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Dan Ferris Extreme Value Review (2022)

  • By John Parker
  • Sep 26, 2022
extreme value review
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Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value is touted as one of the longest-running advanced-level research services under the Stansberry Research banner. But is it the real deal? Read our Stansberry Extreme Value review to find out.

What Is Stansberry Extreme Value?

Extreme Value is an advanced-level research service from Stansberry research that Dan Ferris helms.

As a service, the Extreme Value team has more extensive resources and expertise than Stansberry’s basic offerings.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive new monthly stock recommendations, along with late-breaking market research and analysis.

stansberry extreme value

As you may have guessed from the name, this service targets excellent stocks that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic worth.

The Extreme Value team spends endless hours researching SEC filings and balance sheets.

They use their findings to identify the most lucrative swing trades on the market.

Since these stocks are already significantly lower than they’re worth, they could offer a greater margin of safety.

Better yet, this method is considered by many to be one of the most effective ways to make money on the markets.

According to the Stansberry website, the usual holding period for Extreme Value stocks is three to four years.

Stocks are typically priced in attainable ranges for everyday readers.

This is a tried-and-true investing strategy that offers one of the best possible balances of risk of reward, and Extreme Value has proven that they are masters of the craft.

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dan ferris reviews

Dan Ferris Review

Extreme Value Editor Dan Ferris is the mastermind behind the research service.

As the newsletter’s editor and top researcher, he’s the one who sets the tone for the publication.

Ferris has been a Stansberry stalwart since the earliest days of the firm.

He was one of the first two analysts that the firm’s founder, Porter Stansberry, hired after launching the company.

In addition to his work with Extreme Value, there’s even a Dan Ferris podcast hosted by Stansberry called Stansberry Investor Hour.

If you want to get a better feel for how Ferris thinks, you should check it out.

Dan is best known for his classic value investing philosophy.

This strategy is one of the oldest, most proven trading strategies in the book.

Since joining the Stansberry Research Team, Dan Ferris has been responsible for finding some of the most profitable stocks in the company’s history.

One of the top Extreme Value stocks, Constellation Brands, gained 628% following his call.

Is Dan Ferris Legit?

Dan Ferris is legit, and his track record speaks for itself.

He’s a powerhouse stock picker, and he has the credentials to back it up.

Dan Ferris has one of the most impressive track records of anyone at Stansberry Research, and he’s been through bear markets, a financial crisis, and much more.

Dan Ferris Net Worth

Dan Ferris’ net worth is not publicly available.

We’ll keep you updated if this changes, but you might want to take any estimates with a grain of salt — unless they come directly from Ferris.

Regardless, he’s delivered keen insights into the market and his analysis is held in high esteem.

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Stansberry Research Review

Extreme Value is published by Stansberry Research, an industry-leading research firm based right here in the good ol’ US of A.

Stansberry Research is an established research firm that runs several financial research services under its banner.

Here are just some of the research services provided by Stansberry:

  • Retirement Millionaire
  • Stansberry Digest
  • Stansberry Gold and Silver Investor
  • True Wealth Systems
  • Stansberry Lifetime Membership (Research Bundle)

They primarily offer affordable research designed for the general public, but they also have a handful of services that utilize more advanced strategies.

Extreme Value is one of Stansberry’s advanced offerings, and it has earned a reputation as one of the company’s most respected research services.

Stansberry itself is a reliable company that, as a US-based firm, is beholden to follow US consumer protection laws.

stansberry research Extreme Value reviews

Extreme Value Investing Strategy

Dan Ferris relies heavily on tried-and-true value investing strategies for his Extreme Value monthly advisory service.

This approach aims to buy stocks trading at a discount compared to their actual inherent value.

Ferris uses a cutting-edge strategy to evaluate each stock’s true value and “margin of safety.”

From there, he can determine whether the stock is suitable as a potential investment.

This value-focused approach sets itself apart from the market’s typical follow-the-leader mentality.

Ferris focuses his efforts on finding undervalued stocks while they’re still trading at a relative discount, instead of chasing over-hyped & overpriced growth stocks.

The technique typically offers several notable benefits, including lower potential risks and higher potential upside.

It’s also a well-rounded approach that carries a risk-reward balance that many people can stomach comfortably.

Many folks have successfully utilized value investing since the concept was first developed, but Dan Ferris is a true master of the art.

His evaluation system gives him a pronounced edge over run-of-the-mill value investing strategies.

Inflation protection portfolio crash

Dan Ferris and the Inflation Bubble

Inflation is running at its fastest pace in decades, and interest rates are hovering near zero.

It’s a very precarious scenario for the US economy as a whole.

Dan Ferris sees the writing on the wall, and he’s sounding the alarm on what could be the most epic stock market crash in a generation.

dan ferris quoteRunaway inflation has the potential to be a disaster for Americans, and it could provoke an epic downturn that will touch every corner of the economy.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Dan Ferris has assembled a set of strategic inflation-resistant stocks that could shield you from the worst effects of America’s inflationary spiral.

But, time is of the essence.

A dire combination of inflation, stagnant growth, and a tight labor market already has the stock market on edge, and there’s no telling when the next Black Swan catalyst will break.

dan ferris inflationThe Plight of the US Dollar

The government spent trillions to combat the pandemic, and the Federal Reserve injected unprecedented amounts of stimulus into the public markets.

What followed, unsurprisingly, was historically high inflation and a significantly weakened US dollar. 

Unfortunately, efforts to inject trillions of more dollars into the economy are still underway.Extreme Value reviews chart

Stocks have notched several all-time highs over the past year, but don’t mistake these gains for economic strength.

The market’s recent highs could be largely attributed to the erosion of the US dollar.

The S&P 500’s valuation is the highest it’s been since the 80s as ready supplies of cheap cash are dumped into the market.

The Fed is even buying private-sector bonds for the first time in history.

All the stimulus has left the stock market ludicrously overvalued, and it’s creating a dramatically heightened risk of a disastrous sell-off in the event of a bearish catalyst.Extreme Value Reviews gdp chart

Inflation is becoming an out-of-control freight train, and millions of people are in its path. Fortunately, you still have time to take action, but you need to act fast to stay ahead of the curve.

Dan Ferris has developed a game plan that could help you protect your wealth from the harmful effects of an inflationary spiral.extreme value commidites vs stocks

Dan Ferris’ Inflation Shield

Commodities like gold, silver, and oil have time-tested reputations as reliable stores of value. 

Ferris believes hard assets like these will likely be the key to surviving the inflationary shock descending on US markets.

The stock market is sitting near its highest valuation in history, but the commodities market looks like an outright bargain in comparison.

These holdings could skyrocket when the bubble bursts, and it could spark a scramble for shelter in reliable hard assets.

Companies positioned in these assets ahead of the rush could see huge growth as a result of the panic.

Dan Ferris’ 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio includes some of the most promising stocks dealing in commodities and other hard assets, and it could help you survive and thrive through a hyperinflation event.

The Extreme Value Inflationary Protection Portfolio

After endless hours of extensive research, Ferris identified 10 stocks that would comprise the ultimate portfolio for protection against inflation.

And he’s sharing these picks with Extreme Value members.

Ferris’ portfolio features a diverse collection of high-quality stocks, and it’s purpose-built to help Americans survive and thrive during economic uncertainty.

You’ll get access to the full collection of Ferris’ best inflation-resistant stocks and tons of other valuable bonuses when you sign up for Extreme Value.

Next, will cover each aspect of the Inflation Protection Portfolio bundle in detail, so stay tuned to our Extreme Value review.


inflation protection portfolio review

Extreme Value Review: What’s Included?

  • 24 months of the Extreme Value Newsletter
  • Special updates and alerts
  • 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio
  • The Hands-Down, No. 1 Pick of My Career bonus report
  • The World’s Two Most Valuable Assets in a Time of Crisis bonus report
  • BONUS subscription to Commodity Supercycles
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

 >> Join Extreme Value and Access these Resources Now <<

extreme value inflation protection portolio

Extreme Value Newsletter

The main entrée of this full helping of stock market research is the Extreme Value newsletter.

This is where you’ll find the latest research and recommendations from Dan and his team.

Each month, you’ll get a new issue of Extreme Value jam-packed with valuable research insights.

Every issue also includes a new stock recommendation and a robust value analysis of every opportunity.

In addition, Ferris keeps you up to date on the latest news and explains how macro-scale forces are impacting the market.

Better yet, Dan Ferris is also throwing in a bonus year to celebrate his “No. 1 pick” offer, so you get two full years of Extreme Value if you join under the current deal.

Altogether, you’ll get more than two dozen high-potential stock recommendations by the time your subscription is through.

Remember, Dan Ferris says, “I typically only recommend stocks with the potential to at least double your money.”

So, every pick could have tremendous upside potential.

Model Portfolio Access

The Extreme Value model portfolio lists all of Dan Ferris’ active “buy” recommendations in one convenient place.

This handy tool gives you a bird’s-eye view of the service’s top picks, along with pertinent information about each stock.

You can use the model portfolio to quickly check up on your preferred investments.

A quick look can lead you to the service’s most profitable stocks, or you could limit your search to cheap stocks.

The model portfolio keeps all the Extreme Value stocks in one convenient place, and it can help you better understand the latest stock market trends.

Check it out when you sign up to get up to speed on Dan Ferris’ latest recommendations.

 >> See The Smallest Extreme Value Stock in 7 Years here. <<

 Extreme Value Special Reports and Bonuses

The latest Extreme Value bundle also includes a spread of bonus research and other resources.

Here’s what else you get when you join:

Extreme Value reviews special reports

Dan Ferris’ Inflation Protection Portfolio

It’s no secret that inflation is running wild in the US economy, and it could hold serious consequences for people.

Dan Ferris knows this as well as anyone, so he’s helping his readers prepare.

Ferris’ 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio includes ten holdings that could mitigate or even outright eliminate inflation’s harmful effects on your portfolio.

The portfolio includes an optimized collection of inflation-resistant stocks specializing in hard assets like gold, land, and more.

Plus, it comes complete with in-depth position guidance for each holding.

You’ll get the name of each company along with its ticker symbol, recommended buy prices, Ferris’ expected outlook for its future, and much more.

You get full access to Ferris’ 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio as soon as you join Extreme Value, including The Best Gold Business” and nine other promising high-value stocks.

The inflation protection portfolio is one of the most noteworthy new additions to the latest Extreme Value bundle, and it could make this package the best yet.

dan ferris investor reports

The Hands-Down No. 1 Pick of My Career

This in-depth report takes a close look at Ferris’ number-one stock pick in the Inflation Protection Portfolio.

It’s an under-the-radar stock that Ferris calls, “The Best Gold Business on Earth.”

Ferris says this could be the best stock idea he’s stumbled upon in more than two decades as an analyst.

He estimates this single stock could have an upside potential of more than 1,500% from its current levels.

Gold has a longstanding reputation as an excellent inflation hedge, and many people could seek shelter in gold and gold-related holdings if inflation continues to accelerate.

The rush of new demand could send gold prices soaring, and it’d be excellent news for companies with large holdings of the precious yellow metal.

Ferris’ No. 1 Pick of My Career could be in a particularly strong position to capitalize on the supply balance if inflation sends the US dollar into freefall.

This report includes Ferris’ latest research on this promising gold stock, including all the information you

Extreme Value research reports

The World’s Two Most Valuable Assets in Time of Crisis

The third and final bonus report comes from the desk of Dr. David Eifrig, the lead analyst for Stansberry Research’s Retirement Millionaire research service.

It includes detailed information about two hard-asset investments that are proven performers during times of uncertainty and crisis.

Over the long term, these hard assets have beaten out gold, silver, and even the overall market.

Even better, they produced particularly strong returns during the last two financial crises.

These holdings could help you sidestep some of the worst fallout from an inflationary spiral, and they could be excellent performers if the economy goes into a prolonged downturn.

This report contains all the information you need to help protect your portfolio by taking a position in these proven hard assets.

commodity supercycles review

BONUS: Commodity Supercycles Newsletter

As an added bonus, new Extreme Value subscribers will also get access to Commodity Supercycles, another Stansberry Research newsletter focusing on opportunities in commodities.

Commodity Supercycles is a research service featuring a once-monthly newsletter, model portfolio, and other member benefits.

It’s led by Bill Shaw, a proven commodities investor and expert with boots-on-the-ground experience.

This standalone research service typically retails for $49, but it’s yours free when you sign up for Extreme Value.

Check out our Commodity Supercycles review to learn more about this excellent service.

>> Join Now to access Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value now <<

Extreme Value guarantee

Extreme Value Refund Policy Review

Under the policy, you have 30 days to check out Extreme Value, and if you decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund in the form of a Stansberry Research credit.

You can apply your Stansberry Research credit to any one of more than 20 services under the Stansberry Research umbrella.

With so many services to choose from, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest.

While it’s not a cash refund, it’s certainly reassuring.

After all, you get the featured special report, the model portfolio, and access to past research as soon as you sign up.

That’s a lot of value, so it’s understandable why they wouldn’t offer a full cash refund from a business perspective.

The 100% credit refund is a fair compromise given the service’s potential benefits.

Pros and Cons of Extreme Value 

We like what we see with Extreme Value, but it’s not all peaches and cream.

Here’s the best and the worst about this Stansberry service:


  • Advanced level service and industry-leading guru
  • Get a two-year subscription for the price of one
  • Lengthy track record of stock-picking success
  • Focus on opportunities with triple-digit return potential
  • Instant access to the Extreme Value model portfolio
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • One of Stansberry’s top services
  • Focus includes stocks, precious metals, and crypto


  • Carries a higher price tag than more basic offerings
  • Doesn’t include significant resources for beginners

>> Sign up for Extreme Value and get instant access to these benefits <<

Is Extreme Value Right for Me?

Extreme Value is probably a good option for the following types of people:

Market Experienced 

As an advanced-level research service, Extreme Value is an especially good option for advanced users.

If you’ve ever read an investing newsletter and found yourself yelling, “Duh!,” you’re probably ready for more advanced resources.

Dan Ferris’ sophisticated strategies will definitely fit the bill.

Approaching Retirement

If you’re getting close to retirement, you probably have a nice nest egg saved up.

You have a lot of skin in the game, so you can’t afford to rely on cut-rate research.

Extreme Value‘s research standards make it an excellent option for any long-time saver that’s approaching their golden years.

Gold Bulls

Lots of people are running with the gold bulls these days, but the gold market is vast and complex.

Ferris’ Hands-down No. 1 Pick of my Career report outlines a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the gold market that any gold bug is sure to appreciate.

Active Movers

So, you’re getting into trading, and you’re starting to sharpen your skills.

If you’re ready to take your trades to the next level, an advanced research service like Extreme Value can go a long way towards upgrading your portfolio.

These are just a few examples of people we think would get a lot out of this service, so it’s by no means definitive.

If you like what you’re hearing about Extreme Value, we encourage you to give it a shot.

After all, you’re covered with a limited refund, so you have thirty days to evaluate the product before you commit.

>> Take your trades to the next level with Extreme Value <<

Extreme Value Track Record

As many would expect from a Dan Ferris service, Extreme Value has a respectable track record.

Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value has produced some of the highest-returning stock recommendations in Stansberry Research’s 20-year history.

Take a look and see for yourself.

Extreme Value track record

You’d be hard-pressed to get returns like this out of your index fund.

Clearly, Extreme Value can pick winners with the best of them, and you’re in good hands with this service in your corner.

Dan Ferris Extreme Value Reviews by Members

We think Extreme Value is great, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Here are some actual Extreme Value reviews by members:

Extreme Value Reviews by members

Here are a few more:

Extreme Value Reviewed by members

Stock Gumshoe Reviews of Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value

Dan Ferris’ Extreme value has earned a rock-solid 4.2/5 on the review site Stock Gumshoe.

Let’s see what some Stock Gumshoe reviewers have to say about Dan Ferris’ market insights.

Extreme Value Stock Gumshoe reviews

How Much Does Extreme Value Cost?

Under Dan Ferris’ current deal, you’ll get two years of Extreme Value for the price of one.

This means you’ll pay only $1,500 for a full 24 months of Extreme Value.

That’s a 65% discount off the usual rate for two years.

The cost may seem high at first but, remember, this is an advanced service.

You can’t compare it with bargain-basement investing newsletters that do little more than pick stocks.

Extreme Value has one of the leading teams at Stansberry Research.

When you look at similar top-tier services, it’s actually somewhat affordable in comparison.

Many premium research services cost upwards of $3,000 for just a year, let alone two.

When you judge it from that perspective, an upfront investment of $1,500 isn’t all that outlandish.

>> Join Extreme Value now and get 50%-off for two years <<

stansberry Extreme Value Reviews

Is Extreme Value Worth It?

Extreme Value requires a higher upfront investment than an entry-level research service, but its features justify the sticker price.

You’re getting a much higher caliber of service in return.

Dan Ferris has been leading one of Stansberry Research’s top publications for over 20 years, and he’s produced some of the company’s biggest wins over that time span.

If the track record doesn’t convince you, consider the fact that many online member reviews also attest to Ferris’ stock-picking prowess.

It appears that these satisfied customers were happy with the value they received in return for their upfront investment.

You get much higher-quality picks in exchange for the higher cost, and oftentimes, the added cost is more than offset by the additional returns.

Also, you’re getting a full two years of Extreme Value at this rate.

Some services only offer introductory discounts that shoot up to a higher rate at the end of the first year, so Extreme Value scores brownie points here as well.

Ferris and Extreme Value are the real deal.

If you can afford the upfront investment, you could get significantly more dollar-for-dollar value out of your purchase than you would with options.

This service offers top-notch research that can take your trading to the next level.

>> That’s it for our Extreme Value review. Click here to see Dan Ferris’ “No. 1 Stock” now. <<



John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.