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LikeFolio Investor Review: The Great Microcap A.I. Moonshot

LikeFolio Investor Review Image
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We all wish we had a crystal ball to predict market moves before they happen. The Swan brothers believe they’ve designed an algorithm to do just that. This LikeFolio Investor review covers everything you need to get in on the ground floor of this incredible opportunity, i.e.The Great Microcap A.I. Moonshot — the rise of what could become the No. 1 A.I.-powered stock of the decade.

LikeFolio Investor Review:

What is LikeFolio Investor?

LikeFolio Investor is a new research service and a spinoff of the Swan Bros’ company LikeFolio. Andy and Landon Swan lead the charge.

LikeFolio’s been around for ten years, which the brothers have used to create a unique fintech algorithm for accurately predicting investment opportunities.

After a successful proof of concept study at Georgetown University, interest in LikeFolio lit up like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

The brothers started receiving contracts to the tune of $750,000 to  access market insights.

They still do, and I wouldn’t stop that line of work for that kind of income. However, the duo realized it was time to make their exclusive software available to everyone.

Thus, LikeFolio Investor was born. It’s the same great software at a much more budget-friendly price that anyone can use to find success on the markets.

Don’t worry; we’ll get to the bones of this algorithm in a minute. First, let’s get to know the Swan brothers a bit better.

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Who are the Swan Brothers?

The Swan brothers are self-proclaimed serial entrepreneurs and legendary fintech experts. They’re the creators of new technology making waves among the financial elite that’s been leading to incredible gains. Let’s learn more about the brothers before diving into their service.

Andy Swan

Who is Andy Swan?

Andy Swan has already successfully started and sold two companies in the finance space. He’s right in the middle of his third, LikeFolio.

Leading up to those accolades, he was accepted into one of America’s top law schools. It didn’t take long to realize it wasn’t in his blood.

He did the same with one of the nation’s top MBA programs. Both decisions made it clear to Andy that he was meant for number crunching instead.

Today, Andy shares many of his insights on business and finance in his personal blog. He’s a huge believer in the predictive software he created with his brother.

Landon Swan

Who is Landon Swan?

Landon Swan started down a career path in basketball while majoring in business administration in college. He dropped out to start a business with his brother Andy.

After a few more attempts at juggling a business and college career, Landon finally achieved success in both. His entrepreneurial mind led to a handful of additional projects over the years, most of which he eventually sold.

During that time, he developed an aptitude for programming and logic-based tools.

The journey eventually led him to the fintech space, where Landon developed a new algorithm for predicting market moves. Both Swan brothers are moving full-speed ahead with this software and the LikeFolio platform.

Are the Swan Brothers Legit?

The Swan brothers are no slouches when it comes to business and fintech. Each of them has spent ample time in the business world.

LikeFolio isn’t their first business success, either. They sold their previous fintech firm to TD Ameritrade.

Their skills have caught the eye of some of the world’s top hedge funds and institutions, who now pay up to $750,000 for access. Andy and Landon have been featured in big-name media outlets like Forbes, Fox Business, and Barron’s.

These well-sought-after gurus have finally decided to make their game-changing investment software available to the masses. Let’s see if it’s really as good as they say.

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Why AI investment is the big things now

The #1 Reason to Invest in AI Now

What were you doing when AI first started sweeping through the markets? Most folks stood on the sidelines, and I admit I was one of them.

We all know now that AI stocks hit insane highs throughout the spring and summer, not to mention NVIDIA’s 24% gain on a single day in May.

Surely it’s too late to get into the AI game now, right? The Swan brothers think otherwise.

According to these gurus, we’re about to witness the second wave of AI investments with way more growth potential than anything we’ve seen so far.

Not sure about you, but I’m not going to miss out this time around. What is it, though, that AI’s bringing to the table?

The Transformative Power of Artificial Intelligence

I’m willing to bet just about everyone’s aware of AI by this point. Whatever you believe about it, the technology’s potential could very well be limitless.

AI can inject itself just about anywhere, across multiple fields of business and even in areas where we don’t usually see technology go.

Look at what ChatGPT has done since its launch in November 2022.

It has the fastest-growing user base of all time, absolutely blowing the former title holder (Netflix) out of the water. Companies are using it for a number of applications and performing well as a result.

The fun doesn’t end there. I even used the software to help build an itinerary for an upcoming trip.

It’s completely transforming the world as we know it, and we can already see the implications.

The big shots like Elon Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook are well aware of what AI can do. Even Warren Buffett dumped a huge chunk of his investment funds into AI.

It’s smoking the internet’s adoption rate by a landslide and leaving fads like Meta and the Internet of Things in the dust.

Just how high could AI go?

Market interest in AI is skyrocketing

Why AI is a $15.7 Trillion Megatrend

The Swan brothers tease that AI’s causing a huge stir right now. It’s absolutely changing the way we do life and employment options.

In the past, it took the right people to fill certain roles, like writing software, analyzing market data, or designing new products. These people are hard to find and come with a higher salary to supplement their skill sets.

ChatGPT single-handedly changed all that. The tech can do much of the same work for a lot cheaper.

This truth sucks for a lot of us from a job standpoint. Who knows how many jobs will disappear.

Major corporations like Square and Microsoft are already implementing this tech. Several others have started replacing workers as well.

That’s just scraping the surface of what AI can potentially do across many more industries. Companies not embracing the AI revolution could get left out to dry.

I’ve heard stories about how AI is creeping into law and healthcare as well. We might soon see it everywhere.

At this rate, AI could end up contributing up to $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. Let that sink in a minute. China and India combined don’t output that much.

For all the bad news, there is good news for those of us looking to invest.

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Why is Now the Best Time to Cash In?

Forget missing out on AI the first time around. You’re not too late to the game to catch the craze.

In fact, right now could be the biggest opportunity we’ve ever seen.

AI has been slowly working its way into our lives for years now, and we’re just starting to see its impact. Like smartphones, the internet, and other revolutions before it, AI appears to be fast approaching critical mass.

The #1 Reason to Invest in AI Now

If the gains we saw from that slight rise were so high, imagine what exponential growth would look like.

We’re still really at the beginning of what AI can do. It’s nowhere near saturating the markets I mentioned earlier, but it’s certainly trending that way.

Based on the current curve, AI is slated to grow some 42 times faster than the internet did. AI’s market size could grow twentyfold by 2030 alone to nearly $2 trillion.

Our first trillionaires could come out of this boom.

Many companies already embracing AI are doing really well for themselves. Think about Google, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and the like.

There’s really no end to what AI can do, either. Consider what that means for its investment potential.

All this excitement won’t last forever, though. AI has a bright future, but it will still be easy to miss for anyone who doesn’t act fast.

Fortunately, the Swan brothers have some great ideas about where to start.

Ai stocks outperform all other stocks in the market

The Swan Brothers’ #1 Stock Recommendation

You may find yourself drawn to well-known AI stocks like NVIDIA or Google. That may not be a bad call, but these companies may already be hovering near the top.

Instead, the Swan brothers are all about finding the businesses putting AI to good use.

The concept is no different than McDonalds or Starbucks. They didn’t invent the products they sell; they just used innovative methods to spin them in a new way.

Some of AI’s biggest winners have been a chipmaker, a gaming software firm, and an EV company. The Swan brothers shared these opportunities with their followers last year.

They’re doing the exact same thing this time around using Likefolio Investor and their proprietary scouting system.

A small-cap stock pick is lighting up their radar as we speak. The brothers believe it could be one of the best AI opportunities of the decade.

Best of all, it’s trading for less than $5 right now. Imagine the potential if it grows like some of the big early AI winners.

You can get instant access to this pick by signing up for LikeFolio Investor through their latest deal. Let’s check out everything that comes with a membership:

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One-Year Subscription to LikeFolio Investor Banner

What’s Included?

Here’s what you get when you join LikeFolio Investor now:

One-Year Subscription to LikeFolio Investor

A LikeFolio Investor membership scores you one full year of the service. Signing up gives you access to a number of awesome investment tools you can use to grow your portfolio. Let’s check them out now.

LikeFolio Investor Alerts

LikeFolio Investor Alerts

Each month, you’ll receive at least one or two  investment alerts sent straight to your inbox. Each alert reveals a new stock opportunity called out by the Swan brothers’ proprietary algorithm.

You’ll get the inside scoop on why a product’s displaying unusual activity and what makes its company a suitable investment target. The brothers also share price targets and their thoughts on whether you’re looking at a long-term or short-term play.

This unusual activity is usually a tell that the stock’s about to break out. Alerts help you jump on it right away so you can maximize gains.

>> Get instant access to the latest issue when you join now! <<

Weekly Video Bulletins

Weekly Video Bulletins

Each week, Andy and Landon Swan send a video bulletin your way. In the bulletin, the brothers review the status of current recommendations and share any actions you should take.

They’ll point out new opportunities and strange market happenings that have popped up in the last week as well.

Our time is precious, and the brothers recognize this. They keep these video snapshots to just five or ten minutes.

The info within is well worth checking out before making any sort of move with your investments.

>> Sign up now to access the latest Weekly Video Bulletin <<

Access to New Bonus Reports and Roundtables

Access to New Bonus Reports and Roundtables

The market moves to the beat of its own drum and is often unpredictable. Andy and Landon Swan are well aware of this phenomenon and want to keep their members informed.

They’re quick to send out bonus reports any time they spot a new consumer trend or company movement that could spell gains.

Information comes direct to you as a bonus report or special video. Sometimes you’ll receive both on particularly hot topics.

You’ll get to read or listen to the details of the market shakeup and why it may turn into a stellar opportunity.

LikeFolio Investor Digital Archive

All alerts and special reports are carefully documented in the LikeFolio Investor Digital Archive. You can go back and look at previous recommendations and breaking news whenever you want.

Use the archive to peruse past suggestions for additional investment opportunities. It’s also a great tool to double-check price targets and how long you should hold onto your play.

Special Reports

A Likefolio Investor subscription also comes with the following special reports:

The Great $2 AI Moonshot

The Great $2 AI Moonshot

The Great $2 AI Moonshot may just contain the biggest and most impactful forecast Andy and Landon Swan have ever made.

They’ve identified what they believe is the number one AI-powered stock of our decade.

It’s definitely not ChatGPT or anything the big-name companies are putting out. Chances are, it’s a company you’ve never even heard of.

The brothers are recommending this stock now, before it potentially explodes. In fact, you can pick up a share for just a couple bucks.

You’ll find the name of this company and all the details you need for investing right here.

>> Join now to get “The Great $2 AI Moonshot” <<

The Power of Blockchain

The Power of Blockchain

Blockchain is another big player right now. The failures of many small and medium-sized banks have birthed an uptick in decentralized finance and digital banking.

The Power of Blockchain has the deets on five companies making a splash in this lucrative area.

Landon and Andy predict all of them will be long-term winners as blockchain and digital finance continue to catch on.

Businesses and consumers are just starting to embrace this new tech. It’s only a matter of time before it goes mainstream.

With this special report, you get the chance to invest BEFORE these technologies really take off.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - 60 day money back guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Andy and Landon Swan want to remove any barriers to you giving their service a try. As a result, they’ve come up with a generous 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Test-drive their platform for a full 60 days before deciding if you’re a fan or not. If you’re not completely satisfied, reach out during those first two months for a full refund of your subscription. No questions asked.

You’ll get to keep the bonus materials and any information you’ve received up until that point.

>> Take advantage of the 100% satisfaction guarantee <<

Pros and Cons of LikeFolio Investor

Here are the pros that make LikeFolio so great, and a few areas where it could do a little better.


  • A full year of access to LikeFolio Investor

  • 1-2 new stock recommendations each month

  • Weekly video bulletins

  • Two included special reports

  • Frequent bonus updates on emerging opportunities

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

  • Heavily discounted price


  • No community chat or forum

  • An unorthodox way of finding stock picks

Is LikeFolio Investor Legit?

Is LikeFolio Investor Legit?

LikeFolio Investor is a legit research service that’s home to the Swan brothers’ algorithm.

They founded LikeFolio and began work on studying consumer habits all the way back in 2013. A challenge from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business really brought the program to life.

The school asked a simple question – could a web-powered investing intelligence tool actually work?

Little did the school know that the boys already had the answer.

The results were astounding. LikeFolio’s research proved the predictive power of information on social media.

When the word got out, hedge funds and the elite begged Andy and Landon for a taste of their software. They’ve been making bank ever since.

>> Sound like a good fit? Try now and get 75% OFF <<

Swan Brothers Track Record

Check out just a handful of the predictions LikeFolio Investor has made since going live.

Celsius Holdings Inc.

Celsius is a new drink craze that I admit I’ve bought into myself. Had I known about the secret surge when I first heard about the product on social media, I’d be enjoying some of those 1,102% gains.


Netflix popped up on the radar as people moved away from traditional cable. Picking up Netflix when the country started buying subscriptions in 2015 could have led to 1,060% returns.

Apple stock

Investment gurus were shouting Apple’s praises in 2018. However, the Social Heat Score caught wind of disappointment with the latest iPhone.

The negative sentiment sent the company’s stock plummeting. Most people were baffled. It was just one more victory for the LikeFolio algorithm.

These accurate predictions make it clear that the Swan boys have hit the nail on the head with their software. To think this algorithm picked up patterns that not even the big shots were seeing really speaks to its potential.

>> Get more promising stock picks when you join now <<

How Much is It?

A full year of LikeFolio Investor alone normally goes for $199. Right now, you can sign up for just $49. That’s 75% off the cover price.

At that low price, you’re paying less than 14 cents a day for all the materials and opportunities contained within.

A single winning recommendation can earn you that back and then some.

The Swan brothers are adding the two bonus materials to the deal for free as a thank-you for joining. That’s another $500 in savings right there.

LikeFolio Investor Review: Is It Worth It?

LikeFolio Investor Review: Is It Worth It?

LikeFolio Investor is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and well worth the piddly entry fee. $49 for access to a potentially game-changing algorithm for your investments feels like a no-brainer.

That’s 75% off an already incredible price for this service.

I’m not saying other investment strategies are wrong, but LikeFolio Investor has the ability to decipher huge opportunities before the market moves at all. That spells the biggest chance at maximizing your profits.

The elite are paying upwards of $750,000 for similar access! Let’s keep our discount between ourselves.

A year membership comes with alerts to the latest secret surges and weekly video bulletins with insights on current recommendations. The brothers frequently share breaking news so you don’t miss out.

You also get the two bonus reports, including the one about an AI stock with the potential to outpace Amazon and Google to the top. That alone is worth the price of admission.

The brothers want you to try out the service for yourself. That’s why you have 60 days to change your mind and get your subscription fee back if you’re not satisfied.

Don’t miss out any longer. Subscribe to LikeFolio Investor today before this AI opportunity and others slip through your grasp forever.

>> Start Your Investment Journey with LikeFolio Investor Today! <<


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