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The Escalating Investigation: James Comer’s Investigation into Biden Family Intensifies

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s investigation of President Biden continues to draw much attention. According to a recent Tweet from Comer, his mission is to determine whether or not the President “has compromised national security.”

Is the scrutiny of the Biden family warranted?

According to Christine Emba from The Washington Post, the intense scrutiny is not altogether warranted, “It’s a bold accusation, especially due to the lack of evidence,” she wrote in an op-ed for the news outlet. 

The Committee began with a hearing earlier in February purportedly investigating U.S. intelligence efforts to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story on social media. 

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Trump family’s potential ties to the Saudis

However, according to The Washington Post, if House Republicans are genuinely concerned about foreign influence in the US government, they should spend their time investigating elsewhere.

Michael Kranish published a report in The Washington Post exploring possible financial ties connecting former President Donal Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“The substantial investments by the Saudis in enterprises that benefited both men came after they cultivated close ties with Mohammed while Trump was in office,” Kranish wrote.

“Now, with Trump running for president again, some national security experts and two former White House officials say they have concerns that Trump and Kushner used their offices to set themselves up to profit from their relationship with the Saudis after the administration ended.”

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Kyle Herrig, executive director of the Congressional Integrity Project, asked, “Where is Comer’s outrage? Comer is able to constantly feign outrage over every single action by President Biden’s family members, who are private citizens, while being more than happy to look the other way and defend Trump’s family from legitimate and damning scandals.”

Comer has refused to comment on whether Kushner’s business dealings would be open for further investigation but did say, “I think everything’s on the table.” 

However, in her piece for the Washington Post, Emba said an investigation onto Kushner and his links to the Saudis seems logical, “And yet, given the timing of the Trump family deal with the Saudis, asking whether Kushner and his father-in-law may have used the trappings of the West Wing to entice investments from a foreign country seems like a pretty obvious move for someone with “oversight” in his title,” she wrote.

Emba concluded that the house oversight committee’s failure to investigate the Trump-Kusher-Saudi business dealings meant that whatever else the committee does “lacks credibility’.

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