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Inside Money Trader Review (Is Mark Sebastian Legit?)

insider money trader reviews
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Even in uncertain market conditions, there are plenty of profits waiting to be scooped up. This Inside Money Trader review reveals one such strategy that could provide big gains, even in a bear market.

What Is Inside Money Trader?

Inside Money Trader is a brand-new service from Mark Sebastian that seeks to exploit missed opportunities by elite traders.

These traders, who Mark calls “Inside Money,” often leave money on the table by focusing more on the number of trades rather than quality.

The amount the Inside Money leaves behind may be inconsequential to them, but it means something to Mark. He started tracking their trades and consistently found ways to improve upon them.

Mark made a fortune with this strategy and now uses the Inside Money Trader to impart his knowledge to members.

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Who Is Mark Sebastian?

Mark Sebastian is an expert trader with a long history in the world of finance.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Science from Villanova University, Sebastian worked as a market maker on both the American Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

He moved on from Wall Street to found the investment education platform OptionPit.com.

During this time, Mark continued to hone his craft and eventually developed a fresh strategy that proved remarkably effective. In 2005, he put his new approach into practice and produced “gains of 14,400% in just three days.”

He didn’t stop there and continued to dial in this strategy over the years to pinpoint under-the-radar opportunities.

After years of testing and calibrating his approach, Mark is sharing his blueprint for stock market success.

Inside Money Trader is the latest publication he uses to educate the masses on ways to take back the market from Wall Street.

The foundation of his strategy is based on what he calls “the secret law.”

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secret law

Beat the Bear Market: The Secret Law

We’re falling further and further into a bear market, and many portfolios are underwater. Inflation is hitting new highs while the S&P, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones continue to struggle.

Even so, some folks are making out much better than others.

Elite traders don’t care about the nature of the market. They’re reaping huge fortunes despite downturns and sinking stocks.

These trade experts do so well because they’ve discovered what’s known as the financial law of gravity.

What Is Financial Gravity?

Inside money knows to look for instances where financial gravity is forming before anyone else does.

When a mega firm makes a massive trade, it creates a large amount of financial gravity. This gravity pulls in smaller firms and hedge funds to perform trades of their own on that stock.

The gravity effect continues to pull in more money, and eventually the rest of Wall Street jumps on board as well.

All this money often sends stock prices into orbit, and inside money is perfectly positioned to get those gains. Other investors miss out big time by joining the trend too late.

Mark says that while some of them are making money hand-over-fist following this law, there’s one flaw in the trading elites’ strategy.

The Huge Flaw

There’s a huge flaw in how these elite traders do business. They mainly focus on stocks, leaving options as nothing more than an afterthought.

Furthermore, the inside money game revolves heavily around volume. Because of this, they don’t optimize calls that would allow them to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Both mistakes leave unclaimed profits that Mark and the Inside Money Trader take full advantage of.

Beating the Bear Market with Options

While elite traders make a lot of money with high-volume trades, the gravity effect is even stronger with options. Because of this, the profit potential is even higher.

Mark Sebastian has developed a system to capitalize on the work and effort inside money invests in finding these financial gravity situations before they take hold.

After inside money finds a stock that’s ready to move, Mark locates an option with greater upside potential in less time. It doesn’t even matter if stocks move up or down — even a tiny move can deliver a substantial payout.

Getting Started

Mark has decided to roll all his knowledge on finding the right options trade into a single package he calls Inside Money Trader.

Not only does Inside Money Trader reveal the top trades, Mark also takes the time to show how the entire system works.

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What Comes with Inside Money Trader?

The Inside Money Trader is full of hands-on tools designed to help you become better at investing. Here’s what you’ll get with the service.

trade alerts

Weekly Trading Sessions

Anyone signing up for Inside Money Trader will get up to two training sessions each week with recommendations on tickers to take advantage of.

Each short session dives right into business, looking through big trends Goldman, JPMorgan, and BlackRock are considering.

These plays have the potential to pay back up to ten times your investment in just a few weeks. Mark also shows the science behind trading options the average person struggles with.

Members can even post questions using the live chat feature.

During weekly trading sessions, Mark doesn’t simply share his top recommendations. He breaks down each pick, showing proprietary research and the analysis behind each one.

You’ll understand his reasons for selecting those particular stocks and why they are ready to trade.

With knowledge in hand, Mark allows viewers to watch the trade setup process and everything it entails.

His hope is to teach people to fish while giving them as many fish as possible while they’re still learning.

training service

Monthly Inside Money Live Training

Those joining today get exclusive access to a 60-minute members-only live session once per month.

You’ll sit down virtually with Mark Sebastian as he shares big trends and the top trades he’s eyeballing at the moment.

He goes into detail about why these trades have piqued his interest and what it would take for a security to become an actual trade alert.

In addition to watching Mark work his magic, he’ll drop many coaching tips and what’s worked for him over the years. There’s even a live chat feature Mark uses to answer your general questions in real-time.

trading course

Free Access to the Inside Money Trading Course

Becoming a member enables access to the Inside Money Trading Course, providing a detailed explanation of Sebastian’s S.U.R.E. system.

This system scans 18 different exchanges for the next big money opportunity using Mark’s 20 years of trading experience.

The course reveals how Inside Money finds these exceptional trades way before anyone else and why so many people end up leaving money on the table.

You’ll also learn how the system can earn you a shot at growing your money up to tenfold in just a few weeks.


Daily Coaching Sessions

Every trading day, Mark’s team jumps online for an hour of live trading.

During these sessions, you’ll get to watch every trading move. They cover anything on the stock market with the potential to pay out big, including stocks and options.

By watching the team in action, you can learn to improve your trading game in no time.

More Inside Money Trader Bonuses

Members also have access to the Inside Money Trader Weekly Roundup, a portfolio tool highlighting market insights. You’ll be able to see opportunities in various sectors and options for that next potential 1,000% trade.

Special Situation Trading Events could significantly increase chances to profit.

Whenever a special situation comes up, Mark shows you the best way to play it. At times, he also brings in expert options traders for their take on the markets.

The Inside Money Mastermind Group is a place you can go to chat with others about the latest recommendations. The online forum may reveal strategies, power plays, or stories you can use to improve your game.

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Platinum Membership Features

Individuals wanting the full package will also receive the following bonuses for upgrading to a platinum membership.

Lifetime Access

As a platinum member, you receive lifetime access to all the tools featured in this Inside Money Trader package. This includes weekly and monthly training sessions, daily coaching, the Inside Money Journal, and so much more.

24 Extra Inside Money Recommendations

Set aside for platinum members are 24 extra Inside Money recommendations no one else has access to. These secret stocks can give an unprecedented trading advantage, allowing you to bank some extra cash through opportunities others don’t even know exist.

refund policy

Money-Back Guarantee

To remove any sign-up barriers, Mark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to any person wishing to try out Inside Money Trader.

After subscribing, you can make use of all the tools included in this package to see if the service is a match. Build your trade journal, attend live trading sessions, chat with other members, and more.

At any point during those first 30 days, you can cancel at any time by contacting the customer service team.

You’ll get back every penny of your subscription cost, no questions asked.

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Pros and Cons of Inside Money Trader

Inside Money Trader has a lot of positives, but there are some downsides to keep in mind.


  • Beginner-friendly Inside Money Trading Course
  • From the mind of guru Mark Sebastian
  • Based on over 20 years of trading experience
  • Weekly and monthly live trading sessions
  • Daily live coaching


  • May be a bit costly for some
  • Some members will have a learning curve

Inside Money Trader Track Record

Mark Sebastian built his fortune using his groundbreaking system.

Let’s take a look at some of his previous calls to put his success in context.

Late last year, he predicted a play on Nutrien, a Canadian fertilizer company. This call initially provided the opportunity for 48% gains.

However, Mark saw 49% and 106% gains in just two months.

Other big winners for include Pfizer, Ford, and Uber. Overall, his picks netted him the chance at a 44% average return on the year.

Best of all, Mark is transparent about his trading activity. He uses his own account to show people the system works and that he means business.

No trade is foolproof, but Mark proves time and again he’s able to make the right call.

How Much Does Inside Money Trader Cost?

A monthly subscription to Inside Money Trader typically costs $199 a month. However, the team is running an introductory that provides a monthly subscription for just $49.

The basic plan unlocks most of Inside Money Trader’s many features, including weekly and monthly online trading sessions, daily coaching, the trading course, trade journal, and several bonuses.

Membership is just $49 a month, but anyone wanting to save a little can invest in an annual subscription for $499.

Platinum Membership

Upgrading to the platinum plan presents lifetime access and additional bonuses for the one-time rate of $999. From there, a yearly maintenance fee of $99 is all you need to keep your account active.

While a bit of an initial hurdle to overcome, the long-term perks of going platinum should pay for themselves in time.


Inside Money Trader Review: Final Thoughts

Inside Money Trader is a solid service that is worth the sticker price. Plus, the opportunity to make money in a down market is a nice change of pace.

Many competing services focus on growth stocks, which can get dragged down under the weight of inflation and a flailing market.

On the other hand, options can thrive in any economic condition.

It only costs $49 to access the Inside Money Trader for an entire month to see if it fits with your investment strategy.

If you feel it’s a good match, you can always upgrade to an annual or platinum membership.

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Jessica is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance. Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education.