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WiseTraders Review: Is It Worth It?

wisetraders review
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Stocks and options can be great investment opportunities, but sometimes it feels like the big wins are only for the professionals. That’s precisely why Guy Cohen took his years of experience and created a service to bring those same strategies to everyone else. Check out my WiseTraders review to see if it’s worth picking up.

wiseTraders review

What is WiseTraders

WiseTraders is a research service dedicated to helping everyday people make smarter trades. Its trading method focuses on three “Master Keys” – market timing, stock selection, and a trading plan to help you come out ahead.

The platform does all this by firmly putting thoughtfully assembled tools in your hands. These tools are designed to cut out the annoying aspects of trading with patented applications to help you trade smarter and faster than ever before.

As impressive as that is, WiseTraders marries all that software with a comprehensive training base. You’ll not only learn how to get the most out of the service but also learn strategies for becoming better at trading.

I’m blown away by the firm’s dedication to high-quality analytics and research tools. The proprietary OVI indicator is the icing on the cake by giving insights into what leveraged players are doing.

All the material is split among five different membership options so you can hone in on exactly what you need. We’ll get to those in a bit, but first let’s look at the man behind the service.

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Guy Cohen

Who is Behind WiseTraders

Guy Cohen is the founder of WiseTraders and the creator of the unique Options Volatility Indicator (more on that in a bit).

He received an MBA in finance from Cass (now Bayes) Business School in the UK, where he specialized in stocks and options analysis. It didn’t take him long to realize the available trading tools for private investors weren’t up to snuff.

After studying market data, Cohen began to extract the information that would become the basis for his WiseTraders platform. Now he’s all about sharing these insights with the masses.

Is Guy Cohen Legit? 

There’s little doubt Guy Cohen is a legit guru. He’s a successful trader in his own right and currently lists the NYSE and professional money managers as his clients.

His OVI software is more than 20 years in the making and has a proven track record among WiseTraders’ most successful members.

The guru is also an accomplished author with four books on trading. Two of them have graced the best-seller list.

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WiseTraders Review - Stocks Essentials, Platinum VIP, Options VIP and more

What Sets WiseTraders Apart from the Competition? 

I’ve seen my fair share of research services, and what sets WiseTraders apart is how easy it is to use. The software itself is very straightforward, but I love how much you can actually automate. It saves so much time and the frustration of dealing with the mundane.

That said, for folks wanting to go deep there is a real level of complexity. You’re able to pick from five different membership options to dial in precisely what you’re looking for in a package.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about training. You can find educational material no matter how good you are at trading or invest in a mentor for some one-on-one exposure.

Lastly, WiseTraders is already optimized for tablets and iPad devices so you can take your trades with you. Many other services flounder here.

WiseTraders Overview: Available Features 

Without further ado, let’s check out what you get in every WiseTraders membership:

Interactive Stock Charts

What good is a stock picker without interactive charts? With a few key presses, you can pull up your favorite tickers and see how they’re performing.

There are carefully curated  filters you can use to drown out the noise or hone in on a specific aspect you’re curious about. It also comes with the patented OVI indicator and the proprietary ‘Big Money Bias’.

Clicking through the tabs reveals the stock profile and a news feed scanning for pertinent information.

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Unlimited Personal Watchlists on wisetraders

Unlimited Personal Watchlists

As you identify stocks you’re interested in, clicking a button lets you flag them right within the software. You can then keep an eye on them in a watchlist that provides information at a glance about how those tickers are doing.

Best of all, there’s no limit to the amount of personal watchlists you can create in WiseTraders. Feel free to group similar stocks you like into specific lists based on whatever criteria you choose to use.

WiseTraders Trading Channel

Built-In Trading TV Channel

At various times of the week, you can log into WiseTraders’ private trading TV channel and see the magic happen in real-time. Guy Cohen himself has been known to jump on and walk viewers through some of his trades.

Chat within the platform is restricted to live event times,, but it’s still a good place to visit when wanting to glean some tips or insights to fine-tune your strategy.

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Patented OVI Indicator

The Patented OVI Indicator

The OVI is WiseTraders’ secret sauce – short for ‘Options Volatility Indicator’. Guy Cohen created it to reveal the sentiment of elite leveraged traders out on the market.

In effect, it gives you a window into strong leveraged sentiment from the experts themselves. That insight is worth its weight in digital gold.

It works by collecting all the data you see in an options chain and mashing it into a single line. The indicator is so easy to read that it gives a unique edge for assessing a particular stock, and members can use it for stock filtering too.

wisetraders mentorship and live events

Mentorship Program

WiseTraders is as much about education as it is about software. Folks at any skill level can sign up for tailored mentorships with one-on-one coaching to learn the ropes or elevate existing trading competencies.

Each package contains eight private sessions with a mentor who designs a unique program to match your trading style. Afterward, there are eight peer group sessions followed by monthly alumni meetings to help keep you on track.

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Regular Live Events

Events are also available to kick your trading skills up a notch.

The live Stocks Summit happens every December with a comprehensive workshop covering key strategies to use alongside the OVI indicator. You’ll get to see first-hand how the software works and glean knowledge of how to transform your approach to trading.

There’s a similar Options Boot Camp in April with a laser-focused view on this particular form of trading.

No worries if you don’t live near the event – you can attend each of them remotely.

wisetraders educational resources

Educational Resources

I’ve already introduced some of the incredible educational resources WiseTraders makes available, but that’s just scratching the surface. There’s a ton of additional material in each of the subscription options the platform offers specifically catered to whatever you’re signing up for.

It’s rare to see so much attention to training and the amount of effort that goes into keeping the content fresh.

Honors Grandfather Rates

WiseTraders believes in the long-term value of the products it sells. It’s also all about building and maintaining relationships with each of its members.

As a result, anyone taking advantage of special offers like this one is locked into that rate for life as long as they choose to keep that membership active. You’ll never have to worry about future price increases whenever it comes time to renew.

Dedicated Customer Support

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your membership, WiseTraders makes it easy to contact them. The team is based out of the UK if you’re a local but also has an international number you can call toll-free.

Support staff is on hand during normal East Coast US business hours, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. I appreciate how they accommodated folks on both sides of the pond here.

You can also send an email at any time, and WiseTraders’ dedication to support means you should get a quick response.

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WiseTraders Reviews by Members 

Current members seem to really enjoy what WiseTraders brings to the table, especially when it comes to the OVI. Don’t just take my word for it; check out these actual reviews:

wisetraders reviews by members wisetraders reviews by real users wisetraders reviews by users

There’s no guarantee you’re going to see the same kind of results, but it’s really encouraging to see that it’s possible.

A word of caution when looking for other online reviews – there are other companies with similar names out there. I couldn’t find any additional reviews for WiseTraders on other online resources.

WiseTraders moneyback guarantee

Refund Policy 

All the annual memberships we’ll cover in just a moment come with a rock-solid 30-day money-back guarantee. At any point during that first month, you can reach out to the WiseTraders customer support team via email for a full refund of your purchase price. They won’t even ask you why you’re canceling.

For monthly subscriptions, you have the ability to cancel with 14 days’ notice. There are no fees for bowing out of your subscription.

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Pros and Cons of WiseTraders 


  • Focuses on stocks and options
  • Easy to use
  • Top-tier research and analysis
  • Proprietary Options Volatility Indicator
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Tons of educational materials
  • Five membership plans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Special offer price discounts


  • Community chat or forum only available for VIP members 
  • May be pricey for some

WiseTraders Membership Options 

WiseTraders has something for everyone with five different membership options to choose from. Let’s take a deep dive into each one now:

Stocks Essentials

Stocks Essentials 

Stocks Essentials is WiseTraders’ entry-level package for all things stocks. It’s designed to make picking the best securities quick and easy with a combination of built-in tools.

This tier focuses on locating those big return trades in mere moments. I appreciate how Essentials cuts out a lot of the time it takes to search for ideas and allows you more time to actually trade.

Here, you’ll get all the tools we covered in our “what’s included” section above, from charts to educational resources. WiseTraders throws in its incredible TradeFinder and done-for-you watchlists so you know right where to begin.

There are several bonus materials as well. The first is a one-on-one coaching session with one of WiseTrader’s experts so you’re not going in blind.

A membership also includes the Growth Secrets for Small Accounts Course and Options 101 to enhance your trading skills further.

While anyone can benefit from Stocks Essentials, the platform is excellent for folks new to the trading game. You’re getting a ton of educational material to lay a solid trading foundation as well as the tools you need to earn those returns.

Essentials can be just as helpful for people focusing on improving their stock selection.

The retail price for Stocks Essentials is $1,997 for a year, which is honestly a steal for everything that’s included. As part of this special offer, you can get this package for just $997.

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WiseTraders Stocks VIP

Stocks VIP 

Stocks VIP really ratchets up stock selection with several additional features Stock Essentials doesn’t have. It’s crafted to help you automate every step of WiseTraders’ three “Master Keys” trading strategy. You’re looking at top-of-the-line stock software and the training you’ll need to put it to work for you.

A VIP membership includes the core of WiseTraders’ stock selection process, so you naturally have access to everything listed in the Essentials package. There are some exciting features here though that you won’t find anywhere else.

Perhaps most notable is the VIP TradeFinder with advanced features for deeper searching and better opportunities. It also comes with an exclusive Market Timing Toolkit to help you buy and sell at the right moment.

You’re handed a ticket to the Stocks Summit in December and a bonus personalized mentorship session for free when you sign up. If that wasn’t enough time around some gurus, they provide info for a private Telegram group chat.

As a bonus, a Stocks VIP membership includes exclusive regular live market review sessions and a complete set of stock cheat sheets.

Stocks VIP is great for all experience levels with everything it offers. You will want to make sure you can handle the full suite of tools to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

Speaking of cost, all this material usually sells for $3,497. Right now, you can scoop up everything here and all the bonus content for $2,497.

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Wisetraders Options Essentials

Options Essentials 

Options Essentials is quite similar to the stock offerings above but adds in WiseTraders’ “Smart Leverage” strategy. The goal here is the optimum balance of leverage, risk, and liquidity through use of the same automated filtering software.

As with Stocks Essentials, you’ll get immediate access to everything in our “what’s included” section along with some additional goodies.

Signing up unlocks the training vault to grow your knowledge and the OptionEasy TradeFinder for narrowing down the top options picks. You’re able to see carefully crafted watchlists with top prospects for impressive gains.

Bonus materials here include the same one-on-one coaching session and the Growth Secrets for Small Accounts Guide & Video Course to improve your game. What really stands out to me is the OptionEasy Pricer with interactive tutorials on long call and put strategies.

Options can be a great source of income if you can get them to work for you, but therein lies the challenge. Many of us step into options thinking it will be easy and end up burned.

That’s why Options Essentials can be a great tool for folks new to options. You don’t have to go in alone and get to learn along the way.

The package typically costs $1,997, but you can get it all right now for just $997.

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Wisetraders Options VIP

Options VIP 

Where Options Essentials teases WiseTraders’ OptionsEasy software, Options VIP takes off the training wheels. Here you’re able to utilize the entire suite of tools to fully exploit the power of options trading.

In addition, Options VIP allows for the full automation of the boring aspects of trading. Getting that time back alone could be worth the investment.

Alongside all the features in Options Essentials, the VIP plan showcases the market timing toolkit and a robust strategy analyzer. Training comes in the form of a personalized mentorship session and a ticket to the Options Bootcamp in April.

As a VIP, you’re given access to a private Telegram group chat and the latest options upgrades so you’re always in the loop.

Bonus materials made available for this special offer are exclusive live market review sessions and a complete set of options cheat sheets for your perusal.

All the tools here can serve anyone looking to get the most out of options well. Newer folks may need a bit of a runway to digest all the material before diving in.

One year of Options VIP normally retails for $5,997. The WiseTraders team is currently offering it for just $3,497 if you act now.

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WiseTraders Platinum VIP

Platinum VIP 

Platinum VIP is an unlimited pass to every single tool WiseTraders has to offer. It’s the best of both stocks and options all rolled up into one convenient package.

You get all the software and training listed in each of the membership options above, plus all the bonus materials WiseTraders is sharing with folks who join now.

This plan is ideal for folks wanting to get the most from WiseTraders’ automation and all the educational materials you could ever hope to have.

As an added bonus, Platinum VIP members also get access to the ‘Home Hedge Fund’.

Because of the amount of content you receive, Platinum VIP costs $5,997 per year.

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Wisetraders review: it is worth it

Is WiseTraders Worth It? 

After spending some time reviewing WiseTraders, I can confidently say it’s an excellent service. It’s jam-packed with an assortment of great user-friendly tools for getting the most out of your trades.

On one hand, you have access to proprietary software that simplifies the trading process through automation. Those same features highlight top picks and offer recommendations for your portfolio.

In the other corner, there’s a host of unique educational materials to teach you the strategies the professionals use. This is a huge step up from platforms that just tell you what to do.

There’s something for you here whether you’re a fan of options or stocks, and your current skill level doesn’t matter. Rookies and veterans alike will find a lot they can resonate with. Now’s as good a time as any to join thanks to some nice price reductions and limited-time bonuses.

If you’re looking to profit off stocks and options, WiseTraders is well worth a closer look. Sign up now before this special offer disappears forever. 

>> That’s it for my review. <<
>> Get access to all WiseTraders tools & features here <<


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