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Kid Rock fans resolute in Bud Light boycott: ‘Anything but Bud Light’

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At a recent concert by Kid Rock in Nashville, attendees expressed their resolution to abstain from Bud Light due to the brand’s association with transgender social media influence, Dylan Mulvaney.

Concertgoers shun Bud Light beer

Concertgoers, who are also Kid Rock fans, spoke with Fox News outside the Bridgestone Arena, announcing their resolution to stop buying what used to be America’s top-selling beer.

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Concertgoers speak with Fox News

In a conversation with Fox News, one fan named Rich asked, “What beer are we drinking on the Fourth of July? Um, I don’t know, anything but Bud Light.”

“He added, “Maybe Heineken Light.” Echoing this sentiment, another fan, David, stated, “No Bud Light. Not here.”

Bud Light sales decline continues

Credit: Depositphotos

The numbers reflect the shift in consumer preference, with Bud Light’s sales consistently dropping.

Reportedly, the week ending June 24 saw a 27.9% decrease in sales compared to the same period last year, a slight improvement from the previous week’s 28.5% drop.

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Modelo Especial nation’s top-selling beer

Meanwhile, Modelo Especial has taken the lead, outpacing Bud Light to become the nation’s top-selling beer.

Ron, a Kid Rock fan visiting Nashville from Phoenix, told Fox News, “Regardless of the company, once they get involved politically, then I don’t want to support that.”

Vote with your ballot, then your wallet

“Further illustrating his viewpoint, he explained, “You get two votes in this country. You get your first vote at the ballot. The second vote is with your wallet.”

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Kid’s Rock’s instrumental role in the boycott

Kid Rock was instrumental in initiating the nationwide Bud Light boycott following the beer brand’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.

The rocker demonstrated his disapproval by destroying cases of the beer.

Mulvaney, a transgender female, recently took to Instagram in an emotional state, claiming that Bud Light had abandoned her due to consumer backlash.









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