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Tom Gentile Alternative Wealth Network Review: Is It Legit?

Alternative Wealth Network Review
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You may recognize Tom Gentile from his signature Fast Fortune Club newsletter, but today we’re here to talk about his breakout crypto service in this Alternative Wealth Network review. Stay tuned to find out if Tom Gentile’s Digital Gold Rush package is the real deal.

alternative wealth network reviews

What Is Alternative Wealth Network?

Alternative Wealth Network is a specialized crypto research service and newsletter from Tom Gentile and the publishers at Money Map Press.

Gentile has assembled the brightest minds in crypto to contribute to this service’s research, and this network of highly qualified industry experts inspired the name Alternative Wealth Network.

Together, Gentile and his team work year-round to uncover emerging crypto opportunities and bring them to subscribers in time for them to make a move.

Alternative Wealth Network members get monthly research from Gentile and his team, plus regular updates, alerts, and other extras.

This package includes an impressive spread of valuable resources, plus everything you’d typically get with a regular subscription.

Here’s a brief overview of the package.

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awn digital gold rush reviews

Alternative Wealth Network Review: The Digital Gold Rush Overview

Tom Gentile recently launched his Microcurrency Summit presentation to draw attention to smaller-cap cryptocurrencies and how they can translate to massive growth for early coin-holders.

Gentile’s latest presentation discusses the opportunity extensively, and he’s including his best research on the subject with every new subscription to Alternative Wealth Network.

The Digital Gold Rush bonuses include special research reports, educational videos, and more.

It’s an excellent assortment of resources that will equip you to take on the micro currency opportunity with confidence.

We’ll review this entire package in detail later in our Alternative Wealth Network review, so stay with us.

First, who is Tom Gentile, and is he a good pick to lead this service?

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Tom Gentile Review

Tom Gentile is an investing veteran and the lead editor for Alternative Wealth Network.

Gentile is the mind behind several other Money Map Press research services, including Fast Fortune Club, Microcurrency Trade, Money Calendar Pro, and Weekly Cash Clock.

tom gentile reviews

Who Is Tom Gentile?

Gentile first began trading options in 1986, and he’s been on an upward climb ever since.

Gentile studied the options market daily, and he eventually used his expertise to found an educational company that showed people how to trade, Optionetics.

In 2009, Gentile sold Optionetics in a multi-million-dollar deal with one of the largest discount brokers in the world, and he’s been a legend in investing circles ever since.

After selling his options trading service, Gentile has dedicated himself to showing everyday people how to trade as a vehicle for creating generational wealth.

According to his Money Map Press bio, Gentile has taught over 300,000 traders his options strategies through his options course and various other educational efforts over the years.

Gentile is also an accomplished author with more than eight books under his belt, and he runs training courses across the country.

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Tom Gentile Track Record

Tom Gentile has dedicated most of his career to showing regular people how to tap into the enormous wealth-building potential in the options market, and he’s helped thousands of people reach their goals in the process.

He was also one of the early advocates of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

In fact, Gentile was mining Bitcoin back in 2013, long before it became a household name.

Gentile is committed to sharing everything he’s learned over his 30 years of trading the options market.

Education is at the heart of most of his projects in recent years.

His motives seem genuine, and he’s done impressive work in the past.

Many other Tom Gentile reviews report similar findings.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a proven crypto expert, it’s hard to beat Gentile.

He was way ahead of the curve on crypto, and he knows much more about the sector than most gurus.

Tom Gentile Net Worth

Tom Gentile’s Net Worth is not publicly disclosed.

There are some estimates in the range of $3 million, but we can’t know for sure.

Given his multiple income streams, this number might be possible.

We’ll keep you posted if this changes, but you may want to take any estimates with a grain of salt.

Now that you know more about Tom Gentile, let’s take a look at Alternative Wealth‘s publisher.

Who is Money Map Press?

money map press logo

Money Map Press Review

Alternative Wealth Network is published by the experienced researchers at Money Map Press, one of the leading financial research publishers in the US.

Money Map Press has several prominent services under its banner, including Andrew Keene’s Project 303 and Shah Gilani’s1 Money Map Report.

According to the ‘about’ page on the Money Map Press website, the company is committed to leading its readers to “groundbreaking — and moneymaking — opportunities from around the world.”

Money Map Press is a respected firm with a history of transparent business practices.

Many of their services come with money-back satisfaction guarantees, and they have a top-rate customer support team to assist you if there’s ever an issue.

We’ve seen plenty of Money Map Press reviews, and from what we can tell, the company seems very transparent and honest.

You can trust that you’re dealing with a reputable company when you sign up for Alternative Wealth Network.

Money Map Press is a respected firm with a long history in the industry.

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alternative wealth network reviews

Alternative Wealth Network: The Digital Gold Rush

In his latest presentation for the Microcurrency Summit, Gentile draws attention to a promising asset class that could become much bigger than Bitcoin in the years ahead, microcurrencies.

beat bitcoin alternative wealth network

Bigger Than Bitcoin

These lesser-known cryptos could be the source of the crypto market’s next big growth run.

According to Gentile, this “new class of cryptocurrency” could make Bitcoin’s gains look like child’s play.

During his presentation, Gentile cites numerous examples where this new under-the-radar asset class outperformed Bitcoin by margins as wide as 5,000 to 1 over the past year.

In many cases, these gains didn’t take years to develop, either.

These smaller-cap cryptos exploded to massive growth in just a few months.

The opportunity is clear, but what exactly sets these up-and-coming coins apart from the pack?

Gentile calls them microcurrencies, and he believes they could be the key to the next stage of the Bitcoin revolution.

digital gold rush review

What Are Microcurrencies?

You’ve heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the other crypto big dogs, but the next wave of massive growth could come from an entirely different segment of the market.

Microcurrencies are less established cryptocurrencies with substantially smaller market capitalizations than their more prominent cohorts.

These smaller-cap coins are like the cryptocurrency market’s version of penny stocks.

Like penny stocks, they are typically riskier and more volatile than their larger-cap brethren.

However, as is the case in the penny stock market, greater risks could offer the chance at greater rewards.

And the potential rewards in microcurrencies put penny stocks to shame.

Unfortunately, many microcurrencies will fail, so the biggest challenge in trading the sector is finding the highest quality players.

That’s a difficult task for the average Joe, but Gentile is making it easy with his Digital Gold Rush research package.

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tom gentile beat bitcoin

The Microcurrency Boom

Lax regulation has given scammers the opportunity to proliferate in the crypto market, so picking coins blindly is a dangerous proposition.

Many coins’ tangible value is questionable at best.

However, Gentile has discovered a basket of microcurrencies with real-world applications that could be on the fast track to mass adoption and huge gains.

These microcurrencies have the potential to eclipse the performances we’ve seen from other explosive small-cap cryptos, and Gentile has amassed a mountain of research on each one.

tom gentile microcurrency summit

Altogether, he’s pinpointed 25 microcurrencies with extreme growth potential, and the Digital Gold Rush package includes his extensive research on each, plus much more.

You find the names and details for all of Tom Gentile’s Top-25 microcurrencies in the special reports included with this deal.

We’ll break down each report in detail in the next section of our Alternative Wealth Network review, so keep reading to get the full story on this research package.

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microcurrency summit review

What’s Included with The Digital Gold Rush?

  • One-year founding membership to Alternative Wealth Network
  • Monthly Microcurrency Investment Dossiers with new recommendations
  • Daily debriefs, weekly microcurrency watch list, and buy & sell alerts
  • Monthly market analysis videos
  • Alternative Wealth Network Intelligence Hub
  • The Digital Gold Rush featured special reports:
  • Two Microcurrencies Ready to Rocket 50X–100X Over the Next Year
  • Five Buy-and-Hold Coins That Could Soar 50X or More in the Next Five Years
  • Collecting Cash with Crypto Dividends
  • Making History: The Coming Wave of Crypto IPOs
  • How to Turn $25 into $25,000 in Six Months or Less with NFTs
  • The 5-Step Blueprint for Crypto Trading Success video series
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

Alternative Wealth Network Membership

The centerpiece of the Digital Gold Rush deal is the centerpiece of your Alternative Wealth Network membership.

This service comes with tons of perks, including:

microcurrency investment dossier

Microcurrency Investment Dossiers

Gentile is constantly searching the crypto market for new opportunities, and he puts together a new Microcurrency Investment Dossier every month with his latest findings.

These reports include a detailed analysis of the latest crypto market trends, and each issue features a new recommendation from Gentile and his team.

With new issues every month, you’ll get a total of 12 new microcurrency recommendations over the course of a one-year subscription.

The Microcurrency Investment Dossiers also include detailed trade instructions and step-by-step Profit Alerts explaining how you can get the most out of each opportunity.

Gentile only targets the highest-quality microcurrencies, so these recommendations could have massive upside.

These are exclusive reports only available to members

Plus, the monthly reports will keep you busy with a steady stream of new small-cap crypto trades to explore.

>> Sign up in time for the next monthly dossier here <<

Updates and Alerts

The Alternative Wealth Network keeps you busy every day of the trading week with regular updates, flash alerts, and the Daily Debrief newsletter.

First off, you get the Daily Debrief newsletter every market day.

Each issue features in-depth analysis from the entire AWN team, including Nick Black, David Zeiler, and Michael Robinson.

The Daily Debrief will get you ready to take on the market every day with up-to-the-minute research and insights from true professionals.

awn daily debrief

In addition, you’ll also get a new Microcurrency Industry Watchlist every Friday featuring top-performing coins from every corner of the crypto industry.

The weekly watch list helps you spot developing opportunities in the market so you can capitalize on bullish momentum wherever it’s happening.

Gentile will also keep you informed on his recommendations with regular updates and flash alerts when it’s time to take immediate action.

>> Stay in the loop with Alternative Wealth Network updates and alerts <<


With monthly, daily, and weekly alerts, you’ll never miss a beat with Alternative Wealth Network.

Monthly Market Analysis Videos

Tom Gentile also puts together new market analysis videos every month to help his readers gain a better understanding of what’s going on in the markets.

The monthly videos explain everything you need to know about the market in simple terms, so you can get up to speed on the latest happenings in just a few minutes.

Tom Gentile’s videos are a helpful addition to the service, and they make it much easier for members trying to keep up on the latest crypto market news.

Alternative Wealth Network network intelligence hub

Alternative Wealth Network Intelligence Hub

Members also get access to the exclusive Alternative Wealth Network Intelligence Hub, a community chat forum where members can swap stock tips, trade ideas, and more.

The Intelligence Hub is a great place to meet and discuss ideas with like-minded people, and there’s no limit to the valuable insights it could lead you to.

Most services don’t offer community chats or forums, so the addition of this feature is noteworthy.

It adds yet another wrinkle of value to Alternative Wealth Network.

>> Connect with like-minded members in the Intelligence Hub <<

digital gold rush reviews

Alternative Wealth Network: Digital Gold Rush Special Reports:

That’s it for the standard features included with an Alternative Wealth Network membership.

Now, we’ll cover all the bonus resources included with this deal in our Digital Gold Rush review.

Alternative Wealth Network microcurrency reports

Two Microcurrencies Ready to Rocket 50X–100X

The first report in the collection features in-depth research on Tom Gentile’s highest-rated microcurrency recommendations.

According to Tom Gentile’s analysis, these microcurrencies could eventually be double-digit winners, and they could even reach triple-digit gains.

The first coin could play a key role in standardizing microcurrency exchanges and, consequently, the entire microcurrency market as a whole.

If its efforts are successful, demand for this under-the-radar crypto could skyrocket and catapult this coin’s price to the moon.

Microcurrency exchanges everywhere could soon be clamoring to get a piece of this crypto.

Gentile’s second featured microcurrency could transform the $3.8 billion global eCommerce industry.

He calls it, “The PayPal of Asia,” and the growth outlook for this coin could be enormous.

The crypto allows unbanked individuals to buy things directly from their smartphones with no credit card, and its popularity is booming in Asia.

You’ll get detailed information about both of these high-potential microcurrencies in this featured Digital Gold Rush report.

These could be the most promising picks in the entire package.

>> Join now to see Gentile’s most promising crypto picks <<

Alternative Wealth Network research reports

Five Buy-and-Hold Coins That Could Soar 50X or More

In this next report, Gentile covers five coins that could continue to grow for years to come.

He believes these five coins could be among the best “buy-and-hold” coins currently available to the public.

These coins also have the potential to become double-digit winners, according to Tom Gentile’s research, and you get a full helping of five separate recommendations in this report.

These microcurrencies could post incredible returns in the coming years.

Gentile’s analysis predicts that one of the cryptos featured in this report could soar as much as 84,000% over the next five years.

Some other notable coins featured in this report include a smart-contract cryptocurrency that could rally 5,044% in five years and a cash substitute with super-affordable transaction fees that could gain 5,311% over the same time frame.

This report is another great addition to the deal, and it brings your total number of crypto recommendations to seven so far.

Let’s see how many more are included.

>> Get instant access to these potential 50X-winners when you join now <<

Alternative Wealth Network Reviews

Collecting Cash with Crypto Dividends

Dividend stocks have been an income investing favorite for decades, but Gentile believes dividend-paying cryptos could displace these old-school portfolio mainstays as the next generation’s best income-generating investment.

Cryptos typically pay substantially larger dividends than the blue-chip stocks that proliferate in many dividend-focused funds.

Some coins even pay distributions as high as 25%.

In this report, you’ll find three of Tom Gentile’s highest-rated crypto dividend plays for high yields and long-term growth.

That brings the total number of Digital Gold Rush recommendations to 10 so far.

The report includes detailed information and trading instructions for each dividend crypto, plus expert analysis and guidance from Tom Gentile.

>> Juice up your income with Gentile’s high-yield crypto plays <<

Alternative Wealth Network research reports

Making History: The Coming Wave of Crypto IPOs

The recent wave of crypto IPOs could be the first concrete sign that the market is beginning to embrace cryptocurrency as a serious asset class.

Just recently, popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase completed a Nasdaq IPO in what was the most lucrative crypto company debut in history.

The company quickly exploded to a 10x windfall in just a few hours.

Coinbase could be only the first in a wave of crypto IPOs set to hit the market in the near future, and, if Coinbase’s success is any indication, these newly debuted stocks could see massive gains in their first few months on the market.

You’ve probably never heard of these up-and-coming crypto firms, but that’s okay because Gentile explains everything you need to know in this exclusive research report.

You’ll discover three stocks that could be in an excellent position to capitalize on the crypto bull market in the years ahead.

These recommendations can give you exposure to crypto without actually owning anything other than regular stocks.

It’s an excellent addition to the lineup that brings your total number of recommended trade ideas to 13.

>> Jump on blockchain bandwagon with Alternative Wealth Network <<

Alternative Wealth Network bonus reports

How to Turn $25 into $25,000 with NFTs

The last special report in the bundle focuses on one of the hottest investment trends of 2021, non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Many NFTs saw huge gains last year as this fringe asset hit the mainstream with a vengeance.

However, this up-and-coming sector could still have lots of growth ahead of it, and Gentile wants to make sure his subscribers don’t miss the boat.

This report includes details on three NFT galleries where you can build your own collection of tokens featuring collectible art, videos, and other digital assets.

Once you get familiar with the galleries, Gentile will also show you two of the best ways you can buy NFTs for major hard assets like real estate, commodities, and much more.

Gentile believes there is tremendous upside in this sector for early entrants, so make sure you don’t sleep on this report.

>> Get Alternative Wealth Network and cash-in on the NFT craze <<

gentile 5-step blueprint

The 5-Step Blueprint Video Series

The final part of the Digital Gold Rush bundle is Gentile’s 5-Step Blueprint for Microcurrency Trading Success video series, and it provides an excellent crash course introduction to the space.

Gentile explains the crypto trading process from start to finish in five easy steps that even the most novice crypto beginners can follow.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of Gentile’s recommendations, including step-by-step instructions for opening an account, transferring money into it, executing trades, and more.

The 5-Step Blueprint equips you with the background knowledge you need to get the most out of your Alternative Wealth Network subscription.

The addition of this feature makes this service an excellent option for traders of all skill levels, including beginners.

tom gentile money-back guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

You don’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse when you purchase an Alternative Wealth Network subscription because your purchase is covered with a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.

If you decide you’re not happy with the service, you can get a full refund on your subscription cost if you request it within the first 60 days of your subscription period.

With the money-back guarantee on your side, you have a full 60 days to test drive the service and see if it’s a good fit.

That’s plenty of time to decide if Alternative Wealth Network is right for you.

>> Sign up now and take advantage of AWN’s 60-day guarantee <<

Alternative Wealth Network Refund Policy Review

Alternative Wealth Network’s refund policy goes above and beyond what you typically find with similar services.

Most competitors offer a 30-day guarantee, if they offer one at all.

But, Alternative Wealth Network’s money-back guarantee more than doubles that standard, making it a significant improvement over what you typically find in the industry.

 You can rest assured you won’t walk away from your purchase unsatisfied thanks to AWN’s airtight satisfaction guarantee.

The service gets high marks for going the extra mile here.

Pros and Cons of Alternative Wealth Network

Alternative Wealth Network looks like a great cryptocurrency research service, but how do the ups and downs stack up?

Here are the pros and cons of Alternative Wealth Network:


  • Led by a crypto pioneer who has been heavily involved with crypto for years
  • Monthly Microcurrency Investment Dossiers featuring new recommendations in every issue
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly updates from Tom Gentile
  • Includes the Daily Brief newsletter free
  • Airtight 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Digital Gold Rush bundle includes 4 bonus reports and a video series
  • Network with other members in the Alternative Wealth Network Intelligence Hub
  • Bonus reports featuring details on more than 25 promising opportunities
  • Respected, US-based publisher in Money Map Press
  • Extremely affordable in comparison to many crypto research services
  • Upgraded subscriptions include additional bonuses
  • Includes Gentile’s 5-Step Blueprint for Crypto Trading Success
  • Educational resources make it a great choice for beginners


  • Doesn’t include a model portfolio

awn tezos

Gentile recommended Tezos in early 2021, and the microcurrency outperformed Bitcoin by a 4-to-1 margin over a three-week period.

tom gentile track record

Another early 2021 Gentile recommendation called Numeraire also went on to produce substantial returns.

NMR beat Bitcoin by a 5X margin over the course of five months.alternative wealth network track record

Last but not least, Gentile’s recommendation of Bitcoin Cash in March 2021 smashed Bitcoin’s returns by a 12X margin in just 36 days.

Here are some other examples of recent winners from Alternative Wealth Network:

Alternative wealth network reviews

Gentile used sophisticated technical analysis to pinpoint opportunities like these and time each trade.

And as you can see, the technique has produced substantial success in the past.

>> Get more great picks like these with Alternative Wealth Network <<

Alternative Wealth Network Reviews

We wanted to showcase some Alternative Wealth Network reviews by real members, but finding verified testimonials proved to be a challenge.

The service is relatively new, and we weren’t able to come up with any reviews that we could confirm came from real members.

As a result, we don’t have much to share in this section.

However, we can say that most of the Alternative Wealth Network reviews we saw were positive.

The service appears to get good marks from its subscribers.

Is Alternative Wealth Network Legit?

Alternative Wealth Network is a legit research service that’s helmed by impressive talent.

Tom Gentile has a reputation for developing technologically advanced investing tools and strategies to find opportunities, and they really shine here.

If you’re searching for a service geared toward uncovering incredibly lucrative patterns in microcurrencies, few gurus offer the same level of market insights.

It could make the difference between finding alternative investments with potential or falling prey to another pump and dump scheme in the crypto space.

How Much Is Alternative Wealth Network: The Digital Gold Rush?

Gentile’s Digital Gold Rush bundle includes an extensive collection of valuable crypto resources.

Typically, this package could cost as much as $599, but our readers can access a special discounted rate.

For a limited time, you can sign up for Alternative Wealth Network under the Digital Gold Rush deal for just $79, marking a discount of more than $500 on the sticker price.

alternative wealth network pricing

Better yet, you still get all the resources and bonuses covered in this Alternative Wealth Network review, including the bonus reports, video course, and 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can also get an even better deal if you upgrade to one of Alternative Wealth Network‘s higher-tier subscription options.

The platinum deal might be the best value in the bunch.

At just $149, you get everything included with the basic bundle, plus an upgraded two-year subscription, a copy of Tom Gentile’s book, and an invitation to an exclusive retreat with Alternative Wealth Network gurus.

Whichever way you choose to go, you can get started with everything we’ve covered in this review for as low as $79 for the first year.

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digital gold rush review

Is Alternative Wealth Network Worth It?

Alternative Wealth Network’s Digital Gold Rush deal is an excellent value that includes an extensive collection of cryptocurrency resources.

At just $79, this deal is one heck of a bargain.

The collection of bonus reports includes 25 actionable recommendations, and you get instant access to all of them as soon as you sign up.

You’ll also receive Tom’s Microcurrency Investment Dossier for an entire year, with new crypto picks every month.

Having access to the intelligence hub is also a notable benefit.

It’s a great place to gain trading insights and link up with like-minded members.

The main Alternative Wealth Network service is also a great deal.

With new updates every day, week, and month, you’ll always be prepared for what’s next in the crypto market.

That’s an incredible amount of value for just $79, especially when you compare it to what other cryptocurrency research services are charging.

Furthermore, your subscription is covered with an extensive money-back guarantee that covers you for an entire 60 days, so there’s virtually zero chance you’ll walk away from your purchase unsatisfied.

It looks like Tom Gentile and Money Map Press have put together a great value with their Digital Gold Rush bundle.

You’ll save more than 85% on these professional-grade crypto resources.

This is a great service at a bargain price with an excellent guarantee.

If you’re in the market for a crypto research service, we highly recommend you give Alternative Wealth Network a close look.

>> Sign up for Alternative Wealth Network now for just $79 <<


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.