5 Drone Stocks You Shouldn’t Sleep On

Chris Dios - August 29, 2019

Drone technology is on the cutting edge of the tech sector. In fact, there are more drone stocks than you may think. Every big-tech player worth its salt is developing some type of UAV. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all developing drones for commercial and government applications.  Lots of companies are taking a stab at remote-control drones, but the aerospace/defense industry is leading the field. Here are my Top 5 picks in this week’s watchlist: The Best Drone Stocks.

Best Drone Stocks: Top-5 Picks

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Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA)


Boeing RQ-21A Blackjack

Boeing is one of the biggest companies in the Dow Jones Index, but the firm is having big problems with the 747 MAX. Regardless, it’s one of the leading developers of drone technology. The company produces a wide variety of drones, including models that can refuel planes, land on aircraft, and even carry up to 500 lbs of cargo. The company’s undeniably strong relationship with the U.S. government gives it a huge advantage. Government clients will surely be interested in Boeings high-tech UAVs.

Textron (NYSE: TXT)


Textron Shadow V2 UAV

This high-tech industrial conglomerate produces a variety of systems for the U.S. Military. The company has been working on drone technology since the 1980s and produces several models, including both aerial and surface drones. Textron also owns Bell Helicopter, a leading producer of rotary aircraft, and Cessna, famous for its small single-engine planes. This company has a variety of expertise and the government connections to make it happen in the drone space.

AeroVironment (NASDAQ: AVAV)

Out of all of the companies on this week’s list, AeroVironment is the only one that makes the majority of its revenues from drones. Although this company is small compared to the other massive-cap conglomerates on this week’s list, it’s the best pure-play drone stock in the lineup. In addition to drones, the firm also produces flight systems for military and civilian clients. Earnings are growing at a 94% clip from the previous TTM, and the stock is starting to look cheap after a long consolidation. 


AeroVironment RQ-20 Puma AES

Raytheon (NYSE: RTN)


Raytheon Coyote

An aerospace/military-industrial company, Raytheon makes high-tech gear for military and civilian clients, including the U.S. military. Be aware that Raytheon plans to merge with industrial conglomerate United Technologies (UTI). The deal is awaiting regulatory approval, and headlines could affect share prices as the merger develops. Regardless, the firm is a leading producer of drone technology. Raytheon is even developing small swarm drones that use advanced AI to work in unison. Regardless The company is working with DARPA, the U.S. governments advanced military research arm, to develop its swarm AI.

Airbus SE (ADR: EADSY)

Europe’s answer to Boeing, Netherlands-base Airbus is also a big player in the drone game. The Wall Street Journal recently featured the firm in an article on stratospheric drones because of its advances in the field. In addition, the firm has several other promising models in the pipeline. The stratospheric drone runs around-the-clock on solar-powered batteries, doing lazy loops in the upper stratosphere for days on end. Proponents of the technology believe stratospheric drones are cheaper and more flexible than spy satellites.


Airbus Zephyr Stratosphere Drone

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur based in the Greater NYC area.

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