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Stock Market Guides Releases Scanner That Shows Historical Performance of Popular Stock Chart Patterns

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Monterey, USA / California, December 5th, 2023, FinanceWire

Stock Market Guides, a leading researcher of stock market price patterns, is pleased to announce the release of its proprietary new stock scanner.

Many traditional stock scanners help retail investors identify stocks that meet particular criteria, such as exhibiting popular chart patterns or technical indicator values. Their scan results highlight potential trade setups that investors can employ to try to earn a profit in the stock market.

The new stock scanner from Stock Market Guides differs from those traditional scanners in that it also shows how the specified trade setup performed historically for each stock. It helps investors identify whether a trading opportunity has a track record of profitability.

Their scanner can be used to find investing opportunities for stocks and also for stock options.

A company spokesperson said, “Retail investors, and particularly active traders, get bombarded with ideas about chart patterns and indicators that might give them an edge in the stock market. But do any of these trade setups actually work? What does history tell us? That’s what our scanner offers. It shines light on the historical performance of these popular trade setups.”

Their proprietary scanner is the latest resource that Stock Market Guides has made available to retail investors.  They also offer free educational guides that cover everything from how to buy stocks all the way to how to calculate advanced stock market indicator values.

For more information about Stock Market Guides and its range of educational content and services, please visit https://www.stockmarketguides.com. With its commitment to delivering quality financial education, Stock Market Guides is proud to continue offering informative content to its readers.


Michael Ferguson
Stock Market Guides