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The 6 Best Clean Energy Stocks Under 10 Dollars To Buy for June 2024

clean energy stocks under 10 dollars ft

Read on if you want to learn about some of the best clean energy stocks under $10.

Decades ago, “clean energy” wasn’t a term that most people were too familiar with.

However, in recent years, this idea has grown popular as people search for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

With increased interest and developments in green tech, the share price of some of these clean energy companies has also seen a healthy increase.

In fact, clean energy stocks have outperformed the S&P 500 Index over the past three years.

So if you’re looking to invest in the future, consider some of these clean energy stocks under $10.

Clean energy stocks under 10

Best Clean Energy Stocks Under 10 Dollars

VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ: VVPR)

The first green energy stock on our list, VivoPower International PLC is a British company that designs, manufactures, and installs solar energy systems.

The company operates in four segments: solar development, electric vehicles (EV), critical power services, and sustainable energy solutions.

VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ: VVPR) stock has risen in recent weeks after the company announced intentions to open a new office in the United Arab Emirates for the Middle East market and struck a multi-national distribution contract with a German organization for the company’s conversion kits.

VivoPower aims to grow by capitalizing on the rising demand for green energy in overseas markets.

The company has a focused strategy for this expansion and currently engages with groups such as GB Auto to acquire 100% of its EV assets.

VivoPower has also launched various projects, including solar power plant developments in Europe, Oman, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Oman, Uganda, and Sri Lanka.

This will help expand production capacity and improve market penetration in these target regions.

If you are looking to invest in some clean energy stocks, then perhaps you should look at VivoPower International plc (NASDAQ: VVPR).


clean energy stocks under $10


Energy Fuels Inc. (NASDAQ: UUUU)

Energy Fuels Inc. (NASDAQ: UUUU) is a leading integrated US-based uranium mining company, supplying both raw uranium and uranium processing services to nuclear utilities across the country.

The company has a diversified portfolio of assets, including conventional and ISR uranium mining operations in the western US, a uranium processing facility in Utah, and interests in two joint ventures that are developing uranium projects in Canada.

The company’s most recent earnings reports boast a very impressive balance sheet, totaling $132.8 million of working capital, $100.8 million of cash and marketable securities, and inventory worth $29.3 million.

In addition, UUU has been venturing into rare earth mining recently, partnering with Nanoscale Powders to develop rare earth metal-making technology.

This might be a new segment that Energy Fuels will introduce this year, indicating a lot of potential going forward.

The firm will create a new rare earth elements subsidiary that will begin extracting rare earth minerals from its existing sites.

With these recent movements and portfolio expansions considered, UUU looks like it could be a promising investment.

clean energy stocks under 10 dollars

Top Green Energy Stocks Under $10

SPI Energy Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPI)

There are many reasons investors should consider adding SPI Energy Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPI) to their portfolios.

The company is a leading provider of clean energy solutions with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

It has a solid track record of delivering value to shareholders and offers an interesting investment proposition based on its growth potential and strong financial position.

SPI Energy is a well-positioned player in the clean energy market, with a focus on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

It has a broad product offering that includes rooftop installations, commercial and industrial projects, and utility-scale solar farms.

Its recent earnings showed that SPI Energy is on track to successfully execute its business plan.

The company has reported accelerating growth in recent quarters, with a revenue of $79.4 million, up 41% from last quarter.

SPI Energy also has its sales increased to $7.4 million, up 134% from $3.1 million last year.

Most importantly, shareholders’ equity increased to $47.6 million as of June 30, 2021, from $45.3 million at the end of last year.

Finally, the company recently announced its acquisition of 140,000 sq. ft. Sunergy PV Solar Plant in California, further supporting its growth and the expansions in the green economy.

Overall, SPI Energy offers an interesting opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the clean energy space, with a compelling investment proposition based on its growth potential and strong financial position.

clean energy stocks under 10 dollars

Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: BW)

Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (BW) is a clean energy company that designs, manufactures, and services advanced coal-fired and nuclear power generation systems.

The company operates in three segments: fossil fuel power generation, renewables and technology, and nuclear products and services.

The fossil fuel power generation segment offers products and services for the production of electric power from coal, non-renewable natural gas, and oil.

The renewables and technology segment includes the development and commercialization of technologies for the production of renewable energy from solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and waste heat sources.

The nuclear products and services segment, on the other hand, provides nuclear components and products for the US government and commercial nuclear power industry.

BW is a well-diversified company with a long history of supplying reliable and advanced energy solutions.

The company has a strong order backlog and healthy cash flow, which provides a solid foundation for future growth.

Its recent financial reports indicate BW posted a year-over-year increase in revenue of $160 million and earnings of $13.6 million for the last quarter of fiscal 2021.

It recorded the highest booking level since 2017, anticipating $250 to $300 million and completing 2021 bookings.

The company also announced its new business acquisition of VODA, Renewable Parts, and Services.

VODA’s resources will aid BW from its recently awarded contract for a $24 Million Waste-to-Energy Project in Europe.

Finally, the company announced in December that it closed an underwritten public offering of $140 million.

These funds will be used for general corporate purposes, potential acquisitions, and additional working capital.

Overall, investing in BW could give you access to an essential part of the clean energy industry that is expected to grow soon.

clean energy stocks under 10 dollars

Renewable Energy Stocks for $10

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: OPTT)

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPTT) is a company that develops and deploys wave energy technology.

The company’s current market cap is just shy of $80 million.

OPTT has a number of advantages going for it, first, the company has a very experienced management team with a proven track record in the clean energy space.

Second, OPTT is one of the few companies in the wave energy space that has actually deployed its technology (the company has several commercial-scale projects up and running).

Third, its recent earnings report showed continued revenue growth, earning $247,000 compared to $118,000 last year.

The company is cash-flow positive, even after taking into account its significant R&D investments.

Finally, the company has been actively acquiring assets recently, such as Greensa, Fathom5, and Marine Advanced Robotic-in line with its position to expand its service offering into autonomous vehicles for maritime data services.

With all these reports and acquisitions, OPTT looks to potentially have a bright future ahead.

clean energy stocks under 10 dollars

Top Solar Stocks Under $10

ReneSola Ltd (NYSE: SOL)

Renewable energy company ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL) has seen its stock price increase by nearly 9.4% for the first week of January.

The company has a market cap of just over $444.29 million and is engaged in the manufacture and sale of solar products, including modules, energy storage systems, and related accessories.

It has seen strong revenue growth in recent years and has a proven track record of profitability.

ReneSola reported revenue of $15.5 million for the 2021 Q3, up by 59% year over year.

This is its 6th consecutive quarter of solid profitability and shows that the company is well-positioned to ride out even during the pandemic.

Outside of China, the US is a significant and money-making market for ReneSola.

As of September 30, 2021, the firm had 464 MW worth of projects in Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and California.

Strong revenue expansion is likely because of the rising demand for rooftop solar panels and energy systems in China and the US.

Overall, the company has been growing at a healthy rate despite headwinds from trade tensions.

With continued market share gains, there’s no reason to think that the stock price won’t continue to rise in the future.

clean energy stocks under 10 dollars

Should You Invest in Clean Energy Stocks?

The world is moving towards cleaner and sustainable energy sources and those who invest in clean energy today could be the beneficiaries tomorrow.

The global market for renewables is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come, making it an attractive proposition for investors.

Clean energy stocks can provide a viable way to play this growth, as they offer the potential for high returns while also helping to promote sustainable practices.

These stocks can provide high returns while also promoting sustainable practices.

However, like all investments; you should invest in clean energy stocks with caution.

Some of the companies in this industry may be overvalued, and it is important to do your homework before investing.

clean energy stocks under 10 dollars

Where to Buy Clean Energy Stocks Under $10

Robinhood: If you’re looking for a commission-free way to invest in clean energy stocks, Robinhood is a great option.

The app offers a wide selection of low-priced stocks, and it’s easy to use.

Just download the app, create an account, and start investing.

You can buy and sell stocks in just a few taps.

Plus, Robinhood offers a $0 minimum deposit requirement, so you can start investing with just a smaller budget.

Webull: Webull is another commission-free option for investing in clean energy stocks.

The app offers a wide selection of low-priced stocks, and it’s easy to use.

It also allows users to watch and manage their investments alongside the $0 trades.

Best Clean Energy Stocks Under 10 Dollars: Final Thoughts

The market for renewables is expanding rapidly as awareness of the importance of clean energy grows.

Clean energy stocks offer investors a way to participate in this growth.

These companies have solid fundamentals and are well-positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for renewables.

These stocks may be more volatile than other types of stocks, but they offer the potential for significant returns over the long term.

Overall, this could be an excellent opportunity for investors who are committed to sustainable practices and want to see more renewable projects come online while also benefiting from growth in this industry segment.

By investing in clean energy stocks, you can help promote these positive changes while potentially earning high returns at the same time.


Best Clean Energy Stocks FAQ

Take a look at our answers to the most commonly asked questions about the best green energy stocks.

What Is Clean Energy?

A clean energy source is one whose production or transformation process does not release toxic gasses or wastes into the atmosphere.

In other words, clean energy is a “green” process, as no harmful by-products are released into the environment as a result of its use.

What Clean Energy Stocks Should I Buy?

At the end of the day, it’s best to invest in energy stocks that match the needs of your portfolio.

A lot of investors see solar as a staple energy that’s going to play a large role in energy production; so for them, it’s a good long play.

If you have the risk tolerance, you might want to consider up-and-coming companies with new tech.

Is Clean Energy a Good Investment?

There’s a strong case to be made for green energy stocks, as it does appear to be the direction we’re heading in the long term.

That being said, you have the potential to lose all your money with any investment — even if the tech looks like it has a tailwind behind it.

Is Solar Energy Still a Good Investment?

Considering how far solar energy has progressed in the last decade, investing in it is certainly worth a closer look — especially if you’re in the market for proven clean energy solutions.

So solar energy stocks could still be a good investment with a lot of potential if this energy can maintain its relevance and keep its momentum going.



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