objectionable actions. 

By allowing consumers to vote with their feet, the market becomes a natural regulator, incentivizing businesses to align with public sentiment. Facilitating this process should be the government’s role rather than undermining it.

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Congressional Actions to Protect Free Speech

The proposed legislation, such as the Protecting Free Speech from Government Interference Act, aims to prohibit government employees from coercing social media platforms for political purposes. 

While judicial interventions can strike down unconstitutional actions, congressional investigations and oversight are essential in ensuring accountability throughout the executive branch. 

Additionally, empowering Congress to invoke the Holman Rule would allow the reduction of pay for federal employees who prioritize political self-interest over serving the American people.

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Preserving Trust in Institutions and Reaffirming Public Service

In light of the challenges posed by China, Russia, and Iran, it is essential to address the erosion of public trust in American institutions. 

Recognizing the need to combat corruption and reaffirm the commitment to serving the American people, elected officials must take steps to restore faith in the system. 

The Founding Fathers’ vision of a government protecting individual rights remains paramount, and preserving checks and balances is crucial to safeguarding democracy.

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