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Michael Robinson Nova-X Report Review 2024: Is Quantum Age Legit?

nova x report review
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Michael Robinson just put out a breaking research report covering one of the hottest growth opportunities to come out of the tech sector in decades, and we’re breaking it all down in our Nova-X Report review. Stay tuned to get the full scoop on Michael Robinson and his Quantum Age stocks.

Michael Robinson Investor review

What Is the Nova-X Report?

Nova-X Report is a technology-focused research service led by market veteran Michael Robinson and esteemed publisher Money Map Press.

Robinson has spent more than 35 years in labs and boardrooms and developed a keen eye for winners over that time.

Now, he’s using his Nova-X Report to bring his insights to the masses, helping them tap into new high-tech wealth through technology stocks.

He sets his sights on both small and mid-cap visionaries and big-cap innovators.

Robinson believes technology will be the driving force behind several industries’ growth for years to come, and Nova-X Report is dedicated to pinpointing the best opportunities and technology stocks for its followers.

We’re going to break down the service’s features in detail in this Nova-X Report review, but for now, let’s take a closer look at Michael Robinson and see if this tech guru is the real deal.

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michael robinson investor reviews

Michael Robinson Review

Michael Robinson has had an impressive career.

He’s a Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer with a wealth of experience in spotting tech investments.

His long tenure as a venture capitalist brought him close to some of the biggest business names of recent memory, including former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca, former McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt, and many more.

These days, Robinson is more focused on sharing his insights with Main Street than Wall Street.

His Nova-X Report is dedicated to helping everyday people get a piece of the American Dream through the wealth-building power of the stock market.

With a vast network of connections in Silicon Valley and Wall Street, Robinson has what you might call a “platinum Rolodex.”

He has his finger on the pulse of the market, which makes him so well-suited to his role.

Michael Robinson is one of the best technological financial analysts out there, so you can proceed with the assurance that there’s a steady hand at the helm.

Is Michael Robinson Legit?

Michael Robinson is a legit guru with a knack for finding under-the-radar stocks that even the most season tech traders miss.

We’re impressed with the quality of the research he puts into his technology stock picks.

Though, as a Pulitzer Prize nominee, it’s not surprising that he’s such a technical writer.

Michael Robinson Net Worth

Michael Robinson’s net worth is not publicly available.

While there may be estimates, we couldn’t verify any of them.

We’ll keep you posted if Robinson does publicly disclose his net worth.

Money Map Press Review

Money Map Press is a leading financial research publisher and a respected voice in the market.

The company offers several research newsletter services, including Nova-X Report, as well as more guided trading services, and more.

Led by Bob Keppel, Money Map Press has one primary objective, making investing profitable.

And Money Map Press has assembled a dream team of superstar financial minds, including Michael Robinson, to work towards achieving this goal.

Altogether, the Money Map Team has more than 250 years of combined experience.

With an experience pool that deep, it’s no surprise that Money Map Press has frequently beaten Wall Street to the punch over the years.

The Nova-X Report is just one small part of the Money Map Press family.

The company has many high-quality services, and they’re a trustworthy publisher by most accounts.

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nova-x quantum review

Nova-X The Quantum Age Review

Quantum computing might sound like something from your favorite sci-fi series, but this technology is real, and it has the potential to transform life as we know it across the globe.

This cutting-edge technology’s transformative potential could even surpass world-changing technologies like the internet, smartphones, and more.

Many experts believe quantum computing could propel the entire global economy into a new era of exponential economic growth and generate massive returns for early ground-floor investors.

Michael Robinson’s Quantum Age presentation provides extensive background on this unfolding trend and introduces readers to several strategies for taking advantage of the opportunity.

We’ll cover this promising research in full in our Nova-X Quantum Age review, so stay tuned to get the details.

But first, let’s take a deeper dive into the technology at the center of it all.

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nova-x infinity chamber

The Infinity Chamber

Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that uses subatomic physics to process information at extraordinary speeds.

A computer built around a quantum processor could easily outperform the most sophisticated supercomputers on the planet.

In his latest presentation, Robinson provides an example to illustrate the difference in processing speeds between conventional computer processors and quantum computers.

nova-x reviews

The quantum computer can solve multiple complex equations at the same time, making it much more efficient than a conventional processor that solves each sequentially.

Computers with this type of processing power could revolutionize the world.

Until now, a functioning quantum computer was nothing more than a theoretical concept.

No one could actually create one, but Michael Robinson believes one startup’s Infinity Chamber could be the first.

nova-x report quantum reviews

Growth Potential

World governments are investing billions into the research and development of quantum technology.

China has even invested $10 billion in it as a matter of national security.

The US has also committed significant resources to develop this strategically vital technology.

A recent technology bill, US Technology Bill #6227, handed out $250 billion in research and production for quantum computing and other technologies.

nova-x quantum gains

The private sector is also itching to get a piece of the quantum computing revolution, but investors didn’t have any pure-play options until the Infinity Chamber startup came along.

Now, this stock could be the foundation of an explosive new growth industry, and the gains for groundfloor investors could be enormous.

The most recent example of such a revolutionary technological breakthrough would be the advent of the internet in the early 90s, which made early investors in Microsoft filthy rich.

nova-x msft chart

These returns are extraordinary, of course, but this startup could be just as important to the quantum revolution as Microsoft was to the internet.

Michael Robinson believes this company and its Infinity Chamber could be the key to one of the biggest tech opportunities of all time.

nova-x report quantum stock

The Best Quantum Computing Stock

Michael Robinson’s quantum computing stock could have a tremendous advantage in the growing quantum computing industry.

The firm is stacked with talented executives, and its Infinity Chamber could be the world’s first functioning quantum computer.

The company also holds over 60 patents and applications protecting their industry advantage, so it could be a long time before a legitimate challenger arises.

Better yet, Robinson reports the firm just tripled their current booking expectations.

Its recently announced partnership with a $43 billion materials company looks particularly promising.

This company has a lot going for it in the quantum computing sector, and it’s light years ahead of Big Tech competitors like Google and Apple.

Robinson anticipates that its revenues could explode over the next few years.

nova-x report chart

As revenues soar, share prices could explode along with them.

Fortunately, there’s still time to get in, and Robinson is sharing all with his latest Nova-X Report deal.

Robinson’s Infinity Chamber bundle includes detailed information on this stock and several other valuable bonuses.

Next, we’ll cover them all in detail in our Nova-X Report review.

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nova-x quantum reviews

Nova-X Report Features

  • Nova-X Report newsletter
  • Unlimited access to the Nova-X model portfolio
  • Video recommendations based on the breaking opportunities
  • Alerts and updates from Michael Robinson
  • Access to the Nova-X Connection online forum
  • Direct access to the Nova-X Hotline
  • Exclusive invite to the Nova-X Annual Summit
  • 24/7 Access to 5 Nova-X Investment Hubs
    • The Quantum Infinity Hub
    • The Crypto Hub
    • The Power Hub
    • The Biotech Hub
    • The Digitization Hub
  • 5 exclusive Quantum Age research reports:
    • The 100X Quantum Age: The Tiny Startup Launching a Revolution! FEATURED report
    • The New Amazon Speeding toward a Trillion-Dollar Business! bonus report
    • The Universal Vaccine! bonus report
    • The Maximum Power Titan: 440-Fold Revenue Surge on the Horizon! bonus report
    • The High-Speed Crypto Sensation Ready to Move Billions! bonus report
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee

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nova-x-newsletter review

Nova-X Report Newsletter

The Nova-X Report newsletter is at the heart of Robinson’s research service, and this is where you’ll find his latest market insights and stock recommendations.

The newsletter comes out once every month, and it also covers the latest updates to the Nova-X Report Model Portfolio.

Between the research and portfolio updates, you’ll always know what’s going on in the market.

Robinson has a very direct, easy-to-understand way of explaining the latest trends.

Nova-X Model Portfolio

The Nova-X model portfolio is your primary destination for accessing your Nova-X Report member benefits, and it’s available in the Nova-X HQ.

You can access the Nova-X HQ through the main website’s members portal, so it’s available on every major phone and browser platform.

The Nova-X HQ model portfolio allows you to see all of Robinson’s picks in one convenient location.

It includes the company name, ticker symbol, and other pertinent info for each stock.

>> Sign Up now to access the Nova-X Model Portfolio now <<

nova x report cash in alert

Video Recommendations

Michael Robinson regularly puts out video briefings where he describes the latest big technology trends and stock market news.

Users like to have options when it comes to consuming their content, and many people prefer videos over text or audio.

The video alerts are another unique component of the Nova-X Report.

Most competing research services don’t offer such a feature, and many people will likely appreciate the extra option.

Updates and Alerts

Members receive regular updates and alerts from Robinson explaining the latest news and market moves affecting the Nova-X portfolio.

You’ll always know what’s going on with Nova-X stocks thanks to these updates, so you can focus on your day without worrying about what’s happening in the market.

Nova-X does a great job of keeping you informed with video briefings, portfolio updates, action alerts, and more.

Mobile Notifications

You have the option of opting into mobile notifications for Nova-X Report too, so you can stay on top of the market while you handle your day-to-day business.

Anytime there’s an alert, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile device.

That way, you can respond accordingly if something requires your attention on short notice.

Nova-X mobile alerts are 100% optional, and you can customize your notification settings to fit your preferences with options to receive alerts via text, email, or both.

Cash-in Alerts

Whenever it’s time to close a position, Robinson will send out a special alert notifying users when to cash out.

Nova-X’s Cash-In Alerts are a godsend for busy adults because they ensure you’ll never miss a profit opportunity.

Odds are you’re not spending every second of each trading session staring at your portfolio, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice trade timing.

If something needs your attention, you’ll be notified via a cash-in alert, so you can focus on your day and forget about the market until it’s time to make a move.

>> Stay informed on the latest breakout tech stocks with Nova-X Report <<

nova-x connection review

Nova-X Connection Networking Forum

One of Nova-X Report’s most noteworthy features is its Nova-X Connection networking forum.

Here, you can interact with like-minded Nova-X Report subscribers through a unique message board that’s specifically for bold tech enthusiasts.

The Connection forum is a great place to seek advice from more experienced subscribers, vet your research, form coordinated trading packs, and much more.

>> Find your squad in the Nova-X Connection networking forum <<

Nova-X Hotline

The Nova-X Hotline is a direct line to a team of top-rate customer care experts who are standing by to address your questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, and anything else you might need.

You can call and discuss any issues you’re having with the Nova-X Hotline team, and they’ll do everything they can to accommodate your requests.

You’re in good hands with Nova-X’s committed team of hotline experts, and it adds up to a great service experience for subscribers.

nova-x summit michael robinson

Nova-X Summit

Michael Robinson regularly hosts special events for his subscribers.

Recently, pandemic restrictions forced most of these events online, but he’s beginning to resume live events and expects to do more in the future.

Each Nova-X summit offers members exclusive access to Robinson and other leading experts.

The live events also feature unique experiences and destinations that make the trip worthwhile.

You’ll receive priority invites to all Nova-X events, digital or otherwise, for as long as you’re a member of the service as an added bonus.

>> Get the latest Michael Robinson video briefings when you join now <<

nova-x investment hubs

Nova-X Investment Hubs

Your membership also gets you access to five of Robinson’s exclusive investment hubs.

Each of these hubs includes a “full immersion experience” that will give you a crash course education in a technology that’s poised to transform the world.

You’ll find rich resources like videos, demonstrations, expert interviews, and much more in each of these hubs.

nova-x report investment hubs

Each hub has an accompanying report detailing one of the top opportunities in the featured sector.

For example, The Crypto Hub is accompanied by The High-Speed Crypto Sensation bonus report.

You’ll find expert analysis of five trends in total, including:

  • The Quantum Infinity Hub: Featuring Two Quantum Stocks
  • The Crypto Hub: “750% Potential Gain”
  • The Power Hub: “A 400-Fold Potential Revenue Surge”
  • The Biotech Hub: “660% Upside Potential”
  • The Digitization Hub: “490% Potential Upside”

Between the investment hubs and special reports, Nova-X equips you with the resources you need to get on board five of the most promising tech trends of recent memory.

 >> Join now for instant access to all 5 Nova-X Investment Hubs <<

nova-x quantum investment hubs

Nova-X Quantum Age Special Reports

You’ll receive a generous helping of exclusive research reports in addition to your subscription if you sign up for Nova-X under the Quantum Age deal.

Here’s what you get:

nova-x quantum stock

The 100X Quantum Age: The Tiny Startup Launching a Revolution!

This is the featured report in the Quantum Age bundle, and it includes in-depth research into the Infinity Chamber stock we covered in the previous sections.

The quantum computing opportunity is massive, as you know by now, so this could be the most valuable report in the entire lineup.

However, we will spare you a repeat of the details we already ran down.

Check out The Quantum Age Review section to learn more about this promising growth stock.

>> Get instant access to Robinson’s 100X Quantum Stock when you join now <<

nova-x special reports

The New Amazon Speeding toward a Trillion-Dollar Business!

Amazon is one of the biggest growth stories of the past thirty years, but a new company could prove to be an even bigger growth engine.

The pandemic jumpstarted the digitization trend in 2020, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Many tasks that used to require in-person appearances are now handled entirely online.

However, eCommerce only accounts for 14% of retail sales, so there could be tremendous upside in the industry even after a decade of high-octane growth.

nova-x next amazon stock

This company could be a top contender to seize the next phase of the eCommerce growth cycle.

It ran $119 billion through its platform in a single year, and Robinson believes it could have 1,000-fold growth potential.

You’ll get the name of the company, its ticker symbols, and other details about the stock in this in-depth report.

You can find it in the Nova-X Digitization Hub, with other resources in the sector.

>> Get the Next Amazon stock FREE when you Join Nova-X Report <<

nova-x universal vaccine report

The Universal Vaccine!

Vaccines were one of the hottest investments of 2020 and 2021 with companies like Moderna seeing massive gains as the pandemic thrust mRNA vaccines into the global spotlight.

Robinson and the Nova-X team have identified another play that could see huge growth this year, and they’re revealing all in this bonus report.

This team has already proven it can pick biotech winners.

In November 2020, they recommended Mind Medicine at 90-cents per share, and the stock soared to a 284% gain in just one month.

Find this report and other resources in the Nova-X Biotech Hub.

nova-x power stock

The Maximum Power Titan: 440-Fold Revenue Surge on the Horizon!

The world’s appetite for energy is growing at a breakneck pace, and estimates from the International Energy Agency say the sector needs $48 trillion in new investments by 2050 to keep up with demand.

Over the next few years, the energy sector could see massive capital inflows as both the public and private sectors rush to address the intensifying supply imbalance.

Nova-X Report’s extensive research into this budding growth opportunity led it to a promising company that could be on the verge of a 400-fold revenue jump over the next 12 months.

nova-x quantum gains

The company has unique artificial intelligence-based software that maximizes its energy efficiency and could make it a leading contender in the sector.

This energy stock has the potential to be a triple-digit winner, and you can find all the details in the Nova-X Power Hub.

>> Join Nova-X Report now for instant access to Robinson’s Breakout Power Stock << 

nova-x special reports

The High-Speed Crypto Sensation Ready to Move Billions!

The recent cryptocurrency boom has revolutionized the way people think about digital transactions.

However, this fledgling industry could still have plenty of upsides ahead of it.

Robinson was one of Bitcoin’s earliest proponents.

He recommended the crypto back in 2013 when it was going for just $90, long before most people even knew it existed.

As you can see, Robinson has his fingers on the pulse of the crypto market, and he’s showcasing another great crypto opportunity in this bonus report.

nova-x quantum crypto stock

This new crypto play can handle transactions over 9,000 times faster than Bitcoin, and it could spearhead a new wave of innovation in the crypto sector.

Robinson estimates this crypto could soar to a 750% gain in the coming year, and you’ll get the report and tons of other crypto-related resources in the Nova-X Crypto Investment Hub.

nova x report review guarantee

Nova-X Report Money-Back Guarantee

As usual, Money Map Press is putting its money where its mouth is.

Each Nova-X Report subscription includes a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

You have two full months to review Nova-X Report; and if you don’t like it, you can contact the customer support team anytime during the 60-day refund period to receive a full cash-back refund — no questions asked.

>> Try Nova-X Report now and take advantage of its 60-day guarantee <<

nova x report track record

Nova-X Report Track Record

Michael Robinson has been on a stock-picking tear lately.

In 2021, he reported that 100% of his closed positions have been winners.

Here’s a rundown of his plays.

nova x report stock picks 2021

What can you say to 100%?

That’s an unquestionably impressive win rate, and many of those picks produced substantial gains.

And, that’s not all.

Michael Robinson and Nova-X Report have been picking winners for years.

Just look at his recent track record:

michael robinson track record

Michael Robinson’s win rate is more evidence that his research is top-notch.

Tech investing isn’t easy, but Robinson’s picks are consistently winning.

>> Join Nova-X Report now for more stock picks like these <<

Nova-X Report Pros and Cons

Here are the best and worst things we found in our Nova-X Report review.


  • Covers high-growth investment opportunities
  • New recommendations every month
  • Experienced, respected guru in Michael Robinson
  • Nova-X Connection networking forum
  • Direct access to the Nova-X Hotline
  • Details on more than five promising tech plays
  • Two high-growth quantum computing stocks
  • Mobile notifications available on opt-in
  • Cash-In Alerts when it’s time to exit a position
  • Video briefings from Michael Robinson
  • Unlimited model portfolio access
  • Five research reports on high-growth tech trends
  • Five investment hubs loaded with resources
  • Covers crypto and other promising tech
  • 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Limited trader education resources
  • No options recommendations

>> Sound like a good fit? Click here to join Nova-X Report now <<

nova x report reviews

Nova-X Report Reviews

Here are some Nova-X Report reviews from members.

These positive testimonials tell you a lot about the service.

Nova-X Report reviews

How Much Does Nova-X Report Cost?

A one-year membership to Nova-X Report costs $79, and it includes everything we’ve covered in this review.

For an additional $20, you can upgrade to a two-year Nova-X Report membership and unlock a slew of additional bonuses, including two more special reports: Psychedelic Tech – The Next Stock Market Frontier! and The Metaverse! The Internet’s Next Big Disruptor!

Finally, the platinum package includes both Gold research reports, plus an invitation to the next Nova-X Annual Summit in 2022 in a destination location with first-class amenities at a huge discount.

According to Robinson, his quantum package has an estimated value of $5,000 a year, but you can get the entire bundles for as low as $79 under this deal.

That sounds like a heck of a bargain, but is Nova-X Report worth it?

Alternatives to Nova-X Report

Nova-X Report is an excellent newsletter. However, there are alternatives worth considering.

nova-x report price

>> Join Nova-X Report now for just $79 <<

Is Nova-X Report Worth It?

Nova-X Report is a good deal on all ends.

This service has a lot to offer at a very reasonable cost.

You get a ton of stock picks as soon as you sign up and have mountains of rich research material to dig into as soon as you join.

The Nova-X Report reviews we’ve seen have been largely positive, so we’re not the only ones who rate this service highly.

Michael Robinson is downright impressive.

His insights into the tech sector are virtually unmatched, and he had an incredible win rate last year.

Best of all, this newsletter is very affordable, and it comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

A Nova-X Report subscription is a great deal, and worst-case scenario, you can get your money back if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

We give Nova-X Report a solid A-rating.

If you’re interested in investing in quantum computing and other high-growth technology, you should give Michael Robinson’s service close consideration.

>> Join Nova-X Report Now and Get the 100X Quantum Stock Before You Miss Out<<


Chris Dios is a financial journalist & entrepreneur from Central New Jersey. A number cruncher by trade, Chris studied business & accounting at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, before settling into a career covering the market. As an analyst, Chris’s primary areas of expertise include business fundamentals, technical analysis, and macroeconomics. He also has deep insights into geopolitics and international markets as a result of a longstanding obsession with history and global news. Chris takes a cautiously aggressive approach to investing, but he’s not easily swayed by hype. He prefers businesses with proven business models, wide economic moats, and strong growth prospects, however, he’s not afraid to take a chance when the odds are right. When he’s not watching the market, Chris spends most of his time raising grass-fed, open-pasture cattle on his small family ranch in Montana, and playing fetch with his cattle dogs, Ranger & Indiana.