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The 8 Best Graphite Stocks To Buy For May 2022

Jenna Gleespen - April 07, 2022

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Follow along for our picks of the best graphite stocks to watch out for.

Right now, graphite is seeing a sharp upswing in demand for its numerous applications in the tech sector, with many experts predicting it to rise even higher in 2022 and beyond.

Between battery, graphite electrodes, pencils, lubricants, and more, there’s a near-endless supply of products that rely on graphite. 

As such, investors are eager to invest in graphite industries that are well on their way to satisfying this burgeoning demand.

Read on to discover more about graphite as well as our best graphite stock picks.

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Best Graphite Stocks to Buy

Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (NYSE: NMG)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Small Cap ~$6.64 ~$17.24 ~$1.20 N/A

Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. is a mineral exploration venture located in Canada.

The company develops and evaluates different mineral properties in Quebec and primarily mines for graphite.

Currently, Nouveau Monde is fine-tuning its carbon-neutral graphite material solutions for the lithium-ion and fuel cell industries.

With a green mentality, the company believes that its sustainable mining practices provide an attractive solution for the markets it is targeting. 

Recently, the company signed an agreement to collaborate with Caterpillar Inc. to develop zero-emission solutions.

Nouveau Monde is also anticipating the need for graphite in lithium-ion batteries that are central to electric cars.

There’s no revenue on the table yet, but now may be a good opportunity to invest in what’s to come.

graphite stocks

NextSource Materials Inc. (OTC: NSRCF)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Small Cap ~$0.51 ~$3.8 ~$1.38 N/A

NextSource Materials Inc. is a mine development company based in Toronto, Canada. 

The company acquires, explores, and develops different mineral properties. 

Through rapid mine development, it aims to be a first-mover miner in the graphite sector. 

NextSource Materials Inc. implements a fully modular construction of its mining facilities to create an effective building method. 

Graphite produced through its Molo facility was registered as a trademark under the name of Molo Superfans®. 

This kind of graphite has been tested and made ready for end-users for applications in steel production, lithium-ion battery manufacturing, and the manufacture of foil graphite.

To diversify, NextSource looks to mine from a unique vanadium deposit to be used in vanadium batteries.

Although still in the penny stock range, shares have risen over 300% in the last year alone.

With some volatility mixed in, NextSource may also be a good option for day traders.

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Best Graphite Mining Stocks

Gratomic Inc. (OTC: CBULF) 

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Micro Cap ~$3.01 ~$3.85 ~$1.38 N/A

Gratomic Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, is an exploration and mining company that aims to do low-cost mining for graphite. 

The company’s primary goal is to provide carbon-neutral and eco-friendly graphite.

This crew has its sights set on being the largest vein graphite producer on the planet while becoming a key player in electric vehicles and their supply chains.

Graphite from Gratomic comes from mines in Namibia, northern Canada, and Brazil.

The company already has two pre-purchase agreements for its rare vein graphite once extraction begins.

Share prices are running flat as Gratomic gears up for its mining operation to commence sometime in 2022.

graphite stocks

Leading Edge Materials Corp. (OTC: LEMIF)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Micro Cap ~$0.44 ~$0.57 ~$0.15 N/A

Leading Edge Materials hunts for graphite and scarce earth metals in various locations in the European Union.

The company’s primary graphite mine is located in Sweden, with mines for other metals in Sweden and Romania.

While all these excavations are high in value, the European Parliament recognizes the search for dysprosium and terbium to be particularly critical.

Leading Edge Materials has joint venture plans with the Australian company Sicona Battery Technologies to further grow its business.

With the backing of the European governments, Leading Edge Materials hopes to be mining soon for these sustainable materials.

Share prices are on an upward path, but with any penny stock, it’s wise to invest carefully.

Once Leading Edge breaks ground, its stock could see significant gains.

Best Graphite Battery Stocks

Lomiko Metals Inc. (OTC: LMRMF)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Micro Cap ~$0.48 ~$0.18 ~$0.04 N/A

Lomiko Metals Inc. is a mineral exploration, acquisition, and development enterprise currently based in Canada. 

The company is setting its sights on working electric vehicles and similar industries by providing the needed materials for batteries or electrical systems.

Operating out of Quebec, Lomiko has a 100% stake in a flake graphite mine and an interest in a lithium mine not far away.

Both of these materials play heavily into the push toward electric vehicles in the future.

Its graphite mine alone could yield 100,000 tons of high-quality graphite concentrate over a 15-year span.

Its shares currently trade for a few cents, so getting on board now won’t break the bank.

As Lomiko starts to unearth graphite and lithium, share prices could climb.


graphite stocks NYSE

Ceylon Graphite Corp. (OTC: CYLYF)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Micro Cap ~$0.14 ~$0.24 ~$0.09 N/A

Ceylon Graphite Corp. explores and produces graphite from a mine in Sri Lanka. 

The company’s mineral exploration property in the area is approximately 46 square miles in size.

The veins located here are full enough to account for one percent of the world’s total graphite production.

Ceylon boasts 99.9% pure marketable battery-grade graphite.

Over 121 grids honeycomb through the earth, with 20 new veins already discovered.

Best American Graphite Stocks

Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Large Cap ~$121 ~$158 ~$99.6 ~0.33%

Entegris, Inc. is a leader in producing and developing materials specifically created to manufacture semiconductor devices. 

The company is based in Billerica, Massachusetts, and includes 5,800 employees across different manufacturing facilities, service centers, and research facilities worldwide.

It produces micro-contamination control products, specialty chemicals, and advanced high-tech materials for semiconductor device creation. 

These products are known to include specialized graphite.

Entegris produces this special graphite geared toward high-performance use through its subsidiary, Poco Graphite.

This graphite’s primary application is for making precision consumable electrodes used for electrical discharge machining. 

With a few minor exceptions, share prices have seen a steady climb in the last five years, reaching all-time highs in November 2021.

Even with favorable financials from Q3, share prices did fall some through December.

As the curve starts to turn upward again, this may be an opportune time to buy a slight dip.

 graphite stocks nasdaq

Best Graphite Penny Stocks

Focus Graphite Inc. (OTC: FSCMF)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Micro Cap ~$0.05 ~$0.16 ~$0.04 N/A

Focus Graphite Inc. is an exploration stage enterprise based in Quebec, Canada. 

The company searches for graphite, copper, iron, gold deposits, and rare-earth metals. 

Currently, it does this in three properties found throughout the province of Quebec.

Its valuable Lac Knife facility produces high-grade flake graphite.

The others are similarly being searched for graphite at this time.

The company estimates approximately 9,576,000 million tons of graphitic carbon in this location alone.

Focus Graphite has invested in technological innovations in graphite processing that have enabled the company to create additional graphite products. 

The company is still in the exploration stage, so it hasn’t brought in revenue yet.

Once its mines are operational, this could change.

Graphite One Inc. (OTC: GPHOF)

Market Cap Stock Price 52-Week High 52-Week Low Dividend Yield
Micro Cap ~$1.32 ~$2 ~$0.7 N/A

Graphite One strives to be a US producer of high-grade spherical graphite to be used in the electric vehicle market.

The company plans to mine, process, and manufacture the graphite before sending it off for sale.

Based in the United States, Graphite One’s main operation is set up in Alaska.

The team hopes to embrace 21st-century technologies to be both innovative and sustainable in its extraction approach.

Without a mining operation in place, Graphite One has yet to see any revenue.

As the company prepares to start production, anyone investing in Graphite One could see gains as well.

What Is Graphite?

Graphite is a fairly simple element with several fantastic applications.

It’s a crystalline, non-metallic element that forms in six-sided sheets and exhibits good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and strength.

There are three forms of graphite: amorphous graphite, flake graphite, and crystalline vein graphite.

  • Amorphous graphite is an excellent lubricant, since it is naturally smooth and can endure harsh conditions for an extended period of time.
  • Flake graphite is used for lithium-ion battery cells and can also be refined into spherical graphite.
  • Crystalline forms of graphite are used for high-performance clutches and brakes.

Mining graphite can be achieved through conventional means that include explosives or drilling; however, in the case of a deep graphite mine, extraction processes such as drift, hard-rock, and slope mining are used.

Because of its utility and use in many electronics (including lithium-ion batteries), graphite demand is expected to skyrocket in the years ahead.

In fact, China unrolled an energy regulation to phase out gas guzzlers in favor of electric vehicle use.

Should You Buy Graphite Stocks?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider investing in graphite.

Graphite demand has been on the rise for the past decade and is expected to continue growing in the future.

If projections hold, we’re looking at widespread adoption of electric vehicles within 10–15 years, which can jettison graphite demand to even greater heights.

This provides an ample runway for long-term gains from a business that’s just getting off the ground.

Furthermore, many of these stocks are penny stocks, offering volatility to those interested in day trading.

Simply keep in mind that you should always do your due diligence before making any investment decisions.

Where to Buy Graphite Stocks?

Most of these tickers live on over-the-counter markets, but a few share the spotlight on the major exchanges.

Robinhood and Webull are great places to find graphite stocks that are listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Both platforms are free of commission fees and are built to be easy to navigate.

Stocks listed over the counter require different tools, such as Fidelity.

Fidelity similarly offers commission-free trading and knows how to search through the jumble of stocks.

Remember that graphite stocks below $5 will have extra volatility that’s subject to quick change.

Graphite Stocks: Final Thoughts

Demand for graphite is rapidly growing and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 

Its unique properties can allow you to enter multiple markets at once, including electric vehicles, batteries, and much more.

While investing in graphite doesn’t grant you unlimited access to all markets, it’s fair to say that this material can open many more doors than other investment options.

With proper due diligence and a clear investment thesis, you could discover that graphite stocks are worth adding to your portfolio.


Graphite Stocks FAQ

Is Graphite a Good Investment?

Graphite stocks could have a lot of potential, as many expect demand to increase during the transition to electric vehicles. As such, graphite stocks could be a good investment, but you’ll want to do your due diligence. Investing in just any graphite stock isn’t a recipe for success.

Will Graphite Stocks Go Up?

If demand for graphite continues to increase, it’s possible that the value of graphite stocks will see growth. Though, many other factors play a role in determining a stock’s value. A good place to start is to make a shortlist of companies with solid fundamentals that have enough graphite projects in the works to meet demand.

Who Is the Largest Producer of Graphite?

Currently, China is the largest producer of graphite. This country produced over 650,000 metric tons of graphite in 2020 alone. Just four years ago, China actually produced around 60% of the world’s graphite. In 2021, this number was estimated to be around 82%. That’s more than all other graphite producers combined.

What Companies Mine for Graphite?

The two companies on our list that mine graphite are:

  • Leading Edge Materials Corp. (OTC: LEMIF)
  • Gratomic Inc. (OTC: CBULF) 

There are plenty more graphite mining stocks out there, but their potential as investments can vary.

What Is the Future of Graphite?

Many experts have positive forecasts about the future of graphite, as it has a broad range of applications for a variety of staple and burgeoning technologies, including energy storage. The International Energy Agency predicts that the electric mobility and low-carbon energy sectors’ demand for graphite could rocket up to a 25X increase in 2040. That being said, predictions are not promises, and this could change down the road.


Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.