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The 4 Best Self-Driving Truck Stocks To Buy Now

Self-Driving Truck Stocks

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) have been receiving a lot of attention, but there is an underappreciated market segment that may hold more potential.

Self-driving trucks could quite literally end up carrying the most weight when it comes to the industry’s earning capability. So, let’s look at the best self-driving truck stocks available to buy now!

4 Best Self-Driving Truck Stocks to Track

TuSimple (TSP)

When it comes to pure-play companies in the autonomous-driving trucks industry, TSP is the stock to watch. 

The tech company was the first to successfully demonstrate fully autonomous trucks on streets and highways.

TuSimple already has major partnerships in place with some notable players like UPS and Traton.

UPS is also an investor in the company. This could indicate potential success as UPS is the largest trucking company in North America. 

Tech giant NVIDIA (NVDA)—one of the world’s most important AI hardware developers—was also an early investor in the company.

TuSimple stock had strong upward momentum in the weeks following the company’s IPO. 

Shares of TSP more than doubled in price in a short period of time following the public offering.

However, the top blew off near the $80 range bringing shares down to the ranks of a penny stock. Investors that bought at the top are now close to 98% down on their position. 


The drop could have its reasoning in various factors affecting the stock. 

Poor stock market performance, short sellers, and investor shares being released from a lockup could all be behind it.

Shares of the company have a short float of 9.5%, which could be considered mildly elevated. 

A cover of those shares could cause a short squeeze, driving valuation upward, which is something to consider.

The company’s revenue is also limited and unstable due to the novelty of its product. This makes it an investment that is highly speculative. 

TSP beat EPS over the last three quarters but failed to report more than $3 million each time. Showing just how early they are in the cycle of maturity. 

Some may see the lowered valuation as an excellent discount opportunity, others as a risk not worth their hard-earned dollars.

Whatever the case may be, one thing can be said with certainty. Despite the positive outlook of the self-driving truck space, this industry might still not be fit for the faint of heart.

Mercedes Benz Group AG (OTCMKTS: MBGAF)

Mercedes-Benz Group is a German automotive corporation and one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers.

The company is best known in the United States for its luxury vehicles. But one fact most people might not know is that the Mercedes-Benz Group was the first manufacturer to develop trucks in 1896.

Back then, Mercedes-Benz was operating as an independent company called Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. 

The company continues its tradition of building powerful and modern trucks to this day via Daimler AG.

Daimler and Benz’s stock merged in February 2022, offering investors a full piece of the pie under one ticker.

However, the merged ticker is listed on the Deutscher Aktienindex (German stock exchange). 


Mercedes Benz Group AG


Therefore, US investors seeking a piece of the action will need to purchase ADRs Over-The-Counter (OTC).

Daimler’s self-driving truck division, the Autonomous Technology Group, has been working to develop self-driving trucks and semi-autonomous driving technology. 

The company has also invested a lot of resources into developing electric trucks.

MBGAF has a well-known and trusted brand and a history of innovation in the transportation industry. Through its other vehicles, the company has already established revenue streams. Thus, the company could be considered a safer investment than pure-play self-driving truck stocks.

But perceived safety could also mean that investors would see a diminished return on their investment. 

The company’s diversification and maturity could make it less susceptible to exponential gains even if the industry takes off.


Volvo Group is a Swedish multinational that produces a wide range of vehicles, including commercial trucks.

In fact, Volvo trucks are one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world.

Like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo is also not listed on any US stock exchange. 

Therefore, those seeking to invest in the company must resort to ADRs in the OTC market. But the company operates in the United States and all over the world.

Over the past few years, Volvo has invested in self-driving technology for its trucks in an effort to improve safety and efficiency. 

Safety is one of the key selling points of the Volvo brand. In fact, the company is known for making the safest cars in the world.


Volvo ADR


They are developing autonomous tech under their Volvo Autonomous Solutions division.

Autonomous driving on highways, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and platooning are among some of the tech advancements the company is working on.

Furthermore, the company is developing electric and hybrid trucks as part of its sustainability initiatives.

When it comes to investing in autonomous driving stocks, Volvo falls into a similar category as Mercedes-Benz. 

Its established business gives it more perceived safety than pure-play autonomous truck stocks. 

However, diversification and maturity could limit the company’s upside as well.

Aurora Innovation Inc (NASDAQ: AUR)

Aurora Innovation is another leader in the self-driving technology industry. The company is focused on developing autonomous systems for vehicles and trucks. 

AUR has substantial partnerships in the industry ranging from PACCAR to Volvo, and even Toyota—the world’s biggest car marker.

Its founders include former executives from Google, Tesla, and Uber. 

In fact, Aurora came to own Uber’s self-driving unit after the ride-hailing company invested close to $400 million in AUR.


Aurora Innovation Inc


Aurora developed an autonomous driving platform called Aurora Driver. The innovative software and hardware platform is designed to be integrated into a wide range of vehicles. 

This innovative product sets the company apart from all other competitors on this list. 

That’s because the system can be adapted to fit any vehicle, allowing for a wider audience.

In spite of this, there are some challenges associated with the system, including the fact that it appears bulky in the vehicle.

Are Self-Driving Truck Stocks a Good Investment?

Self-driving truck companies could offer an excellent opportunity for investors willing to get in on the ground floor.

Autonomous trucks could significantly disrupt the world economy and even help us fight inflation in the long term.

Most products we consume are transported across the United States using trucks. Everything from the food we eat to the electronic device you use to read this blog. 

According to the CFS, trucks transport more than 70% of all goods shipped in the United States. That’s a whopping $11 trillion dollars worth of products each year.

Anything that affects the trucking industry will, in turn, affect the price of goods, like the cost of gasoline.

Gasoline closely correlates with the cost of goods and inflation. If gas prices increase, so does the cost of transporting goods, ultimately passing the bill to the consumer. 

Reducing costs by replacing truck drivers with self-driving tech would be a game changer. The change could help this novel technology grow in market capitalization exponentially.

A study by McKinsey shows that operating costs could decline by as much as 45%, saving the industry and potentially consumers billions of dollars each year. 

That’s not counting the potential insurance cost savings and the benefits of having fewer road accidents.

Analysts are already overly optimistic about the industry and have estimated that its market cap could grow at a CAGR of 17% through 2028. It’s a compelling projection considering how novel the technology is. 

If the projections are correct, these numbers could increase dramatically once the industry becomes mainstream. Thus, offering exponential growth opportunities.

Of course, as with all investments, there are numerous risks involved with autonomous technology.

Autonomous driving technology and the companies involved with it are still fairly new, leaving many unknowns ahead. 

But with some patience, investors with a risk appetite might be able to lock in a compelling return with autonomous vehicle stocks.

Now that you know more about self-driving truck stocks, you might want to add one (or more) to your portfolio.


Who Is the Leading Company for Self-Driving Trucks?

TuSimple is the leading company for autonomous trucking, as they are responsible for many firsts in the industry. The company was the first to receive funding from a leading truck operator (UPS). They were also the first to successfully demonstrate fully autonomous trucks on streets and highways.

What Companies Make Self-Driving Trucks?

There are a number of companies involved in the development of self-driving trucks, including:

  • Tusimple Holdings Inc (TSP)
  • Mercedes Benz Group AG (MBGAF)
  • Volvo (VLVLY)
  • Waymo
  • Paccar (PCAR)
  • Aurora Innovation (AUR)
  • Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp II (NGAB)
  • Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V (HCIC)
  • Reinvent Technology Partners Y (RTPY)

Enrico Caschetta is a finance and fintech writer on a mission to promote financial literacy by simplifying complex concepts. He specializes in topics such as Fintech, Personal Finance, Stock Reviews, Crypto, and Trading Psychology.