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The 6 Best Recreational Vehicle RV Stocks To Buy Now!

RV Stocks

Recreational vehicles (RVs) have taken to the roads in force since the end of the COVID pandemic.

Want to own a part of this lucrative industry? The best RV stocks below may be your ticket to ride.

Let’s check it out before making any decision.

6 Best Recreational Vehicle/RV Stocks

Camping World Holdings Inc (NYSE: CWH)

Camping World has been part of the recreational vehicle scene since 1966. What started as a single store in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has since grown to more than 185 locations nationwide.

The company is now the nation’s largest retailer of recreational vehicles. Shoppers can buy new and used RVs from a large selection or rent them for a period of time.

Camping World is also a major seller of RV components. Its other products include generators, fishing gear, camping equipment, and more.

In addition to selling recreational vehicles, Camping World Holdings has a large service industry with over 2,500 bays and 1,850 technicians on staff. 

With such a large business, its team can often find hard-to-find parts other companies can’t.

Camping World Holdings Inc

Shopping with Camping World also unlocks exclusive benefits and discounts for Good Sam Club members. 

Good Sam’s services include emergency roadside assistance, RV insurance, and more.

Although in business for 75 years, Camping World only went public through IPO in 2016. After an initial rise, shares have dropped off some and are only now recovering from the global pandemic.

Currently, Camping World is searching for new locations or acquisitions to help grow its bottom line. 

The company appears to have the financials for an aggressive strategy here, recently doubling its dividend yield.

Now could be a good chance to catch CWH stock before it rebounds further.

Winnebago Industries (NYSE: WGO)

Winnebago Industries is a leading manufacturer of outdoor lifestyle products. The company was founded in Forest City, Iowa, in 1958.

Over the years, Winnebago has added several RV brands to its portfolio. These include Newmar Motorhomes, Grand Design Towables, its namesake Winnebago motorhomes, and a line of Winnebago specialty vehicles.

Each brand offers a unique foray into outdoor recreation activities. Customers can pick up fifth-wheel products, motorhomes, travel trailers, and camper vans.

To stay relevant, Winnebago commits to staying at the forefront of innovative design. 

Alongside investing in its recreational vehicle business, the company chose to look outside the box.

Winnebago Industries

Recently expanded operations now contain boating with the purchase of Chris Craft marine products. Winnebago Industries has also recently added Barletta pontoons to its repertoire.

Where most companies have struggled since the pandemic, Winnebago Industries stock continues to see a healthy rise. 

Share prices have been up over 50% in the last five years.

Analysts believe this rise isn’t over, projecting a positive outlook for value and growth. WGO has the potential to keep climbing to a much higher price target.

Adding Chris-Craft and Barletta to its lineup looks like a good call. Moving into a new and profitable outdoor retail space could bode well for Winnebago.

As this RV stock marches onward, shareholders also get to enjoy a 1.7% dividend yield.

THOR Industries (NYSE: THO)

THOR Industries started in 1980 by purchasing the iconic RV brand Airstream. 

The founders turned a struggling name into a profitable business within the first year while improving quality and cutting costs.

Along the way, THOR has added several other notable brands to its lineup. It owns more than 30 brands in the North American RV industry alone.

These brands place THOR in just about every recreational vehicle market known to man. Such a large footprint allowed THOR to add ambulances and even buses to its dealings for a time.

In 2019, THOR jumped across the pond to acquire the Erwin Hymer Group. EHG is one of Europe’s largest makers of recreational vehicles.

THOR Industries

The purchase added another 20 companies to the THOR umbrella. Combined with North American operations, THOR became one of the world’s largest RV manufacturers.

THOR’s many moving pieces help maintain a steady profit level with increasing revenue across the board. 

As RV travel continues to rebound, THOR is in an excellent position to capitalize.

THO stock still appears undervalued, leaving room for methodic growth to a more accurate price point. 

THOR pays out a healthy 2% dividend yield as it rolls forward on the stock market.

LCI Industries (NYSE: LCII)

LCI Industries is a global leader in RV sales with multiple other industries in tow. The company began in 1956, manufacturing galvanized roofing products for mobile homes.

Although formally known as LCI Industries, the RV manufacturer rebranded as “Lippert” in 2021 to represent its core line of commercial vehicles. 

The switch helps reinforce LCI’s role as a major player in the RV industry.

In the last ten years, LCI Industries has been gung-ho with acquisitions to build upon an already impressive suite of recreational vehicles. 

It carries roughly 30 brands that encompass the many niches the company operates from.

While LCI sells recreation vehicles, its reach extends to towing products, boating, automotive, commercial vehicles, and home supplies. 

LCI Industries

LCI’s top brands on the RV front are Lippert, Curt, and Thomas Payne.

The company keeps innovation as a critical component of its ideology. It’s looking to electric RVs in the future to meet growing demand.

LCI Industries holds a strong place in the RV market with a market capitalization of $2.88. It brings in over $1 billion in quarterly revenue.

Like other RV stocks, LCII is estimated to be significantly below fair value. 

Earnings grew by 37% over the past year, with room for growth in the tank.

Anyone jumping on board right now can also benefit from a 3.67% dividend payout each quarter.

Polaris Inc (NYSE: PII)

Polaris is another huge name in outdoor retail. The company specializes in recreation vehicles for those who work, play, and think outside.

Since 1954, Polaris has been a leader in the power sports industry. It carries an assortment of on- and off-road vehicles for those living on the edge.

Among its biggest sellers are a line of motorcycles and the Slingshot, toted as the ultimate three-wheel vehicle. Polaris is better known for its off-road all-terrain vehicles and larger buggies.

The company operates in snow as well. Labeled as the original snowmobile company, Polaris still commands the market with its cold-weather vehicles.

Polaris delved into the water in 2018 with the acquisition of Boat Holdings, LLC. Its portfolio now contains three brands featuring pontoons and deck boats.


Polaris Inc

Polaris is home to more than 35 brands across these sectors. Its recreational vehicles appear in more than 120 countries around the world.

Sales reached a staggering $8.2 billion in 2021 across all product categories. Share prices have yet to respond to these favorable financials.

The result is a recreational vehicle stock possibly valued slightly lower than it should be. 

Its financial health and growth prospects indicate a higher price target.

A strong value assessment and 2.3% dividend yield make Polaris one of the top recreational vehicle stocks to consider.

Rev Group (NYSE: REVG)

Rev Group holds one of the broadest specialty portfolios in the industry. The company was formed in 2010 by merging four distinct vehicle manufacturers.

Its product lines are strategically split into three segments: fire and emergency, commercial, and recreation.

Seven brands produce fire trucks for community use around the nation. Five ambulance brands complement these fire safety vehicles.

Rev Group’s line of commercial vehicles includes school buses and buses for public transportation. 

A line of yard trucks and street cleaners appeals to the broader market.


Rev Group


We’re here for RVs, and Rev Group does not disappoint. Among its seven recreational vehicle brands, Fleetwood RV and American Coach are some of the best.

With such a comprehensive line of vehicles, Rev Group has business dealings in every corner of the globe. 

The company is heavily invested in fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that produce zero harmful emissions.

Rev Group excels at beating earnings call estimates and boosting revenue. Financials allow the company to hand out a regular 1.74% dividend.

Its stock price saw a boost as the world started to reopen in 2021 but has fizzled some since. Rev Group still has some work to do on the bottom line but has some serious potential as a value stock.

Are RV Stocks a Good Investment?

RV stocks can undoubtedly be a good investment now and well into the future.

Americans continue to emerge from cocoons created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many see now as an opportunity to see the country that was closed for over a year.

Young families are leading the charge to get out into the open air. Buyers in the 18-34 range comprise nearly one-quarter of the market.

Only 9 million households in the US own an RV, leaving plenty of room for industry growth.

Higher gas and diesel prices don’t seem to faze people, either. RV purchases are still ramping up, and campgrounds are ready to receive vehicles as the weather warms.

Many of the companies on our list are in the process of adding electric vehicles to their lineup. Zero emissions make governments happy and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Most RV stocks still want to reclaim value lost during the slow COVID season. These companies may be trading for cheaper than they should on the stock market.

Generally speaking, value stocks have nice long-term growth potential as they climb back to a fair share value. 

They tend to resist the effects of inflation and usually pay out steady dividends thanks to strong financials.

We’re excited to see where these RV stocks end up as time marches on. Any of them could be a solid long-term addition to your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The RV Market Booming?

RV purchases continue to grow as we approach the camping season in 2023. Recreational vehicle stocks are still catching up to valuations from the boom.

What Is The Largest RV Company?

Forest River is the largest and highest-earning RV brand in the US. It falls under the ownership of Berkshire Hathaway.

Who Are The Big 3 RV Manufacturers?

THOR Industries, Forest River, and Winnebago Industries take the top three spots in terms of market share. Others like Camping World Holdings and Rev Group are clamoring for more market share with innovative designs.

Does Thor Own Keystone?

THOR Industries added the Keystone brand to its lineup in 2001. Keystone still makes luxury travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Are Millennials Buying RVs?

Millennials are the rising stars of the RV market. They now represent over 20% of RV owners, which appears to be growing.


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