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How to Combine Visa Gift Cards

How to Combine Visa Gift Cards

One of the most frequently asked financial inquiries has to do with combining Visa gift cards. There are several benefits to doing this, which we will investigate in this guide.

With the holidays past and present thoroughly enjoyed, you might find yourself with an embarrassment of riches, especially in the form of multiple Visa gift cards. 

They are presents that fit all sizes, preferences, and personal tastes. However, having several cards can get quite complicated in managing your spending, but fortunately for us, there’s a way to overcome this dilemma: Learn how to combine visa gift cards.

How To Combine Visa Gift Cards: Easy Guide

Now that you are acquainted with the why, let’s jump to the ‘how’ of it. Below are some options that you might find helpful.

Using Multiple Cards for a Single Transaction

When shopping, especially online, you can typically split the cost across multiple cards at checkout. Retailers are generally equipped to manage this multiple-card scenario, which allows you to deplete values on several cards in a single swing.

One exception is Amazon, which does not allow you to combine visa gift cards with a credit or debit card while shopping online.

How to Combine Visa Gift Cards

Selling Cards to Kiosks

Certain kiosk services like the “Cardpool” operate as an open marketplace that buys unused gift cards. You simply feed your card into the machine, the residual amount gets verified and then you receive a cash offer. Revolutionary, isn’t it?

Combining Cards via E-Gifts

You can always convert your Visa cards into an e-gift card for a particular retailer.

This method is particularly useful for those who shop frequently online, as you can retain your Visa gift card balance efficiently in one place.

Using Paypal to Combine Cards

Paypal offers a method to add prepaid gift cards to your account. You can then use the balance across these added cards to make transactions efficiently from a single portal.

Calling Card Provider for Assistance

You can directly contact your card provider and inquire about card consolidation. In most cases, they would gladly assist you in this process.

Step-by-Step Guide for Specific Platforms

We’ve looked into various ways, but let’s bring them to life through a step-by-step guide on some of the most frequently used platforms – Amazon, and online at worthy e-commerce spaces.

How to Combine Visa Gift Cards on Amazon

Amazon allows you to turn your Visa gift card into an Amazon gift card by buying an Amazon gift card for the exact amount you have on your Visa gift card. These get added to your account and directly apply to any future purchases.

How to Combine Visa Gift Cards Online (General Use)

In general, online retailers allow customers to use multiple payment methods for a single purchase. You can enter each card’s information separately at the checkout point, using exactly the right amount on each card, thereby “combining” them for one purchase.

Important Tips to Remember

Before you dive headfirst into combining your Visa cards, here are some tips.

 Always check the balance in your cards before starting the process. 

Some retailers might not accept a card if the balance doesn’t cover the entire amount.

Avoid purchasing new things to combine your cards. It’s best utilized when you already have planned, necessary purchases.

Reasons for Combining Visa Gift Cards

There are a number of reasons why combining Visa gift cards can be a good idea. Here are some of the top ones:

Convenience: You can use Visa gift cards anywhere a normal Visa card can go, opening up a world of opportunities. Combining all your available balances onto one card simplifies the process without having to juggle multiple pieces of plastic everywhere you go. Similarly, some online sites don’t let you enter more than one card at a time.

Security: Your Visa gift cards aren’t tied to your bank account, keeping your information safe in the event of loss or theft. The money on the card may be gone, but you don’t have to worry about someone coming after your savings.

Gifting Ideas: One consolidated gift card works much better as a gift to a friend or loved one. It looks much better on a single card than the individual having to deal with scraps spread over several.

Peace of Mind: It doesn’t always look great to enter a store and try to make a purchase with a handful of cards. Both customers and staff alike may show disapproval with the time and effort required to make a transaction. That single card offers peace of mind when going to pay, as long as you keep track of your available balance.

Problems You Might Encounter When Combining Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards are a popular alternative to traditional cash gifts, providing an easy and flexible solution for gifting. 

However, when it comes down to combining Visa gift cards, there may be a few snags and obstacles you might encounter. In this piece, we will examine these potential challenges and provide practical solutions to overcome them.

How to Combine Visa Gift Cards

1. Retailer Refusal:

One of the most common issues you might face when attempting to combine Visa gift cards is refusal by the retailer.

Not all retailers or establishments permit the use of multiple gift cards in a single transaction. 

This can be due to their point-of-sale systems not supporting multi-card transactions, or simply due to their policies that discourage such transactions.

Solution: The best way to navigate through this issue is to clarify the retailer’s policies regarding gift cards beforehand. 

If their system doesn’t support multi-card transactions, you might want to consider other options like converting your Visa gift cards into e-gift cards of the specific retailer (if available), or use a service like Paypal where you can merge your cards.

2. Online Transaction Limitations:

When shopping online, certain e-commerce sites limit the number of gift cards one can apply towards a single purchase. 

Furthermore, if the balance on the card doesn’t cover the entire purchase, you may hit a wall trying to split the payment across multiple cards.

Solution: A savvy way to get past this is to convert your Visa gift cards into store-specific gift cards. 

For instance, on Amazon, you can purchase an Amazon gift card equivalent to the value on each of your Visa gift cards, effectively combining those values to use on your purchase.

3. Low Balance Cards:

You might find yourself in possession of multiple gift cards with low balances that you wish to pool. Some retailers may not accept cards if the balance is unusually low.

Solution: A recommended approach here is to use these low gift card balances in physical stores. 

At most stores, you can request the cashier to split your payment and use the specific amount on your gift card, paying the remainder with another card or cash.

4. Expiration Issues:

Expired Visa gift cards can be a problem because they lose their value after the expiration date. Trying to combine them with active gift cards won’t add any value.

Solution: Always keep an eye on the expiration dates of your gift cards. Use them or consolidate them before the expiration date. If you have an expired card, get in touch with the card provider – some may offer to replace the card or extend the expiration date.

5. Visa Gift Card Policies:

In certain cases, the policies of the Visa gift cards themselves might pose an issue. Certain terms and conditions might prohibit the combination of gift cards.

Solution: Understand the policy of your gift card provider. When unsure, it’s always best to contact customer service to ensure you are abiding by their terms and conditions.

In conclusion, combining Visa gift cards is a great practice for managing your funds efficiently. 

Despite the potential challenges you may encounter, there is usually a solution or alternative method that you can explore to get the task accomplished. Always remember to read the policies and ask for clarification when needed. Your gift card budgeting strategy might need a little tweaking, but overcoming these hurdles will surely make the process smooth and seamless.

How to Combine Visa Gift Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you combine Visa gift cards?

Yes, you can combine Visa gift cards. This can be done through various methods such as using multiple cards for a single transaction, selling cards to kiosks such as Cardpool, combining cards via e-gift cards, using PayPal to combine cards, or contacting the card provider directly for assistance.

Is it possible to use multiple Visa gift cards on Amazon?

Absolutely! Amazon allows customers to turn their Visa gift cards into Amazon gift cards. You can create an Amazon gift card for the exact amount remaining on your Visa gift card. 

Once done, the gift cards are added to your account and directly applied to your future purchase. This way, you can effectively combine your Visa gift cards by transforming them into Amazon gift cards.

Can I combine Visa gift cards online?

Sure, you can! Many online retailers enable their customers to use multiple payment methods for a single purchase. 

If you have a few gift cards with small balances in them, add the information of each individual card during checkout with the add a gift card option in the payment method.

Then specify the exact amount you want to pay with each, thereby combining your Visa gift cards.

Can I use PayPal to combine Visa gift cards?

Yes, PayPal offers a method to add prepaid gift cards to your account. Once added, you can utilize the collective balance of all the incorporated cards to carry out transactions through a single portal, which essentially means you’ve combined your Visa gift cards.

Are there any limitations or restrictions to combining Visa gift cards?

While combining Visa gift cards is possible and relatively straightforward, there can be some limitations or restrictions. 

For example, not all retailers may allow multiple payment methods during checkout. Additionally, retailers may not accept a card if the remaining balance does not cover the entire purchase amount. 

Always confirm with the individual retailer before attempting to combine Visa gift cards, especially for larger purchases.


Both online and offline retailers provide paths for consumers to integrate their Visa gift cards. It’s simply a matter of assessing the method that’s most convenient and beneficial for you. 

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on possible paths you can take to achieve this task!