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How Much Money Does MrBeast Make?

how much does MrBeast make?

Jimmy Donaldson, the viral YouTube phenomenon known as MrBeast, is famous for his attention-grabbing stunts and philanthropist videos where he often gives away thousands of dollars to friends and the public alike.

He has made himself one of the most popular content creators and highest-paid YouTube stars in the world at just 22 years old.

His displays of charity work are the most lavish, but how much money does MrBeast make to do all this?

Who Is MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson is an American YouTuber from North Carolina who started his online YouTube channel, MrBeast, in 2011 at the age of 13 years old.

His videos did not gain much traction in his early days, only gaining around a thousand views each.

The content ranged from him just playing video games to estimating the revenue generated by other YouTube creators (how far you’ve come!).

He finally went viral when he posted a video of himself in 2017 counting to 100,000.

The video received tens of thousands of views, eventually blowing up to 20 million views as of 2020.

Since then, his channel has grown steadily to an outrageous amount of 91.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

MrBeast averaged about 20 million views per video in 2019 and now has 200-300 million views per month.

His rapid growth is owed to his expensive genre of content.

how much money does MrBeast make?

Most of Donaldson’s videos involve him donating generous amounts of money to people, such as giving away $100,000 to homeless shelters.

Some videos are truly just elaborate stunts like surviving 24 hours in ice or spending $1,000,000 in 24 hours!

It is clear that he is one of the world’s wealthiest and most popular online content creators around, but it really does beg the question of how much revenue he really brings in.

How Much Money Does MrBeast Make?

MrBeast has 91.4 million subscribers as of 2024, and Forbes confirmed that he made $54 million in 2021 alone.

This is an amazing amount of revenue for YouTube channels, ceasing the success Jimmy and his content have gained over the years.

He is the highest-paid YouTuber to date on the platform.

Some social media stars may come close to MrBeast’s fame, but there is no doubt that he has achieved a viral status that most small creators can only dream of.

Now that we know how much exactly his online business earns, an even better question is: where in the world is the money coming from?

How Does MrBeast Make Money?

One of the most obvious ways for YouTubers to make money is through ads.

Donaldson’s main channel shows viewers advertisements as they watch his videos.

how much money does MrBeast make?

MrBeast is known for his attractive and engaging titles that make people want to click on his viral videos and watch them.

The more views and clicks he generates, the more ad revenue he earns.

With all of those views, he’s easily earned over $15,000,000 from ads alone.

His extraordinary content gives every type of viewer the temptation to watch, so it is no surprise that ads are one of his main ways of making money.

MrBeast also makes use of sponsorships as a source of extra income, such as his partnership with Honey that features ads in his videos.

Honey is a popular app that prides itself on being a revolutionary money-saving app and it becomes a great fit with MrBeast whose whole shtick is his money!

Jimmy also makes money with merchandise sales.

He sells popular products such as t-shirts, MrBeast shorts, hoodies, and backpacks that appeal to pretty much all age groups.

How Much Does MrBeast Make Per Video?

As we’ve said before, ads are an extremely lucrative gig for the philanthropist creator.

His content averages around 20 million views per video.

If we assume 1,000 views are equivalent to $2, that means Jimmy earns a whopping $40,000 from every piece of viral content he releases (which is every video he puts out, let’s be honest).

It provides an amazing insight into the business capacity of YouTube that has grown over the years.

Jimmy has shown people that YouTube is no longer a passion project — it gives creators the possibility of a full-time career and business doing something they love.

how much money does MrBeast make?

How Much Does Mr. Beast Make Per Day?

Not only does MrBeast get income from his newly released content, his ever-growing number of subscribers means that new fans are exposed to his large backlog of videos to freely binge.

His expansive bank of videos gives him approximately 11 million views per day alone, so he makes over $20,000 per day just from people watching old videos.

This shows us that he gets a steady stream of income from his channel at all times, even when he’s not posting new content.

With the added income streams from branded content and partnership deals, there’s no telling how much he makes in total each day.

How Does MrBeast Have So Much Money?

We know how MrBeast has gained such a colossal amount of revenue from his channel, but we also need to talk about why he was able to earn so much in the first place.

how much money does MrBeast make?

Ads are a known staple in the YouTube community and most YouTubers make use of them, but there is a very specific reason why MrBeast was so successful in particular: he’s unique.

His first viral video when he counted to 100,000 was so popular because it was out of the ordinary and almost the opposite of the typical content creation formula.

It was a challenge that subscribers enjoyed because of its scale and daunting nature of it.

This theme of a grand challenge of epic proportions continued throughout his future content and it is the reason why he was able to get so much money to become the generous creator we watch today.

While he did utilize brand deals to make the most out of his channel, his viral nature is important as it maximizes the amount of traction and attention he gets, increasing the number of people that want to work with him with every million subscribers he gets.

The more known networks that want to partner with him, the better his channel can perform.

MrBeast’s Net Worth?

It is clear that Donaldson is one of the most affluent online creators on the internet, but what is MrBeast net worth?

Various sources estimate that his net worth is about $25-30 million.

This is an extremely substantial amount for Donaldson, and it only reinforces how lucrative the YouTube platform has become.

His videos have attracted so much activity from his fans that he is now one of the most luxurious creators in the world, and this is pretty obvious in his net worth.

Final Thoughts on MrBeast

MrBeast is one of the most influential creators ever and it’s unlikely that YouTube will ever see a persona like Jimmy again.

His wealth is attributed to his smart decision to maximize his attraction through viral videos.

He has a net worth of $30 million and it’s easy to see why when he gets millions of views per month.

His extravagant videos are attractive and appealing to all ages and lifestyles.

Also, his more grandiose videos such as difficult 24-hour challenges may be more targeted at a younger audience, but it is a casual, easily appealing form of enjoyment that effortlessly gains many views.

People know him as a clickbait YouTuber, but his authenticity sets him apart from the other clickbait users.

This means that as he becomes more popular and has a more pronounced presence in the online world, brands such as Honey agree to work with him and fund his videos.

As they fund his videos it effectively creates a system in which MrBeast attempts to find avenues that maximize and strengthen his viral nature which therefore maximizes the capacity for revenue and income from his channel.

The effect of his distinguished, noteworthy videos is very clear when you think about just how fast the channel has grown in the past three years alone.

Most people can appreciate MrBeast’s charity, and if they’re not viewers, they can at least respect what he’s doing.

This cements him as deserving of one of the most wealthy internet personalities in the world.