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Controversy surrounds the Bidens’ investigation: FBI mole detected

Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna from Florida, a member of the House Oversight Committee, has accused the FBI and certain prominent Democrats of protecting the Bidens during the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden.

Luna claimed on “Jesse Watters Primetime” that there are FBI “moles” leaking information to the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, to shield them from the investigation.

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Luna specifically mentioned a purported mole named “One-Eye” who allegedly informed Hunter Biden’s Chinese associates about the ongoing investigation.

‘One-Eye’ mole infiltrates FBI: trust, accountability questioned

These allegations were made by Dr. Gal Luft, a former Israeli military officer who claims to have been arrested in Cyprus based on a politically motivated extradition request by the United States.

The New York Post reported that Luna’s committee investigated Luft’s claims.

According to Luna, the existence of a mole within the FBI named One-Eye raises concerns about the bureau’s lack of trust and accountability.

FBI criticized for withholding vital documents

Luna was questioned about the prolonged investigation into Hunter Biden, which has spanned five years and two administrations.

President Biden retained former President Trump’s federal prosecutor in Wilmington, David Weiss, in an apparent effort to avoid conflict-of-interest allegations.

Luna criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray for his reluctance to provide her committee with a physical copy of a document allegedly linking President Biden to a foreign bribe in exchange for policy actions.

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FBI cover-up, a disservice to Americans – Luna

Credit: DepositPhotos

Luna stated that her committee would introduce a bill to hold FBI Director Wray in contempt of Congress for failing to provide the requested document.

She accused the FBI of engaging in a cover-up, which she believed was a disservice to the American people.

Raskin’s misleading, untruthful comment debunked

Host Jesse Watters reported that Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin, the ranking member on the Oversight Committee, has been misleading or untruthful in his public comments about the investigation.

Raskin recently stated that the Justice Department terminated the investigation into the bribery claim against Biden, but Watters claimed this statement was false.

High-ranking source confirm legitimacy of bribe document

According to a high-ranking source from the Trump Department of Justice, a team of FBI, Justice Department, and CIA officials reviewed the bribe document and found it legitimate.

The record was subsequently delivered to the Delaware Prosecutor’s Office for the Hunter Biden investigation.

Raskin accuses Comer of ‘weaponizing’ committee power

In response to the planned contempt proceedings against Wray, Raskin stated that the FBI had appropriately accommodated the committee’s subpoena by allowing an in-person review of the document and answering questions for over an hour.

Raskin argued that releasing the document publicly could endanger the Confidential Human Source and undermine future FBI programs and investigations.

He accused Republican Representative James Comer of weaponizing the committee’s power to discredit and dismantle the FBI.

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Republicans and Democrats feud trail Hunter Biden’s case

The ongoing feud between Republican and Democratic members of the House Oversight Committee highlights the deep divisions surrounding the investigation into Hunter Biden and the alleged protection of the Bidens.

The accusations of moles within the FBI and disputes over the release of documents contribute to the ongoing controversy and uncertainty surrounding this high

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