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Nilus Mattive Crypto Predictions 2023 (DotCom Collapse)

  • By Ace Vincent
  • Feb 23, 2024
Nilus Mattive Crypto Predictions Ft Image

Nilus Mattive predicts great things are on the horizon for the crypto world. Do his theories hold water, or is this a sinking ship? This Nilus Mattive Crypto Predictions 2023 review has the answer.

The Latest Nilus Mattive Prediction for 2023

Last year’s market crash was painful for many people. Cryptocurrencies were among the worst hit, leading many to rethink a digital coin investment strategy.

Crypto expert Nilus Mattive sees a similar pattern emerging to the DotCom collapse 20 years prior. Instead of jumping ship, he believes now’s an incredible time to purchase digital currency.

Mattive has identified several cryptos that could rise from the ashes and deliver massive windfalls. We’ll review them all later in this piece.

Nilus Mattive

Who is Nilus Mattive?

Nilus Mattive has more than 20 years of investing experience. He began his professional career as part of Jonathan Steinberg’s Individual Investor Group before working for Standard & Poor.

Since then, he’s built an impressive 15-year winning track record through various agencies, including some through Weiss Ratings. His latest venture was with Palm Beach Research Group, where he uncovered a deeper understanding of the crypto market.

His analyses have earned him the spotlight on Fox News, Money Matters, and BusinessWeek.

Now, Nilus devotes his time to sharing the latest cryptocurrency research with the masses through Weiss Crypto Investor.

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What is Weiss Crypto Investor?

Weiss Crypto Investor is a crypto research service from Weiss Ratings. Nilus Mattive is the lead editor for the service.

Nilus and his team provide in-depth research on the best cryptocurrencies available and why each one could be a winner. They tap into the power of the Weiss Ratings system to let you know when to bid on cryptocurrencies and for how long to hold them.

They’ve already had some big wins in the crypto space, successfully navigating the rise and fall of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recommendations with Cardano led folks to gains as high as 2,925%.

Cryptocurrency is the final frontier for a lot of people due to its complicated nature. The Weiss Crypto Investor can help ease you into picking up some digital currencies of your own.

Nilus Mattive's DotCom Collapse Presentation

Nilus Mattive’s DotCom Collapse Presentation

Nilus Mattive was still wet behind the years as an analyst when the DotCom Collapse happened from 1999 to 2002. He believes history is about to repeat itself, but in an entirely new market.

This time, it’s cryptocurrencies that will crash and burn. Thousands of coins will disappear into the abyss, never to be heard from again.

However, Mattive feels right now is the perfect time to put some money into the space. Despite crypto’s growing negativity, a handful of digital assets are primed to climb to unimaginable heights.

After the DotCom collapse, many people avoided tech stocks like the plague. The companies that rebounded following the crash soared to new heights, leaving many scratching their heads at lost opportunities.

Look at big names like Apple and Amazon. They fell over 90% during the collapse. Needless to say, those lows didn’t last.

In his presentation, Nilus reveals how to make the most of the current Tech Wreck and not make the same mistakes.

The Tech Wreck of 2022

We’re coming off a bad year for tech companies. Tech stocks dropped 30% in 2022 due to high interest rates and inflation.

Cryptocurrencies didn’t do any better. Bitcoin and Ethereum each lost 60% of their value from January to December.

These numbers may not be as bad as the DotCom collapse at the turn of the millennium, but they’re still shocking.

Patterns often repeat, and Mattive draws many parallels between now and the events of 20 years ago. Instead of running from cryptocurrencies, he believes now is the best time to get on board.

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"Crypto's Fourth Big Bottom"

“Crypto’s Fourth Big Bottom”

Bitcoin is still the poster child for the cryptocurrency community. It’s seen a few ups and downs over the years, leading to a dangerous drop in 2018.

The Weiss Ratings system was the first to call the bottom, screaming “Buy” from the rooftops. Bitcoin hit bottom three days later.

What happened next was the start of the largest crypto bull market we’ve ever seen. Bitcoin grew 200%. Ethereum surged to a whopping 540% gain. Other coins made these two look like small increases.

The Weiss Ratings bells are going off again, signaling crypto’s fourth big bottom. We could be sitting on the cusp of the biggest crypto boom in history.

And right now could be the best time ever to grab yourself a handful of coins.

Mattive’s reasoning is simple. The world’s view on cryptocurrencies is shifting.

Early adopters are already making their money, and the rest of the world is starting to get involved. Right now, we’re sitting at the same point with cryptocurrency as we were with the internet back in 1998.

Digital coins are about to be in everyone’s portfolio.

“The Small Group of Cryptos to Buy Now”

Like the DotCom collapse, not all coins are going to explode. The majority will fizzle out into ambiguity and disappear.

So, how can we know which coins are the winners? Mattive says the secret is the Weiss Ratings model.

This same system called crypto’s last great surge and picked out some of its biggest winners. Currently, three coins look particularly promising.

Sure, the Weiss Ratings model lists Bitcoin and Ethereum as buys too. These new coins could have even more upside than the giants.

Want to find out what they are? You’ll need to subscribe to the Weiss Crypto Investor’s “DotCom Collapse” deal.

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What’s Included with Weiss Crypto Investor’s “DotCom Collapse” Deal?

Mattive is giving away a ton of content to help you prepare for the crypto comeback. All you have to do is sign up for Weiss Crypto Investor under the limited-time “DotCom Collapse” deal. Here’s what you get:

One-Year Subscription to Weiss Crypto Investor

You get 12 months of Mattive’s Weiss Crypto Investor monthly newsletter when you join. Inside, you’ll learn the latest on hot cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Suggestions come at you two ways. You’ll receive intel on coins to buy and sell alongside stablecoins with long-term yields.

Unlike other newsletters, Nilus dives into the history, purpose, and price movements of lucrative coins. He’ll also let you know where each crypto fits in your portfolio.

New issues not only provide new crypto opportunities to check out. They also give updates on how previous picks are doing.

Bonus Subscription to Weiss Crypto Daily

Bonus Subscription to Weiss Crypto Daily

You’ll also get Weiss’s daily crypto newsletter. Each weekday, you’ll receive this report in your inbox with the absolute latest from the crypto world.

Because the crypto market moves so fast, opportunities for profit can disappear in a flash. Weiss Crypto Daily helps you stay appraised on everything from Bitcoin to the most promising altcoins out there.

Crypto Market Updates and Alerts

Members get updates on the last market-moving crypto news and trends. The crypto space doesn’t rest, and these timely updates fill you in on up-and-coming opportunities.

A team of crypto experts always has eyes on the market. They’ll send out alerts when something’s going down or there’s a scam to watch out for.

Any time a new headline breaks or there’s a spark of interest surrounding a coin, someone’s analyzing it. You’ll get independent feedback on what it means for you.

Crypto Model Portfolio

Mattive keeps an up-to-date listing of his top crypto picks in this model portfolio. Coins are added based on the Weiss Ratings system.

This portfolio is a great way to see what’s beyond Bitcoin. Use it to add the right altcoins to your own strategy.

The odds are in your favor. There’s potential here to beat Bitcoin by 20-to-1 overall based on previous results.

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Weiss Crypto “DotCom Collapse” Bonuses

You’ll also get several additional bonuses when you join under this limited-time deal, including:

Three High-Rated Cryptos with Huge Potential

Three High-Rated Cryptos with Huge Potential

This bonus report zeroes in on three cryptos expected to produce huge gains as the next crypto boom kicks off.

We’re talking small coins looking just like Apple and Amazon right after the tech collapse of 2003. Folks jumping on the Apple bandwagon back then grabbed returns as high as 76,000%.

Each crypto in this report represents newer technology that could revolutionize the world as we know it. One of them is like the New York Stock Exchange of the decentralized finance (DeFi) world. It currently trades for less than $5.

The second coin deals with pricing information in DeFi. You can pick it up right now for less than $10.

Weiss Crypto Investor teases the final crypto will be like Ethereum on steroids. It serves as a major building block for the next-gen internet and is valued at less than $1.

These picks aren’t for the faint of heart. Think of each coin as a high-risk, high-reward scenario you should jump into with funds you can afford to lose.

The Golden Crypto That Every Investor Should Consider in 2023

The Golden Crypto That Every Investor Should Consider in 2023

The Golden Crypto is more than just a name. This coin is literally backed by physical gold on a one-to-one basis.

For every dollar put toward this crypto, an equivalent amount of gold sits in a vault. You can even look up the serial numbers for each gold bar.

The coin acts like a digital version of a gold mutual fund or ETF. It’s controlled by a U.S. company and watched by major governing bodies.

What makes this crypto better than traditional funds? It trades 24/7 and has very low commissions.

You’re investing in pure gold and potentially earning some yield from the coin at the same time. Better yet, you can request your physical gold any time you want.

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How to Earn Bitcoin Without Risking Any Investment Money

How to Earn Bitcoin Without Risking Any Investment Money

There’s more than one way to play the Bitcoin game, even now.

This final report throws a bunch of tried and tested methods your way to start earning Bitcoin and other cryptos. You won’t even need to use any of your own investment money.

Some of these strategies work hand in hand to maximize your profit potential. At least one coin accrues on a daily basis for funds you can plug right back into your investments.

It’s the perfect way to tap into the crypto space without taking big risks.

Video Series: "How to Buy Undiscovered Cryptos BEFORE Nearly All Other Investors" 

Video Series: “How to Buy Undiscovered Cryptos BEFORE Nearly All Other Investors” 

This deal also includes a video series from the Weiss Ratings crew. These tutorials walk you through their secret method of buying undiscovered cryptos before anyone else.

As you check out the series, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the Weiss Ratings system and how to put it to good use. No crypto is risk-free, but you’ll learn how to lower your risk and maximize profit potential.

Tutorials also contain live trade examples of different trading techniques. Weiss himself shares tidbits to help you avoid costly crypto pitfalls.

The video series is an excellent tool, even if you’ve never worked with digital coins before.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Weiss Crypto Investor is yours to play with for 12 full months. If you’re not satisfied with the package at any point during that time, you can reach out for a full refund – no questions asked.

Cancel on the last day of your membership if you want. You’ll even get to keep all the special reports, videos, and issues of the newsletter you’ve received up to that point.

Are Nilus Mattive’s Crypto Predictions Legit?

Nilus Mattive is a legit crypto expert with a large number of successful picks under his belt. He takes advantage of the Weiss Ratings System to vet his selections before announcing them to the world.

At present, Weiss Ratings is the only model of its kind offering an independent window into the crypto world. The system has been making accurate predictions on stocks and institutions for over 50 years.

This same system predicted the previous crypto boom in 2018. Folks involved at that time could have seen hundreds of percent gains in popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It also identified less-known cryptos that reached 1,000+% growth in a very short time frame.

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Pros and Cons

The deal is certainly compelling, but here are the most obvious pros and cons:


  • Expert insights from Nilus Mattive
  • Picks vetted through the Weiss Ratings System
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Three bonus reports
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Subscription to Weiss Crypto Daily newsletter
  • Access to the Undiscovered Cryptos video tutorial series


  • Focuses solely on cryptocurrencies
  • No community chat or forum

How Much is It?

As part of this time-sensitive offer, you can pick up a year’s worth of the Weiss Crypto Investor and all the materials listed in this article for just $39. This price also comes with the 100% money-back guarantee.

You can upgrade to a premium membership for just $20 more. With a premium subscription, you’ll get a hardcopy version of every monthly newsletter issue delivered to your mailing address, in addition to the digital versions.

Is the Weiss Crypto DotCom Collapse Deal Worth It?

For just $39, the Weiss Crypto DotCom Collapse bundle is a fantastic deal. The newsletter alone more than justifies the cost, but that’s just the beginning of all the perks you get with this deal.

This package is absolutely crammed with value, including tons of bonus crypto recommendations and in-depth research, so you’re getting a killer deal.

Best of all, your subscription is covered with Weiss’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can forget about buyer’s remorse. You can easily get your money back if Weiss Crypto doesn’t live up to your expectations, so you can sign up with confidence.

Nilus Mattive is a true expert with unmatched insights into the crypto market. The three reports featured in this deal are incredibly informative, and the included crypto picks have tremendous potential.

If you want to get into crypto, Weiss Crypto Investor provides the resources you need to navigate the market like a pro. Whether you’re a begginer or a veteran, this service can help you. 

At a cost of just $39 for the first year, it’s hard to find any downsides to this deal. You’re getting expert research at a fraction of a price offered by competitors, and it has everything you need to succeed in the crypto market.

I give Weiss Crypto DotCom Collapse deal high marks. Nilus Mattive is the real deal, and these crypto picks could easily go to the Moon. I highly recommend you give this service a look.

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