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11 Best AECOM Competitors: Unveiling the Key Players in the Industry

AECOM Competitors

In the competitive industry of engineering and construction, understanding the key competitors of AECOM is crucial. 

As a global multinational firm specializing in infrastructural development, AECOM faces challenges from various industry players. 

In this article, we will dive into the top competitors challenging AECOM’s position in the market. 

By exploring their revenue, expertise, and offerings, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape.

Top AECOM Competitors To Study: An Overview

  • Fluor

One of AECOM’s formidable competitors is Fluor Corporation. With a strong presence in the industry, Fluor offers engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services. 

The company has executed significant projects worldwide, ranging from energy and chemicals to infrastructure and mining. 

Fluor’s diverse portfolio and global reach enable them to compete with AECOM on multiple fronts.

  • Jacobs

Jacobs, an American multinational engineering and construction company, is another key competitor for AECOM. 

With expertise in diverse sectors including aerospace, infrastructure, and environmental services, Jacobs has a robust track record of successful projects. 

Their global presence and focus on sustainable solutions contribute to their competitiveness in the industry.

  • Bechtel

Bechtel, a global leader in engineering, construction, and project management, poses a significant challenge to AECOM. 

Known for their engineering excellence, Bechtel has successfully delivered complex projects in various industries, including transportation, power, and telecommunications. 

Their comprehensive range of services and extensive experience put them in direct competition with AECOM.


  • KBR

KBR, an American engineering and construction company, competes with AECOM in various sectors such as energy, government services, and infrastructure. 

With a strong focus on technology-driven solutions, KBR delivers innovative projects worldwide. 

Their expertise in areas like petrochemicals and defense infrastructure presents a formidable challenge to AECOM.

  • EMCOR Group

EMCOR Group is a recognized leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial energy infrastructure, and facilities services. 

Their technical expertise and extensive service offerings provide healthy competition for AECOM

From healthcare facilities to commercial construction, EMCOR’s capabilities in various sectors ensure they can go head-to-head with AECOM in numerous areas.

  • ABM Industries

ABM Industries, known for their facility management and building maintenance services, competes with AECOM in the commercial sector. 

With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, ABM offers integrated solutions tailored to clients’ needs. 

Their robust market presence and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a notable competitor for AECOM.

  • WSP Global

WSP Global is a leading engineering professional services firm, providing comprehensive solutions across multiple industries. 

Their expertise in transportation, water resources, and environment makes them a notable competitor for AECOM. 

With a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, WSP Global has emerged as a key player in the industry.

  • Mortenson

Mortenson, a construction and real estate development company, poses a challenge to AECOM in the commercial and renewable energy sectors. 

Their focus on creating sustainable, high-quality projects aligns with AECOM’s values. 

Mortenson’s reputation and successful track record in delivering complex projects make them a worthy competitor.

  • Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit Corporation, an employee-owned construction and engineering organization, is a notable rival for AECOM. 

Operating across various industry sectors such as transportation, power, and mining, Kiewit has a strong reputation for completing large-scale projects. 

Their competitive edge lies in their culture of excellence and commitment to safety.

  • Parsons Corporation

Parsons Corporation, specializing in defense, infrastructure, and industrial markets, is a direct competitor to AECOM. 

With expertise in complex project execution and technical services, Parsons Corporation offers tailored solutions to their clients. 

Their global reach and diversified business segments position them as a strong contender in the market.

  • Amec Foster Wheeler

Amec Foster Wheeler, specializing in engineering, construction, and project management services, competes with AECOM in sectors such as oil and gas, power, and environment. 

Their expertise in delivering sustainable and innovative projects aligns with AECOM’s values. 

Amec Foster Wheeler’s global presence and strong industry partnerships make them a formidable rival.


Comparative Analysis

In terms of revenue, AECOM consistently ranks among the top industry players. However, competitors like Bechtel and Jacobs also boast substantial revenue figures, challenging AECOM’s market position. 

It is essential to note that revenue alone does not determine a company’s competitiveness, as factors like service diversity and project success also play significant roles.

Each competitor offers unique expertise and strengths. From Fluor’s global reach and experience in various market sectors to KBR’s technology-driven solutions, these companies excel in different aspects of engineering and construction. 

AECOM competes by leveraging its wide-ranging service portfolio and global presence.

Strategic Implications and Opportunities

To stay ahead of competitors, AECOM can focus on areas of differentiation, such as technical innovation, sustainability, and comprehensive project management. Analyzing market trends and identifying growth opportunities in emerging sectors can also help maintain a competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main competitors of AECOM in the USA?

AECOM faces competition from companies like Jacobs, Bechtel, Fluor, and KBR in the USA.

Who are the leading competitors of AECOM in the industry?

Some of the leading competitors of AECOM include Fluor, Bechtel, Jacobs, and KBR.

Is AECOM’s revenue competitive with its key rivals?

AECOM consistently ranks among the top in terms of revenue, but competitors like Bechtel and Jacobs also have substantial revenue figures.

What sets AECOM apart from its competitors?

AECOM differentiates itself through its extensive service portfolio, global reach, and commitment to sustainable solutions.

How does AECOM compare to its competitors in terms of expertise?

AECOM competes strongly in terms of expertise with its competitors. However, each competitor has its own specialized areas of expertise.


Understanding the key competitors challenging AECOM’s position in the industry provides valuable insights. 

While AECOM demonstrates its strength through revenue, global reach, and diverse service offerings, competitors like Fluor, Jacobs, Bechtel, and others have their unique expertise and successes. 

By analyzing these competitors, AECOM can continue to evolve, adapt, and flourish in the dynamic world of engineering and construction.