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Mindful Trader Review: Is Eric Ferguson legit?

Brent Davis - August 11, 2021

mindful trader review featured
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Mindful Trader is a great stock-picking tool for beginner investors looking to learn powerful trading strategies. It is perfect for those who want to try out swing trading without giving up their day job, and each stock is invested in by its creator, Eric Ferguson.

So if you are looking for a stock trading assistant that will help you trade without hiring a financial advisor, this Mindful Trader review is for you.

At its core, Mindful Trader is a trade alert service that gives busy and new traders access to mindful trading tips; and these tips and alert services can help you make passive income via swing trading.

As a professional mathematician, founder Eric Ferguson combined his extensive historical stock market analysis with a mindful approach to trading and finding stock picks for swing traders.

Mindful Trader Review

Mindful Trader: Overview

Before getting into our in-depth Mindful Trader review, it’s best to look at the purpose of Eric Ferguson’s Mindful Trader service.

Respecting your limited time, Mindful trader was designed for anyone who wants to get into day trading but doesn’t have hundreds of hours to dedicate to a course.

Also, the trade alert service is designed to help beginner and experienced traders.

Ferguson has spent countless hours analyzing the market for historical data and sends users alerts throughout the day, informing them of his trade strategies so you can follow suit.

Now, you don’t need a degree in economics to start spotting solid trade picks.

Each data-driven trade on average lasts from three to seven days making them swing trades that you can jump into at your leisure.

Created to offer flexibility, ease of use, and compounding profits, the Mindful Trader’s tools are perfect for traders who want to get their feet wet investing in the market.

Eric Ferguson

Trader Eric Ferguson Review

Eric Ferguson has always had a love for numbers, which is what helped him graduate valedictorian of high school and become one of the few to get a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT.

A Stanford University grad, Ferguson majored in Economics where he learned to apply his mathematical mind to market trends creating the perfect base for someone who was destined to rule the stock market.

What makes his stock-picking service so effective?

Today, he applies his skills to analyzing over 20 years of historical market performance statistics so that he can help others increase their median annual return and long-term earnings. 

Take a minute to look at his Mindful Trader performance review, and you will see he clearly has a talent for picking the right trades.

Mindful Trader Alerts Review

Mindful Trader is a trade alert platform designed to save time and spot promising swing trades.

The purpose of the program is to send out trade alerts to users, and this allows a chance to jump in on the same trade that Eric Ferguson is making.

Ferguson invests in every single stock that he sends out a trade alert for, which helps you feel better about making the same leap.

Each trade alert is issued as a text and email and includes the exact ticker that he purchased, the price he paid, and where he has chosen to set his profit exit and stop loss.

In other words, it is a comprehensive trade alert that allows you to quickly replicate trades in a matter of minutes.

These day trading services are perfect for a trader on the go who wants to increase their annual returns with a proven stock pick system.

All traders need to do is simply buy and hold a few stocks per week and make profitable swing trades with a statistical edge.

Already sold on The Mindful Trader? Get here to get started with the platform today!

What’s Included with Mindful Trader?

As mentioned earlier in our Mindful Trader review, the product is primarily a trade alert program.

Therefore, the largest benefit of working with Mindful Trader is the instant trade alerts that come from Eric Ferguson himself, but he also sweetens the pot by including a few more perks while keeping the price very affordable; traders gain access to:

  • Mindful Trader trade alerts
  • Direct contact with Eric Ferguson
  • 20-Year Back Test
  • Wealthy Heart Blog

As you can see, Ferguson is fully invested in his program, and his willingness to offer extras to customers is proof.

Now let’s break down some of the extras in this Mindful Trader review.

Mindful Trader Trade Alerts

The trade alerts help you make quick trading decisions to build your portfolio and profits.

Trade alerts are released one to three times a day and usually between the hours of 6:30 am and 3 pm Pacific time.

Most alerts are for swing trades, so you can jump in when you have a spare five minutes.

All swing trade alerts are delivered via phone and/or email and include the ticker name, the price Ferguson paid when he made the purchase, and the profit exit and stop loss.

In addition, it offers advice on when to close out the trade if it never makes it to the target price, protecting your investment.

Each swing trade alert is designed to make it easy for beginning traders to jump right in without much knowledge of the market.

Set your perimeters to match Ferguson’s, and then sit back and wait.

The simplicity of Mindful Trader is one reason that it is popular online because anyone with money to invest and an email can use it.

Direct Contact with Eric Ferguson

Not only does Eric Ferguson invest in every trade alert he sends out his base, but he also welcomes contact.

Anybody who signs up for Mindful Trader has access to Ferguson’s personal email.

Ferguson loves the chance to interact with beginning and experienced traders and offers immediate email responses.

Whether you are looking for trading advice, have a question, or just want to learn to be mindful Ferguson is happy to support his subscribers.

Upon request, Ferguson has even accepted phone calls and Zoom calls from people who just need his advice or help managing emotion-based trade obstacles.

Wealthy Heart Blog

Wealthy Heart Blog

The Wealthy Heart Blog is another feature worth mentioning in this Mindful Trader review because of its authenticity.

Eric uses his blog to reach out to clients and non-clients to help teach them mindfulness when it comes to economics.

The Wealthy Heart is subtitled: “emotions around money,” an apt title since Eric spends numerous blog posts offering calming strategies, perspective, and of course a few tips about how to make money.

Anyone who has ever felt nervous about trading should check out the Wealthy Heart blog for a sense of who Ferguson is as a person, and why you can trust Mindful Trader.

Is Mindful Trader Legit?

In short, the answer is yes.

Eric Ferguson carefully outlines that the goal of his Mindful Trader is to make money, but there are never any guarantees.

However, he makes his trades based on data, research, and historical analysis and hopes for the best outcomes.

Many traders appreciate Ferguson’s transparency and his willingness to help investors navigate every stage of making a stock trade.

His goal is to provide people access to wise stocks based on the extensive backtesting he has spent hundreds of hours performing.

In addition, Ferguson invites anyone who isn’t turning a profit to contact him directly.

He will then compare notes and see where the disconnect is coming from so he can fix it.

Ready to start your subscription with The Mindful Trader? Click here to sign up now!

Mindful Trader Cancellation Policy Review

Mindful Trader is a subscription-based service, so the cancellation process is fairly straightforward.

To continue receiving trader alerts you have to pay for access to the service each month.

If you choose to stop receiving trade alerts, simply cancel your subscription, and your access will be removed at the end of the month.

There are no questions and no penalties associated with canceling your subscription.

How Much Does Mindful Trader Cost?

Mindful Trader is a monthly recurring subscription that costs users $47 in exchange for regular trade alerts.

In other words, you can spend $50 on one family meal out or cook at home instead and earn money on the stock market.

Mindful Trader pricing provides a low barrier to entry for a trading strategy that will cost-effectively allow you to hit your profit target.

By just skipping one meal out each month for a family of four you can easily pay the subscription fee and hopefully double or triple your investment as you start to utilize the swing trade alerts.

Mindful Trader Track Record Review

One excellent aspect of Mindful Trader is how transparent founder Eric Ferguson is.

He is upfront and personal with all of his methods; additionally, Ferguson posted a rather lengthy explanation of his backtest results along with a fair amount of data.

He also lists every single trade alert result since Mindful Trader went live, so you can see the type of return his trade alerts have earned him and his followers for yourself before signing up.

According to the data, since the site went live in November of 2020 the average return on the account has been 10% and the win percentage is 53.3%, which is fairly impressive.

You can check out the stats for yourself here.

In addition, Ferguson offers potential subscribers a 12-minute video that shows the performance of live trades over a two-week period and offers a basic explanation of what the results mean.

This video is a great tool for beginner traders who need some help getting their toes wet in the trading market.

Mindful Trader pros cons

Mindful Trader Review: Pros and Cons

Still, weighing Mindful Trader Review to figure out if it’s the right product for you? 

A simple pros and cons list can help you decide.

Mindful Trader Pros

  • Stock trader alerts in your inbox multiple times a day
  • Requires minimal effort or stock market knowledge
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
  • Access to Wealthy Heart Blog
  • Immediate access to the founder (excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Years of backtesting
  • Strong Performance Record
  • Swing trading for added flexibility

Mindful Trader Cons

  • The first monthly fee is non-refundable, but you can cancel anytime to avoid future payments
  • Only offers alerts for futures and stocks, which can be comforting for beginners.

Mindful Trader Review: Is Eric Ferguson legit?

Do you like making passive income without doing much work? Are you new to the futures or stock market and want a soft introduction to the stock market? Do you like making money?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Mindful Trader is perfect for you; there simply is not an easier way to tiptoe into the stock market than with personal guidance from Eric Ferguson.

Is Mindful Trader right for you? This service is designed for:

  • Swing trader
  • Day trader
  • Beginner
  • Novice
  • Looking to make a few easy dollars

Any traders that fall within one or more of these categories can find value in Mindful Traders services.

Mindful Trader Reviews by Members

No reviews are available, but the online chatter surrounding the Mindful Trader is very positive.

Given the contentious nature of the online world, an absence of negative reviews means Eric Ferguson is definitely doing something right.

Final Review: Is Mindful Trader Worth It?

After an extensive Mindful Trader review, the answer to “is it worth it” is a resounding YES.

Eric Ferguson continually posts updates, videos, and blogs to keep his subscription base in the loop — even if you aren’t a member, you can sign up for his email list.

This way you can see how his stock trade alerts perform. 

The stock trade alert program does all the work for you, and it even offers you the abbreviated ticker you will need to buy a stock.

Mindful Trading Strategies

Additionally, Eric Ferguson breaks down every single step so you can place a swing trade in as little as five minutes.

Beginners and those who simply like to make easy money will enjoy the fruits of Ferguson’s massive backtesting.

The subscription costs are cheap compared to other swing trade alerts platforms, and you are free to cancel at any time.

Sign up for Mindful Trader today and see firsthand what the stock and futures market can do for you.

Become a member of The Mindful Trader today! Click here to sign up!


Brent Davis has been writing about the financial markets for 10 years and worked in research for the last five years at a Fortune 500 company. Brent's investing strategy is to buy high-quality companies and then let compounding do its thing.