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The 4 Best Proteomics Stocks To Buy Now

Proteomics Stocks

Proteomics is at the cutting edge of clinical innovation, and its future implementation could help disrupt the medical industry.

The field of study is still young and novel, which could offer compelling investment opportunities for those with an appetite for risk.

But are there any proteomics stocks worth buying now, or is it too early to jump on the bandwagon? Let’s have a look!

Best Proteomics Stocks To Track

Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN)

Illumina is one of the world’s leading DNA sequencing and genomic analysis tool providers. 

Proteomics is an extension of genomics; therefore, among many other things, their products are used in proteomics research.

With Illumina’s sequencing technologies, researchers can identify and quantify proteins in a sample, which is a crucial step in proteomics research.

ILMN is at the forefront of DNA technology, and the stock is one of Cathie Wood’s favorite genomics stocks

In fact, Cathie Wood and ARK referred to Illumina as “the cornerstone of our Genomic Revolution theme” as far back as 2016.

Cathie Wood and ARK believe DNA sequencing will be one of the foremost technologies leading the upcoming technological revolution. 

In other words, Cathie and the fund believe DNA sequencing has the power to disrupt and, in turn, deliver revenue growth.

The company recently entered into a co-development partnership with SomaLogic—a protein biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics company. Illumina, Inc.The agreement will bring SomaScan Proteomics Assay to Illumina’s high throughput sequencing (NGS) platforms. 

The partnership could help accelerate the growth of the high-throughput proteomics market, which has rapidly grown in recent years.

Shares of the company have had a great performance since the last recession, returning investors more than 3000% from the bottom. 

But as is the case with most risk-on assets, shares of the company have struggled over the past year.

Illumina stock has lost more than 60% of its value but has found support on the 200-period monthly moving average. 

Shares of ILMN are now consolidating and waiting for the stock market to decide on the next direction.

However, the company’s dominant market position in genomics and proteomics could be a good indicator. 

It’s possible that its share price could increase in the near term. Making it our number-one pick for the best proteomics stocks to buy now!

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO)

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global biotech company that develops scientific instruments and offers services for the life sciences industry. 

Their products are used, among other things, in the research of proteomics, genomics, cell analysis, and drug discovery. 

The company’s protein identification and quantification tools include mass spectrometry systems, protein separation systems, and software for data analysis. 

TMO performed quite well over the last year, beating EPS estimates every quarter. The company reported nearly $11.5 billion in revenue in the last quarter.



Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.



Shares of the company have held extremely well through the storm of 2022. Performing much better than ILMN. 

The company stock is less than 20% shy of its all-time high and more than 2000% over its 2008 bottom. 

This is likely a result of its excellent financial performance and footprint in the overall healthcare sector—one of the few areas of the market that’s held its footing. 

While ILMN also services the healthcare sector, its focus on biotech can be seen as more speculative. In turn, investors may consider it a riskier asset.

Intellia Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: NTLA)

Intellia Therapeutics is another biotech with a focus on developing gene editing therapies. 

NTLA utilizes CRISPR technologies which are used in the treatment of genetic diseases. By leveraging CRISPR’s powerful tech, Intellia is able to make precise DNA edits. 

CRISPR gene editing was invented by one of Intellia’s scientific founders—Jennifer Doudna.

The biotech company doesn’t directly focus on proteomics, but its tech has the potential to revolutionize proteomics research.

Intellias technology can be used to create models of human diseases. Therefore, it can be used to research the effects of different treatments on the proteome. 



Intellia Therapeutics Inc


In fact, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals—a partner of Intellia—reported data showing CRISPR technology was safe and effective in treating protein disorders in the body. 

However, NTLA is now concentrating its development efforts on allogeneic cell therapies outside the body.

Shares of the company currently find themselves in no-man’s-land as they keep falling from their all-time high. 

However, they are quickly approaching an area of support near the $32 and $11 mark. We will be watching to see what happens!

SomaLogic Inc (NASDAQ: SLGC)

SomaLogic is a protein biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics company. 

It develops and commercializes protein detection technology for clinical and research use, and it’s the only pure-play proteomics stock on our list.

SLGC’s proprietary protein detection platform allows the measurement of thousands of proteins in a single sample. 

You might remember it from our earlier mention in ILMN, as both companies have entered into a co-development partnership.

Their SomaScan Assay is the first in its class and the only one with capabilities in the area of proteomics. The platform can measure 7,000 proteins from a 55-µL sample.

Comparably, the next platform in line falls short by more than half that measure. Thus giving SomaLogic a significant competitive edge in the industry.


SomaLogic Inc



The technology developed by SomaLogic has the potential to revolutionize proteomics. Researchers and clinicians could gain a better understanding of the human proteome by using it.

The company got listed on the Nasdaq after its merger with SPAC company CM-Life Sciences II. 

Since its IPO in 2021, shares of the company have been on a free-fall and have since joined the ranks of penny stocks. Perhaps it was not the right timing decision to IPO during a time of such economic upheaval.

SomaLogic missed revenue expectations in the fourth and third quarters. However, revenue was surprisingly high in the last quarter of the year compared to expectations. 

The company reported nearly $42 million against an expected $20 million.

Will SLGC be able to turn its luck around as the proteomics industry develops? Time will tell, and we’ll be watching.

Are Proteomics Stocks a Good Investment?

Proteomic stocks could be an attractive investment option, but it will likely take some time before the market segment produces results.

Biotech is considered to be a high-risk and high-reward industry. Biotechnologies that receive regulatory approval are highly likely to produce a compelling return.

However, there are many risks on which the industry is heavily dependent, such as clinical trials and regulatory approvals.

But generally speaking, there are a number of factors that point to a favorable future for the industry.

For one thing, proteomics is already being used to develop personalized medical treatments. 

By leveraging technology, doctors will be able to tell us precisely what’s going on inside our bodies in the future.

Personalized medicine is an enormous market segment estimated to be valued at nearly $2.1 trillion in 2021.

If analysts are correct, the market could triple by 2030, reaching close to $5.7 trillion in size. 

Those projections suggest that the segment could grow at a CAGR of 11.6%, a generous growth rate that could benefit proteomic companies.

Regulatory pressures seem to be taking a step back, which could benefit the companies on this list. The FDA has recently implemented initiatives that help expedite the review process for novel medical treatments.

There have also been a number of well-funded IPOs in the industry. This could be a sign that smart money is getting behind the trend. 

This much capital is usually backed by top-notch research, which could be a positive omen of future growth.

Now that you know more about proteomic stocks, you might want to add one (or more) of these to your portfolio.


Which Company is Best for Proteomics?

Illumina is one of the world’s best companies for proteomics. The DNA sequencing biotech company uses its sequencing technologies in proteomics research. ILMN was referred to as “the cornerstone of our Genomic Revolution theme” by Cathie Woods and the ARK fund.

What Do You Mean by Proteomics?

When we speak about proteomics, we refer to the study of all the proteins in a particular organism. Proteomics could revolutionize healthcare by facilitating the development of precise and personalized treatments for a wide range of diseases. The field of study has benefitted from the Human Genome Project.


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