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Hidden Alpha Review – Joel Litman Stock Picks 2022

  • By John Parker
  • Sep 25, 2022
Hidden Alpha Review feature
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The latest presentation from Altimetry and Joel Litman looks very promising, and it’s generating a tremendous online buzz. Our Hidden Alpha review will put this service under the microscope and tell you if it’s worth your time.

review of hidden alpha

What Is Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is a monthly newsletter and research service from Joel Litman, Altimetry’s founder and Chief Investment Strategist, and features insights on promising undervalued stocks.

Joe Litman has extensive experience as a forensic accountant, and he uses his skills to identify overlooked opportunities and market trends that could be on the path to breakout growth.

The service aims to pinpoint high-potential large-cap stocks currently flying under the mainstream market’s radar and bring them to its readers.

Hidden Alpha members get access to a wide spread of features and benefits, including regular research updates and stock recommendations from Joel Litman and his team.

If you sign up now, you’ll get a substantial discount and a suite of bonus resources under Litman’s Steve Jobs’ Final Prophecy bundle.

What Is Alpha?

Alpha is a term that describes the margin of difference between an investment’s performance and that of the overall market.

This metric basically quantifies how much a particular investment is outperforming the market as a whole. Typically, achieving alpha returns is the primary objective for most investors.

Hidden Alpha gets its name from Litman’s ability to spot alpha opportunities that the market is overlooking using sophisticated forensic accounting analysis.

Hidden Alpha Review: Overview

In this Hidden Alpha review, we’ll put Joel Litman’s research service to the test with a detailed analysis of its features and benefits.

This in-depth look at Hidden Alpha and the Steve Jobs’ Final Prophecy bundle includes all the info you need to make an informed buying decision.

Stay tuned to see if Hidden Alpha is worth the cost of admission. If you decide to sign up, you can use any of our links to access a steep discount on your subscription.

We’re going to break down Hidden Alpha in explicit detail, but first, who is Joel Litman, and is he worth listening to?

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Joel Litman reviews

Joel Litman Review

Joel Litman is a prominent investing guru and the Chief Investment Strategist for Hidden Alpha.

We took a close look at Joel Litman and his background. Here’s what we found:

Who Is Joel Litman?

Professor Joel Litman is a financial veteran with extensive expertise in forensic accounting, whose work has earned him widespread respect on and off The Street.

In addition to his work with Hidden Alpha, Litman serves as the President and CEO of Valens Research, and he also sits on the board of directors at COL Financial Group, an Asian brokerage firm.

Litman has extensive training and education in forensic accounting. He’s a certified public accountant (CPA) with an impressive set of career and academic credentials.

He earned a BS in Accounting from DePaul University, and he has an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Not only that, but he’s even guest lectured at Harvard Business School!

Litman is also a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a professional trade group focusing on forensic accounting.

Over the course of his career, Litman had stints at Credit Suisse, Diamond Tech Partners, Deloitte, American Express, and other prestigious institutions.

Is Joel Litman Legit?

Litman is as legit as they come. His professional credentials are remarkable, and many prominent outlets have solicited him for his forensic accounting expertise in the past.

Barron’s and Institutional Investor have quoted Litman’s work in the past, and he’s made appearances on CNBC. He was even interviewed by Forbes.

Litman also works as a Professor at Hult International Business School, which was named a top-ranked international MBA program by Financial Times and The Economist.

Few research services can claim to have such a prominent expert as Litman on their team. He’s a respected voice on Wall Street with the experience, expertise, and skill you want to see in a guru.

Altimetry Review

Altimetry is a leading research publisher and the company behind Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha.

Besides Hidden Alpha, Altimetry offers several additional services, including Microcap Confidential, High Alpha, The Altimeter, and more.

Altimetry puts sophisticated, professional-grade research into the hands of everyday folks. The firm’s expertise gives members a significant advantage over the at-large market.

The company’s research team specializes in financial analysis and accounting, and its staff’s extensive expertise help them identify hidden gems in the stock market.

Altimetry’s approach helps distinguish genuine opportunity from market hype. Numbers don’t lie, and the firm’s accounting-based approach has produced some enormous windfalls for members.

steve jobs quotes

Steve Jobs’ Final Prophecy Review

Joel Litman’s latest presentation for Hidden Alpha features a new opportunity on the horizon that could be one of the guru’s biggest finds yet.

The Digital Revolution

The pandemic sped the adoption of digital solutions across the public and private sectors, and this trend has become one of the most influential stock market storylines of recent memory.

Since the trend became apparent, billions of dollars have poured into these companies from investors seeking to get a piece of the action.

However, the hype drove valuations higher and limited the upside for many popular stocks. As a result, Litman believes the smart money has moved onto greener pastures.

While the herd focuses on yesterday’s news, Litman believes Wall Street’s smartest stock-pickers are focusing on a subsector that very few people are paying attention to right now.

steve jobs' vision for the future

Steve Job’s Prediction

Shortly before his death in 2011, Apple founder Steve Jobs made what would ultimately be his final prediction, and his vision is directly connected with Litman’s latest research.

In 2020, Jobs’ prediction came true when Moderna created its mRNA vaccine targeting COVID-19.

A physical sample of the virus was thousands of miles away, but the team received a digital replication of its genetic sequence via email that allowed them to isolate the spike protein needed to develop a vaccine against the disease.

This single, ground-breaking event marked the beginning of a new era where technology and biology will work hand-in-hand to address health issues.

Unfortunately, the vaccine has become a divisive political issue, but, regardless of your feelings on the issue, the breakthrough is undeniably groundbreaking.

Litman believes this marriage between two cutting-edge industries will become a major economic growth engine in the years ahead, and early entrants into the market could take the lion’s share of the resultant growth.

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The SynBio Era

Litman calls this emerging growth industry SynBio, and he believes it will have enormous implications that will touch every corner of the stock market.

Its effects won’t end with medical treatments. As humans become more competent at ‘hacking’ biology, the trend could produce significant advances in many industries.

For example, a company in Massachusetts has developed a technique that grows cotton 10 times faster in a lab using 80% less water and land in just 18 days.

This is just one example of the innovation SynBio is producing across the market. Similar breakthroughs are developing that will enhance production of leather, rubber, cannabis, and more.

Enhancing the production of organic resources is just the beginning. Some of the most ambitious SynBio efforts are targeting self-healing concrete, synthetic insulin, and more.

economic growth quote

The Key to Capturing Economic Growth

Investors from across the spectrum see the potential in SynBio, and the sector’s development has attracted a deluge of interest from the country’s smartest investors.

SynBio funding jumped 100% in 2021 compared to the previous year. Altogether, more money poured into the sector last year than in the previous decade combined.

Even the world’s smartest tech entrepreneurs are making moves in the space. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and even Elon Musk have all made investments in the sector.

Oftentimes, major technological breakthroughs produce substantial gains. Amara’s Law states that “We [the market] overestimate the impact of a new technology in the short run, but underestimate it in the long run.”

This dynamic produced the huge run-up in tech stocks we’ve seen over the past twenty years, and it’s also been a factor in countless other disruptions.

Hidden Alpha performance chart

The Path Ahead

Litman believes this growing trend could be a once-in-a-lifetime growth opportunity with massive long-term upside, and he’s identified several stocks that are in prime position to capitalize.

During his presentation, Litman shares one ticker he’s identified that could produce enormous returns, a DNA sequencing stock called Illumina, ILMN.

Illumina stock price increase

Illumina could have a very bright future, but it’s only one of several promising stocks that Litman has discovered over the course of his research.

Litman’s Steve Jobs’ Final Prophecy bundle includes in-depth research on the most promising SynBio opportunities he’s found to date, along with a treasure trove of bonus resources that can help members make better sense of the opportunities.

Litman is also offering a substantial discount and many other perks to raise awareness about this extraordinary opportunity.

Next, we’ll cover this red-hot Hidden Alpha deal in step-by-step detail so you can see exactly what you’re getting for your dollar.

hidden alpha features

What’s Included with Hidden Alpha?

  • 12 months of Hidden Alpha investment research service
  • Updates and alerts from Joel Litman
  • Full access to the Hidden Alpha model portfolio
  • Litman’s SynBio special research reports:
  • FEATURED: My Favorite SynBio Investment Right Now
  • Profiting From the NEXT Big SynBio Wave
  • Buy the Platforms—Your Best Shot at a 1,000% Winner
  • The Perfect Portfolio
  • BONUS Subscription to Altimetry Daily Authority daily newsletter
  • Full access to Joel Litman’s research archives
  • 100% Money-back guarantee for 30 days

Hidden Alpha Monthly Newsletter

Hidden Alpha’s heartbeat is the monthly newsletter penned by Joel Litman and his team.

You get a one-year subscription to the Hidden Alpha newsletter when you join under the Final Prophecy deal, and you’ll receive a new issue on the first Monday of each month.

Each issue includes a new promising stock recommendation from Joel Litman, along with stock market analysis, market-moving news, trading tips, and much more.

The Hidden Alpha newsletter is a great read, and it’s your main source of Litman’s latest stock picks. You’ll enjoy a steady stream of new trade ideas for as long as you’re a member.

Updates and Alerts

Litman keeps you informed with buy and sell alerts, plus regular updates on every stock featured in the model portfolio.

When it’s time to make a move on a stock, Litman will send an exclusive alert to his subscribers containing details on the opportunity and explicit instructions for capitalizing.

Litman issues buy alerts when he sees a developing opportunity and sell alerts when it’s time to exit a recommended position.

Combined, these alerts will equip you to take on the market with confidence. You’ll receive a notification whenever it’s time to take action on a stock, so you’ll never get caught flat-footed.

Hidden Alpha Model Portfolio

You can find Litman’s active recommendations in the Hidden Alpha model portfolio, and you get unlimited access to these resources as part of your member benefits.

The model portfolio includes detailed information on each recommended holding, including the company’s name, ticker symbol, current recommendation, price action, and more.

You can quickly check in on the status of every Joel Litman stock pick with nothing more than a quick glance at this intuitive resource.

As an added benefit, the portfolio includes every stock with an active recommendation by Joel Litman, so you can even tap into stocks that were featured before you joined.

Hidden Alpha Joel Litman books

Jobs’ Final Prophecy SynBio Research Reports:

You get a treasure trove of exclusive SynBio research reports when you sign up under the current Hidden Alpha deal. Here’s what you get:

My Favorite SynBio Investment Right Now Featured Research Report

The featured report in this bundle contains an in-depth look at Joel Litman’s top-rated SynBio stock.

This company is dominating the genetic sequencing market, and Litman believes it could have much more potential than Illumina, the stock pick he shared for free as part of his presentation.

Litman believes this company could be at the center of the rapidly expanding SynBio industry, and he provides a step-by-step blueprint for capitalizing on the opportunity in this report.

Perhaps more importantly, this report includes a full list of companies you should avoid in the sector.

Just like Pets.com and the other dot-com duds, SynBio will produce both massive winners and epic failures. This report will make sure you’re on the right side of investing history.

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joel litman book

Profiting From the NEXT Big SynBio Wave

The pandemic sparked a slew of innovations in mRNA research, and a deluge of investment capital followed closely behind.

Currently, there are roughly 520 mRNA clinical trials in progress, and these studies could ultimately produce countless innovations and breakthroughs.

Moderna pioneered this technology, and its stock has seen enormous gains over the past couple of years. This sector could produce many more winners like this in the coming years.

moderna stock chart

Litman has identified two stocks in particular that he believes are set to reap the biggest rewards from this unfolding trend.

These reports include detailed information on each opportunity, so you can get on board before these stocks make their big move.

hidden alpha book

Buy the Platforms—Your Best Shot at a 1,000% Winner

Litman believes owning the platforms, the businesses that create systems or marketplaces, is one of the most important methods for capturing SynBio growth.

Just look at the stock market over the past decade, and you’ll quickly see the most dominant stocks came from platforms.

google stock chart

Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook; each of these stocks represents a platform, and this group includes some of the best-performing stocks of the past 20 years.

The SynBio revolution could produce similar platform-based winners, and Joel Litman has already identified two stocks that could be leaders in the category.

This report includes extensive details on each of Litman’s top-two SynBio platform stocks along with detailed trading instructions for each opportunity.

hidden alpha portfolio

The Perfect Portfolio

Stock picks are great, but you need a portfolio strategy that accounts for the big picture to get the most out of the SynBio boom.

This report contains detailed analysis of Litman’s top SynBio stocks and shows you how to put them all together in a properly allocated investment portfolio.

With so much uncertainty facing the market, proper portfolio allocation is more important than ever, and you can’t afford to wing it.

Fortunately, Joel Litman has done the heavy lifting for you with this in-depth report. Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step blueprint for assembling the perfect SynBio portfolio.

Additional Bonuses

If you sign up now, your Hidden Alpha subscription will include these bonuses at no additional cost:

Altimetry Daily Authority

The market moves very fast, and it’s open five days a week. Thankfully, you also get a free subscription to Altimetry Daily Authority when you join Hidden Alpha.

Altimetry Daily Authority briefs you on the biggest market-moving news ever market morning before the opening bell, so you’ll go into the trading session prepared for the day’s action.

The daily report includes information on trending stocks, market analysis, and much more, making it an excellent companion to Hidden Alpha’s monthly newsletters and updates.

With the Altimetry Daily Authority in your corner, the market will never blindside you again. This daily newsletter gives you the tools you need to succeed in every trading session.

Research Archives

As an added bonus, Hidden Alpha members get unlimited access to Joel Litman’s research archives.

This valuable resource includes every piece of Litman’s Hidden Alpha research, including previous special reports, back issues of the newsletter, and much more.

Joel Litman is a forensic accounting mastermind, and you can learn a lot from reading his work. Although some of the research may be outdated, you can still garner valuable insights and lessons from reviewing his past analyses.

If you make proper use of the archives, they could be the most valuable resources in this package. It hosts an extensive collection of professional-grade research for you to explore.

Hidden Alpha refund policy

Money-Back Guarantee

Hidden Alpha offers a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee on every new subscription for 30 days.

You have the entire 30 days to review your purchase and, if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund on your subscription cost.

Simply pick up the phone and call the Hidden Alpha member services during the first 30 days and request your refund, and you’ll get your money back. It really is that simple.

Many competing research services offer convoluted guarantees that are full of fine print, but Hidden Alpha‘s policy is like a breath of fresh air. It’s simple, concise, and honest.

Clearly, Joel Litman and Valens Research stand by their product. Thirty days is plenty of time to decide whether the service is a fit, so the guarantee should provide some much-needed peace of mind.

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Hidden Alpha Review: Pros and Cons

Joel Litman and Hidden Alpha seem like they have everything going for them, but it’s impossible to make everyone happy. Here are the pros and cons of Hidden Alpha:


  • Led by respected chief investment strategist Joel Litman
  • Litman has extensive forensic accounting expertise
  • New recommendations from Joel Litman every month
  • Focuses on overlooked large-cap opportunities
  • Affordably priced
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Includes three special reports featuring five SynBio stock picks
  • Daily newsletter Altimetry Daily Authority included free
  • Unlimited model portfolio access
  • The Perfect Portfolio includes detailed position guidance for Litman’s top stocks
  • Unlimited access to Joel Litman’s research archives
  • Updates and alerts from Joel Litman keep you informed


  • No community forum or chat feature
  • Doesn’t recommend options, futures, or shorts

Hidden Alpha Track Record

Hidden Alpha has produced an excellent track record since its inception, but the service plays its cards pretty close to the chest. Resultantly, finding a verified track record isn’t easy.

However, we do have some information on Joel Litman’s record that we can share with you.

AMD track record chart of hidden alpha

A few years ago, Joel Litman recommended AMD during an interview with Barron’s. The stock ultimately soared to a 6,000% gain in the following years.

Unfortunately, this was Joel Litman’s only publicly available recommendation that we could verify. However, given his credentials and lofty reputation, we’re confident he is the real deal.

Hidden Alpha Reviews by Members

Joel Litman and Hidden Alpha have received some noteworthy praise from both his members and prominent Wall Street market watchers.

Here are some examples of additional Hidden Alpha reviews from prominent investing figures to give you a clearer picture of what to expect from the service:

review of hidden alpha hidden alpha testimonial

That’s high praise for Joel Litman, and it’s coming from some highly esteemed investment minds.

These reviews came from Litman’s recent presentation, so they might not be the most objective samples. However, they still provide some valuable insights into the service.

How Much Does Hidden Alpha Cost?

Typically, you can sign up for a one-year subscription to Hidden Alpha for just $199. That’s a decent value, but, as we promised, our readers can access a significant discount under the SynBio bundle.

For a limited time, our readers can get a 75% discount on their Hidden Alpha service and pay just $49 for an entire year.

At that rate, your average cost comes out to just over $4 per month. Plus, you still get all the SynBio resources and bonuses covered in this review.

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Hidden Alpha Pricing

Is Hidden Alpha Worth It?

Hidden Alpha is a great newsletter that’s worthy of consideration, as it breaks down complex investing strategies in a format that can appeal to anyone — regardless of trading experience. For just $49, the service is an excellent bargain.

The treasure trove of included SynBio resources make this deal even more attractive. Altogether, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of five promising SynBio stocks spread across three exclusive special reports from Joel Litman.

You’ll also get the Joel Litman Perfect Portfolio, which includes meticulous trading and allocation instructions for each of Litman’s top-rated stock picks for 2022.

However, the SynBio resources are only the beginning. Hidden Alpha will keep you busy with new stock recommendations every month, along with regular updates on the portfolio progress to keep you in the loop.

You’ll also get guidance from Altimetry Daily Authority before every trading session, so you can see the big picture and approach the market with the utmost confidence.

Valens Research is a highly regarded firm on Wall Street, and Joel Litman is one of the most respected accounting experts on the planet. This is a rare duo that lives up to the hype.

Joel Litman lays out a compelling case for SynBio in his Steve Jobs’ Final Prophecy presentation, and the included SynBio bonuses make this deal an extremely competitive value.

Finally, factor in a substantially discounted price of only $49 and an exhaustive 30-day guarantee, and you have all the ingredients for a truly excellent research service.

At just $49, you can’t go wrong with Hidden Alpha and Joel Litman’s SynBio bundle. It’s an excellent service at an excellent value, and you can sign up with total confidence.

>> That’s it for our Hidden Alpha review, click here to join now for just $49 <<



John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.