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County Sheriff in Florida Encourages Residents To Shoot Intruders

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson, in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, reaffirmed his stance on homeowners using lethal force against intruders, emphasizing the effectiveness of such measures in deterring crime.

Johnson had made a statement two years ago: “If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot. We prefer you to do that, actually.”

His comments have recently gone viral again after a woman in New York ended up being arrested for trying to evict squatters from her home. 

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In the recent interview, Johnson highlighted the peace of mind and security provided by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which removes the obligation for residents to retreat in the face of an attack.

He contrasted this with states lacking such provisions, pointing to higher crime rates as a consequence of restrictive self-defense laws.

The sheriff reported a noticeable decrease in home invasions since his controversial press conference, suggesting a possible correlation between his public statements and the deterrent effect on potential criminals.

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Johnson also praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his strong support of law enforcement and the Second Amendment, attributing the state’s low crime rate to such leadership.

In addition to his strong advocacy for self-defense, Johnson provides community gun safety and shooting accuracy training.

Despite receiving backlash and death threats, primarily from states with stringent gun control laws, Johnson stands by his comments, dismissing accusations of racial motivation and emphasizing his duty to protect the residents of Santa Rosa County.

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Johnson’s unapologetic communication style, rooted in his background as a law enforcement officer rather than a politician, resonates with many citizens who prioritize their right to protect their homes and families.

His approach reflects a broader national debate on the rights of homeowners versus the rights of intruders, the role of firearms in self-defense, and the impact of political leadership on public safety policies.


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