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Palm Beach Crypto Income Review (Teeka Tiwari Crypto Panic)

Palm Beach Crypto Income Review
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Palm Beach Crypto Income is turning heads with its passive income approach to crypto investing. But is Teeka Tiwari really on to something? Follow along with my Palm Beach Crypto Income review for the full breakdown.

Palm Beach Crypto Income Review: Overview

Palm Beach Crypto Income is an investment newsletter focused on passive income opportunities on the blockchain.

Teeka Tiwari is the lead editor, and it’s published by Palm Beach Group.

Some key features of Palm Beach Crypto Income include trade ideas, bonus reports, as well as buy or sell alerts.

Teeka is uniquely focused on cryptos that provide the opportunity for passive income. This is similar to receiving dividends on the stock market, where shares distribute yields to holders.

However, in the case of crypto, many of these coins pay out monthly instead of quarterly or annually.

Right now, this newsletter has a new presentation and a package to match, Crypto Panic. Teeka says he’s spotted six coins with serious growth potential.

I’ll cover everything you need to know in my review, so stay tuned.

Before I get into it, let’s switch gears and check out Teeka’s credentials.

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Palm Beach Crypto Income Review

Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is a crypto expert and the mind behind many popular research services. He is a former hedge fund manager and ex-Wall Street executive.

You may know him from Palm Beach Letter, one of Palm Beach Research’s entry-level newsletters.

Other services led by Teeka include:

  • Palm Beach Confidential
  • Palm Beach Insider
  • Palm Beach Venture
  • Palm Beach Infinity

As you can see, Teeka is no stranger to the investment research space. Many turn to him for his analysis, especially regarding crypto.

He also has extensive experience in the financial markets.

Teeka got an earlier start than most. In fact, he became the youngest vice president in the history of Shearson Lehman. He was promoted after just two years on the job.

Most folks don’t even get their foot in the door at this age, let alone become vice president. This makes his ascent up the ranks even more impressive.

Eventually, Teeka moved on from The Street and started penning investment insights for everyday folks.

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palm beach research group

What Is Palm Beach Research Group?

Palm Beach Research Group is an investment research publisher with an impressive line-up of newsletters.

One of this publisher’s strongest suits is its broad range of research. While Teeka focuses primarily on crypto, Palm Beach Research taps into a variety of niches.

Its newsletters cover opportunities in options, real estate, stocks, alternative assets, and more. 

There’s also a free newsletter, Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Daily. It dishes out great insights. However, if you want trade ideas, you’ll need to sign up for its premium research services.

Each newsletter is led by a subject-matter expert with extensive experience in a given investment style.

Aside from Teeka, other members on the roster include Tim Collins, Greg Wilson, and Michael Gross.

Now that you have the general overview, let’s take a look at Teeka’s Crypto Panic presentation.

Ethereum upgrade

What Is Teeka Tiwari’s Crypto Panic?

Teeka’s Crypto Panic is a prediction that the Ethereum upgrade could spark a crypto buying frenzy.

Right now, many are cautiously waiting for the crypto market to heat up again before reinvesting in the blockchain.

But Teeka says that is a mistake:

“If everybody else is huddled on the sidelines afraid to do anything, and you join them, you will get what they get, which is mediocrity.

I don’t want that for you.”

Once people start buying back into crypto, those who hold a stake in select crypto coins could stand to profit.

Tiwari has handpicked six cryptos that he believes have the potential to surge in value after the Ethereum upgrade.

But what makes Tiwari’s coins so special?

The Network Effect.

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network effect teeka

The Network Effect

When more people use a good or service (typically technology), the more valuable it becomes. This is the Network Effect.

A helpful example Teeka shares in his presentation is social networks, more specifically Facebook.

He notes that when the number of users increased from 100 million to 2.9 billion, the company’s value increased from $15 billion to $800 billion.

While Facebook has its hooks in a variety of platforms and innovative technologies, most of its value is derived from the interconnectivity of its user base.

Teeka says the same applies to generating passive income through the blockchain, as a surge in users typically results in a higher coin price.

Where the Network Effect really makes a difference is with cryptos that pay passive rewards.

Select cryptos pay holders in the form of rewards when new users invest.

Those who get in early could stand to make the most.

This is because an initial surge in users pays out to a small group of holders. Once more get involved, the rewards get distributed to a larger pool.

This is why Teeka believes it’s better to get in early.

top 6 coins

Teeka’s Top Six Coins for the Coming Crypto Buying Panic

As mentioned, Teeka has picked six coins out of thousands that he believes could result in a large windfall for early adopters.

He doesn’t reveal the names of these cryptos in his presentation. However, Teeka does offer some insights into why he’s bullish on them:

“But there’s a small group of coins that are very special. They are no ordinary coins. And that’s where we’re going to see this buying panic.

These coins are changing the entire crypto landscape because, unlike most cryptocurrencies, they’re programmed to pay you on top of capital gains.”

So the benefits are two-fold. Teeka believes that they could steadily appreciate over time and pay incredible dividends in the meantime.

Also, unlike dividend stocks, where companies can stop paying them entirely, Teeka’s coins are hardwired to pay.

Here’s how Teeka explains it in his own words:

“It’s built into their code that they must pay you, no matter what’s happening in the market.

Up, down, sideways. It doesn’t matter.”

With features like this, it’s clear why Teeka believes his six cryptos have so much potential.

The identity of these coins can be found within Teeka’s special report that’s a part of his Crypto Panic package.

This bundle also includes additional resources, as well as a hefty discount for an annual subscription to Palm Beach Crypto Income.

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Palm Beach Crypto Income Review: Features

Palm Beach Crypto Income offers a range of excellent features.

Here’s what you get when you sign up today.

palm beach crypt income teeka tiwari

12 Months of Palm Beach Crypto Income

The Palm Beach Crypto Income newsletter is the go-to for Teeka’s latest trade ideas.

This is a monthly newsletter, meaning that members receive 12 issues throughout their subscription.

Each trade idea is carefully vetted by the team and is backed by supporting analysis.

As mentioned, these crypto recommendations target opportunities for passive income.

New issues also provide updates on past picks, as well as market commentary.

teeka tiwari alerts

Buy and Sell Crypto Alerts

The cryptocurrency market is a dynamic environment that changes from minute to minute. 

This is why Teeka sends out buy and sell alerts the moment something needs your attention.

These alerts tell you when it could be an opportune time to enter or exit a position.

Given the crypto space’s inherent volatility, it’s comforting to know that the Palm Beach Crypto Income team always has an eye on the market.

teeka tiwari video series

Access to Crypto Corner

This video series teaches the fundamentals of how to invest in the blockchain.

Some lessons include setting up an account, as well as how to buy, sell, and store crypto.

The blockchain is a big place with many twists and turns, so it helps to have a guide like Teeka in your corner.

Members have unlimited access to this resource. So you can listen at your leisure and revisit Teeka’s lessons when needed.

Members-Only Website

Crypto Income subscribers can access a members-only portal that contains all the features mentioned above.

The portal also includes the model portfolio. Members who want to dig straight into the open recommendations can check here first for ideas.

Small conveniences like this go a long way when planning your next move in the crypto space.

US-Based Customer Support

Palm Beach Group’s customer service team is available to answer any questions about their membership.

Lines are open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm ET.

Folks who prefer a more personalized approach can call instead of email.

Just keep in mind that the team cannot offer individual investment advice.

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Crypto Panic Bonuses

The Crypto Panic package comes with two additional research reports with even more crypto picks and insights.

teeka top six coins

Teeka’s Top Six Coins for the Coming Crypto Buying Panic

This bonus report is the centerpiece of the Crypto Panic package.

It lays out a compelling buy case for six crypto coins that Teeka is especially bullish on. These coins issue automatic payouts, which could make them a solid alternative to investing in dividend stocks.

Teeka claims that each one has the potential to pay out decades of stock gains every month.

If you’re here for Teeka’s top crypto picks, this special report is a good place to start.

cryptocurrencies for gernerational wealth

How To Invest In Cryptocurrencies for Generational Wealth

In this report, Teeka reveals safely guarded secrets to securing generational wealth.

Similar to his Top Six Coins for the Coming Crypto, these strategies target the opportunity for passive income.

Readers learn how to spot their own life-changing opportunities and where to find them on the blockchain.

It might be wise to check out Teeka’s blockchain primer (Access to Crypto Corner) first before diving into this one.

Palm Beach Crypto Income Review

Teeka Tiwari’s 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

New memberships under the Crypto Panic package are backed by Teeka’s 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

You have 90 days to test out the service. If you feel that it’s not a good fit, you will be offered full credit for the subscription cost.

This is in-house credit only — not cashback.

The credit can be put toward any product the Palm Beach Research team or their partners publish.

Palm Beach Research has several premium research services with comparable price points. So you have quite a few options with PBR alone.

>> This offer is expired. Sign up for Palm Beach Letter instead under Teeka’s satisfaction guarantee <<

Is Palm Beach Crypto Income Legit?

Palm Beach Crypto Income is a legit crypto newsletter.

Teeka Tiwari is a talented analyst who knows his way around the blockchain. He helms a variety of crypto investment newsletters, which gives him a deep well of knowledge to draw from.

Something I appreciate is that Teeka champions a more conservative approach to crypto investing.

Crypto is still a largely speculative investment. However, Teeka shares strategies that help to minimize risk and protect portfolios.

And while Teeka is very bullish on his top crypto coins, he says that even a modest investment could see serious gains.

Palm Beach Crypto Income Review: Pros and Cons

Palm Beach Crypto Income is an excellent service, but it does have a few rough edges.


  • Teeka Tiwari and Palm Beach Crypto are legit
  • Targets cryptos that pay dividends
  • 37% discount
  • Resources for beginners
  • Access to Teeka’s top 6 cryptos


  • Refund is in-house credit only
  • No trading community

How Much Does Palm Beach Crypto Income Cost?

An annual subscription to Palm Beach Crypto Income typically costs $4,000. However, Teeka is sweetening the deal by dropping the price down to $2,500 with his Crypto Panic package.

This means that new members can sign up for $1,500 off, a 37% discount. Even better, the subscription comes with everything mentioned in this review.

Another plus is that the next time the service renews, it still retains the discount.

So if you intend to hold on to the Palm Beach Crypto for more than a year, these savings really add up.

The $2,500 price tag is higher than some entry-level newsletters. But this is a fair price for premium insights.

Palm Beach Crypto Income Review

Palm Beach Crypto Income Review: Is It Worth It?

Palm Beach Crypto Income’s latest package is a fantastic deal and well worth the cost of admission.

While the cost is higher than some alternatives, the features on offer match the sticker price, and then some.

Plus, there’s the 37% discount and 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel that the passive income approach is a good fit, you can put the subscription cost toward alternatives that dial into different investment strategies.

The Palm Beach Group covers a range of strategies, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

All in all, Teeka’s Crypto Panic builds a strong case for his six coins and their potential as a vehicle for passive income.

If you’re looking for a way to generate passive income outside traditional means like dividend stocks or REITs, this could be a great place to start.

>> This offer has expired. Access Teeka’s Palm Beach Letter instead and claim your 92% discount HERE <<



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