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Are Precious Metals a Good Career Path? Check Out These Precious Metals Careers!

Jenna Gleespen - September 10, 2021

is precious metals a good career path?

Are you wondering, “Is precious metals a good career path?”

Well, careers in precious metals can be both rewarding and lucrative depending on your position in the industry.

Precious metals are still one of the most lucrative careers in terms of potential earnings.

They are solid careers to pursue because they offer stability and better investment opportunities.

Keep reading to learn more about precious metal careers, salaries, and job duties. 

is precious metals a good career path?

Is Precious Metals a Good Career Path: What Is a Precious Metal Broker?

A precious metal broker is an industry intermediary who buys and sells real metals for institutions or individuals.

They also invest in other materials, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and more.

Metal brokers often have experience in business or finance.

They will also have experience working at a metal banking institution or trading in the commodity market.

More on Precious Metal Brokers

Precious Metal Brokers are typically financial intermediaries who buy or sell metals in the marketplace.

They are also known as bullion dealers and commodity brokers.

This type of investment can be a better way to gain exposure to commodities while protecting against inflationary pressures due to their scarcity.

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What Does a Precious Metals Broker Do?

Precious metal brokers provide their customers with many trading forms, including spot trading, futures, options, and swaps.

Precious metal brokers place an order at the current price for a precious commodity, which a dealer then executes.

Their goal is to buy the metal at a lower price and sell it at a higher price.

How Precious Metal Brokers Help Clients

A metal broker has many responsibilities that include working with clients, trading on behalf of investors, managing risk, understanding commodities laws, and promoting awareness.

A precious metals broker can also help you find some precious commodities at an affordable cost.

They guide their clients to find the best gold, silver, or platinum dealers in their area.

Different Types of Precious Metal Brokers

The asset brokers are different from gold and silver dealers to copper, platinum, and palladium dealers.

They are also different from bullion or coin dealers.

They offer other services, such as making loans to their clients, exchanging gold for foreign currency, or acting as a financial adviser.

Precious Metals Are Versatile and Complex Investments

Metals are a versatile investment commodity, as you can link them with art, industrial uses, and speculative purposes in the markets.

Trading precious commodities is complex and volatile due to the high supply of these materials compared to demand.

The best method of trading with them is to buy the metal at one price and then sell it immediately in a different store at a higher price.

Traders know this process as arbitrage trading.

What Does a Typical Day for a Precious Metals Broker Entail?

A precious metal broker may provide investment services, sell and buy commodities, or run a company.

Brokers use their expertise in investment and analysis to stay in the know about trends.

They also need enough experience with accounting and financial plans to help investors figure out the best return on investment.

The duties of a broker include:

  • Taking inventory
  • Purchasing raw materials (gold, silver)
  • Managing risk
  • Analyzing trends
  • Conducting research
  • Developing new products or deals for clients

Is Being a Metal Broker Easy?

The job of a metal broker is not easy.

They need to know how to operate in a competitive market and have extensive knowledge of how it works as well as keep up to date on the latest and ever-changing prices of a variety of types of different precious metals. 

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is precious metals a good career path?

A good broker can differentiate themselves by offering unique services that set them apart from the competition.

The Precious Metals Market Is Growing

The number of dealers has risen in years as more investors are interested in this market.

Stocks and bonds alone won’t cut it for many investors, so they are branching out into other assets to diversify their portfolios, protecting them from market downturns and inflation.

So there is a lot of demand for precious commodities across the world.

What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Precious Metals Broker?

The job of a precious metal broker is to trade in precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver.

They also have the added responsibility of keeping track of global supply and demand for these items.

The job responsibilities of a precious metal broker include the following:

  • Providing accurate and timely information or data to individuals, institutions, and businesses
  • Managing risk by trading on behalf of clients
  • Working with both individual clients and large institutional organizations to help link their long-term investments

They may also work in additional roles related to the industry, such as a refinery operator, a metal dealer, or an analyst.

The responsibilities of a metal broker also include meeting with customers and making sales.

Another one of their roles is ensuring that the products they receive from suppliers are up to quality standards.

Also, precious metal brokers may be involved in the designing of new products.

Networking and Staying on Top of Precious Metal Market Trends

Precious metal brokers must also maintain relationships with many stakeholders, like mints, refineries, goldsmiths, and coin dealers.

They need to be aware of trends in the industry that their clients might be buying or selling.

Precious metal brokers must know the market in and out to predict when prices will go up or down.

Is Precious Metals a Good Career Path: What Are Other Precious Metals Careers?

Precious metal brokers are just a small portion of the industry’s workforce.

People who are passionate about precious metal choose careers like mining, dealing, or creating jewelry.

Others may want to become more involved with how gold or silver is mined and processed.

Precious Metal Worker

A precious metal worker is a professional in the manufacturing of gold, silver, and other metals.

Although a metal worker describes someone with a career in the field of precious metals, the job varies depending on the industry they work in.

is precious metals a good career path?

They learn to design and produce items such as cars, aircraft, ships, and tools.

Anyone can pursue a degree or career in this field, like teaching at an engineering school or working as an entrepreneur and becoming a materials scientist.

You can even work on projects related to green energy technologies.

What Are the Traits of a Successful Metal Worker?

A metalworker must demonstrate high levels of dexterity and hand-eye coordination to operate the sophisticated equipment they use.

The courses that a precious metal worker must take to enter the field involve:

  • Jigging molten metal
  • Working with resins and solvents
  • Adjusting furnaces for specific temperatures
  • Applying solder or flux to metal parts
  • And more

Precious metal workers must also undergo a degree program after two years of apprenticeship in a college.

Afterward, they can continue with three years of vocational school or college.

Also, precious metal brokers are typically required to have licenses in the state or country where they operate.


Goldsmiths are skilled craftsmen who create or repair jewelry and other popular items.

They also make everyday items such as spoons, buckles, and belt buckles.

is precious metals a good career path?

Goldsmiths perform their work with tools such as hammers and chisels to create intricate designs on metal objects like helmets.

While the tools may sound a little rudimentary, goldsmithing is a very sophisticated career path that requires immense dexterity and a keen eye.

What Are the Salaries for Careers in Precious Metals?

The salary of a precious metals professional varies depending on your specific job title, what type of commodity you are working with, and the number of hours you work each week.

According to Payscale.com, the average career in precious metals pays an average base pay of $71k USD per year. Not too shabby!

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Is Precious Metals a Stable Career Path?

Precious metal is a fairly stable career path.

It has been around for thousands of years, and it will probably be around for many more.

This career field offers a steady stream of income and can shield you from the volatility inherent in other investments.

However, not all metals are created equal: careers in precious metals like gold and silver are much easier to jump into and may provide more long-term stability than careers in other types of precious metals. 

Careers dealing with silver and gold are much more widely available as well. 

Final Thoughts: Is Precious Metals a Good Career Path?

With precious metal prices increasing every year, there has been an increase in interest in the industry.

Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum hold their value over time and are a solid hedge against inflation.

Metals have always been a good career choice because of the steadily growing demand for precious commodities, and this is especially true for jewelers.

It has become more popular per year among people who want a stable job without volatility.

Now you have the answer to your question, “Is precious metals a good career path?” and the answer is YES!


Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.