Trade Ideas Review: Is It The Best Stock Scanner Around?

Chris Dios - March 29, 2021

trade ideas review featured
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These days, traders can’t get far in the stock market without a reliable stock screener. However, sifting through all the data can feel like an endless endeavor.

The Trade Ideas scanner is one of the best tools that can help you out. It’s an AI-driven stock screener that automatically finds new trade ideas and setup opportunities.

Having been established for more than ten years, it’s definitely one of the best options available on the market.

Our Trade Ideas full review puts this revolutionary system under the microscope to see if it’s really worth buying.

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Stock Scanners: What Are They?

Stock scanners are extremely helpful tools for traders. If you’re a trader and you’re not using one, you should be. They can save you a lot of time researching stocks and observing charts.

You can use scanners to search through thousands of different stocks to find stock options that fit your criteria. Scanners are totally customizable, so you can adjust them to fit your investing style.

For example, let’s say you’re searching for value penny stocks with solid revenue growth. You could set a screener for:

  • Price: Under $5
  • Price-to-Book Ratio: Under 3.0
  • YoY Revenue Growth: Over 10%

The possibilities are limitless. However, some screeners are more powerful than others.

Some high-quality screeners offer free versions of their tools, but the free variants are almost always stripped of some of their functionality compared to full ones.

Trade Ideas offers a lot more than most typical, web-based free screeners. Keep reading to find out why. 

Trade Ideas Review reviews reviewed

Trade Ideas is More Than a Screener

Trade Ideas takes stock screening to the next level with tons of sophisticated trading and research tools.

While most stock screeners only peruse outdated trading data, Trade Ideas uses live data feeds to keep users informed with up-to-the-second market intelligence.

It also has tons of advanced features you won’t find on competing platforms, including AI-powered automated trading, brokerage account integrations, realtime alerts, and much more.

You really can’t compare Trade Ideas to a typical stock screener because it’s on a completely different level.

Many professional traders would find Trade Ideas suitable for their needs, and few retail traders have ever even encountered tools this sophisticated.

Keep reading to see why Trade Ideas is better than any stock screener you’ve ever used before. 

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Trade Ideas Review: Stock Screeners

Before we can dive into our Trade Ideas review, let’s start with the basics. What is Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a sophisticated stock screener and research platform that offers a host of unique features that most competitors can’t match.

It doesn’t just screen for stocks, it uses artificial intelligence to point you towards opportunities with the highest statistical likelihood of success in real-time.

Sifting through stock screener data can be an overwhelming task. It’s tedious and time-consuming, but using Trade Ideas can help you cut down on research time and make better trading decisions.

You can also use Trade Ideas to conduct extensive research on companies and emerging trends.

If you’re new to stocks, it can be downright confusing. The sheer volume of data is so enormous that it’s impossible to peruse every detail without help, even for pros.

That’s why the Trade Ideas scanner is so effective. It combines the research utility of a screener with advanced AI-based analytics to help you find many new stock options in real-time.

Trade-Ideas Artificial Intelligence Engine

Most screeners just put the data and charts in front of you, but Trade Ideas helps you make sense of it all through alerts and features. And as mentioned, it has the powerful Holly AI. 

There are 3 different Hollys.

The first Holly is called the Holy Grail. As the name suggests, it’s considered to be the Holy Grail of financial technology, the Holly Grail successfully ran for two years until eventually the Holly 2.0 and the Holly Neo came out.

Who knows what’s coming in the years to come?

The Trade-Ideas scanner settings are totally customizable. For example, the channel bar allows you to organize your chosen themes like premarket, after hours, cryptocurrency, and the like.

Just being able to have this option in the channel bar makes it easier to use, even for those doing it for the first time. Plus, the channel bar graphics are self-explanatory too.

The software monitors the market in realtime so you can get actionable info you’d never find with a regular scanner. It also includes pre-built scans that are programmed to discover the best setups.

Since it works in real-time, it’s a great day trading and pre-market scanner. Best of all, you can adjust the scanner settings and channel bar preferences to fit your trading strategies.

The scanner software is impressive, but we’re going to break this review down feature by feature.

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Trade Ideas Review: The Standard Plan

Trade Ideas has two different membership packages: Standard and Trade Ideas Pro.

Here’s what you get with the standard package.

Charts for Stocks 

You can use Trade Ideas to access charts right inside the app. Depending on your subscription, you can view up to 20 simultaneous charts at once, right inside the platform.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a charting platform, so you will probably still need to rely on your primary charting app for more advanced chart-based research.

However, the simultaneous charts are a big plus because you can view and compare multiple time frames.

With simultaneous charts, Trade Ideas has good charting options, and being able to view them inside the platform is a big plus. 


trade ideas reviews

Trading Strategy

Users can also use Trade Ideas stock screeners to develop new trading strategies with scans that identify the best stock setups.

You can also adjust the inputs to tweak the screens to better fit your particular trading strategy.

Trade Ideas also has dozens of built-in stock screeners. The pre-built Trade Ideas screens can identify pre-market gaps, momentum trade opportunities, and more.

Traders can even conduct advanced screens like “Short Overextended Up Move for 45 Minutes with 67.7% success”.

Again, users can tweak all these settings, so you can fine-tune them to fit your preferences.

With sophisticated stock screeners, real-time market data, and back-testing; Trade Ideas offers everything traders need to hammer out precise trading strategies.

Real-time Trade Alerts

When Trade Ideas screens find an appropriate stock, the results show up in the alerts section. This section is fully customizable, so you can change the layout to fit your preferences.

You can also set up your preferences for alerts and filters. Day traders will love having access to full quote information and live market data, including price, daily gain/loss, and more.

Trade Ideas even analyzes StockTwits data to produce a sentiment score. This is particularly helpful for day-traders who want to gauge the temperature of the market.

The alerts make it easier to identify the best trading opportunities on the go, so you can always stay on top of the market.

You can also view your alert history so you can keep track of past trades and gauge their effectiveness in the alert window.

You can also confirm alerts without leaving the Trade Ideas platform with quote windows, so you don’t have to leave the platform to check the latest market data.

If you’re a day trader, you’ll love Trade Ideas‘ live alerts because you can seize opportunities as they develop.

trade ideas reviews

News Scanner

Unfortunately, Trade Ideas doesn’t have news feeds, but that’s okay. After all, Trade Ideas isn’t intended to be a stand-alone stock trading system.

Trade Ideas works best in conjunction with another brokerage platform.

There are plenty of tools that can help you monitor the latest stock market news, and thus help you form the right strategy.

Most brokers have some kind of news scanner included on their trading platform, so check with yours to see what they have available.

You can use one of the mainstream financial news sources to keep on things while you monitor the market with Trade Ideas.

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Trade Ideas Investor Education

Trade Ideas also comes with valuable educational tools that can help every trader improve his trading skills and strategy.

Sharpening your investing skills is a lifelong process, so traders of all skill levels can get something out of these valuable resources.

Trade Ideas has dozens of educational videos available on their YouTube channel, and you can find even more helpful guides available on its website.

These education resources are very user-friendly and easy to understand, so it won’t take long to get a good understanding of how everything works.

trade ideas chat

Trade Ideas Chat Room

Active traders might want to consider joining the Trade Ideas chat room, where they can share and interact with a community of like-minded traders of all skill levels.

It’s good for vetting your trading strategies, and you can also use it to pick up new ideas from other traders.

Being an active part of a live trading room can help you vet your techniques and make smarter trades, so chat rooms are an excellent resource for any investor who wishes to improve their strategy.

Training Webinars

TI subscribers can also access a catalog of on-demand videos and live webinars that cover a variety of investor education topics.

Every week, there are several live webinars to choose from, and traders can access recorded versions at any time.

Trade Ideas University

If you really want to dive into trader education, you need to check out Trade Ideas University.

These video courses provide valuable insights that can help you get the most out of the platform. If you watch them all, you’ll be well on your way to successful trading.

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Trade Ideas Review: Broker Integration

Trade Ideas offers integration options with a handful of featured brokers.

Once you connect your brokerage, you can input orders directly from the platform, so you won’t have to leave the Trade Ideas platform to buy stocks.

Trading inside the platform allows you to concentrate on your research and make trades quickly.

It’s especially helpful for day traders who have to make split-second decisions.

Can I Use Any Broker With Trade Ideas?

No. In fact, it doesn’t work with most brokers. As of right now, Trade Ideas only integrates with Interactive Brokers and eSignal

Trade Ideas Pro

For a few extra dollars per day, you can upgrade to Trade Ideas Pro. The premium plan includes all the standard plan features, plus a host of premium extras.

Here’s what you get when you upgrade to Trade Ideas Pro.

Backtest Your Trades

If you decide to upgrade to Trade Idea Pro, you can also get unlimited back testing via Trade Ideas Oddsmaker.

Traders can use Oddsmaker to backtest your trade ideas and gauge their effectiveness.

Simply input the entry and exit criteria of any strategy like long/short and stop loss. You can also adjust things like share size and starting equity.

Oddsmaker shows users the success probabilities of their trading strategies, and they can even tweak the settings and immediately see how the changes affect the results.

Use Oddsmaker to put your trading strategies to the test before you put your hard-earned capital on the line.

trade ideas review holly ai

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Trading Software

Pro also includes access to Trade Ideas Holly, a revolutionary artificial intelligence engine automatically scans millions of data points to find trade opportunities.

This artificial intelligence stock-picker uses advanced data analysis to pinpoint trading opportunities, so Holly stock picks are definitely worth paying attention to.

Laid-back traders will love watching this artificial intelligence machine trade in real-time. It’s a lot better than staring at charts wondering what to make of the data.

Trade Ideas Holly: Artificial Intelligence Review

Holly actively tracks the market to find trades with the highest statistical chance of profit success.

It uses 35 long and short strategies to identify trades that historically average success ratios over 60% with at least 2:1 profit ratios.

Holly also analyzes for volume-driven trading opportunities. Holly’s results are updated in real-time throughout the trading day, so you can track them throughout the session. 

The system keeps working overnight, scanning for millions of potential trades while the market is closed. By the time the market opens, Trade Ideas scans the best opportunities in serves them up in an easy-to-read format.

Holly’s list goes into the AI Strategies window, so users can follow them throughout the day through the top-list windows.

Trade Ideas Holly Performance

Holly has performed excellently as of late. In 2016, Holly picks were up 52% by the end of the year, that’s over five times more than the S&P 500 index returned that year. 

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Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus

Trade Ideas Premium subscribers can also access TI Brokerage Plus. This revolutionary system allows users to fully automate their stock trades.

You can connect Holly to your broker, and it will automatically trade and manage your portfolio.

Once you connect Trade Ideas Broker Plus, your portfolio is pretty much on autopilot. Holly will use millions of statistical data points to identify trades with the highest potential for success.

trade ideas pro

Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus

Currently, Brokerage Plus only supports Interactive Brokers (IBKR) accounts.

Hopefully, they’ll add more soon but, for now, you’ll have to open and fund an IBKR account to automate your portfolio with Brokerage Plus.

As of June 2019, basic Trade Ideas subscribers can also access some Brokerage Plus features.

TI-Standard subscribers can connect their brokerage accounts and manage their portfolios through Trade Ideas.

Connected users can place trades, view a strategy, and manage positions directly from Trade Ideas. However, you’ll need a premium subscription to access auto trading and watch Holly’s trades.

Brokerage Plus Costs and Fees

To access fully automated trading with Brokerage Plus, you must have a premium Trade Ideas subscription.

Then, you have to purchase a lifetime license for fully-integrated AI trading. 

How Much Does Trade Ideas Cost?

The Trade Ideas platform sounds great, but what’s the price tag? In this section, our review will cover trade-ideas cost and value.

There’s no arguing that this platform offers an incredibly stockpile of resources but, for many investors who are trading on a budget, price is important.

Trade Ideas Standard: Review

The first type of subscription is the standard one. It comes in two different forms, monthly and annual.

An annual subscription averages out to have a cheaper price than the monthly option, but it costs more upfront.

It costs only $2.90 per day for an annual plan, or you can purchase a monthly plan for only $3.90 a day.

In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that works out to $1068 per year for annual and $118 for monthly access.

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Trade Ideas Pro: Review

The pro version of Trade Ideas is more expensive, but it includes all the extras mentioned above, including access to Holly AI.

An annual subscription costs $6.20 per day, and a monthly subscription comes to $7.50. In total, that’s $2268 per year and $228 per month.

Trade Ideas Standard vs Pro

In case you forgot what each subscription offers, let’s rehash all the major points we’ve covered in this review.

Standard Subscription Includes:

  • The best Trade Ideas strategies.
  • Real-time Trade Ideas.
  • Simulated Trading
  • View up to 20 Charts Simultaneously
  • Chart Based Visual Trade Assistant
  • Monitor up to 500 Price Alerts
  • Share up to 10 Price Alerts
  • Channel Bar – “Curated Workspaces by TI”
  • Manage your IBKR portfolio in Brokerage Plus 
  • One-click Ordering with Participating Brokers
  • Easily view active trades with the Open Positions Tab
  • Access to the Live Trading Room, Hosted by Barrie Einarson

Premium Subscriptions Include

  • All the Trade Ideas Standard features, PLUS:
  • View up to 20 Charts Simultaneously 
  • TI Holly Artificial Intelligence Trading Analyst
  • Entry and Exit Signals
  • Oddsmaker Risk Assessment
  • Unlimited Price Alerts
  • A.I. Trade Assistance Chart Integration
  • Trade Idea Backtesting
  • Autotrade your portfolio with Brokerage Plus

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trade ideas review

Is Trade Ideas Right for Me?

Trade Ideas can obviously benefit your trading platform, but it’s a particularly good option if you fall into one of these categories:

  • Realtime scans and charting tools are great for day trading.
  • Technical traders will appreciate live alerts and customizable stock screeners.
  • Interactive Brokers users can access fully automated AI-powered trading through Holly AI.
  • Swing traders aiming to uncover emerging trends in the market.
  • Active traders who would like a stock screener that can automatically supply them with new ideas.
  • Beginner traders looking for a fast-track to better market intelligence.
  • Seasoned investors who want to take their trading skills to the next level.

These are just a few examples of people who will appreciate Trade Ideas. If you’re interested in investing, you should definitely check it out, regardless of whether you fit on this list.

Fully Automated AI Trading with Brokerage Plus

If you want to let Holly manage your portfolio, you’ll have to purchase a software license for the integration program.

Click Here to learn more about automatic trading with Holly.

Trade Ideas Review: The Verdict is In….

Trade Ideas is one of the top stock screeners you can buy.

In fact, calling it a stock screener is a bit of a misnomer because it’s so much more. It’s more like an all-inclusive trading and research platform.

You will find features in this platform that you most competing trading platforms can’t come close to matching.

Traders can greatly sharpen their skills using Trade Idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro either, this platform offers tremendous value for everyone.

A Trade Ideas subscription might seem expensive, but if you use the platform to its full potential, it can easily pay for itself in a matter of days.

Whether you’re a day trader or a long-term investor, Trade Ideas is definitely worth the cost of admission in able hands.

Is Trade Ideas Worth It?

Veteran stock traders understand the importance of accurate and timely research, so a good scanner with features like this is an invaluable resource.

You’ve got chart windows, backtesting, alert windows, customization options, and more.

It’s a great day trading scanner among the many different options you see in the market.

If you’re serious about making money in the stock market, you need to consider purchasing a subscription to Trade Ideas.

Go to the Trade Ideas website and do some research yourself.

That’s it for this review, but remember that the best buy you make this year might not be shares of a stock at all. Trade Ideas is a complete package that can help you make better trade across the board.

Give Trade Ideas a try with a free demo account today, and you’ll quickly see why it’s one of the best stock screeners on the market.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur based in the Greater NYC area. He studied accounting at Drexel University, and he first started investing back in 2018. Chris's trading style favors a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, and he primarily targets swing trades and longer-term investments.