Mercedes-Benz is a brand popular among its peers in the automobile world. However, till date, this brand refrained from venturing into the domain of two-wheeler scooters with electrical functionality. This trend is all set to change as this company quietly announced its very first two-wheeler last week during the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Merged carefully into the press release of its branded Over-The-Ear variant of headphones along with the toy-version for its EQC Electric SUV, this two-wheeler comes as a surprise for the customer base. The official press-release had very basic information about the same with an expected launch date that is set in the early half of 2020.

This is it, no information about top speed, range, or any specification. According to the Press Release, it looks like the company shall sell these electric scooters in Germany. However, it isn’t clear if the makers will try to enter competitive market. Moreover, there is no talk about the price of the scooter as well.

A Daimler spokesperson confirmed that this automaker has aims to sell these scooters on a direct basis to the consumers. However, there are no answers with regards to its specifications as of now.


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