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Former Trump Ally Allegedly Sold Pardons for Big Bucks – Here’s What We Know So Far

Rudy Giuliani, the former lawyer for ex-President Donald Trump, is now facing accusations of offering pardons for sale at a price tag of $2 million each. 

These shocking allegations emerged as part of an ongoing investigation into Giuliani’s business activities in Ukraine. 

The outcome of the case remains uncertain at this stage.

The claims have been made in a recently filed lawsuit by Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian businessman. 

Parnas asserts that Giuliani approached him and other associates of President Trump with offers to sell pardons. 

Giuliani dismisses accusations as false and defamatory

Giuliani has vehemently denied the accusations, dismissing them as false and defamatory. 

As a longstanding ally of former President Trump, Giuliani’s reputation and political career are now at stake due to these serious allegations.

The American public is closely watching this high-profile case, as its outcome could have far-reaching implications for the world of politics. 

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A call to hold public officials accountable 

The ongoing investigation into Giuliani’s business dealings in Ukraine has raised concerns about potential corruption. 

This case is a stark reminder of the importance of holding public officials accountable for their actions.

Furthermore, this lawsuit serves as a clear reminder of the dangers posed by corruption and the urgent need to combat it. \

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Lawsuit filed leads to shocking revelations 

The lawsuit filed by Parnas sheds light on more than just the allegations of selling pardons. It also includes other troubling allegations about Giuliani’s behavior. 

According to Noelle Dunphy, a former aide to Giuliani, he pressured her into having sexual relations with him and still owes her nearly $2 million for her work as the director of business development for his companies and as his executive assistant.

Giuliani’s Scheme to sell presidential pardons exposed

Dunphy’s lawsuit claims Giuliani attempted to involve her in a scheme to sell presidential pardons.

She states that he asked her to refer individuals seeking pardons to him, circumventing the traditional channels of the Office of the Pardon Attorney to avoid public disclosure. 

These revelations paint a disturbing picture of Giuliani’s conduct as Trump’s lawyer.

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Fraudulent 2020 election plans revealed 

The lawsuit also alleges Giuliani shared his plan for handling a potential Trump defeat in the 2020 election. 

This plan was reportedly discussed in multiple business meetings involving Giuliani and Lev Parnas.

 According to Dunphy, Giuliani told her that Trump’s team would claim voter fraud and assert that Trump had won the election.

Denials clash with serious allegations

Giuliani’s communications adviser has vehemently rejected Dunphy’s allegations, emphasizing Giuliani’s lifetime of public service. 

However, the severe nature of the claims and the potential impact on Giuliani’s reputation must be addressed.

During his presidency, Trump issued many pardons, including to individuals implicated in war crimes and those involved in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election conducted by ex-special counsel Robert Mueller.

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‘I’ve wanted you from the day I interviewed you’

Dunphy’s lawsuit further reveals instances of unwanted sexual advances by Giuliani, including requests for “flirtatious photos,” pressure to consume alcohol, and coercion into performing oral sex.

 She also claims to have recordings of Giuliani making inappropriate remarks, including him stating, “I’ve wanted you from the day I interviewed you.”

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