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Hidden Alpha Review (Joel Litman “Heist” Prediction)

Hidden Alpha Review
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The latest presentation from Altimetry and Joel Litman is building up tremendous buzz online.

But does it really live up to the hype? Read my Hidden Alpha review to find out.

Hidden Alpha Review: Overview

Hidden Alpha is a monthly newsletter and investment research service from Joel Litman and published by Altimetry.

Joel has extensive experience as a forensic accountant, and he uses his skills to identify overlooked opportunities and market trends that could be on the path to breakout growth.

The service aims to pinpoint high-potential large-cap stocks currently flying under the mainstream market’s radar and bring them to its readers.

Members receive access to a wide spread of features and benefits, including regular research updates and stock recommendations.

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Hidden Alpha Review


What Is Alpha?

Alpha is a term that describes the margin of difference between an investment’s performance and that of the overall market.

This metric basically quantifies how much a particular investment is outperforming the market as a whole. Typically, achieving alpha returns is the primary objective when investing.

Hidden Alpha gets its name from Joel’s ability to spot alpha opportunities that the market is overlooking using sophisticated forensic accounting analysis.

lead of the newstletter

Who Is Joel Litman?

Joel Litman is a talented analyst and chief investment strategist for Hidden Alpha.

Many know him for his extensive expertise in forensic accounting. This has earned him widespread respect on and off The Street.

In addition to his work with Hidden Alpha, Joel serves as the President and CEO of Valens Research. And he also sits on the board of directors at COL Financial Group, an Asian brokerage firm.

Additionally, Joel’s a certified public accountant (CPA) with an impressive set of career and academic credentials.

He earned a BS in Accounting from DePaul University and an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Not only that, but he’s even guest lectured at Harvard Business School!

Joel’s also a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a professional trade group focusing on forensic accounting.

Over the course of his career, he had stints at Credit Suisse, Diamond Tech Partners, Deloitte, American Express, and other prestigious institutions.


What Is Altimetry?

Altimetry is a leading research publisher and the company behind Hidden Alpha.

It also offers several additional services, including Microcap Confidential, High Alpha, The Altimeter, and more.

Altimetry puts sophisticated, professional-grade research into the hands of everyday folks. And the firm’s expertise gives members a significant advantage over the at-large market.

Its research team specializes in financial analysis and accounting, which helps them identify hidden gems on the stock market.

Altimetry’s approach offers an additional lens to distinguish genuine opportunity from market hype.

Numbers don’t lie, and the firm’s accounting-based approach has produced opportunities for enormous windfalls.

Now that you know the main beats, let’s take a look at Hidden Alpha’s latest presentation.

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A Financial “Heist” in the Making?

In the latest presentation, Joel Litman predicts that a massive financial “heist” could be looming on the horizon.

Here’s what he has to say in his own words:

“This is a heist that goes deeper than that and is perfectly legal, which is what makes it so scary.

And the fact is, this has probably ALREADY happened to you on a smaller level – if you have any money in the markets. But this year, I believe it’s about to play out on a scale bigger than any I’ve seen since 2003.”

So what is this “heist,” and where is it coming from?

Joel and the team believe Wall Street is the main culprit and that the “heist” represents a potential coordinated misinformation campaign to artificially lower the value of select stocks.

It all centers around earnings and how Wall Street chooses to report them.

The team believes that the way earnings are reported “distorts” a company’s “true” value.


And by undervaluing specific stocks, institutional investors could be deliberately driving share prices down to get on board before the market catches on to the “TRUE” earnings power, or as Joel calls it the “True Blue.”

I’ll let Joel take the floor:

“And that means, sooner or later, the reported PROFITS catch up. That’s when even the general public sees the true number.

And when that happens, the results will surprise the investing public – and cause a huge upward correction in the stock price.”

Joel and the team says that this phenomenon is nothing new, and that institutional investors have probably been at this racket for a while now.

However, their Altimeter System has spotted signs that a huge distortion could be underway.

In response the team has assembled a new package of research to offer folks a chance to capitalize on a distortion of severe magnitude.

This includes one-year access to the team’s coveted Altimeter System.

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Hidden Alpha Review: What Comes With the Service?

A subscription to Hidden Alpha is packed to the brim with excellent features.

Follow along for a look at each one.


One Full Year of Hidden Alpha

Hidden Alpha‘s heartbeat is the monthly newsletter led by Joel Litman.

Each month members receive a new issue along with one stock recommendation, market commentary, and much more.

The recommendations mostly focus on mid to large-cap stocks whose “ profits and earnings are hidden from Wall Street and the mainstream media.”

Joel enlists a small army to pore over documents, and then they filter findings through The Altimeter to find potential discrepancies between companies’ reported earnings and reality.

It’s a unique system that could appeal to folks searching for a unique angle of market analysis.


Special Updates

Along with the monthly newsletter, members also receive special updates that keep them in the loop about market-moving events that could affect the model portfolio’s open positions.

This also includes sell alerts that let members know when the team believes it’s time to lock in gains or exit a position to protect capital.

These updates are sent via email, so it’s surprisingly simple to stay on top of the latest happenings.

It also lets you go about your day knowing that the team has a watchful eye on the stock market.

model portfolio

Hidden Alpha Model Portfolio

You can find Joel’s active recommendations in the model portfolio, and you get ongoing access as part of your member benefits.

The model portfolio includes detailed information on each recommended holding, including the company’s name, ticker symbol, current recommendation, price action, and more.

You can quickly check in on the status of every stock pick with nothing more than a quick glance at this intuitive resource.

As an added benefit, the model portfolio includes each stock with an active recommendation, so you can even tap into stocks that were featured before you joined.

prediction and warning

Joel’s Warnings and Predictions

For an entire year, Joel shares his latest predictions and warnings about potential stock market shakeups.

He has earned a reputation for his uncanny foresight into potential market-moving events.

Some of his previous predictions include:

  • Warned of the 2008 crash
  • Called the bottom of the 2020 crash
  • Recommended a series of stocks after the 2020 crash that provided the opportunity for triple-digit gains

With a track record like this, Joel’s latest warnings are definitely worth a close watch.

other newsletter

The TimeTable Investor

Joel’s throwing in another monthly resource to help Hidden Alpha members stay in the know between issues of the newsletter.

This resource offers his monthly outlook on the market that’s broken down into three factors:

  • Credit
  • Earnings
  • Valuation

It also shares strategies about asset allocation in cash and bonds, as well as additional insights.

Joel says that The TimeTable Investor typically costs $199 per year, but new Hidden Alpha members can access its insights for an entire year at no extra cost.

altimeter software

The Altimeter System

For an entire year, members have elite access to the same system that the Hidden Alpha team uses to vet their stock picks.

The Altimeter System covers 500 different stocks.

Simply type in one of the tickers supported, and it provides an estimate of a stock’s potential to surprise the market with earnings.

There’s no such thing as a stock market crystal ball. But this tool could help pinpoint opportunities worth a close look.

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Hidden Alpha Review: New Member Bonuses

The latest deal comes with much more than access to the monthly newsletter.

Read on for a look at each feature.

report about stocks to avoid

Top 3 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now

While many special reports tend to offer additional stock picks or strategies, this one is a little different.

It reveals three popular stocks that the Hidden Alpha team don’t have particularly high hopes for.

Joel and his team have already exposed 57 companies in the past as potential losers. And they report that many of them went bankrupt or slid to nearly zero after the call.

Given their penchant for picking out potential duds, this report is certainly worth a close read.

crash course

Joel’s Talk at Harvard Business Club

Joel’s been a regular guest lecturer among the faculty of Harvard University.

And he says his speech in 2019 has since become a must-see talk.

Up until recently, however, this highly lauded lecture was reserved for a select few.

Fortunately, new members signing up to Hidden Alpha are free to listen to his private exposé on why some stocks have the potential to rocket up by 1,000%.


How to Make 100% to 500% Gains Using Forensic Analysis

Joel’s sharing a comprehensive blueprint that details his approach to finding stocks with serious potential.

The focus here is specifically on the micro-cap space. However, these strategies could also apply to a wide range of stocks and investment classes. 

In the report, Joel dishes out details on some of his top vetting criteria to dial in on quality opportunities.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Using TRUE earnings to predict where a stock could be headed next in both bull and bear markets.
  • How to spot red flags that might indicate a company is in a position to plummet.
  • Three microcaps with plenty of potential and more

All the reports are top-notch but this might be the most impressive of the bunch.

It offers comprehensive strategies, as well as a handful of picks you might want to put on your shortlist.


Mystery Gift

Under the latest deal, new members receive a mystery gift straight from Joel and the team.

He doesn’t share any details about its contents but says that “others have paid upwards of $73,000 to access the source of this gift.”

If you want to see for yourself, it’s available on signup. 

Hidden Alpha Review

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Under the new deal, members have 30 days to give Hidden Alpha a shot.

If you feel the service is not a good fit, simply request your money back for the full price of the subscription.

Similar services in this newsletter’s price range also offer 30-day refunds. So I usually wouldn’t give extra brownie points for following the norm.

That said, I do appreciate that Hidden Alpha offers unrestricted access to the Altimeter System during the satisfaction guarantee period.

It’s a unique tool for vetting stocks that tacks on a lot of value to the overall package.

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Is Joel Litman Legit?

Joel Litman is as legit as they come.

His professional credentials are remarkable, and many prominent outlets have solicited him for his forensic accounting expertise.

Barron’s and Institutional Investor have quoted his work in the past, and he’s made appearances on CNBC. He was even interviewed by Forbes.

He also works as a Professor at Hult International Business School, which was named a top-ranked international MBA program by Financial Times and The Economist.

Few research services can claim to have such a prominent expert on their roster.

In short, Joel’s a respected voice on Wall Street with the experience, expertise, and skill you want to see in an analyst.

Hidden Alpha Review: Pros and Cons

Hidden Alpha is a solid service with a lot going for it. But there are a few rough edges to keep in mind.


  • 75% discount on the first year
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One year access to the Altimeter System
  • Joel’s forensic accounting background add a unique angle of analysis


  • No community forums
  • Discount only applies to the first year

Hidden Alpha Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Hidden Alpha normally costs $199 for a one-year subscription. But the team is currently sweetening the deal with a 75% discount.

This means you can sign up for the introductory rate of just $49 for the first year.

Better yet, it includes everything mentioned in this review.

There is one caveat, however. This is an introductory rate, meaning that the subscription costs $199 upon renewal.

It would be ideal for the discount to carry over. Still, I appreciate how much is included under the latest package.

Many services I’ve seen offer less for more.

Hidden Alpha Review

Hidden Alpha Review: Is the Service Right for Me?

Hidden Alpha could be well-suited for a wide range of folks in search of top-tier analysis and insights.

It digs into both mid to large-cap stock recommendations. So the research covers a good blend of companies that could have lower volatility and others that might have more room to grow.

While Joel does not typically focus on smaller cap companies, his latest research bundle does offer special reports about microcaps. So that camp is accounted for to some degree.

The newsletter also comes with one year of access to the team’s prized Altimetry System. This powerful tool could help members spot their own opportunities outside of the team’s picks.

However, monthly picks are not a good fit for day trading.

Most newsletters of its ilk are not particularly suited for this type of trading, so I wouldn’t count it as a point against Hidden Alpha.

Hidden Alpha Review: Is It Worth It?

Hidden Alpha is a great newsletter that’s worth the sticker price.

The latest deal might just be the team’s most impressive one yet.

It’s packed to the brim with standout features, including monthly stock picks, updates and alerts, as well as exclusive bonus reports.

Plus, it’s all covered by the team’s money-back guarantee and comes with a 75% discount on the first year.

Top it all off with one-year access to the Altimeter System, and this is a serious deal.

All in all, there’s a lot to like with the latest deal. And I recommend checking out Hidden Alpha if you’re interested in quality research backed by forensic analysis.

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.