Stansberry’s Crypto Capital Review 2021: Is Eric Wade Legit?

John Parker - May 18, 2021

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This new crypto research service from Eric Wade and Stansberry Research is generating tons of buzz online. Our Crypto Capital review will put it to the test and tell you if it lives up to the hype.

Before we get started, let’s set the record straight real quick. Stansberry Crypto Capital has no relation to the Bitcoin trading bot scam with a similar name, so don’t let the similar names muddy your perception of this service.

Stansberry Research recently launched Crypto Capital with crypto genius Eric Wade to bring their customers a premium cryptocurrency research service.

But, does this advisory service deliver have the performance to back up its popularity? Keep reading our Crypto Capital review to find out.

Crypto Capital Review: The Basics

Crypto Capital is a cryptocurrency research service that claims that it can help members earn up to 2,135% in gains with as little as a $100 cryptocurrency investment.

That’s a bold claim for sure, but don’t write off the possibility. Cryptocurrencies are well-known for their volatility, and quadruple-digit gains aren’t unheard of in crypto trading circles.

Each month, Crypto Capital delivers a new research report directly to your inbox.

The reports come loaded with the latest crypto research and analysis, plus actionable picks.

Your membership also includes exclusive access to a massive library of training materials to help you sharpen your skills.

cryptocurrency masterclass review

Crypto Capital Review: Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a leading publisher of financial research and other types of investor media, and the company has helped thousands of people make money over the years.

The Baltimore-based company has dozens of investing newsletters and research reports under its brand, and it’s become a well-known player in the industry over the past few years.

Stansberry is best known for reports on investments like stocks, bonds, and other mainstream investments, but Crypto Capital is its first foray into the cryptocurrency space.

It might not be the most experienced crypto publisher around, but Stansberry is a large company with a high-powered research department.

Rest assured, they wouldn’t be taking a shot at a cryptocurrency newsletter unless they had the goods to back it up.

They also recruited the perfect guy to quarterback Crypto Capital, Eric Wade.

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Eric Wade Review

The mastermind behind Stansberry’s flagship crypto advisory Crypto Capital is Eric Wade, a veteran crypto trader and established financial guru and no look into the program would be complete with out an Eric Wade review.

Eric Wade kicked off his finance career at Merrill Lynch, a well-known financial advisory firm acquired by Bank of America in a mega-merger a few years ago.

After his Merrill Lynch days, Eric Wade worked in advertising and media before finally wading his way into the cryptocurrency space.

According to his recent Crypto Masterclass presentation, he once turned a $7 investment into a $1 million profit. That might sound absurd from a trading perspective but, judging by Bitcoin’s 10-year chart, it’s certainly conceivable.

These days, Eric Wade focuses 100% of his efforts on crypto trading, and he’s been making money with crypto so long that he’s gotten pretty damn good at it.

When the country started locking down because of the novel coronavirus, Eric Wade wanted to help the millions of people suddenly out of work and desperate for a new income stream.

Wade made tons of money in crypto, but he doesn’t consider himself unique. He believes everyone has the potential to cash in and crypto, so he decided to share his knowledge with Stansberry Research’s first-ever Crypto Masterclass.

Crypto Capital Masterclass

Eric Wade filmed the Crypto Masterclass from his Burbank, California home in the coronavirus lockdowns’ early days.

According to Wade, the lockdown was the perfect time for people to learn more about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space:

“What better use of your time than to invest in your education about bitcoin and its underlying technology, both of which, could change your life – for the better?”

–Eric Wade, “Crypto Masterclass”

To make the training even more accessible, Stansberry Research decided not to charge for the course.

The Crypto Masterclass provides a crash course in cryptocurrency and related sectors like blockchain and Bitcoin, and it’s free to whoever wants it.

Crypto Masterclass Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

After attending the course, you’ll have a solid foundational understanding of how blockchain technology works and the step-by-step mechanics behind cryptocurrency trading.

Stansberry Research is also offering a major discount on Eric Wade’s investment advisory service, Crypto Capital, to every student who graduates from the course.

All you have to do is watch the video lessons, and you’ll save thousands on a Crypto Capital subscription; more on that later.

If you have even a slight interest in blockchain, Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency space in general, we highly recommend you check out the class. Crypto courses like this often go for thousands of dollars, so you should take advantage of the free education.

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Eric Wade Crypto Capital Review

Crypto Capital is the brainchild of crypto guru Eric Wade. Wade launched his career trading futures in college, but he hopped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon back in 2013.

Since then, Wade has established himself as one of the foremost experts on crypto trading. He has a distinguished record for picking winners, and some of the most prestigious companies in the world regularly seek him out for his expertise.

Stansberry Research

Crypto Capital is Wade’s brainchild, but Stansberry Research publishes the newsletter and course.

Stansberry Research is a well-known research publisher that operates a vast portfolio of publications and services.

Their affiliates include stand-outs like True Wealth, Flipping Stocks Club, and Stansberry Investment advisory.

crypto capital review

Stansberry Crypto Capital Review: What’s Included?

Crypto Capital is more than a research service. In fact, a subscription comes loaded with tons of extras, including:

  • 12 monthly issues of Crypto Capital.
  • Weekly updates on the latest market moves.
  • Real-time buy/sell alerts
  • Bonus Report: “How to Buy Your First Bitcoin”
  • Access to an extensive library of educational videos on crypto trading
  • FREE Cryptocurrency Masterclass with a bonus discount for attendees.

Crypto Capital Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is Crypto Capital’s flagship offering.

On the third Tuesday of every month, you’ll receive a new alert chock-full of the latest market-moving news, in-depth research, and more.

You’ll also get an inside look at Wade’s recommended portfolio and trading moves, plus video updates on urgent topics.

The newsletter also speculates on potential market trends and provides insights into Wade’s arsenal of unique analytical tools.

Wade says the advice in his newsletter can help you earn enough money to achieve your wildest financial dreams.

Weekly Updates/Alerts

A month is a long time in the fast-moving crypto market, so Crypto Capital includes weekly updates too.

These weekly alerts keep you up to speed on the latest buy and sell recommendations so you can time your trades with precision.

These real-time alerts are critical in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

bitcoin trades

“How to Buy Your First Bitcoin” Report

Buying crypto is very different from buying stocks, so beginners will likely need some guidance to get started.

Luckily, Eric Wade has your covered with this report. It walks you through everything you need to know to make your first Bitcoin investment.

Its title specifically mentions Bitcoin, but this report gives you the background knowledge you need to trade other cryptos besides Bitcoin too.

The report covers a wide array of valuable subjects, including instructions for setting up a Bitcoin wallet, how to open an investment account with a trustworthy exchange, and much more.

The cryptocurrency industry has some pretty shady participants, so this report is an invaluable resource for new traders.

Eric Wade does an excellent job of breaking down the nuances in a way that’s understandable for just about anyone who wants to make an investment in Bitcoin.

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Step-by-Step Videos

Subscribers also get access to step-by-step instructional videos that explain Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment in exhaustive detail.

Each video explains the technology behind Bitcoin and blockchain so that you can get a better understanding of the market.

This is a vital addition to the service because – as any investor knows – you shouldn’t make an investment in anything you don’t understand.

By the time you finish these videos, you’ll have a solid grasp on the investment fundamentals that power Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Crypto Capital Review: Cost and Value

One year of Crypto Capital costs $5,000, but that’s the full retail price.

If you sign up for the complimentary Eric Wade Crypto Masterclass, you’ll get a massive 75% discount. You’ll end up paying just $1,500 per month for the service.

That annual rate averages out to just around $125 monthly, a small price to pay compared to the potential trading profits.

The subscription cost is relatively high compared to more basic research services, but it’s reduced dramatically with the Master Class discount.

If you factor in the reduced rate, Crypto Capital falls in line with the cost of similar services. Plus, Eric Wade also delivers comprehensive education resources and market analysis that’s lightyears ahead of the competition.

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Eric Wade Crypto Capital Reviews: Word on the Street

Crypto Capital members report achieving spectacular successes with the service.

One investor reports earning over $200,000 in profits from Crypto Capital’s research.

Another says they quadrupled their thousand dollar investment from just two crypto trades.

Eric Wade claims some of his favorite cryptos have the potential to return up to 1,159% on investment.

Those claims might sound hard to believe, but it’s not out of the question with cryptos.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and many cryptos cost only a tiny fraction of a penny.

With prices that low, even a small-budget retail investor has a lot of buying power. One sharp move can easily send your position skyrocketing.

Granted, it’s not easy to hit home runs, but just once successful trade can earn significant profits.

eric wade masterclass

Crypto Capital Reviews by Members

All and all, the online feedback for Crypto Capital is overwhelmingly positive.

Many users report achieving spectacular successes trading the service’s recommended cryptocurrencies.

Cryptos aren’t usually a smooth ride, but you can earn some pretty impressive profits if you can tolerate the risk.

Unfortunately, Crypto Capital doesn’t have a profile on Trust Pilot or Investmonials, so it’s hard to hammer down a solid review rating from members.

However, Stansberry is a legitimate, U.S.-based firm with an established presence in the investor publishing industry.

Plus, the Crypto Capital newsletter tends to feature soundly-reasoned investment research and solid recommendations for cryptos.

We might not have hard review data from members, but every investor we’ve talked to seems to have a positive impression of Eric Wade and his service.

Is Crypto Capital Right for Me?

Crypto Capital is aimed at a very particular audience, so it’s not for everyone. This advisory service is best suited for these types of investors:

  • High tolerance for risk
  • Speculative traders interested in fast, short-term gains.
  • Day traders and short-term traders.
  • Experienced or aspiring traders
  • Active traders
  • People interested in diversifying their investment portfolios with cryptos
  • Bitcoin enthusiasts and traders.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Trading cryptos appeals to a particular kind of investor. Cryptocurrency is a notoriously volatile investment, but you can earn unmatched rewards when you get it right.

If you have a low tolerance for risk, crypto trading might not be a good fit because you could incur sharp losses.

However, if you stay the course, you can make up for ten losing trades with just one big winner.

Whether you’re interested in established assets like Bitcoin or speculative plays in alt-coins, you can make a lot of money trading Bitcoin and cryptos, but you have to expect some volatility or you’ll lose your mind.

Luckily, reading the Bitcoin report and following guidance from Eric Wade gives you have an excellent chance of wringing some nice profits out of the market.

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Crypto Capital: Pros and Cons

Nobody’s perfect, and Crypto Capital is no exception. These are the highlight and the low points:


  • In-depth Crypto Capital newsletter keeps you supplied with recommendations for red-hot cryptos.
  • Crypto Masterclass includes step-by-step videos on cryptocurrency trading.
  • Crypto Capital newsletter Expert advice, regular picks, and in-depth analyses.
  • Bitcoin report breaks down the technology in detail for beginners.
  • Includes bonus report that shows you how to start trading cryptocurrencies
  • Massive discount available through the Stansberry Crypto Master Class
  • Potential for enormous short-term profits.
  • Backed by Stansberry Research’s strong reputation.
  • Includes a once-weekly report covering the latest market-moving news.
  • Crypto Masterclass is free to attend and provides a valuable introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


  • The Crypto Capital newsletter and research service cost quite a bit of money, although some similar investor advisory services charge much more.
  • Blockchain and cryptos are sophisticated technology, so it could take some time to understand the space fully.

Crypto Capital Review: The Final Verdict

Crypto Capital isn’t for everyone. If you’re interested in long-term investing and predictable returns, you should focus more on stocks.

Crypto trading is a fast-paced game that offers massive potential gains, but these assets are much riskier than more traditional investments.

As a result, Crypto Capital is best suited for speculative traders with a high tolerance for risk.

However, this is an excellent service with cutting-edge insights you won’t find anywhere else thanks to Eric Wade.

The regular updates provide a steady supply of actionable info that can help you earn big bucks in the crypto market, which is especially important in this fast-moving industry.

If you’re looking for speculative investments with a high potential for reward, you can’t get much better than Crypto Capital.

It’s not for everyone, but you can achieve some great results with Crypto Capital’s research and insights. Plus, it’s difficult to find cryptocurrency research of such a high caliber.

You don’t need to be a crypto expert to use Crypto Capital, but you should at least understand the crypto market’s characteristics. If you’re not scared of a little volatility, you might find a lot of success trading crypto.

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.