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Does Lush Have a Recycling Program? Contributing to a Greener Future

In today’s world, global efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change have promoted environmental consciousness among many individuals. 

Next to health and safety, people want their favorite beauty brands to prioritize sustainability. One such brand that walks its talk is Lush. Let’s find out, does Lush have a recycling program?

Lush Cosmetics produces a wide range of handmade cosmetics that are globally coveted for their organic formulations and positive impact on the environment. 

But what exactly is Lush’s recycling program, and how does it address sustainability? 

In this article, we will delve into the nitty-gritty details of Lush’s recycling program and explore how it contributes to environmental sustainability.

Does Lush have a recycling program? Overview of Lush’s Recycling Program

Lush aims to minimize its impact on the planet, practicing eco-friendly techniques, reducing packaging usage, and embracing fair-trade practices. 

The company stands by various reduction or elimination commitments, promoting green strategies that heavily rely on its recycling program. 

Lush’s recycling program aims to inspire its customers to do their bit for sustainability today, for a greener tomorrow. 

With a commitment to “naked” packaging, Lush creates its signature products in solid form, using biodegradable and eco-friendly materials instead of plastics.

Does Lush Have a Recycling Program? Know about Lush's Recycling Program

However, the minimalist packaging (if any) is not enough; the brand actively encourages its customers to return their empty product containers for recycling. 

The returned containers are recycled, repurposed, or traded-in for other products. This recycling initiative has been key to Lush’s growth, leading to more awareness, sales, and overall positive impact on both people and the planet.

Lush’s recycling program aligns with their core values that emphasize a circular system, where resources get used efficiently and waste gets eliminated. 

The program’s focus is to ensure that the primary components used to make their containers return to the production chain as materials for new containers.

Benefits of Lush’s Recycling Program

Discount or Free Face Mask

Besides supporting a greener world, returning empty Lush pots may reduce the cost (price discount) on Lush products for the customer. 

As an incentive, Lush has implemented discount programs for recycled packaging, encouraging customers to be involved in the process. 

Returning empty containers gets the party started with Lush’s reward program that allows customers to exchange their empty containers at Lush stores for a discount on a future purchase or an exclusive, free face mask. 

Thanks to the recycling program, instead of throwing away used containers, more people are returning the empty containers to stores and receiving benefits, leading to more incentive and loyalty to Lush.

Supporting the Circular Economy

Lush’s recycling program does not simply stop at the primary benefit of rewarding customers; it adds long-term value to the environment. 

One of the results of the program is its contribution to the circular economy. Traditionally, companies have embraced the “linear economy,” which implies that resources are extracted, used, and then disposed of in the form of waste. 

In contrast, the circular economy focuses on “keeping the circle moving,” which entails ensuring that products remain in use for as long as possible, and the priority is to reuse and recycle.

With a focus on the circular economy, Lush continuously recycles its used containers. 

For example, the brand puts the returned containers back into production to make new containers for future products – Lush’s products themselves are 100% vegetarian, and the company boasts that “we’ve spent over 25 years fighting to #EndAnimalTesting.” 

Besides repurposing for new containers, Lush is also exploring ways to use the containers as planters, bird feeders, or even street installations to show off creativity and reinforce their recycling mission. 

Thanks to the recycling program, waste materials become resources, as opposed to trash polluting the environment.

Participation for Customers and Employees

Lush’s recycling program is not just for customers; it also involves the company’s employees, aiming to promote a positive impact on the environment. 

Lush’s inclusive approach ensures that employees are knowledgeable about the sustainability vision and are part of the company’s mission. 

Lush aims to create a large, happy, knowledgeable team of customer service representatives who embrace the brand’s values.

The recycling program is directly tied to this employee engagement initiative – employees are incentivized to participate in the recycling program by returning their empty pots to one of Lush’s stores. 

By advocating for their customers’ participation in the program and joining in themselves, Lush’s employees show that sustainability is a company-wide commitment. 

This employee involvement enhances their engagement, product knowledge, and a sense of belonging.

The chain of involvement doesn’t end with the employees. Lush also encourages the customers to educate themselves about sustainability and get involved in recycling programs, which requires learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

The participation mechanism is informally fun for Lush customers and employees; they learn that by reducing the packaging material and recycling its products, they will help combat climate change, create less landfill waste, and conserve the environment.

Lush's Recycling Program

Steps to Participate in Lush’s Recycling Program

Returning Empty Pots

Participating in Lush’s recycling program is a simple and convenient way to contribute to the environment. 

If you have empty Lush pots, just bring them to any Lush store. Upon returning the empty containers, you will receive a discounted price on your next purchase or a free face mask.

Some Lush outlets have a return threshold to ensure that more containers get returned, leading to more eco efficiency.

Exploring the Lush Website

In addition to returning empty Lush pots in-store, Lush also provides detailed information about its recycling program on its website. The website serves as an essential resource for recycling inquiries, engaging customers on sustainability, and pro-environmentalism. Customers can learn more about the specific guidelines and requirements for returning pots and understand the broader issue of climate change and recycling. 

Consumers who participate in the program can track their progress and the company’s overall sustainability progress, contributing to transparency and building trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lush have a recycling program for its products?

Yes, Lush has a recycling program that encourages customers to return their empty pots.

How much discount can customers get for returning empty pots?

The discount for returning empty Lush pots may vary and is subject to local Lush store policies. Customers can typically expect a discount on their next purchase or maybe awarded a free exclusive face mask as a reward.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, customers receive a £5 Lush voucher for every five empty Lipstick tubes taken back to the store. Also, many Lush shops run independent promotion programs that customers may take advantage of.

Can Lush employees participate in the recycling program?

Absolutely! Lush encourages its employees to participate in the recycling program, pushing the employee’s engagement, product knowledge, and a sense of belonging. This employee involvement sets an example for other companies to follow by demonstrating how incorporating employees into brand sustainability goals yields positive social and environmental consequences.

What are the benefits of a circular economy?

A circular economy reduces waste and maximizes resource efficiency. By embracing a circular economy, brands like Lush can reduce their environmental impact, conserve resources, and contribute to sustainability. Rather than throwing resources away, Lush embraces innovative measures to circularity; for example, the company produces shampoo bars, conditioning bars, and many other products without the need for plastic.

What happens to the returned pots?

Once customers return empty Lush pots and containers, the company takes responsibility for ensuring their proper reuse or recycling. The pots get repurposed creatively or recycled to reduce waste and promote sustainability. In some cases, they get handed to other recycling organizations to be dealt with.


Lush’s recycling program is an industry pacesetter, informing other similar businesses that it’s possible to look cool, smell great, accomplish customer loyalty and still support the planet. 

By rewarding customers, supporting the circular economy, engaging employees, and encouraging participation, Lush consistently demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. 

This recycling program contributes significantly to the environment by reducing Lush’s environmental impact. The program incentivizes creative and resourceful ways to reuse waste materials, ensuring their safe disposal.

From returning empty Lush pots to exploring the recycling guidelines on their website, it is evident that Lush is committed to making a positive impact on the environment.