Tc2000 Review: Mobile and Desktop Trading on Steroids

Chris Dios - May 12, 2021

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TC2000 has powerful trading tools that are light years ahead of more popular options like Robinhood and WeBull. Read our TC2000 review and find out if this advanced trading platform is a better choice for advanced traders like you.

TC2000 Review: Overview

Unlike more basic services, TC200 has capabilities that are well-suited to advanced and professional traders’ needs.

To access TC2000, you need to download the mobile app or desktop program. Downloads are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. You can also access it through a web-based platform via the TC2000 website.

On the inside, TC2000 functions like most similar platforms. It offers a wide array of technical and fundamental analysis features, like charting software with drawing tools, simulated trading accounts, and more.

You can trade stocks and options directly through the TC2000 platform. It also comes with plenty of advanced technical indicators and real-time data feeds to help you make the right moves.

Advanced traders will also appreciate TC2000’s built-in options trading capabilities. Margin trading and day trading accounts are also available.

With a lineup of advanced features like that, TC2000 is lightyears ahead of discount brokerage services.

However, the added functionality comes with a cost. You’ll have to pony up for subscription fees to access the service.

Those are the basics, but we’re going to go into a lot more detail. First, is TC2000 a legit company that you can trust with your business?

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Is TC2000 Legit?

TC2000 Brokerage Inc. is registered as a broker-dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the leading U.S. regulator body for investment matters.

The firm is also a member of FINRA and SIPC. These programs act in a similar vein to the FDIC insurance programs that protect your bank account in the event the institution goes under.

According to, FINRA and SIPC protect your account balance from broker insolvency. These programs also protect your account from unauthorized trading and theft.

The company functions as a broker-dealer. As such, it acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers with Interactive Brokers (IBKR) serving as its clearing firm.

TC2000 is NOT an advisor, so they can’t offer investment advice to their clients.

IBKR is one of the most reputable brokerage services and it’s particularly favored among sophisticated self-directed and semi-professional traders. It’s one of the best retail brokers on the market.

We couldn’t find much information about the people behind TC2000, but all signs indicate that this is a quality company. It’s been around since 2010, operates out of the U.S., and it covers your account with FINRA/SIPC protection.

TC2000 is no scam. This is a legitimate brokerage platform that’s overseen by the leading U.S. regulatory agencies. You can do business with TC2000 with confidence. 

TC200 Review: Features

  • Stock and Options Charting with Drawing Tools
  • Live Trading with Advanced Order Functions
  • Unlimited Paper Trades
  • Create Custom Watch Lists and Portfolios
  • Built-In Trading Journal
  • Easy-to-Use Preset Options Strategies
  • Live Quotes and Options Trees
  • High-Speed Trade Execution
  • Custom Alerts and Notifications
tc2000 stock options charting review
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Stock and Options Charting Tools

You can’t conduct proper technical analysis without fully functional charting software. Fortunately, the TC2000 software equips you with everything you need for success.

You can pullup charts for every stock on the market, plus options, mutual funds, and more. The chart interface also includes a full set of basic drawing tools so you can overlay trend lines, resistance and support levels, and more.

Adding options charts to the mix makes it much easier for options traders to analyze their trades.

For example, you can view stock and options charts side by side and quickly ascertain the correlation between price movements.

The TC2000 software also allows you to place limit orders through the charting interface, and you’ll see a visual representation of each order on your chats.

Long, short, and option positions also show up when you look at the underlying stock’s chart. You can see everything you need to know about your open positions with nothing more than a quick glance.

TC2000’s charting software offers a wide array of drawing tools, making for simple and intuitive technical analysis. You can also overlay a wide array of fundamental indicators, trend lines, and more.

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Advanced Order Options

Unlike most discount brokers, TC2000 gives you a wide array of order options when you trade stocks.

You can choose from standard options like market buys and sells, limit orders, stop-losses, etc. However, TC2000 takes it even further with advanced orders and exit strategies.

Multiple Exit Orders

TC2000 supports multiple exit orders for each of your positions. That way, you can set up all of your potential exits in advance without being forced to choose one.

For example, let’s say you want to get out of stock if it crosses below its 60-day moving average OR when it hits your price target of $25 per share. With TC2000, you can set both exit trades and the software will automatically execute whichever hits first and cancel the other.

You can place as many exit orders as you like, and the feature is also accessible through paper trading so you can practice and refine your exit strategies.

tc2000 multi-leg trading strategies review
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Multi-Leg Trading Strategies

This patent-pending trading tool overlays a visual representation depicting potential options trading strategies for the selected security.

On the right side, you can see the profit-loss zones for the stock at the expiration of the selected option.

The TC2000 software automatically updates this overlay to reflect the selected strike price, and it updates dynamically so you can see how your changes affect the potential profit zones in real-time.

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Additional Order Options

In addition to the standard orders we mentioned above, TC2000 also provides more advanced order options like bracket orders, profit targets, OCA’s, multi-leg orders, and more.

Adding these additional orders to the mix is a big plus. You can access them all directly through the trade management windows.

You can utilize more sophisticated trading strategies with TC2000 than you could with most free trading platforms because of the added functions.

tc2000 review paper trading
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Unlimited Paper Trades

Unfortunately, trading has a steep learning curve. Almost every trader has a story about making a bad trade in their early investing career.

However, you don’t have to burn through a bundle just to sharpen your skills thanks to TC2000’s paper trading function.

The trading simulator functions just like the real-money trading platform, except you’re playing with pretend money.

Many experts will agree that beginners can greatly improve their skills with practice trading. You can also test your strategies with paper trading to gauge their success rate and adjust your approach if necessary.

Trial and error is a costly strategy when you’re playing with real money. TC2000’s integrated paper trading account makes it much more affordable to improve your trading skills, and it’s built right into the platform for an intuitive and simple trading experience.

You can create as many simulated trading accounts as you’d like, and the platform lets you select your starting “cash” balance too.

Create Custom Watch Lists and Portfolios

The TC2000 software also allows you to create custom watch lists and portfolios through your account.

You can organize picks into as many watchlists as you want and customize their order to your liking.

There’s nothing really ground-breaking to speak of here and it’s a relatively standard feature among trading platforms so we won’t spend too much time on it. However, it’s a handy addition to the service.

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Built-In Trading Journal

Trading is a grind and there are thousands of different types of securities on the market. TC2000 includes a trading journal so you can track your day-to-day thoughts with personal notes and manage your research more effectively.

The journal allows you to keep general notes about your trades, and you can also insert ticker symbols and organize your notes stock by stock.

When you make notes on a particular ticker, TC2000 will automatically attach an image of the chart for easy reference down the road.

The journal is a somewhat simple addition to the trading platform, but it’s also very valuable if you use it consistently.

Easy-to-Use Preset Options Strategies

Options might have the steepest learning curve of any type of trading. There are so many variables that it can be very intimidating for beginners.

To help newbies overcome their options anxiety, TC2000 offers a unique set of built-in options strategies that come complete with an image-based representation of each selection.

Here’s a screenshot:

TC2000 options strategy review
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This tool works with TC2000’s proprietary multi-leg options trading feature we talked about before.

Selecting a strategy will overlay it onto the selected chart so you can see whether it’s an effective strategy based on where you think the stock is headed.

This is a powerful tool for traders who want to get into options. It’s a lot easier to understand options fundamentals when you can see them visually.

It’s much more beginner-friendly than an options tree, which can look like an undecipherable mess of numbers to the uninitiated. You can start trading options effectively a lot quicker with these intuitive features.

Live Quotes and Options Trees

Fast-paced day trading and on-the-fly technical analysis require timely and relevant data. Although TC2000 is technically “live,” it uses delayed quotes unless you updated to real-time data feeds.

These live quotes should be good enough if you’re just a casual trader. However, day traders and other short-term traders might want to consider upgrading to live data feeds.

Oddly, TC2000 doesn’t offer access to Level II order books from the platform. This feature is typically available with similar platforms, and its absence is somewhat glaring as a result.

It’s worth pointing out that most trading platforms operate the same way, even if they don’t openly admit it.

Most brokerage data is delayed by about 15 minutes, and you have to pay a premium to access real-time data feeds. It’s the industry standard so there’s no reason to knock TC2000 for it.

At least they allow you to access it within the platform for a fee because many competitors don’t even do that much.

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Custom Alerts and Notifications

TC2000 allows you up to 100 custom alerts and notifications with a paid plan. When used in conjunction with sound technical analysis, this feature can greatly improve your trade execution.

You can set alerts based on a wide selection of metrics. For example, you might want to know when a stock falls below $15 per share. You can set an alert that will trigger when it falls below that price.

Another option is to use an indicator.  You can set an alert to notify you when a stock reaches “oversold” status on the RSI indicator, for example.

Alerts and notifications are powerful trading tools. Most basic services only offer price-based alerts, but TC2000’s indicator-based alerts add another interesting wrinkle to the service.

tc2000 data feeds review
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TC2000 Premium Features Review

The TC2000 trading platform also offers more advanced features for serious traders. They come with additional fees and considerations, but they offer some pretty compelling benefits in return.

Leveraged Trades and Short Selling

Traders can make leveraged trades and short stocks if they sign up for a TC2000 margin account. You have to pay interest on your margin loans, but that’s the standard procedure across the industry.

TC2000 allows margin accounts to borrow at a 4-to-1 ratio for intraday trades. On a $10,000 account, that means you can hold up to $40,000 worth of assets during a single trading session.

If you want to keep you position open for multiple sessions, the margin ratio decreases to 2-to-1. So, you can only hold $20,000 worth of securities through multiple sessions.

Margin rates vary according to federally-set interest rate benchmarks. Right now, they’re running between 2.55% and 1.75% depending on the size of the margin loan. Interest accrues on a daily basis and posts on the third day of each month.

It takes about 1-3 days for TC2000 to approve new individual margin accounts. That means you can start trading fast.

Plus, the 4-to-1 intraday margin ratio significantly expands your day trading buying power. It’s one of TC2000’s most compelling selling points for serious traders.

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TC2000 has a wide array of add-ons that you can attach to your subscription for additional functionality, including a number of live feeds and other supplemental options.

The live data feed selection includes Realtime U.S. Stock Data, U.S. Index Data, and more.

You can also upgrade other components of TC2000. You can increase your alert limit with additional packages of 100 or 500 alerts for a small fee.

Here’s a complete menu of TC2000’s add-on options:

TC2000 Customer Service Review

TC2000 has a full selection of customer service and support options. You can contact their team via call, email, or live chat on the TC2000 website.

That’s a big improvement over many discount brokers, even the larger ones. Some of the most popular mobile trading apps don’t even have a customer support phone number.

We couldn’t find any testimonials pertaining to TC2000’s customer service, but we received quick responses when we tried their chat feature and contacted them via email.

Given the accessibility of customer support options, we give TC2000’s customer service high marks.

TC2000 Reviews by Users

Here are some of the snippets from TC2000 reviews we found across the internet.

“Great charting with TC2000: I like this software, and I’ve been using it for a few months now. It has easy-to-use features that vary with the package you select. I haven’t needed to use their live support, but I have used their tutorials and have found them to be helpful.” – Mt2020, Investimonials

Simple and easy: Very good software, easy to use, easy to grasp, and very user-friendly. Nice drawing and charting tools with a bunch of indicators and chart types, intraday as well as EOD.” – Trader975, Investimonials

Can’t Trade Without it: This is my have feature. You can chart, do scans, and make lists all in one platform. They have telechart and tc2000. Its the same thing. I use tc2000 and for the price you get a lot of features.” – Tencea, Investimonials

“TC for life: TC gives best charts, awesome scans, easiest to handle.Langleyedition, Investimonials

TC2000 Pricing Review

As a premium platform, TC2000 charges fees to access the service. You pay a monthly fee to access the live data feeds and software. There are also additional fees for advanced services and add-ons.

Once you have access to the platform, you can start trading stocks, options, and mutual funds! Fee structures depending on the type of trade, but we’ll get into the specifics later in the review.

If you’re interested, you can download the software here. You can also access the basic web-based version for free, but you can’t access most of the features unless you upgrade. 

Here is the TC2000 pricing menu, including the associated features for each subscription tier:

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tc2000 pricing review
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TC2000 Trade Commissions

If you open a live trading account with TC2000, you also have to pony up for trade commissions.

Basic trades of stocks and ETFs cost $4.95 for each transaction. Options trades cost $2.95 apiece, plus 65 cents for each options contract.

You can also trade mutual funds on TC2000, but you’ll have to pay a hefty $14.95 commission on every transaction.

In a day where many discount brokers have tossed out commission entirely, you might be raising your eyebrows at these numbers. However, remember that this software is lightyears beyond what you’re getting with a commission-free brokerage.

As is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for with a broker, and TC2000’s superior trading tools and professional-grade trade execution can definitely justify the added cost. 

TC2000 Review: Pros and Cons

We’re reaching the final act of our TC2000 review. Here’s the rundown on the best and worst part of this service:


  • Professional-grade trading and research tools
  • Highly customizable alerts and notifications
  • Intuitive charting system and drawing tools
  • Available via mobile, web, or desktop platform
  • Day trading accounts available
  • Stock market crash detector and other unique indicators
  • Powerful, fully customizable screener with personal criteria formulas
  • Proprietary multi-leg option strategies tool with easy-to-use visual options strategies
  • Trade, scan, research, and conduct technical analysis from one place
  • Clears orders through Interactive Brokers SmartRouting; excellent price execution
  • Hot-keys and other fast-paced day trading tools
  • Easy access to customer support
  • Competitive margin rates and borrowing ratios
  • Unlimited paper trades and practice accounts
  • Set multiple exit triggers for more automated trading


  • Trade commissions on stocks, ETFs, options, and mutual fund orders.
  • Added costs for live data feeds

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Is TC2000 Right for Me?

TC2000 has a lot to offer, but it might be too much for some traders. These types of people will likely get a lot out of the service:

Self-Directed Investors

If you manage your own finances, you need professional-grade tools to level the playing field between you and the big boys on The Street. TC2000 levels the playing field with a sophisticated scanner and access to pro-grade add-ons like live data streams, advanced options strategies, and more.

Day Traders

Day traders will appreciate TC2000’s lightning-fast trade execution, courtesy of Interactive Brokers. Plus, TC2000 offers legit day trading accounts to traders who can satisfy FDA requirements. Hotkeys, alerts, and multiple exit triggers also make it easier to manage your trades.

Busy Investors

Most everyday investors are way too busy with their jobs and personal lives to spend much time on their portfolios. TC2000’s multiple exit orders allow you to set and forget your exit trades, and you can utilize countless strategies with the platform’s arsenal of advanced order options.

Advanced Traders

Tc2000 offers an excellent 4-to-1 margin ratio on intraday trades. That’s great for day traders. The 2-to-1 overnight rate isn’t as impressive, but margin interest rates are relatively low. Margin capabilities make this service well-suited to take on even the most sophisticated trading strategies.

Options Traders

Options traders will love TC2000’s proprietary multi-leg options strategies (patent-pending). The stock scanner can scan both stocks and options, so you can find new trades quickly. You can also view combined stock-option charts with just a few clicks.

Is TC2000 Worth It?

Tc2000 has a ton of advanced capabilities. The platform can easily satisfy the needs of serious traders, but it might be a little overkill for beginners.

With monthly membership fees, trading commissions, and add-on charges, Tc2000 costs more to run on a month-to-month basis. It’s not enough to break the bank, but you should have an idea of how you’re going to use the service if you’re a beginner planning to sign up.

However, beginners can get a lot out of the platform’s simulated trading features, so it might be worth getting just for research and practice trading.

For more advanced traders, this service has a ton to offer. If you’re serious about trading, the added costs are more justifiable because you can use the product to its full potential.

Yes, TC2000 is worth the cost of admission. However, we recommend beginners start slow and make sure they can get the most out of the product before they jump into a long commitment.

TC2000 Review: Final Verdict

We were really impressed with TC2000’s arsenal of advanced trading tools. It’s an excellent, all-in-one trading platform, and sophisticated traders can get a ton of value out of the platform.

Our TC2000 review also appreciated the platform’s scalable subscription options. If you’re hesitant about the costs, you can start slow and upgrade later, or cancel at any time if you’re not loving it.

The advanced ordering options, multiple exit triggers, multi-leg options strategies, and simulated trade options also stood out as high-value features.

Overall, our TC2000 review found this platform to be a solid option for anyone who wants to get serious about trading. If that sounds like you, we recommend you give it a try.

That’s it for our TC2000 review. Click here to claim a coupon for $25-off TC2000 services!

Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur based in the Greater NYC area. He studied accounting at Drexel University, and he first started investing back in 2018. Chris's trading style favors a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, and he primarily targets swing trades and longer-term investments.