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Does REI Have a Credit Card? An Accurate Guide

Does REI Have a Credit Card
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Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a credit card that can cater to your adventurous lifestyle? 

Look no further than REI’s Co-op Mastercard. With this credit card, you can earn rewards on all your purchases, both for outdoor and everyday needs, and enjoy exclusive perks that no other credit card can offer. 

Here’s everything you need to know about REI’s credit card to make an informed decision.

Does REI Have a Credit Card?

Yes, REI offers an exclusive credit card for its customers. In fact, REI’s Co-op Mastercard is a credit card designed for outdoor lovers. This credit card is offered in partnership with U.S. Bank and Mastercard. 

The card rewards REI members with generous rebates on all purchases made with the card. Additionally, cardholders can enjoy exclusive VIP access to REI events, special discounts, and travel benefits.

Benefits and Rewards Offered

The REI Co-op Mastercard offers a wide range of benefits and rewards. Cardholders can earn 5% back on all REI purchases, including full-priced and discounted items. 

This rebate applies to in-store and online REI purchases. Cardholders can earn 2% back on eligible purchases made at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. Cardholders also earn 1% back on eligible purchases made everywhere else.

REI Co-op membership

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for REI Co-op membership, you need to pay a one-time fee of $20. REI membership lasts a lifetime and enables you to earn annual dividends and other exclusive benefits. To qualify for the REI Co-op Mastercard, you need to be a member of REI, have a U.S. mailing address, and be at least 18 years old.

Earning Rewards with REI Co-op Mastercard

The REI Co-op Mastercard rewards program offers generous rebates on all purchases. Cardholders can earn rebates on all their REI and non-REI purchases. 

Cardholders can earn a 5% rebate on full-priced and discounted purchases made at REI and 2% on eligible purchases made at Gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. Cardholders also earn 1% back on eligible purchases made everywhere else.

Non-REI Purchases

Cardholders can earn rewards on eligible purchases made outside of REI stores. The card offers 1% cashback on all eligible non-REI purchases, including travel, groceries, and other everyday expenses. This makes this credit card a great option for everyday use.

Special Promotions and Bonuses

To unlock even more rewards, REI offers special promotions on qualifying purchases. For example, cardholders can earn up to 10% rebate in the form of an REI digital gift card when they purchase qualified brands or use their card to buy REI Adventures trips.

Additional Perks and Benefits

VIP Access to REI Events

REI Co-op Mastercard members are treated to exclusive invitations to REI events such as member-only sales, garages sales, and other events that are tailored to the outdoor enthusiast.

Exclusive Discounts

REI Co-op Mastercard holders receive exclusive discounts at REI stores both online and in-store. Cardholders are also eligible to receive additional coupons and merchandise discounts for all REI purchases charged to their REI Co-op Mastercard.

Extended Warranties and Free Returns

REI Co-op Mastercard holders enjoy extended warranty coverage on certain purchases. The card also offers free return shipping from anywhere in the U.S.

Travel Benefits and Insurance Coverage

REI Co-op Mastercard holders receive travel benefits, which include travel accident and baggage delay insurance as well as assistance services when traveling more than 100 miles from home as long as the fare is charged to the card.

How to Apply for REI Co-op Mastercard

To apply for an REI Co-op Mastercard, first, ensure you are an REI member, and then visit the REI website and follow these steps:

  1. Visit the REI Co-op Mastercard page on the REI website.
  2. Click on ‘Apply Now’ in the card features section.
  3. Log in to REI.com or register as a new user by providing your email and a password.
  4. Continue to submit the application by filling out all requested information.
  5. Submit your application.

REI Co-op Mastercard

Comparing REI Co-op Mastercard to Other Credit Cards

The REI Co-op Mastercard is an excellent credit card choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Cardholders earn rewards on all their purchases, including non-REI purchases, which is not offered by other outdoor credit cards. Other credit cards may also have additional fees that the REI Co-op Mastercard does not have. 

Additionally, the REI Co-op Mastercard offers exclusive VIP access to REI events and activities that are tailored to the outdoor enthusiast.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Rewards

Everyday Expenses

To maximize your reward points, use your REI Co-op Mastercard for everyday expenses such as gas, groceries, and dining out. By doing so, you’ll earn the 2% cashback bonus offered on these purchases. This is a great way to earn rewards on expenses that you already incur on a regular basis.

Exclusive Promotions

Keep an eye out for exclusive promotions offered by REI. These promotions can provide you with opportunities to earn extra rewards on qualifying purchases. 

For example, REI may run special campaigns where you can earn a higher percentage of cashback on specific brands or products. Taking advantage of these promotions can significantly boost your rewards earnings.

Paying in Full

It’s important to pay off your credit card balance in full at the end of each month. By doing so, you’ll avoid incurring any interest charges on your purchases. 

This is crucial because interest charges can eat into your rewards and negate the benefits you’re trying to maximize. By staying on top of your payments, you can ensure that your rewards remain a gain rather than being diminished by interest payments.

Remember, these pro tips can help you make the most of your REI Co-op Mastercard and maximize the rewards you earn. By strategically using your card for everyday expenses, leveraging exclusive promotions, and paying off your balance in full, you can enjoy the full benefits of this credit card and earn more valuable rewards along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn rewards for purchases made outside of REI?

Yes. Cardholders can earn rewards on non-REI purchases such as travel, groceries, gas, and other everyday expenses. Cardholders get 1% cash back on all eligible non-REI purchases.

Is there an annual fee for the REI Co-op Mastercard?

No. The REI Co-op Mastercard has no annual fee.

How can I redeem my earned rewards?

Cardholders are eligible to redeem their rewards once they have earned at least $5 in dividends. Rewards can be redeemed for an REI digital gift card or a check.


The REI Co-op Mastercard is an excellent credit card for outdoor enthusiasts. The card offers generous rebates on all purchases, including non-REI purchases, and provides exclusive access to REI events and activities. 

To apply for the REI Co-op Mastercard, follow the steps outlined above, and start earning rewards today.