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Bryan Bottarelli Trade of the Day Plus Reviews (2022)

Chris Dios - May 05, 2022

trade of the day plus reviews
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Trade of the Day Plus is a stock market research service created by Bryan Bottarelli of Monument Traders Alliance. But is it worth the price of admission? Our Trade of the Day Plus review will tell you everything you need to know about this red-hot service.

trade of the day plus reviews

What Is Trade of the Day Plus?

Trade of the Day Plus is a weekly research and trading service created by former Chicago Board Options Exchange trader Bryan Bottarelli. It’s published by Monument Traders Alliance.

As a member, you get one cherry-picked trade every Wednesday with a minimum 83% win rate guarantee.

The coolest thing about Trade of the Day Plus is that you get one hand-picked trade recommendation sent to your inbox every Wednesday. 

This trade is vetted by Bryan Bottarelli himself (who you’ll learn more about in a second) and is backed by an 83% win rate guarantee. 

The program also comes with tons of cheat sheets and bonus reports to help scope out winning trades, as well as a shiny, one-year money-back guarantee. Essentially it’s your one-stop shop for learning new trading strategies.

As a bonus, Bryan also provides you with special reports that detail his stock recommendations and guides on how to profit from IPOs and trade options.

So if you want to learn more about trading but have been unsure about where to start, this service could help you develop your skill set.

Is Trade of the Day Plus Legit?

Trade of the Day Plus is a legit research service that provides a ton of valuable insights into trading stocks and options.

Monument Traders Alliance has earned a stellar reputation for its subscription services and folks seem to think highly of its analysis.

Also, Trade of the day comes with a fantastic money-back guarantee that few in the industry come close to.

We’re going to break down the service in full detail, so keep reading to find out more. 

What Is Bryan Bottarelli’s Trading Strategy?

Trade of the Day Plus’ bread and butter is making short-term trades that Bryan believes have a 25%+ upside potential. These trades usually take place within a span of 60 days, and they use incremental selling to maximize profit and reduce risk.

Here’s the strategy in Bryan’s own words:

“We set our first profit target at 25%. When we hit that, we sell half our position and move our profit target up to 50% for the next half. At that point, we typically look for 100% to close the remaining portion of the position.”

Basically, you hedge your risk by cashing half of your investment out once you’re up 25%, and then you incrementally sell to get more profit out of your remaining investment.

Also, Bryan doesn’t limit himself to a specific industry, so his recommendations can be very varied at times. This is good news for folks who don’t want to be bottlenecked into a single industry.

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Who Is Bryan Bottarelli?

Bryan Bottarelli began his career as a stock options trader for the Chicago Board Options Exchange way back in 1999.

Under the tutelage of the world’s leading floor traders, he developed the skills and knowledge he needed to execute successful trades in real time. 

After perfecting his stock trading strategy, Bryan decided to launch his own trading research service to teach ordinary people how they can also take advantage of incredible gain opportunities.   

And in Trade of the Day Plus, Bryan teaches you this exact strategy.

Bryan Bottarelli has been trading since 1999. He did it professionally for years before striking out on his own to create an independent research firm.

He’s been the head trade tactician and co-founder of Monument Traders Alliance for over 14 years, where he’s taught countless people how to use the trading techniques he’s perfected throughout his career. 

Trade of the Day Plus is a popular program with loads of glowing reviews online.

So, as far as our readers are concerned, Bryan Bottarelli seems to be legit.

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bryan bottarelli reviews

Monument Traders Alliance Review

Let’s talk for a second about the financial publication company Bryan co-founded — Monument Traders Alliance.

Monument Traders Alliance is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was co-founded by Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla — two ex-Wall Street floor traders turned tacticians.

According to the Monument Traders Alliance website, the company is focused on one thing: helping you make winning trades.

More specifically, the team is passionate about giving ordinary people (like you) the tools and insights you need to increase your daily profit-making potential.

Some of the company’s services include:

  • The War Room
  • Trade of the Day
  • Trade of the Day Plus
  • Inside Matrix

The MTA team believes that speculation has a bad rap and that the key to true success is making calculated, precise speculations. Ultimately, the goal is to help you make smart decisions while avoiding trades that lose money.

But is this Monument Traders Alliance the real deal?

Yes, the company has a vibrant team of veteran traders, hedge fund managers, charting experts, and analysts to back it up.

Collectively, their analysis has garnered hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of profits for its members.

The Monument Traders Alliance website features a mix of free and paid research on its site, so there are tons of resources to explore if you’re interested in learning more.

The Wednesday Market Trend Review

Okay, now let’s dig into the meat of this review. What exactly happens when you join Trade of the Day Plus?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that every Wednesday is known as “trading day.”

This is the magical day where you receive one personalized stock recommendation from Bryan and his team.

Here’s how it works: 

Growth Potential

According to the Monument Traders Alliance website, there’s a trend that happens in the stock market every single Wednesday without fail. 

This trend is predictable — and Bryan has created a trading strategy that capitalizes on it week after week.

But here’s the best part: based on Bryan’s model portfolio, this strategy has a minimum 83% win rate

In a world where no investment is ever guaranteed, this strategy has a pretty impressive track record.

How to Play It?

As mentioned earlier, you get one trade recommendation every Wednesday.

This recommendation gets sent to your inbox — and it comes with a video explanation walking you through how to play it. 

If you like one of Bryan’s plays, you’ll need to use your own brokerage account to buy the stock.

Alternatively, you can also test out the strategy with a demo trading account. That way, you can make a few faux trades and see if Bryan really knows his stuff.

Bryan and his team have worked hard to take the guesswork out of trading.

And in addition to his recommendations on “trading day,” you’ll also be able to view his model portfolio, so you can see how his recommendations and averages have played out over time.

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monument trader alliance reviews

What’s Included with Trade of the Day Plus?

Here’s a quick rundown of everything included in your Trade of the Day Plus membership:

  • Weekly trade recommendations from Bryan Bottarelli and his team
  • 52 trade opportunities, complete with video explanations so you know what to do
  • 83% win rate guarantee on Bryan’s trade recommendations
  • Bonus Report: My Favorite Small Cap Play for 2022
  • Bonus Report: IPO Buying Guide 2022: How to Get in on the Ground Floor of the Next Game-Changing Companies
  • Bonus Report: My “Options for Dummies 101” Manual
  • Bonus Report: Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets… UNCOVERED! (This is an 8-part video series loaded with trading tips)
  • Full-year money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free

As you can see, this program is loaded with value. But let’s take a closer look at each of these perks so you can understand how they work.

Weekly Trade Recommendations

The biggest benefit of joining Trade of the Day Plus is the one hand-picked trade recommendation you receive each Wednesday.

This recommendation comes with buy and sell instructions, as well as a full profit plan, so you have all the information you need to execute it. 

This perk alone is valued at over $999 — and is worth the full price of membership even if nothing else was included.

52 Trade Opportunities

One trade recommendation every Wednesday means you have 52 opportunities a year to experience a tidal wave of potential profits.

Each trade recommendation comes with a two- to three-minute video walking you through how the recommendation works.

So, after you watch it, all that’s left to do is follow Bryan’s buy or sell instructions.

These detailed instructions are an incredibly valuable resource if you’re a beginner or simply want some reassurance that you’re doing things by the book.

It’s also Bryan’s way of helping you protect potential profits.

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83% Win Rate Guarantee

Now let’s talk about one of the most jaw-dropping perks of all — Bryan’s 83% win rate guarantee. 

Here’s what this means: You get 52 trade recommendations a year. If for some reason you don’t win on at least 44 of those 52 trades, Bryan will give you an entire year of Trade of the Day Plus for free.

In other words, if he doesn’t live up to his promise, you get to walk away with a free year of service. No strings attached.

The Wednesday Market Trend Bonus Reports:

Trade recommendations aren’t the only thing you get when you join Trade of the Day Plus. You’ll also see these high-value freebies land in your inbox as soon as you click “purchase”:

bryan bottarelli's favority small cap play 2022

My Favorite Small Cap Play for 2022

In this bonus report, Bryan tells you about one single company that has the potential to double in value over the next six months. 

It’s his favorite small-cap play this year — and he shows you the ticker symbol and the breakdown of potential profits. It’s yours, free when you lock in a membership.

bryan bottarelli ipo buying guide 2022

IPO Buying Guide 2022

IPOs are all anyone is talking about these days. Everyone wants to get in on the ground floor of companies that are on the cusp of explosive growth.

And in this bonus report, Bryan shows that you, too, can cash in on these growing companies.

bottarelli options for dummies 101

My “Options for Dummies 101” Manual

Options help you turbocharge your growth when investing. But they can be quite complicated to understand if you’ve never used them before. 

Luckily, Bryan has over two decades of experience as an options trader.

And in this special bonus report, he takes everything he’s learned about options and condenses it down into one easy-to-read guide.

Think of it as a cheat sheet for options trading 101. In it, you’ll learn all the basics you need to know to incorporate options into your investing strategy (if you want to).

>> Get a jump on the options market with Bottarelli’s Options for Dummies <<

bryan bottarelli wall street secrets

Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets… UNCOVERED!

Another really cool bonus you’ll get when you join Trade of the Day Plus is an 8-part video series that pulls back the curtain on Wall Street’s top mysteries. 

In this video masterclass, Bryan and his fellow co-founder, Karim Rahemtulla, go over:

  • How to Execute the Win-Both-Ways Trade
  • LEAPS: How to Turn a 50% Stock Move into 300% Profit.
  • Covered Calls: How to Capture Guaranteed Income Each Month
  • Put Selling: Warren Buffett’s Preferred Options Strategy
  • Vertical Puts: How BEARS Define Their Maximum Reward & Risk
  • Vertical Calls: How BULLS Define Their Maximum Reward & Risk
  • Straddles: How to Capture Unlimited Profits in Any Market
  • Chart Pro

No matter your trading experience, this video series is designed to help you level up your profits and improve your game.

totd plus guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

As if the 83% win rate guarantee wasn’t enough, Bryan Bottarelli’s Trade of the Day Plus refund policy sweetens the deal even further. 

As a member, you have one full year to take the program for a spin. If you don’t like it, you can get all your money back, no questions asked. 

Here’s a closer look at how it works…

Trade of the Day Plus Refund Policy

Most stock trading services come with a 90-day guarantee or six-month guarantee.

But Bryan Bottarelli believes in his Trade of the Day Plus program so much that he backs it up with a one-year money-back guarantee

This means you can try out a membership risk-free for 365 days. You can make a few trades, dig through all the bonus reports, and read his recommendations.

If for some reason you don’t love it, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can contact his team for a full refund.

This is a ridiculous refund policy that’s worth giving the program a try in and of itself.

>> Sign up now to take advantage of Bryan Bottarelli’s money-back guarantee <<

Trade of the Day Plus Pros and Cons

Here’s everything we love (and don’t love) about Bryan Bottarelli’s Trade of the Day Plus program: 


  • One cherry-picked trade recommendation each week takes the guesswork out of investing
  • Each trade recommendation comes with a video explaining buy and sell instructions, the profit plan, and how to execute the trade
  • 83% win rate guarantee promises at least 44 of your 52 trades will be winners. If not, you get one free year of service
  • Tons of bonus content on options, IPO investing, small-cap plays, and Wall Street strategies help you sharpen your investing skills even more
  • Impressive one-year money-back guarantee means you can try the service risk-free with no regrets
  • Tons of free content on the Monument Traders Alliance website helps round out your experience and investing knowledge


  • No community chat room to commingle with others
  • You get a ton of info on trading options, but the Wednesday trade recommendations are for stocks only
  • Need to use your own trading account to execute trades

Trade of the Day Plus Track Record

Bryan is super transparent about his track record with Trade of the Day Plus.

He even goes so far as to publish his wins and losses since creating the program, so you can see everything for yourself: 

bryan bottarelli track record

But the transparency doesn’t stop there.

As a member, you also get access to this model portfolio, so you can actively see how Bryan’s recommendations are averaging over time.

>> Sign up now to tap into a steady stream of promising stock picks <<

Track Record Example: Rocket Mortgage

One of Bryan’s most recent wins was Rocket Mortgage. It played out like this: 

  1. Bryan sent out a trade alert to his readers on February 4 signaling it was time to buy. 
  2. He set a profit target of 25%.
  3. Once everyone hit that mark, they sold 50% of their position and set a new profit target of 50% for the remaining half of the shares.
  4. Based on Bryan’s recommendation, everyone ended up locking in profit for 69%.

totdp rocket stock

Trade of the Day Plus Reviews

Bryan Bottarelli’s Trade of the Day Plus program has tons of reviews online from ordinary people who’ve had success with his service.

Some of his biggest success stories include: trade of the day performance

The coolest part is that most of these people reported hitting their profit target in just a day or two. It’s important to note that these are results reported by members — we cannot verify the veracity of these claims.

Still, imagine… seeing a stock you invested in this morning shoot up by 83% or more in just one day.

It’s not guaranteed to happen, but with Bryan Bottarelli’s service, it appears possible.

Here’s what some of the top reviews have to say about the service:

reviews for trade of the day plus

How Much Does Trade of the Day Plus Cost?

Stock Dork readers can lock in a Trade of the Day Plus membership for just $49 a year — less than $1 per week. 

The regular retail price is $249 a year, so this discount is an amazing deal if you’re interested in trading.

>> Get started now for just $49 <<

Is Trade of the Day Plus Worth It?

There are very few (if any) trading services that report an 83% win rate. But Trade of the Day Plus does.

You get one highly targeted trade recommendation every Wednesday to help you capitalize on potentially massive moves in the market. 

Most weeks, all you need to do is open your email, watch a two- to three-minute video, and execute the trade in your brokerage account if you want to move forward.

It’s quick and easy.

Plus, Bryan helps you protect your profit by telling you when to buy and sell, so you’re not left trying to figure it out on your own.

On top of all of this, Trade of the Day Plus also comes with a one-year money-back guarantee (something else most investing newsletters don’t do). 

So, even if you do have an 83% win rate, you can still cancel within that first year and get your money back if you’re not satisfied. All that to say, Bryan puts a lot of faith in his ability to help ordinary people get a shot at building massive wealth through trading.

And considering how easy it is to use (and all the ways you can get your money back), it’s easily worth the price.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.