As talks falter, UAW calls first national strike against GM since 2007

Larry Davidson - September 16, 2019

On Sunday, the UAW (United Auto Workers) said that its nearly 48,000 workers at General Motors (GM) factories shall go on a strike on Sunday midnight after the labor contract talks arrived at a deadlock. The strike would mark the UAW’s first nationwide strike against GM since 2007.

A strike would shut down the operations of GM pretty quickly in North America. Besides, it would also hamper the wider US economy.

The UAW talks with GM are set to resume on Monday morning while no further contract talks are scheduled right before the strike begins on Sunday, said GM and one union spokesperson.

Theunion has continually been battling to prevent GM from shutting down its Ohioand Michigan assembly plants. In fact, it has also been arguing that the workers deserve a high pay after providing years of profits to GM across North America.

On the other hand, GM argues that the plant closures are necessary for market shifts. It further said that the UAW benefits and wages are expensive in contrast with the competing non-union plants across southern United States nations. GM, via a statement, said that it has offered new products to the union for the Ohio and Michigan assembly plants which lack products currently.

But still, the UAW says that major differences persist between both the sides over medical benefits, wages, job security, profit sharing and temporary employees.

Thus, according to vice president of UAW, Terry Dittes the strike is the union’s last resort.

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