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Stansberry Innovations Report Review 2024: Is Eric Wade the Real Deal?

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Stansberry Innovations Report is one of the hottest research services from Stansberry Research. Keep reading our Stansberry Innovations Report review to see if it’s the real deal.

Stansberry Innovations Report Review

Stansberry Innovations Report Review: Overview

The Stansberry Innovations Report is an elite research service from the veteran analysts at Stansberry Research.

Unlike Stansberry’s more general services, the Innovations Report focuses specifically on the most pioneering and disruptive technologies on the planet.

These companies are working on technology that could transform the world, and subsequently, make early investors very, very rich.

Stansberry Innovations Report targets early investment opportunities in breakout sectors like the medical sciences, biotechnology, cryptocurrency, aerospace & defense, and other technologies.

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Stansberry Innovations Report Review

The Stansberry Innovations Report newsletter goes out monthly and comes loaded with tons of research, investing insights, and more.

Each issue also includes a new featured stock recommendation and supportive research.

Typical holding periods for Innovations Report recommendations range from three to five years, so it’s an excellent choice for people interested in longer-term investing.

Stansberry Innovations Report Review

The Innovations Report portfolio usually has about 20 open positions at a time, and the picks tend to lean slightly towards the conservative end of the spectrum.

Stansberry recommends new members have at least $1,000 in investible cash if they play to take action on Innovations Report’s research.stansberry research review

Stansberry Research Review

Stansberry Research is a leading research firm, producing more than 20 unique financial newsletters. These publications offer a diverse range of investment strategies for folks to choose from. The company further diversifies itself with a team of nearly two dozen editors and analysts.

It really stands out thanks to its no-nonsense approach to sharing information. No matter which service you turn to, you can expect high-quality research presented in a way the team would want their families to read and follow.

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Is Stansberry Research Legit?

Stansberry Research is a legit company that’s made quite a name for itself. It started with Stansberry’s Investment Advisory in 1999 and has grown immensely ever since.

Today, the publisher supports hundreds of thousands of readers across more than 100 countries. The company boasts reputable services and an excellent support system in place.

Eric Wade

Who is Eric Wade?

Eric Wade is one of those gurus with a truly humble beginning. He grew up in a trailer in the mountains of New Mexico with nothing to his family’s name.

It didn’t take long for Wade to realize he’d need to work hard to get ahead. That led him to start a valet parking business in high school and carry that mentality forward.

Investment firm AG Edwards and Merril Lynch came calling after college. Eric put in the work to get every financial certification he could on his way up through the ranks.

Wade took a foray into the early days of digital currency and never looked back. In fact, he was mining Bitcoin all the way back in 2013.

His expertise in crypto got him in the door at Stansberry Research, where he still shares his insights with people today.

The Stansberry Innovations Report is just one of three research services the guru currently leads.

Is Eric Wade Legit?

Our guru is legit and then some. Nearly 80 of his recommendations since joining Stansberry Research would have at least doubled your money. Nine of those would have returned 10x your investment.

Stansberry actually created a hall of fame from the triple and quadruple-digit gains Wade predicted from cryptocurrency. He lives and breathes investments from the tech niche.

Eric Wade's Hall of Fame: Winning Stock Recommendations

I’ll mention once again that Eric got involved with Bitcoin before it was big. He did the same with Ethereum and watched the price shoot up 30x.

This is a guy that clearly knows his stuff.

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The Federal QR Code Presentation

The Federal QR Code Presentation

We could be on the precipice of a huge change in America, and Eric Wade believes it will all start with a QR code. He predicts we’ll need this unique federally administered code to access our funds or even make a purchase.

Sound strange? It’s actually a logical next step in the government’s push toward a full-blown digital currency.

Concerns over how we’ll spend money aside, any new technology often comes with plenty of income potential for folks paying attention.

Join me as we see how it all comes together.

The Digital Dollar Project

The Digital Dollar Era

From wire transfers to credit cards, the movement of money keeps getting faster. Unfortunately for the United States, we’re still way behind the eight-ball.

Our money still moves so slowly. In 2020, only 1% of payments within our borders cleared on the same day. Other countries like Japan are light years ahead of us.

Switching to a digital dollar should remedy most of that. Transactions that normally take days to clear would happen instantly.

Stepping full-time into an online currency may seem pie in the sky, but it’s closer than you might think.

Back in July, the powers that be quietly launched its “FedNow” payment system to kick all this off. Essentially, FedNow allows banks to move money instantly whenever they want.

Even more crazy is that a number of banks are already utilizing the technology. Big names like Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan are just a few involved.

However you feel about this technology, the wheels are already in motion. It’s converging at the heart of our $135 trillion financial system, with tech companies rising up to lead the charge.

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The Best Way to Play FedNow

FedNow brings along with it a slew of new opportunities. After all, it’s no secret that new technology can send innovative company stocks soaring.

Looking back, Western Union pioneered the telegraph and transformed itself into one of the biggest companies in America. Paychex helped launch the credit card and saw shares grow over 45,000%.

Visa and Mastercard also reaped the benefits of consumers switching to new technology.

Wade’s betting that the companies at the heart of this shift will blow the kinds of growth we’ve seen in the past out of the water. Both Polygon and Harmony, companies allowing transactions at breakneck speeds, are already seeing the fruits of their labors.

He’s already identified several stocks that could see enormous growth as a result of the digital dollar. One in particular he’s earmarked as being particularly promising.

We’re sitting in the perfect position to profit from any rise it makes by getting in early.

Stansberry Report on FedNow

Eric Wade’s #1 FedNow Stock Pick

The shift to a digital dollar could have more ramifications than just changing how we handle our money. It could very well disrupt how we trade.

I’m talking about every stock, piece of gold, property, you name it. All these assets could move seamlessly along a super-fast network. We just need the technology to make this possible.

Eric’s all but certain he’s identified the company to make this network happen, and he’s not the only one.

This tiny firm is already teaming up with big banks like Credit Suisse and the Central Bank of Italy to build this network out. Disney, Adidas, the NFL, and several other organizations are also jumping on the bandwagon.

What’s the name of the company? Well, Wade’s not handing that out for free.

Right now, this research is only available to Stansberry Innovations Report subscribers. Once you join, you’ll uncover what’s so special about this company’s network and just how much profit could be on the table.

Members get access to a ton of additional content as well. Let’s check out everything that’s included in Stansberry Innovation Report’s latest deal:

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Stansberry Innovations Report Review: What’s Included?

Here’s what you get when you join under this deal.Stansberry Innovations Report Review

12-Month Subscription to Stansberry Innovations Report

The Innovations Report newsletter is the flagship product in this offering.

Each issue includes loads of detailed analysis, market news, and more.

Every issue of the newsletter also includes new stock picks with in-depth research on each recommended stock.

According to the Stansberry website, the Innovation Report portfolio averages about 20 open positions, and the service’s investment strategy leans towards the conservative side.

Stansberry recommends that subscribers have a minimum of $1,000 to invest before they start trading with the Innovations Report, so it’s an excellent option for beginners and smaller-budget investors.

You’ll get a new report immediately after the market closes on the third Friday of each month, so you have all weekend to look them over before the market opens on Monday.

Stansberry Innovations Report Review

Model Portfolio

The Stansberry Innovations Report model portfolio houses all the top tech and crypto stocks to buy up right now. Each recommendation is personally picked and vetted by Wade.

Right now, there are more than 30 positions you can learn the details on and add to your collection right away. You may not find a better list to bolster your portfolio with stocks from the most popular sectors.

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Stansberry Innovations Report Review

Special Updates and Alerts

At various times throughout the month, Eric and crew will fire off emails whenever something’s shaking loose on the market. These messages might tell you to add a new position or lock in gains on something you already have.

You’ll also get the inside scoop any time there’s an urgent development in the tech or crypto markets. I always love a service with pertinent updates so I don’t have to always have one eye on the latest market news.

Stansberry Innovations Report Review

Research Report Archives

If you sign up now, you also get access to the full Innovations Report archive.

There, you can peruse all the past Innovation Report research reports and recommendations.

This could lead you to tons of new investment opportunities.

If you are on the hunt for an investment idea, the library is a great place to start.

There are 100s of reports and monthly issues to choose from.

Here are some examples:

  • The Tax-Free Way to Make 500% Gains in America Today
  • The 3 Assets You (Legally) Do Not Have to Report to the Government
  • The Great Disruptor: How to Make 10 Times Your Money on the Medical Breakthrough of Our Lifetime

Unlimited library access adds significant value to the deal.

You could spend days reading reports, and you still wouldn’t make a dent in this stockpile of research.

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Stansberry Innovations Report Review

Bonus Subscription to Stansberry Digest

Your membership also includes a bonus subscription to Stansberry Digest, a comprehensive daily market news report.

You’ll get a new issue of the daily market news report every weekday after the market closes, so you can close your trading day with a comprehensive overview of the latest major financial stories.

In an average year, you’ll benefit from the insights of more than 20 experts, each bringing their unique perspective to the financial markets.

These experts cover a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest threats, opportunities, patterns, and trends.

The daily format of Stansberry Digest keeps you informed by providing a reliable source of information that will help you navigate the complexities of the financial world.

FedNow Bonus Reports

If you join Stansberry Innovation Report under the FedNow deal, you’ll also get these bonuses.

The FedNow Investor Playbook

The FedNow Investor Playbook

There’s so much that’s been happening behind the scenes with payments and processing over the last few years that it makes my head spin.

Buyouts are happening left and right as businesses like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs seek to position themselves for what’s to come. Even Apple, Google, and Amazon made strategic purchases to get in on the action.

All this happened before the Federal Reserve started rolling on its program. We can only guess how much more intense these buyouts will be now as everyone strives to gain an advantage.

Luckily, Eric’s been hard at work cataloging everything that’s going on in The FedNow Investor Playbook. Inside, he’s called out the companies he expects to rise to the top as FedNow gains momentum.

One of these firms boasts a superfast network that can handle 10,000 transitions per second. That’s twice as fast as Mastercard’s rate now.

Another acts as the “tollbooth” for the next-generation financial system. It collects fees for trades passing through its gateway and passes some of those along to shareholders.

You’ll need to get your hands on this report to find out the names of these companies and other opportunities like them.

Eric Wade's No.1 AI Stock for 2024

My No.1 AI Stock For 2024

Wade has his eye on the world of artificial intelligence as well. As AI continues to permeate across the globe, this special report contains the one stock he feels we all need to own.

Without revealing what it is, this company is innovating the space in a big way by merging generative AI with automation. It already has quiet partnerships with Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft to develop and implement its breakthrough tech.

You’ll get the full details of this firm, along with name and ticker, inside this report. Eric also explains why he’s sold on this company making billions of dollars doing what it does.

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30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Stansberry Innovations Report Money-back Guarantee

>> Sign up under Eric’s money-back guarantee <<

Stansberry Innovations Report Review: Pros and Cons

Nobody’s perfect, but Stansberry Innovations Report does a pretty good job.

Let’s review the pros and cons:


  • Focuses on high-growth investment opportunities
  • Primarily recommends stocks with disruptive technology and strong models
  • Covered with an airtight 30-day guarantee
  • Join now for 75% and get a very affordable price
  • Includes an extensive collection of additional research material and reports
  • Detailed information that can help you protect yourself from a currency shock
  • Backed by a reputable U.S.-based company


  • Smaller stocks could be volatile
  • No chat room or message board

>> Join with 75% off today! <<

Stansberry Innovations Report Reviews by Members

I came across some impressive testimonials for Eric Wade and his service. 

Stansberry Innovations Report Reviews
– Micahel from Michigan
Stansberry Innovations Report Reviews
– Joel

Although, I did find these testimonials in Stansberry Innovation Report’s latest presentation, so take them with a grain of salt.

Stansberry Innovations Report Testimonials Disclaimer
– Disclaimer

How Much Does Stansberry Innovations Report Cost?

Under this promotion, you can join Stansberry Innovations Report for just $49.

That’s a 75% discount off the standard rate of $199 per year.

You get a 12-month subscription to the Stansberry Innovations Report, plus all the bonus report access mentioned above.

Best of all, it’s all covered under the Stansberry Research 30-day money-back guarantee.

Stansberry Innovations Report Review

Is Stansberry Innovations Report Worth It?

Based on our Stansberry Innovations Report Review, it is an excellent service that will introduce you to more than a dozen first-rate stock picks for less than $5 per month.

Better yet, this particular package focuses on some of the most promising technology trends on the market.

The reports alone are worth the price of admission, but you also get 12 months’ worth of Stansberry Research’s industry-leading research to help you discover even more opportunities.

Each issue comes with loads of in-depth analysis, and the bonus materials add even more value to the deal. This bundle includes boatloads of professional-grade research at insights from market veterans.

After a thorough Stansberry Innovations Report review, I can confidently say this is an excellent research service, and you can’t go wrong at just $49 for your first year.

>> That’s it for my review. Claim your 75% discount now! <<


John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.