Amazon altered the algorithms which power the firm’s search results to prioritize products having higher profitability, reported The Wall Street.

The e-commerce giant adjusted its search results previous year in order to prioritize new variables which boosted the importance of products offering higher profits over those which were most relevant or bestsellers. A few retail divisions in the firm had even pressured the search engineers for prioritizing its own products, though it is not known from the report whether the alterations really boosted these products or not.

The high-level retail executives in the firm as well as Amazon’s A9 search team battled internally over this move. The retail executives thought the firm should portray its private-label offerings just like how a grocery store promotes its own brand. On the other hand, employees that were a part of the move argued that it was not a good decision to surface Amazon’s own products first to the customers, as per the Journal.

In addition to this, the firm’s own lawyers disagreed with the alterations, saying that it may grab more scrutiny from the anti-trust regulators.

However, Amazon denied about it changing its search results system to boost profitability but did acknowledge that long-standing profitability is a metric which it utilized while evaluating the new search listings features.


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