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MSNBC Reporter Accuses Media of ‘Cleaning Up’ Trump’s Reputation

Jennifer Rubin, an MSNBC contributor and Washington Post columnist, recently criticized the mainstream media’s portrayal of former President Donald Trump. She argues that the media has overly sanitized Trump’s image, impacting public perception.

Rubin’s Critique of Media Coverage

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Jennifer Rubin expressed concern about the mainstream media’s portrayal of Donald Trump. She believes the media has made him seem “not so bad” and “cleaned up” his rhetoric.

Media’s Normalization of Trump

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On MSNBC, Rubin stated that the media has normalized Trump. This, she says, has made him appear more coherent in clips and print than he actually is.

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Ali Velshi’s Observation

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MSNBC host Ali Velshi noted that viewers often don’t want to watch clips of Donald Trump. Velshi described Trump as being treated as a “quirky abstraction” rather than a threat to democracy.

Rubin on Media’s Role

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Rubin argues that the mainstream media has failed in its coverage of Trump. She criticizes them for not being honest and creating a false balance.

False Equivalence in Media

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Rubin believes the media has incorrectly treated the Republican Party like the Democratic Party. She sees this as a failure to side with truth over maintaining a false balance.

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Trump’s Supporters and Fascism

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Rubin labeled Trump’s supporters as part of a “fascist cult.” She believes many have become irrationally intoxicated with an authoritarian figure.

Rubin on Authoritarianism

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According to Rubin, the support for authoritarian figures is not uncommon in fascist regimes. She sees Trump’s supporters as following this trend and acting irrationally.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Air Time

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Rachel Maddow of MSNBC explained the network’s decision to limit Trump’s airtime. Maddow stated that broadcasting his “untrue” statements live could harm MSNBC’s brand.

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The Cost of Broadcasting Untruths

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Maddow emphasized that broadcasting falsehoods carries a cost for a news organization. She affirmed MSNBC’s commitment to journalistic integrity.

Trump’s Iowa Caucus Victory

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Despite media criticisms, Trump celebrated his victory in the Iowa caucuses. He expressed honor in winning against credible competition.

Trump’s Gratitude and Confidence

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In response to his Iowa caucus win, Trump felt it was a tremendous honor and feeling. He acknowledged the quality of his competition in the race.

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Rubin’s Concerns Echoed

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Rubin’s concerns reflect a broader debate on media responsibility in political coverage. The balance between presenting political speech and maintaining journalistic integrity is complex.

Media’s Impact on Public Perception

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The way the media portrays political figures like Trump significantly impacts public perception. This portrayal can influence how the public interprets political events and leaders.

Debate on Political Coverage

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The discussion around Rubin’s comments highlights the ongoing debate on how the media should cover politics. This debate is especially pertinent in an era of polarized political views.

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