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Can You Buy Addepar Stock/IPO? Everything That You Must Know

Addepar Stock

Addepar’s wealth management platform has gained significant traction in recent years, with nearly $15 billion being added to it every week.

Traders seek ways to sink their teeth into this company’s growth.

But what is the Addepar stock symbol and price? Can you buy it? We answer all these questions below.

Can You Buy Addepar Stock?

Addepar is a privately held company. Its shares cannot be bought traditionally through a stock exchange.

The company received a valuation of over $2.2 billion in its last funding round.

This was on the back of its strong growth and market prospects.

However, there has been no indication of taking the firm public by its management or any of its investors.






Traders looking to buy Addepar stock might be able to get it through a different route, which will be shared in this article.

It would also talk about what a potential Addepar IPO might look like in the future.

A possible date, ticker symbol, and the price will be suggested.

But first, let us begin with a brief description of the business.

About the Company

Addepar is a wealth management platform for complex investment portfolios.

It uses analytics and data aggregation to generate real-time performance reporting.

This gives its clients a clearer financial picture and the insights required to make better decisions.

A typical user of its product might be an investment adviser or wealth manager who needs to sift through a ton of data to offer sound financial advice to their clients.

Addepar’s offerings provide the following benefits to such customers:

  • Aggregate portfolio data across multiple assets
  • Live feed of market information from a variety of sources to ensure quality
  • Real-time analysis and visualization of all holdings and transactions
  • Intuitive reporting interfaces
  • APIs for integration with existing systems
  • Transparency and security of data

The firm was founded in 2009 by former CEO Joe Lonsdale and co-founder Jason Mira.

Joe was also involved in setting up Palantir, an AI-based software company whose products serve several government organizations.

It has Silicon Valley, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and New York offices.

Eric Poirier is the current CEO of the company.


The company provides solutions for four types of clients:

  • Wealth management
  • Private banks
  • Family offices
  • Broker-Dealers

It has also created its own unique “Addepar Investor Sentiment Index.”

This is a metric that derives its value from high and ultra-high net-worth equity transactions in the US, as available on the Addepar platform.

It uses data from over 10,000 portfolios valued at more than $10 million each and creates a composite monthly index based on this.

Clients & Partnerships

Addepar counts several financial giants among its clients.

Some of these include names like CH Investment Partners, Morgan Stanley, Tiedemann Wealth Management, Crescent Grove Advisors, and AllianceBernstein.

Several partnerships also help provide state-of-the-art data, technology, and solutions.

For example, it has live feeds to banks through Charles Schwab, Morningstar, Wealthscape, and others.

The technology infrastructure is managed by firms like Salesforce, eMoney, and Intelliflo Redblack.

Among its solution partners are Strata, Mirador, and PFI advisors.


Addepar has made several acquisitions in line with expanding its offerings.

AltX is a machine learning-based platform for alternative investments, forming nearly one-fifth of all the assets traded.

As per a report from Forbes, the addition of AltX to its portfolio was a huge success for Addepar.

It allowed the firm to acquire as many as 300 clients.

This is because many traders started looking at alternative investments to derive better yields in 2022.

On the other hand, AdvisorPeak is a company considered a leader in rebalancing and order management.

Similarly, it also acquired Real Capital Innovation (RCI), which gave teeth to its strategic decision-making solutions.

These acquisitions are quite recent – they were brought into the fold in 2021.

Who Owns the Company?

Addepar is backed by venture capital and hedge fund money.

Apart from its founders and management team, its ownership is shared with the VCs that have funded it.


Addepar CEO


This includes names such as:

  • 8VC
  • Anduin Ventures
  • Accelerate-IT Ventures Management
  • Burch Creative Capital
  • Blumberg Capital
  • D1 Capital Partners
  • Cota Capital
  • Formation 8
  • FF Venture Capital
  • Vika Ventures
  • Hammerstone Capital

How Much is the Company Worth?

In its latest Series F fund-raising round in June 2021, Addepar got funds worth $166.26 million.

This gave it a pre-money valuation of $2.17 billion, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Vika Ventures and D1 Capital Partners were the leading investors this time.

Overall, the company has raised $491.4 million till now.

The firm’s strategy has been to use this money to achieve rapid growth and expand into new geographies.

Previously, the firm was valued at $950 million.

This was in November 2020, when it raised $117 million in its Series E round of funding.


Addepar’s estimated revenue stands at $146.1 million.

It earns its money by charging a fee for the analytics services that its platform provides.

This depends on the number of data points being looked at in any given time period. Usually, the charge is between $50,000 to $1 million.

Currently, the company has nearly $3.5 trillion in assets under management, and every week, nearly $15 billion is added.

Addepar IPO Date

So far, Addepar has not announced a date for an IPO. Market watchers are hoping that it might happen in the current year.

There has been no communication regarding a public listing from its management or any of its venture capital partners either.

However, given the size and valuation of the firm and how much interest it has generated, a lot of people are hopeful to see it debut on the stock markets pretty soon.

Moreover, there might be a bit of pressure on the firm to unlock value for its shareholders as well.

However, as of now, there is no indication of this.

For those who want to get their hands on its shares immediately, there is only one option: Pre IPO stock.

We discuss it in detail below.

Pre-IPO Shares

Investors looking to buy Addepar shares can opt for pre-IPO stock, which is available on various platforms such as Preipo.club, Upstox, and Linqto.

Often, early investors and employees who hold company stock/options want to sell them for reasons like buying a new house or car.

Marketplaces like those mentioned above connect interested traders and stockholders, facilitating trade between them.

Note that only accredited investors can buy pre-IPO securities.

The trader must have either a net worth of at least $1 million (excluding their primary residence).

Otherwise, their net earnings must have been more than $200,000 ($300,000 for joint income) consecutively for the last two years, with an expectation of the same or higher this year.

Addepar Ticker Symbol

Since, as of now, there has not been an Addepar IPO, the company does not have any stock ticker assigned to it.

To get one, the firm must first file an S-1 application with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Once the process is underway, a ticker symbol would be given to the company, and traders could then track performance using it.

Here are a few possible options the company might think of:

  • ADDP
  • ADPR
  • ADDE

Please note that none of these is an official ticker symbol. They can be regarded as a guesstimate of what it is likely to be.

Stock Price

Since the securities are not listed, they have no set price.

When Addepar decides to come out with its initial offer, the firm will hire investment bankers to decide the contours of the listing.

Among the various aspects, an objective valuation would be carried out.

This will help determine what the firm should demand for its securities from traders.

In this way, the initial price would be fixed.

One yardstick often used for such purposes is looking at other companies’ stocks in the same line of business.

We did this analysis, and based on it, a price range of $10 – $75 might be appropriate for Addepar.

Of course, pricing shares is a complex art that takes many considerations into account.

There is no clear way of knowing what it might be until the firm announces it on its own.

Addepar Competitors to Invest in

Addepar is a category-defining product, so finding direct competitors is difficult.

However, we have looked at other path-breaking companies in the fintech space that are linked to trading or investing.

Here are three such firms.

Tradeweb Markets Inc (NASDAQ: TW)

Tradewebs creates and operates online OTC markets for trading fixed-income products, derivatives, and ETFs.

Most of its customers are hedge funds, pension funds, private equity firms, asset management companies, banks, etc.


Tradeweb Markets Inc


Its products provide data and technology solutions that lead to improved price discovery, faster execution of orders, and better workflows in trading.

In the financial year ending December 2022, its net income was $309.34 million, while revenues were $1.19 billion.

Robinhood Markets Inc (NASDAQ: HOOD)

Robinhood is a platform that facilitates commission-free trading in stocks, ETFs, IRAs, and cryptocurrencies.

It is a broker-dealer registered with FINRA and the SEC, and also has the Securities Investor Protection Corporation membership.

The company turned the investment industry on its head with its concept of zero fees for trading, which was unique at the time of its launch.



Robinhood Markets Inc



It also brought in several innovations, such as giving users a simple interface to trade, making it available through a mobile app, and so on.

Robinhood’s revenues as of December 2022 were $1.36 billion, with net earnings of -$1.03 billion.

PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL)

PayPal is a financial technology firm in the Internet payments space.

It supports cross-border money transfers, payment processing for online vendors, and other similar uses.

PayPal became listed in 2002, though eBay acquired it later that year.

In 2015, it was spun off as an independent firm once again.

PayPal Holdings Inc

The company is one of the behemoths of the fintech world today.

It is a de facto standard for payments in many online transactions.

The annual revenues of PayPal in the year ending December 2022 were $27.52 billion, with net earnings of $2.4 billion.

Invest in Addepar When The IPO Happens?

Certainly, if and when the Addepar IPO happens, it will be worth watching out for.

The founder of the business, Jon Lonsdale, described his company as “an operating system for finance.”

That’s saying a lot about how useful it is and why it is gaining so much traction among wealth managers and financial advisors.

However, a lot of details regarding the firm are as yet hidden.

For example, we do not know what kind of profitability the business generates.

Whether the public listing will be worth investing in is dependent on the answers to these questions.

Final Thoughts

Addepar is not publicly listed, so investors must wait a while before getting their hands on its stock.

Another option is to buy pre-IPO stocks, but it’s applicable only to a limited set of traders.

The firm has raised capital several times, and its valuation has crossed $2 billion.

Hence, many analysts are suggesting that it might be possible to see a public offering from the wealth management platform in the near future.

We have shared details like a possible share price, ticker symbol, etc., which would help you invest in the listing when it happens.

Make sure to check the financials thoroughly before putting in your hard-earned money.

Some of the competitors’ stocks already listed were also shared in the article earlier.

Investors who want to get in on this industry’s growth can consider buying these shares instead.


Ritesh is an experienced copywriter who brings his decade-long work in corporate strategy and finance to bring analysis and insight into his writing.